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  1. I think his shot has potential. If Hoiberg is the 3 point whispered I think Nana could be a perfect fit.
  2. I've been optimistic before. But I'm not optimistic about the future. I have an extreme calm and know that we are going to be good at . It feels great.
  3. Family has different opinions some time. But I'm really glad this place exists.
  4. I would take the Sadler side if we want to have a round table debate.
  5. Many coaches wouldn't bring a relatively beloved former head coach back as assistant. Docs hire will definitely raise some eyebrows and get media cover unlike if Hoiberg hired someone who didnt have Nebraska ties. Edit: Also Sadler was our most successful coach since Nee.
  6. He's too senior to have much of a filter I love that Hoiberg isn't intimidated by hiring Doc. He has extreme confidence in himself.
  7. Some in my echo chamber think it is weird if we fired him. But I don't think it is because he has a lot to offer as an assistant and obviously has experience which can be drawn upon. Edit: plus he wants to be here so that means he is still bleeds red.
  8. I am really happy it looks like Doc is coming back to Nebraska!
  9. Don't be impatient. Just enjoy this honeymoon. We are never going to be more optimistic about the future than we are right now.
  10. Okay... I guess... Sure... Clean program and winning aren't mutually exclusive. And the article mentions that the compliance director is staying, maybe he deserves some recognition instead of boehm
  11. I've had season tickets since 2000. I never got to experience any success from the 90s out earlier. Hoiberg's press conference ranks right up there as best days as a die-hard Nebrasketball fan. Edit: my dad had tickets off and on before I went with the game. But again at least he's see a competent team before.
  12. Before anyone complains he isn't wearing a tie. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/basketball/bulls/ct-spt-bulls-haugh-hoiberg-20180214-story.html
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