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  1. Kept all 4 in lower part of section 101. Actually sell 2 to couple friends that split them. Never considered giving them up even though have hour 20 drive. Any excuse to eat wings at NZone also a factor. I'm riding this sumbuck out. On a side note, 81 year old guy that sits 10 rows behind me told me he was "done with this sh**" as we left last game last season. He has since changed his mind and renewed.
  2. I don't want to jinx anyone and guess the struggles of husker basketball have me just wanting to see team improvement like mentioned above. And for that to happen it is going to take improvement from a majority of this roster. Yeah, maybe 1 or 2 guys breaks out but that doesn't always equate to wins.
  3. Don't see Keisei making impact. Can't remember what game it was last year (Ohio St.?) but they ran offense until Keisei switched defensively to a bigger player and that guy posted him up and scored. Think it happened at least twice and he never saw the floor for rest of game.
  4. Any relation to Cam? First glance is a resemblance.
  5. Gonzaga just ended a 5+ minute drought and went through a similar one in 1st half. I have also seen at least half dozen other games where teams have experienced similar droughts. Good to see Nebraska men don't hold exclusive rights to that occurring even though many fair-weather fans seem to think so.
  6. Not sure what kind of trucking business he has but he better have lots of money to buy 1 truck/semi let alone a fleet.
  7. Andre & Venson Hamilton are my favorite huskers.
  8. Cam Hayes-NC St. point guard. 4* out of high school. More of a passer than scorer.
  9. Rough Sunday for Big 10. Illinois, Michigan St., Ohio St. & Wisconsin all knocked out with Purdue yet to play. Like to say it bothers me to see these teams lose but it doesn't. Especially when they are on bad end of questionable reffing. Don't see them complain when they get obvious calls go their way. Watching Brad Davison do worse than what Verge got t'ed up for and get away with it pisses me off. I'd love to see a/any conference commish come out and say something about holding refs (in all sports) being held accountable. It clearly hurts teams that get benefit of the doubt during the season from Carstensen, McJunkins, Garrison, Boroski, Cirotto, Pfieffer, etc only to see them react negatively when they don't get calls in NCAA tourney. Back to my porch and telling kids to get off my lawn after a glass of warm milk.
  10. Kentucky deserves to lose this. Just driving and hoping something goes in. JLH
  11. Would love to go over to Iowa board and ask them how it feels to be on the wrong end of a few calls? Couldn't happen to worse group of people...tie with Creighton.
  12. Got the chance to watch him play all 3 games at state and came away impressed. He's very unselfish as witnessed by his dishing off for game/state championship-winning 3 by Shepherd. Didn't seem to force things and still set C-1 record with 43 in semi's versus Kearney Catholic. A muscular kid at 6'4" and did show good 3 point range. Definitely worth taking a look at. Can Cip confirm his dad is from Hampton and played on teams in late 80's?
  13. 3 hour drive home from North Platte forgot about game. Son texted about game and I turned it on and saw NU had 34-24 lead. Wife didn't want to make supper and said she wanted to go back out and I didn't want to jinx Huskers. Turned tv off and headed out. Got text from buddy showing NU up 93-63. Life is good!
  14. 5 total fouls at halftime after 20+? versus Maryland last game.
  15. Out of bounds play was something for Tominaga in corner and Verge never even looked and just drove.
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