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  1. I don’t think we want him guarding more PGs.
  2. Perhaps it's time for Hoiberg to start recruiting.
  3. No idea where this TEAM has been all season! Extremely proud of these guys!
  4. If Matt leaves, we're in trouble as it is well known Fred HATES recruiting.
  5. You make an excellent point. Personally, I was tired of watching Tominaga try to dunk in warmups. Last nights team looked focused. I was extremely impressed with our ball movement. Best I've seen from Nebraska in years.
  6. The list I saw had Lakes, Mayen, T. McGowens, McGraw, Verge, Walker, and Webster.
  7. Adam Cohen (Stanford Associate Head Coach) Darian DeVries (Drake Head Coach) Chris Jans (New Mexico State Head Coach)
  8. If I had to guess, I'd say around 6-7k a game. Kind of hard to gauge, but I'd say a little less than half full.
  9. Walking out of PBA Friday night, I couldn't help but notice the stench of vomit in the air. This team is making people physically ill. So sad.
  10. There's absolutely no way Trev can bring Hoiberg back next season (yes I know there's a $18.5 million buyout). It's one thing if the team was playing hard night after night. This team's effort has been beyond disappointing. This program is worse off than it was when Hoiberg took the job. If Hoiberg returns, the attendance will be atrocious!
  11. Exactly! I’m tired of watching Tominaga try and dunk on warmups.
  12. Per Doc’s Facebook, his mother passed away earlier today.
  13. Doc’s mother passed away earlier today. Show some respect.
  14. I don’t see him on the bench. Interesting.
  15. Things are so bad, Nebraska Basketball’s Twitter and FB accounts did not post the halftime score.
  16. Tominaga should not see the court in B1G play.
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