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  1. The 4 of us who sit together usually try to have a pool and each of us throws in $1 and we take turns picking who will score 1st basket for NU other than a free throw. Walt P for 3 was popular winner.
  2. I went with fire or get him to resign. Was leaning undecided and wait to see how things go next couple of weeks. But I think half season of disappointing basketball is enough.
  3. Well, huskers have played well Biliew expectations this season. Best chance to get him is to use that as some sort of NIL deal?
  4. Crowd for tOSU was ok and actually was into it late in regulation. I'm talking about what Rutgers and Penn St used to be like. Thinking Kent even made comment on radio about having to talk quieter so it wouldn't bother huskers when shooting a free throw.
  5. Ill.-89 Team in Red whose play makes me feel ill-61
  6. Was thinking same thing earlier. There isn't anyone who's coming back or that I think comes back that makes me feel positive for the next couple years. PBA will become a ghost town if single digit win seasons keep coming.
  7. I'm a Pepsi guy but would not be upset at all if there was a switch back to Coke after seeing the evidence presented above.
  8. My dad served in WWII but was fortunate\young enough that he missed the early stages. I never asked him about his service but now wish I would have. My nephew had an essay/project in high school (late 90's) in which he interviewed my dad about his service time. I finally got to read the essay this past summer. Very interesting reading as my dad was very close to being sent into battle but Japanese surrender resulted in him serving as security at train station in Japan.
  9. A bad thing about his injury was that he got hurt getting an offensive rebound of his own miss of a bunny. Pretty much lines up with the luck of this program.
  10. Haven't read entire thread so maybe this was already discussed but several a husker defenders closed out poorly. Instead of "closing out" opponent with hands/arms up, keeping weight down and trying to get in good defensive position. (Have seen teams do a drill in warm ups where the players do chop steps to practice proper close out.) They would run upright at offensive players ball control hand and pretty much run past him. That created a numbers situation for UM which allowed them to find wide open shooter. Eduardo and Bryce did it multiple times and Walker got his butt foul for doing similar thing.
  11. Auburn the University-87 NU-69 Auburn, NE the high school-67 NU-64
  12. I knew it was going to be a bad night when people were sitting in my seats and argued with me that they were in the correct seats. Told them been sitting in these seats since PBA opened. So I was in pissy mood and the game only made it worse.
  13. NC St personal foul 12:24 left in 2nd half. Next personal foul at 3:06 left (Techinical at 6:09) Next foul on them called with 2:44 to go in 2nd OT. That's 2 personal fouls in 19:40 of game clock.
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