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  1. Thought we lacked energy the majority of the game. Lack of hustle. Western Illinois looked like they wanted it more. Thought we played selfish basketball the first half. Too much 1-on-1. 1 assist in the first half won't get it done. Rebounding, rebounding, rebounding. Giving up 23 offensive rebounds is sickening. Absolutely zero effort to get it inside offensively. 3 points from the bench won't get it done. Not sure why Eduardo Andre did not play. Sure could have used his size down low. Love Verge's energy but felt he forced it a few too many times. Odd to see B. McGowens basically disappear the last 6+ minutes of the game. Breidenbach looked lost out there. I know he is only a freshman. Love the energy CJ Wilcher brings.
  2. Non-conference: 9-2 Conference: 9-11 B1G Tournament: 1-1 19-14
  3. Got my paper tickets last week. Somewhat disappointed in that they are just generic paper tickets like you might pick up at the ticket office.
  4. Trey > Anton Bryce < Palmer Lat < Copeland Walker < Roby Webster < Watson Wilcher < Taylor Andre > Tshimanga Edwards < Allen Tominaga > Mcveigh Breidenbach > Okeke McPherson > Akenten Lakes < Thor Kojenets < Tanner
  5. 220 lbs? Hopefully he can put on some good weight.
  6. I would be shocked if Banton left.
  7. I thought the winner of Neb/PSU gets Maryland and then Illinois?
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