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  1. it's not uncommon when you don't know how long you are going to be somewhere.
  2. that's an interning lineup. they could probably have a winning home conference record and if you pair that with buy games they could get close to .500 on the season. they would probably beat Western Illinois or whoever we lost to
  3. I've been to so many men's games for 2 decades that it was strange rooting for a good team. It almost felt wrong.
  4. I went to the woman's game on Saturday and didn't pay any attention to the men's game. going to the women's game was eye opening. I don't think I'm going to go to any more men's games this year unless something changes. but I will try to keep going to women's game.
  5. at my first women's game right now. I don't know why I wasted 2 decades going to men's games
  6. this is my first in person game and I took my daughter's. I've no idea why we've been going to men's games instead of women's for the last couple decades. also Jaz is really good!
  7. I sit down with Fred and we talk about his vision of the future. We talk about his identity as a program. We talk about his desired culture . Then we figure out how to build for the future. This team has too much young talent not to build for the future.
  8. what's the best way to go about getting 4 tickets for the women's game on Saturday?
  9. seriously we are the most loyal fans in an of American sport
  10. you know what, I think I just might look for tickets for Saturday
  11. yep. I'm trying to convince my dad we shouldn't keep driving from Omaha until they can get it together
  12. 2 timeouts called in game.... that's something. at least he realizes it
  13. I'm not sure the diehards still number in the 6k but there is still a surprising amount of us who are masochists
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