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  1. Now an opportunity to start a win streak and gain momentum before Rutgers.
  2. Got to figure out why we give up the big runs. Losing focus? Intensity? What?
  3. Maybe still getting used to shooting in the gym?
  4. But can he ball? I guess I wouldn't draft him...
  5. I'm all for it! It can look like the old Celtics court.
  6. I like the idea of an assistant coach because they aren't necessarily tied to "their" program. I also think you have to go with an offensive guy.
  7. A stalker probably wants you in the shower...
  8. He must have enjoyed his time here. He did attend a game at the new arena. Wonder what he thought? I think he was ok. Average for Nebraskaball. It would be interesting to know his thoughts on building the Nebraska program. You look at Butler basketball today and he is the guy that started it. Then went back and hired Brad Stevens. Then Chris Holtmann. Now LaVall Jordan. Seems like he was trying to build basketball in the state.
  9. 1. Tie? Nothing really stands out for any of them. 2. Collier 3. Miles 4. Sadler 5. Sadler 6. Collier
  10. It seems only the diehards give a shit. Nationally people don't care. Casual fans view it as a reward for a solid season. It isn't like Miles has kept most players for 4 years anyway.
  11. Jobbing in the NIT didn't help. I would have only extended one year. Win next year and you attract recruits because you are a winner. You also get more years because you are a winner. So far a little pressure on Miles has helped his results.
  12. I was drunk when I got there. And that wasn't my wife!
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