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  1. Am I spoiled already if my initial reaction is meh?
  2. To be fair Doug was playing second fiddle to the nations best high school player. He was overshadowed big time. If he plays on another team it's possible he stands out more and it's a different story. That is true, but it also meant that Doug had a lot more coaches watching his games. Also, the linked article states Doug only cracked the starting lineup in his Junior year due to a teammate's injury and was later moved back into the sixth man role.
  3. Not saying Jacobson will end to be the same caliber of player, but I'm just saying there was recently another 6'8" 220 lb coach's son from Iowa without any big offers who turned out to be pretty good.... http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/blog/the_dagger/post/undervalued-in-high-school-doug-mcdermott-is-now-thriving?urn=ncaab,wp6693 Let's reserve judgement please.
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