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  1. Will you tell us everyone it's not? That way using process of elimination we'll know who your hearing.
  2. PimpMario

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Life isn't about money or playing it safe. You go for it. Plus if you mess up surely you will make it before running out of balls. And by finishing high enough you will qualify for next year's event. We could use a Kevin Costner as coach.
  3. PimpMario

    Enjoy The Last Month Of The Miles Era

    I liked collier and I loved Doc and Miles (DS9 best friends). Maybe it's time we hire a coach who isn't so nice.
  4. PimpMario

    February and beyond

    I was so naive then.
  5. After 19 years of futility, after a 7 game losing streak the fans still showed up. We easily have the best turnout to result ratio of any team at any level. Maybe it has something to do with hope forged by disappointment that has made the fanbase steely; the resolve this fanbase has is unmatched. Either way when we got loud last night I was proud.
  6. If we lose I feel really bad for Roby
  7. Every way is a Nebrasketball way to lose
  8. Talk about throwing the game away
  9. PimpMario

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    Everyone ranked ahead of Nebraska on that list has a bigger stadium, and free admission. Edit:. Maybe we should have 2 spring games so our attendance can be 140k
  10. PimpMario


    What? I was at the event. Moos was exactly where he should have been, in a room full of the biggest donors. It's absurd to suggest that he should have been at the basketball game instead. Edit: let's be clear, basketball is second fiddle to football. And I'm sure they made a bunch of money for the athletic department. Did it suck that the event was at the same time as a basketball game? Yes it did, but the big 10 scheduled the game.
  11. PimpMario

    Rock Bottom!

    I took a lot of grief for being upset at the MSU loss. It just felt like during the game we needed that one
  12. PimpMario

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    I really don't think now is the time to crap on husker basketball fans. We are the most loyal and have shown up through 2 decades of bad coaches. I'm not sure why we keep showing up losing season after losing season but we do. We have the most loyal basketball fans. Let's not insult them for showing up to watch team on a 5 game losing streak.