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  1. Lot of smoke about the Bucks at 30.
  2. I couldn't go higher than an A. Keeping Green (and Burke) and adding Cam is huge. So the JUCO portion of the class looks like an A++ That said I expected a bit more on the transfer market. We landed a lot of good players and I really like the group as a whole - not seeing any real reaches. BUT when I look at who I would consider the top 25 available transfers.. we were never in the picture or even remotely mentioned as being even looked at by any of my top 10. Whereas teams like Iowa and Minnesota and Alabama were. - note I never expected to land any of the top 10 but did think Fred at least would get us mentioned as getting a look. And the only one I had in my top 20 that even sniffed Nebraska ended up going to Marquette. For more than an A I think we needed to land 1-2 of those top 25.
  3. According to the Arkansas newspaper people, Mack cancelled the A&M visit. He may end up visiting elsewhere (or not), but as of now the only visit he has scheduled is Nebraska.
  4. He could have Iverson's hands and it wouldn't matter when he's sitting on the bench because his ankles are made of glass.
  5. http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019/apr/23/point-guard-mack-has-arkansas-among-his-potential-/ According to this Mack cancelled his visit to A&M. He "may" set up a visit to Arkansas but right now Nebraska is his only visit he has set up and he wants to make a commitment around May 11th. Lookin kinda good here.
  6. Also keep an eye on Tamin Lipsey for 2022. If we get one or both these two the whole state of Iowa may go nuclear.
  7. I know in football you can have "consultants" who review film and scout opponents. Can you do that in basketball? Can we have Henry basically just be a full time scout and not take a bench spot?
  8. Gates is out recruiting with Abdelmassih, so that assumes he's staying yes?
  9. Here is the recruiting schedule starting may 1st. 3 day quiet period 8 day dead period 3 day recruiting period 4 day dead period 6 day recruiting period 1 day quiet period 3 day evaluation period 4 day recruiting period ending May 2nd. After that there is nothing but quiet, dead and evaluation periods till August. So if he or his parents etc. want to set up an in person interview with any coaches without having to travel to that coaches campus he only has about 17 days between today and May 2nd to work with. And if he does decide to transfer and he needs to take summer classes for any reason, he definately doesn't have a month to wait to start the process.
  10. I actually think it's that they felt they could be lazy and be ok. Meaning that nothing this entire season has been about winning a conference title or anything like that. It's all been on getting that first NCAA win. I think the players thought they did the work in the noncon to make the tournament on the strength of the conference and think they can beat anyone they get in the first round, so now they think they can skate through a bit till then. They need to realize they can't.
  11. Really good to get a needed win but they really need to figure out what whatever issue the team seems to be going through is and fix it. This is a game we win by 20 a month ago.
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