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  1. We can't make a lay-up, we can't make a free throw, and we can't make a 3. Other than that we are doing alright.
  2. Get ready for a LONG season!! Can I change my prediction for wins?
  3. What's sad is I have been impressed with Lovie Smith than Frost.
  4. Did Indiana's coach finally get done with his injury report from Saturday? It had to be a long list for all the defensive players that went down.
  5. I am starting to wonder about Frost. It seems he is pleasing the fans. In one breath he tells us they had a good week of practice. Then, he says some players aren't bought in. How can we have a good week of practice, if we aren't bought in. It seems like he doesn't know why we are playing so poorly. Fans will agree with him by their hatred for Riley, if he says not everyone is bought in. It's not fair to the players who stuck with him. It's time to focus on getting the team ready for Purdue, and making the team better.
  6. Indiana's games this year: Ball State (4 - 4) W, 34 - 24 Eastern Illinois (0 - 9 FCS) W, 52 - 0 Ohio State (8 - 0) L, 10 - 51 UConn (2 - 6) W, 38 - 3 Michigan State (4 - 4) L, 31 - 40 Rutgers (2 - 6) W, 35 - 0 Maryland (3 - 5) W, 34 - 28 Nebraska (4 - 4) W, 38 - 31 That's a pretty soft schedule. We have 4 sure wins and Maryland a toss-up. Purdue is a team that's up and down. They were down today. They played Minnesota tough. Blew out Maryland. It's on the road. This next game is the season. We lose, no bowl game. I know everyone was so impressed with Frost at UCF. As was I. However, UCF's seniors in 2017, given 5 years, were 40 - 24 (including an 0 - 12 season) I don't know with the style of offense Frost wants to run, if we are going to get a dominating defense. The area I am most concerned with is the lack of adjustments. We look good to start the games, but once the other team makes adjustments we look lost. An example is 3rd quarters. We are getting outscored 90 - 41 in 3rd quarters. And, big backs need to be used in this offense. Look at Ozigbo last year, we decided to start using him the last half of the season. First 5 games last year avg. 10 carries for 58 yards. Last 7 games, avg. 15 carries for 113 yards. Mills, this year avg. 10 carries for 50 yards. 8 carries today for 30 yards when you have to give a true freshmen tiny back 22 carries. Don't get me wrong Robinson is a super talent, but he is going to get hurt getting 22 carries a game.
  7. Bye week thoughts. So, I was thinking another famous alum of a school that had success before coming to his alma mater, Jim Harbaugh. Michigan fans are starting to wonder if he is the right man for the job. He is 43 - 15 following a coach who was 31 - 20. But, no title appearances, while your rivals, (MSU and OSU) have 3 appearances in 4 years. I kind of want others' thoughts. Now, our team still frustrates me, but after looking at the participation chart for the Minnesota game, we are super young. This team should be able to grow up, combine that with consistent top 20 classes, in a few years, we will have something. We need the players to learn and improve, along with the coaches.
  8. I just want to see progress. This team is regressing during the year. We are lucky we aren't 1 - 6 again. We could have and probably should have lost to South Alabama, Illinois, and/or Northwestern. I could take a loss against Minnesota, if we looked competent. Everyone from the staff to the players need a "Come to Jesus" moment during the bye week. Let's focus on us.
  9. I don't think the DC is the problem. The defense, for the most part, haven't been horrible (outside of tonight and Ohio State). The thing I am scared of is 6 senior starters are going to be gone, including the entire defensive line. We need to get physical on both sides of the ball. Part of the reason I quit football after my freshmen year in high school is I was passive and didn't have the nastiness to play the game. I know people say we were 1 - 6 in 2018, and now are 4 - 3. That shows improvement. We had a much tougher schedule to this point last year. 2 weeks from today, I will be cheering this team on in a must win for our bowl hopes.
  10. Riley had a team that was 7 - 0 in his 2nd year, and ranked # 8. Lost to Wisconsin in OT. Then, it went downhill. Minnesota rushing stats this year vs. SDSU 42 - 132 3.1 YPC vs. Fresno State 52 - 146 2.8 YPC vs. Georgia South 48 - 93 1.9 YPC vs. Purdue 34 - 92 2.7 YPC vs. Illinois 52 - 332 6.4 YPC (we ran for 363 yards against them) vs. Nebraska 49 - 322 6.6 YPC
  11. I don't care what year you are in a program. Minnesota is a paper tiger, and they are boatracing us now. We are committing stupid penalty after stupid penalty. We have an OL that cannot get a push or pass protect. We have WR's who can't beat their man off the line and get open. We have one true freshmen who is a stud that can make plays when nothing is there. We have a QB who does not look confident. We have a DL getting pushed 10 yards down field. We have LB's and safties who can't tackle. This team looks no different than we did in 2017. BTW, I thought and am willing to give Frost 4 years, but everything I have seen to this point doesn't give me much hope. I thought this team could challenge for the west title this year based on their play from the last half of the season, but we are hoping and praying to make a bowl game this year.
