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  1. Mayen's shooting reputation based on practice reports has also very much surpassed his actual production on the court. 34% isn't bad, but not what you want from your knock-down three point shooter in this offense. He had way too many games of shooting 1-6 from three, or something close to that. This is all while consistently getting open, stand-still looks within the flow of the offense. He also struggles to guard any position defensively. Contrast this to Trey, who is not known as a shooter and many of his threes were off the dribble and/or heavily contested - he shot 37%. I really hope Lat i
  2. His top 8 remains the same and he’s committing in June. Really like his game. FWIW his dad just followed Matt Abdelmassih on Twitter. https://stockrisers.com/s/300/the-latest-on-top-60-junior-ramel-lloyd-jr
  3. My answers: 1. Collier - wrong. Thought Cochran, Conklin, Robinson, Drevo, etc. would give Collier the nod here. 2. Collier - wrong. 3. Hoiberg - correct. Seems like the other three coaches were often near the bottom of the conference/country in assists per made field goals. 4. Nee - correct. We had some big, athletic dudes in the late 80's and 90's. 5. Sadler - wrong.
  4. Tyon is a no-go. He was gonna commit today... then he didn't. Here's the new guy. Was originally a top 25 player in the 2021 class. Reclassified to 2020 and joined Depaul for the second semester. Now he's transferring, maybe to Nebraska.
  5. He seemed to be a quiet, confident guy. But I think it was all genuine. Tim Miles knows people like his self-deprecating, goofy shtick, but I've heard enough about him to know that his public persona is not genuine. Interesting what people are drawn towards.
  6. Why do Husker fans dislike Collier? Honestly curious. I went to two of his camps and he was as soft spoken and gracious as could be. Of all the Husker coaches in my lifetime, I always thought Doc and Barry were the most genuine.
  7. To be fair, we have recruited several transfer point guards. None of them are coming here, for whatever reason. The staff apparently doesn’t like any of the realistic options that are left out there. I’m of the mindset that we shouldn’t take a guy just to take a guy.
  8. Bart Torvik's analytics had our defense ranked 31st in the country. KenPom had us 40th. I like Torvik's data tools a little more than KenPom's, but to each their own. The first comment was based on eye-test, for sure. I like to watch players off the ball on offense and defense. I can only think of 4 players over the last two years that have given consistent 100% effort on both ends of the court.
  9. Just my opinion, but I think the days of having Banton, Lat and a center on the court at the same time might be over. Our flow was so much better towards the end of last year when he had 3 or 4 smaller guys on the floor constantly moving offensively. Reports are that the staff is still holding out hope that Banton becomes the floor general they think he can. So am I, although that doesn't matter. The first 10-ish games of the season, he was one of my favorite Husker players to watch in quite some time. When he's on the court at point, I'd hope to see 3 guards/wings out there with
  10. He's not coming here, per Washut's info. I'm not sure if we cooled on him or vice versa.
  11. Sounds like Hoiberg is content with the roster now (with the addition of TGF). They're not going to add anymore players to next year's roster. The full court presses for Traudt and Simeon begin.
  12. A lineup of Trey, Bryce, CJ, Tyon and Walker/Andre would be versatile, athletic and tough defensively. For some reason fans still like their "4" to be 6'9"+. But our 6'9"+ guys with subpar athleticism really struggle on the defensive end. Baylor's starting lineup: 6-2 6-3 6-5 6-5 6-10 Gonzaga: 6-4 6-5 6-5 6-7 6-10 Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Houston, etc. All their lineups look like this. There's no chance for Lat and Dalano to stay in front of Corey Kispert, Joe Wieskamp, Is
  13. I think we’re going to like him. The consistent thing that everyone says about him is he defends and plays hard 100% of the time. We like guys who defend and play hard all the time. Sounds simple, but we’ve had more guys the last two years that don’t do those two things than I can ever remember. So I’m going to expect a taller Caleb Walker and if the scoring potential ever comes to fruition then look out.
  14. https://www.kansan.com/sports/ku-men-s-basketball-guard-tyon-grant-foster-shows-scoring-potential-in-practice/article_351411dc-25d9-11eb-a163-2f89e049a620.html
  15. Kind of fun to look through the portal and try to figure it out though.
  16. Washut kind of made it sound like this guy has potential, but didn't have that much success at his previous school.
  17. Don't think so. They have both been mentioned on that board. Couple more clues. Not a former Big Ten player and will be a 2 or 3 here, not a point guard.
  18. Welp, apparently our mystery player is not Bolton, or anyone else we've talked about. And Washut says this player is indeed already in the transfer portal. My next guess was going to Caleb Grill, but I wouldn't consider the Mountain West to be a high major conference. I got nothin'.
  19. Thanks for the screenshot. To be honest, if I’m a Cyclone fan, I’m kinda pissed that a bunch of mediocre players on a very bad team got to decide the fate of the only legit player on the team (if this is all true). Especially if that good player is also a good person and student. Maybe Bolton demanded more of his teammates and they didn’t like it? Who knows. Big 12 coaches respected him - he got the 12th most votes of any Big 12 player on the coaches all-conference teams. That’s in a conference that was pretty stocked full of talent this year. Players on bad teams almost never receive that man
  20. To play devil's advocate... that's making it sound like a Lebron situation, where one player says "you either fire this coach or I'm leaving," even though the other players on the team liked the coach. But, Bolton transferred, then Chambers was fired. So that doesn't line up. Bolton left, everyone in the program wanted Chambers to stay, yet he still got fired. Why wasn't the problem solved by Bolton leaving? Sounds to me like the AD was looking for a reason to fire a coach that won 33% of conference games in 9 years. I spent some time perusing Iowa State message boards. There's definite
  21. Stevenson is leaving. Not sure why they're taking so much time to announce it. All signs point to Banton staying. I have no idea on Thor.
  22. Would be an absolute home run. But if we thought Askew was out of our league, not gonna get my hopes up for Bolton either. He'll be able to go play for any school he wants.
  23. On Twitter, Coach Loenser started following pretty much all of our current players, staff members, Isaiah Roby, Kent Pavelka and...... Isaac Truadt. Go get him, coach.
  24. I don't think there's any doubt that, when Keisei is in the game, Hoiberg will get him looks and he'll knock them down at a good clip. Our shooters have consistently gotten great looks game after game over the last two years. But, up until the 6 games or so this year, we couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. I just don't think we're going to play 12 guys significant minutes next year, or ever. And I'm not sure who Keisei supplants in the rotation, especially if we add another transfer guard as expected. That doesn't mean he won't ever play. But right now, I'd be pleasantly surprised if
  25. So now we know that this mystery player is a guard, but not a pure point guard. He's a transfer from a high major program. May or may not currently be in the portal. And we should know more later this week. Someone with more energy than me could probably do some detective work and figure it out, if he's already in the portal.
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