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uneblinst's postgame chatter: vol 16; ed 28- Minnesota

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Ohio State is going to be a TOUGH road win.  That place is going to be rocking.  If we win that game we should be a 7 seed or better IMO.  We just had 4 double digit wins in a row in conference play.  We are not only winning we are kicking the crap out of our opponents.


I would be absolutely shocked if they keep us out this year

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3 minutes ago, Vinny said:

20 wins and we have four games more games for sure. This is the kind of season I hoped we’d be having when we hired Fred. I hope like hell we get over our big hump the second half of March, but this has already been one of the most fun seasons I’ve known. Can’t wait to watch the rest play out.



I just don't want to finish the season 22-9 (13-5) and #4 in the Big Ten...

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