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  1. Interesting. Wish he could have lived up to his NBA earning potential as a Husker. He was a good representative for the program.
  2. He never had a signature year. Roby's story is potential. All I ever heard was people talk about his potential.
  3. I would like to change my vote from A to A+. This recruiting has been truly amazing.
  4. Where are we on the 2020-2021 prediction?
  5. I was thinking that this morning, "better get started on 2020."
  6. If he is only 17 hopefully he isn't done growing.
  7. Only 176 days to go! I'm just going to assume we tipoff Wednesday November 6th at 7.
  8. It sucks that some things leaked. But if I was a player I would rather be told I don't fit the sydtem/vision of the team going forward than losing eligibility. Having said that, miles told Parker he wasn't going up get minutes and he took it as a challenge instead of transferring.
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