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  1. What am I missing? Doesnt he have to sit out a year with only 2 years left? Meaning he will waste a year of eligibility by transferring? When we got him I thought he was a 3 for 3 guy.
  2. How can it possibly be that high
  3. I get what you are trying to say, but at this point it seems like we have 10 spots saved that will turn over.
  4. I am just not seeing how you can install your culture in a program when you don't have more than 2 of the same players year to year. I get that adding new guys and roster attrition is prevalent, but this is just ridiculous. Next year will be really rough and every year after that until we can get some roster stability.
  5. True but this might have been the .01% Trending for all the wrong reasons.
  6. Thanks for the info. That's kind of lame. I always respected the way the ivy league protected their student athletes. I also liked how it really made the regular season matter.
  7. I thought the ivy didn't have a tournament. I thought they were the only conference that awarded their automatic spot to their regular season champion
  8. This is hilarious. I will defiantly watch tomorrow
  9. Probably worried about slipping on the floor
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