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  1. Makes me feel a heck of a lot better about that.
  2. My only concern is that Otzelberger was to Hoiberg what Craig Smith was to Miles. Otzelberger was Hoibergs go to guy for opponent scouting and gameplanning and the last year Hoiberg was at ISU was without Otzelberger and that was the year they were a 3 seed and poised to make a run in the tournament and got knocked out by 13 seed UAB in the first round. I highly doubt this is the case, but the whole Smith/Miles coaching ability question thing still kinda has me skittish.
  3. Are these pro teams or are they equivalent to college or highschool level?
  4. Class list: https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Season/2019-Basketball/Commits/ "All Time" List: https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Sport/Basketball/AllTimeRecruits/ Does not include transfers, does include JUCO's. 2020 looks nice.
  5. 247 Sports. He's rated a 0.9454 4-Star recruit, just behind Watson's 0.9692 rating and ahead of Thomas Allen at 0.9429. He's the 2nd highest rated recruit we've signed in lifetime of the 247/Scout database.
  6. I mean, Ouredraogo is our highest rated recruit since Watson.
  7. You're looking at it the wrong way. College recruits base a large part of their decisions based on their recruiter/position coach. Basketball players probably base 70% of their decisions on that alone - if not more. As they care less about location, academics and atmosphere as they don't plan on being there as long as football players do. And while recruits generally don't look at a coaches contract when making their decisions, those assistant coaches absolutely do. College basketball assistants for some reason seem to be way more sensitive to how many years their boss has on his contract than football assistants do, are quicker to bail on an iffy contract situation and college basketball players are far more likely to bail with them. Miles' contract situation 100% cost us Kenya Hunter and losing Hunter lost us at minimum 2-3 recruits who would have been actual depth last season.(including Xavier Johnson who looks like he's going to be a star) And losing Hunter is a big reason Allen decided to transfer (and in part Tshmanga last july). It's a pretty simple chain reaction for any program that doesn't reload purely off the name on the front of the jersey: When there isn't security for the head coach the top recruiter leaves. When the recruiter leaves the recruits leave. When the recruits leave the roster is weak and the coach gets fired. Look at what just happened to St. John's when we hired Abdelmessih. The same thing happened here when we lost Hunter, it just took longer because we had 4 upperclassmen who we stuck with for the year hoping for a lot of luck, but the contract issue created the chain reaction that crippled our depth and led to the same outcome - a weak roster and a fired coach.
  8. JR Smith would need to be traded and released in order for him to end up a Laker IMO. His contract is just way too valuable and the Lakers don't really have the assets left to trade for him. Smith's contract is one of the last contracts signed under the last CBA which means if he's traded, a team can trade the full value of JR Smith's contract (about $15.7M) to Cleveland but only have 4.4M of it count against their cap. Which is why some teams want it so bad. Dallas for example (who made their draft day trade specifically to make a play for this deal) could trade Courtney Lee's contract and draft picks to Cleveland for JR Smith and because Smith's deal is under the old CBA and Lee's is under the new one, Dallas would instantly be adding more than $10M in cap space giving them the ability to put another max contract offer out to pair someone with Porzingis.
  9. If they moved Memphis to the other division and added Boise that would actually be a decent conference. Boise probably won't go for that though. Too much travel and it would mess with their scheduling philosophy too much. Buffalo is probably their best option, with UAB 2nd.
  10. Would be funny to see, but no. The best women's basketball team of all time would struggle to finish in the top half of a decent boy's high-school league.
  11. Unfortunately I doubt he ever plays a game for Dallas though. The main reason the Mavericks made the trade with Detroit is so they can package Courtney Lee's contract and those picks (including Roby) in a trade offer to Cleveland for JR Smith's contract.
  12. Top 5 1. Greg Lovelady (UCF head coach, would be the Oklahoma coach right now if OU didn't cheap out on his assistant pool pay. Looking for a p5 team with resources and desire to win.)  2. Dan Heefner (Dallas Baptist head coach, played at Northern Iowa, coached at Creighton) 3. Pat Casey (won the World Series at Oregon State, isn't going back there.) 4. Jeff Duncan (Kent State head coach, from illinois coached at Purdue) 5. Rob Childress (Fans at A&M want a change, has a new AD and he may want to make the decision first. Comp pay probably gets him. Possibly with Bolt and Seely too.) All 5 are gettable if Nebraska is willing to make a legit offer. And that doesn't include top assistants like Kirk Saraloos, Mike Bell or Eric Snider or even other assistant coaches with Nebraska ties like Justin Seely who is arguably a better coach at A&M than Bolt or Van Horn's newest protege at Arkansas, Nate Thompson.
  13. Bolt isn't a bad hire because of his coaching resume, he would be a bad hire because there are at minimum 5 absolutely superior candidates who if we pay what market dictates we absolutely have a shot at hiring (one of which is Bolt's current boss who may bring Bolt with him anyway). Bolt would be the budget hire, not the best available hire.
  14. I hope (and assume) the coaches know something I don't because I can't see Cheatham as a 4 in this league. Even if he puts on 10lbs of muscle it's like playing James Palmer at the 4. The past couple years our bigs who had 2+ inches and 30+ lbs on Cheatham still got pushed around at will by certain teams. Can someone explai what am I missing because this looks like a bad case of flawed situation awareness.
  15. This is even worse than White I think. With White we were at least a bit wary of him bailing. This kid showed no indication of leaving, he was not just their best player - he was their team captain and lockerroom leader. Not only that, Rutgers scheduled a neutral site game against South Carolina up in Toronto for this upcoming season specifically because this kid's hometown is 2 hours from there and they wanted his family and friends to be able to see him play a game in college. There has to be something going on here.
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