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  1. Blackshirt83

    Successful Season

    Those that are saying that winning a tournament game shouldn't be the floor simply because this program hasn't done it before miss one simple fact... No other coach in program history (aside from Sadler's final season) has had a tournament field that allowed 68 teams and 4 play-in games available to get in.
  2. The Sallie recruiting debacle still hurts. Kid would have been so good here.
  3. Blackshirt83

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    Does it piss anyone else off that for like the 4th year in row MSU isn't involved in this? Expecially considering hat last year the whole Big Ten is bad nonsense really started picking up steam partly due to these games?
  4. Blackshirt83

    Next Assistant Coach

    Matt Graves was the star assistant for Brad Stevens at Butler and was recently let go as the head coach of South Alabama. He brings the gameplan and development skills some think we need as well as good midwest recruiting chops. I'd be estatic if we grabbed him.
  5. Blackshirt83

    NCAA or bust.

    Explain how. We had by recruiting rankings the 2nd or 3rd most talented roster in the conference this season behind Michigan State and maybe a healthy Maryland. It's also the best and deepest team we've seen in probably 20 years. Who has this cost us this class?
  6. Blackshirt83

    Michigan (25-7) vs. Nebraska (22-9) game thread

    You're dreaming. They are looking at the same thing the rest of the country sees and probably thinking the same thing, That Nebraska is a team that away from home wilts under pressure. UCF, St. Johns, OSU, Penn State, Illinois and today.. the committee has a long time to disect our team and once you are away from PBA it's almost all bad except one game against the worst Badger team in nearly 20 years.
  7. Blackshirt83

    Michigan (25-7) vs. Nebraska (22-9) game thread

    Can someone tell Roby anf Copeland that they are allowed to play offense?
  8. Blackshirt83

    Big Ten Tournament

    wow that might be the worst end of game coaching decision I've seen in quite a while. What was Gard even drawing up there?
  9. Blackshirt83

    Release the memo

    This is the one thing I do miss from the Big 12. The Big Ten schedulemakers are consistantly and completely utterly awful. Pretty much in their scheduling of every sport.
  10. Blackshirt83

    Potential Transfer Rule changes

    Maybe but in the proposed system it's also far less likely we land White in the first place. Not only would this open up options for players to move more it would allow certain programs more flexibility to "make room" when a guy like White does hit the market.
  11. Blackshirt83

    Moos Finally Attends a Nebrasketball Game

    Not strange at all really. His first priority when he was hired was to A. learn the ins and outs of the Athletic Department and B. Decide on Rileys Future and if needed Hire a football coach. That basically takes until Early December. So he's probably not going to get to any game before December at the earliest expecially since half the games played before Frost was hired were either in Missisippi, NY or Florida. So basically you are talking about wether he should be at any earlier game after the BC game. That would be the Minnesota and Kansas games. Volleyball says hi. Then you have a 3 game stretch against UTSA, Delaware State and Stetson. I'd wait for Wisconsin too. Basically it comes down to is it upsetting he missed the Minnesota game at 8pm on a tuesday night or not.
  12. Blackshirt83

    Kansas (7-2) vs. Nebraska (7-4) Game Thread

    With Watson getting 2 early and how insanely hot they were shooting for a while there... down 3? We got this.
  13. Blackshirt83

    Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    That was the best this team has played since 2015 at MSU. Can we do it again next time out.. pwetty pweese.
  14. Blackshirt83

    Rick Pitino?

    Why not just make a run at the guy in Omaha who we can't seem to beat.
  15. Warren Nolan realtime rpi which ignores non d1 opponents and lists both 2013 and 2017.