  12. Wisconsin is going to beat us by 70.
  13. Frost at this level looks way overmatched. Our OL can't block, our WR's can't get open, our RB's can't find a hole if it's there. Our DL is getting pushed around by an average Minnesota team, our LB's and safeties can't tackle. I shudder to think what Iowa and Wisconsin are going to do to us.
  14. This team looks no better than when Riley was coaching them. How much patience do I need?
  15. I don't see how this team is any different than 2019 Arkansas State 2017 - Finished 7 - 5. Squeaked out a victory when a pass to the end zone went incomplete. South Alabama 2019 - Currently 1 - 4. Squeaked out a victory thanks to 3 non offensive touchdowns. Oregon 2017 - Finished 7 - 6. Got down big early. Made a comeback. Chance to win at the end. Threw interception to end comeback attempt. Colorado 2019 - Currently 3 - 1. Blew big 2nd half lead. Lost in OT Northern Illinois 2017 - Finished 8 - 5. Inexcusable loss to a MAC team Northern Illinois 2019 - Currently 1 - 3. Most complete game of the year. Rutgers 2017 - Finished 4 - 8. Won by 10 points Illinois 2019 - Currently 2 - 2. Had to comeback against terrible team. Illinois 2017 - Finished 2 - 10. Most complete game of the year. Ohio State 2019 - Currently 5 - 0. Turd of a game. Wisconsin 2017 - Finished 13 - 1. Tied at 17 early in the 3rd quarter. Wisconsin finished it. Ohio State 2017 - Finished 12 - 2. No chance to win. Down big at halftime. Purdue 2017 - Finished 7 - 6. Came through with a huge drive at the end. Northwestern 2017 - Finished 10 - 3. Had a very good chance to win, but threw huge interception with a chance to go up 10 early in the 4th quarter. Lose in OT Minnesota 2017 - Finished 5 - 7. Rock bottom blow out Penn State 2017 - Finished 11 - 2. Got down big tried to comeback. Too big of a hole. Iowa 2017 - Finished 8 - 5. Tied at half. Iowa took over 2nd half. Why do some fans have more faith Frost will turn it around compared to Riley? I agreed Riley had to be fired and Frost was the most logical choice. Just curious what the difference between the two are? Frost is 6 - 11 against Power 5 schools. Remaining schedule with the way we are playing looks daunting. Northwestern is a must win for any bowl hopes. Kind of sad.
  16. This team is so frustratingly inconsistent. They look great and then they look terrible. This game should be 45 - 3, instead it is 30 - 5. Not saying I'm not happy with the lead, just that this team is super frustrating.
  17. This is the team I think we expected. Still need to clean up some areas. Busted coverage, turnover bug. Now, need to sustain it for 4 quarters.
  18. I know it's 14 games in, but we have to figure out how to win games. We should have put Colorado away. They had no life, and all of a sudden we let them get a TD, and then it's like we never played football before. Even last year, we struggled to put teams away. NW we had 10 point lead with 5 minutes left. Blow it. Minnesota get out to a 28 - 0 lead in the 1st half. Minnesota comes back to trim the lead to 28 - 22. We did finally put them away. Illinois gave us 5 turnovers. MSU we found a way to win in terrible weather. A sobering stat : We have went 15 straight games with a turnover. Fixing that will help this team leaps and bounds. We need to get remarkably better in a hurry. We have no games left on the schedule as sure wins. I'm not saying to fire Frost. He still needs 2 - 3 more years. I'm saying his coaching has to get better.
  19. Their WR's are good. Our DB's are way more talented than theirs. Our LB's are more talented. Our DL is more talented. They probably are even on the O-Line. We have the better RB's. They are better at WR's. QB's are probably even, given the age. One's a RSSr, the other a true sophomore. I am including the whole team, not one position. Granted, Iowa may be a stretch. They probably had the edge compared to the entire team.
  20. We finished with an identical record as the "rock bottom" year. We had better players than CU, Troy, Northwestern, and Iowa last year, yet they were losses. This year, we have better players than CU. Yet, we are 5 - 9 under this staff. There is a time to start questioning the staff. We gave up 31 points to Colorado in 16:21. I really just want to see us not beat ourselves.
  21. The outlook is grim. Barely beat a bad team, and blow a 17 - 0 lead in the 2nd half to a rebuilding team. Frost was very much outcoached by Colorado's coach. 380 yards given up in the 2nd half. Inexcusable.
  22. I understand not using him today as he hasn't pitched in forever. I just didn't understand the Michigan game when they scored 18 runs not using him. They used Perry that night.
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