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  1. Pretty unfair. I read all his articles re: Husker b-ball. He’s very neutral, if not, pro -husker. Listen to his podcast as well. Good reporter IMO. If an article caused a recruit to change schools, he was never ‘N’ in the first place.
  2. I really like Cam as a player and because he’s so good, gets a pass from me over his on-court displays of emotion (good and bad). But I could see how people could be turned off. Dan dakich was the commentator for our game against Michigan and when Cam celebrated, he said ‘what are you doing? You’re in 13th place, get back down the floor.’ So I can see how some people may not like him if they share Dakich’s opinion. Have you seen seen him in a post-game interview after a loss? I remember one game it was cheatham and him answering questions. He has the body language of a mopey 15 year-old, while cheatham was calm and collected.
  3. He is Jekyll or Hyde, but remember, a freshman. When he’s on he can pass beautifully and score in a multitude of ways. He gets in trouble when he’s determined to score on a single possession and forgets his teammates are available. I think he’ll have a good future here if he continues on his trajectory and learns/wants to play D.
  4. Great effort from this team that is not playing for much. Really disheartening finish, when we had the momentum. Yvan, Cheatham, and Burke with tough outings. Something is wrong with Cheatham. Went from leading scorer to abysmal in the last five games. Cross played poorly in the first half, but really impressed in the second. Better when he doesn’t settle for 3s. Can really pass out of the high post. Thor is the proverbial white guy on the other team that we hate. Knocking down ridiculous threes. Mulcahey is that white guy on the other team I hate. Cam, although it’s not pretty, can shoot the 3. Am hoping Green got out of the dog house. Very athletic and disrupted a lot of passes on D. Say what you will about hoiberg as a coach, he cannot rock the suit + sneakers look like Miles.
  5. I agree with most of your points but I believe you’re selling Miles short on two. One of Miles’ ‘Hallmark’ moves was implementing zone, to decent success, to turn games around. Maybe not last year as much but two to three years ago he used it frequently. Also I think hoiberg wasn’t the only one who believed in Thor, I mean, Tim brought him here!
  6. I was thinking the same thing. What drives me more crazy about Burke, and is very much related, is his lack of finishing at the rim. He’s quick enough to get there, but when he’s met with opposition, he just throws up what can only be described as a ‘fade away floater’ and makes it only 10% of the time. I trust Green more on offense as he has the quickness, but also more bounce and strength to be able to finish strong at the rim. Glad to see Green back. Hopefully last night was not an aberration.
  7. Best defensive possession by Kavas ever, although the bar is admittedly low.
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