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  1. Well that sucks but that was just a great shot over good D by a legit dude. Still, Hoiberg's crew is gonna win a lot of games in this league soon.
  2. What even is this team right now? Great D, Rebounding and a lot of Green.
  3. IMO he's going to be the Big Man version of Tai Webster.
  4. I'm not sure where he is now (probably about the same) but going into the Iowa game Yvan was in the bottom 20 players nationally in efficiency.
  5. Am I the only one who liked Sek?
  6. The thing about Green is: He has the 3rd worst 3pt% on the team at 30%. Only above Cross and Easley but leads the team in 3pt attempts at 61. (tied now with Cam, Prior to tonight he was alone as the only guy with 60+ 3pt attempts) He's also dead last (not counting Arop who has yet to take a shot) in fg% and yet is one of 5 players with over 100 attempts. (he had the 3rd most attempts on the team going into tonight.) Considering the fact that he's put up those shot numbers despite missing 2 full games and again is often the worst shooter on the floor... that is simply an offense killer. Nothing else he brings to the table right now makes up for what is lost just by having him on the floor taking shots.
  7. Just remember Pikiell's first two years in the B10 Rutgers went 3-15 in conference play. It took them 4 years to get to this point. I think Hoiberg is a better coach and recruiter, so they are at or a bit below where we expect to be 2-3 years from now. It takes time to build a program from nothing and we're at ground zero.
  8. Pretty sure Allen was gone either way too.
  9. Whether the timeout came before or after the ball was thrown to the sideline at the end is irrelevant. She only had the ball in the first place because the girl who ultimately called the timeout first passed her the ball while literally laying out of bounds on the baseline. === As to the toughness of the team, they aren't as tough as some of Yori's teams but they were at least trying to fight for a while in this game. But you can only get called for a charge while the defender has 2 feet in the restricted zone so many times before you back off and try to completely avoid contact.
  10. Do they? He would have to sit out next season and Burke Green and Thor will all be Seniors and I assume Banton and Stevenson will be the 1-2 at the 3.. At this point you're looking at a probable starting guard pair of Mack and Allen but the backups are Arop and what Easley?
  11. Honestly I'd try really hard to redshirt Yvan next season if at all possible by bringing in a grad transfer or juco big. Then spend the other scholarship on a guard with at least 2 years to play. *either a freshman or transfer who can redshirt. So 2020/21 Depth Chart: Mack/Green/Burke Burke/Green/Thor Allen/Thor/Stevenson Banton/Stevenson/Cross Walker/Cross/GTr or JUCO Big (Mayen) Bench: Arop, Easley, Porter Redshirts: Yvan, Fr/Tr Guard (O'Bannon?), Assuming I did this right, the depth chart scholarship breakdown for 20/21 would be: pg jr sr sr sg sr sr sr sf jr sr jr pf so jr so c jr so sr giving you a 21/22 outlook of mack/redshirt guard/freshman point guard Allen/redshirt guard/Arop (or sallis) Banton/Stevenson/Arop Cross/Mayan/Stevenson Walker/Yvan/Cross with Burke, Green, Thor, and possibly Arop (if we land Sallis for sure) coming off the books for 4 scholarships to spend towards filling that group out with a young PG, a redshirtable big and 2 wings.. (Carter-Witt and Sallis would be a great start here)
  12. I was gonna be like where the hell is Maric and then I realized he played over a decade ago. God I'm getting old
  13. The biggest knock anyone had at any of his former schools is that his mom is a piece of work. Not a shocker.
  14. From what I understood, this was an immediate eligibility waiver not a hardship waiver and he was denied due to the double transfer issue not the fact that he played 8 minutes of basketball. (Basically a part A is a denial so they don't even look at part B situation) Meaning in 2 years if he wanted to, he could still apply for a hardship waiver and potentially get that year back. Am I wrong on that?
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