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  1. On the one hand *pardon the pun, this looks like a phenomenal hire. He seems like all the players in Chicago raved about him and liked him and he seems like he is excellent at player development. At the same time, I'm not sure how I feel about Doc not being an active coach on the bench. Our defense was really coming along despite the lack of practice time last season.
  2. So what are the odds this lands us his brother Simeon? He's currently ranked as the #8 overall player in the 2023 class. 2 5 star younger brothers in 3 years?
  3. Thor starts because With Delano, Teddy and Trey handling the ball and Lat being a sniper we don't really need another true scoring threat on the floor to start the game. Thor is good enough defensively against most 4's and enough of a threat from deep to be a 3 and D Stretch 4 with that starting group. He's also good at setting screens for those guys and taking the charges. That's what his role is. Stevenson is a better overall player but again he's not needed right now in that starting lineup. He along with Webster give us that scoring punch off the bench when a guy like Yvan is o
  4. They seemed disinterested and bored out there tonight. They started and finished like they were just going through the motions with a little work to actually win the game in the middle. One the one hand they won fairly easily playing that way.. but on the other hand that kind of stuff shouldn't be happening regardless of competition. Especially at this level. After Sunday there isn't a single team on the schedule we win against playing with that mindset.
  5. My biggest takeaway from this is that Strowbridge is massively underappreciated.
  6. I'm worried about Nevada trying to turn the game into a war of attrition in the post. With Walker and Andre out we don't win that war. Lat and Yvan staying out of foul trouble is going to be incredibly important this next few weeks.
  7. No, but they test every day so unless he missed practice and it wasn't reported it was either yesterday or this morning I would assume. There wasn't any indication he'd be out.
  8. Anyone know where Andre is? Didn't look like he was on the bench.
  9. Looking so much better than last year. Lat is gonna be good. Teddy scares me a bit though. A lot of what he is trying to do won't work against B10 teams. Expecially if he refuses to kick it back out to open shooters. 3pt defense and bunnies at the rim are still issues a bit as well.
  10. I would assume Walt did it in his one good year. Other than that I honestly would be more surprised if anyone did than if they didn't. I know Webster didn't shoot 40% from deep his junior year and he was as good if not better that year from 3 than anyone in that timeframe. So if he didn't hit that mark I doubt anyone else over the past 10 years did.
  11. I haven't heard anyone whining except the media guys who are trying to drum up clicks. We were playing OSU and PSU anyway. Getting Ohio State week 1 as opposed to week 6 or 7 is an advantage not a disadvantage. The only things we lost were the free win against Rutgers and a chance to go crazy with offensive stats against Diaco's Defense week 1.
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