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  1. Especially missing technicals. We have go to have the worst technical free throw percentage in history
  2. I thought he said he was open to playing more guys if more guys warranted playing time
  3. Northwestern only scored 20 in the second half and we still lost.
  4. Agreed. I can't tell if I expect us to be better next year or it's just blind hope. But I pray this is the last year of the nebrasketball moto: there's always next year.
  5. Well we got northwestern twice and it looks like we are going to blow our best shot to get a road win.
  6. One day we will have a coach that draws up for last possession plays
  7. We may not be good this year, but Hoiberg has no fear of failure. I love how the ball sometimes barely or doesn't touch the ground on offense. I also love the cuts to the rim when we dribble towards it. This is fun to watch.
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