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  1. Overall, appears to be a Tim Miles style flash in the pan. But there is Chuck Love, a sophomore at Lincoln Southwest. He has offers from Missouri, Northern Iowa, Missouri State and UMKC. Nebraska, Kansas and Virginia Tech have also shown interest. I haven’t seen him play yet, but they say he’s very skilled for his age/size (he’s 6’6”). He’s also a coaches son, as his dad is… Chuck Love.
  2. Right. Especially if it’s “The truth”.
  3. Get Lance Jeter in there to run the show
  4. Out of context. Matt didn't say anything was the fault of the fans. He talked pretty highly of the fans, I thought. I think he's a pretty insecure guy who tries to make himself sound a lot better at his job than he is. But there is nothing here that should make Nebraska fans upset.
  5. FYI, this is their post-grad team (or one of their post grad teams). I believe just two other players on that roster have D1 offers and they are both bigs. Pretty sure IMG's varsity roster is the one filled with 4 and 5 stars who all have Power 5 offers. I still see Kale Abrahamson when I watch Eli's highlights.
  6. First time watching a game in person this year. The overall improved effort and toughness is apparent. Still some lack of discipline and accountability with the little things. In pregame and halftime warmups, I only saw Griesel miss a couple threes. I only saw Gary make a few. Gary can take an uncontested three every possession because the opponents want him to. But if he’s gonna make <20% of them, maybe it’s time to stop doing that (I know that he was 2-5 today). I’d like to see Sam take those attempts. Running our offense through Sam on the left block in the second half was beautiful. He made excellent decisions in that role that led to a lot of production. Great job by Hoiberg getting him the space and opportunity to utilize his skillset. Seemed like he had more than 7 assists. Also had some hockey assists. UAPB gave Oklahoma and TCU real tough games. Good job weathering the storm by the Huskers today. Still can’t wait to get Walker back.
  7. Curbelo and that St. John's team are going to get humbled in a big way the first time they play a team with a good backcourt. They aren't going to be able to stop anybody in the Big East. Disappointed in the way Hoiberg decided to play this game. St. John's tries to speed you up, so we tried to slow it down and make it a halfcourt game. Thing is, I think we'd have been better off by taking what St. John's gives you. Their guards couldn't keep Sam in front of them the handful of times he decided to just go. Once he got them on his hip, they couldn't get back in front and he made good transition decisions in those situations that led to points. Almost all of his and Bandoumel's turnovers came in the halfcourt. I think Sam will figure out which passes he can and cannot make at this level and improve. Bandoumel, however, is not a natural ball handler at all. Ball gets away from his body any time he takes more than two dribbles. A very average Big East center made our posts look like children. Going to be a big issue until Walker comes back. And a big issue in the future unless we get a transfer or two. I'm afraid CJ is going to win us (or keep us in) a few games when he's hot, and be non-factor in all the others. Still looking forward to watch this team progress this year.
  8. First four minutes couldn't have gone worse. I tend to blame coaching for that. There is ample opportunity to generate points out of the press break against that awful press. Who is the play by play announcer? He's atrocious.
  9. Love our toughness and physicality but one thing that annoys me is: when any of our players get into the paint with the ball, it's like they decide they're going to fall down regardless of if there's contact or not. Our field goal percentage would be a bit higher if they'd just finish strong.
  10. We are lucky to have Sam Griesel. He has zero points, but his blocking out and creating for others is the reason we're in this game.
  11. You can't keep trying to convince me Wilhelm has a ton of potential. He's a very below average big at this level. Tune into any Summit League game and you'll see bigs that are much more polished in every facet.
  12. Keisei actually had an open transition 3 and he passed it up to CJ for a contested one. The decision making is again frustrating.
  13. Their press is porous. Not good at all. Even with our lack of ball handlers, we should be taking advantage and getting easy buckets.
  14. Gameday! I don't expect a win tonight. But I expect us to scrap and be competitive. Feels good to have that expectation again. Been awhile.
  15. Dalano got the start tonight and is playing great. 14 points at halftime.
  16. Cinderella. Bill Self was real high on Carte’Are Gordon before all his issues. 4 years later and he’s finally getting his first shot at Division I hoops at Grambling.
  17. CJ learned how to do a spin move in the offseason and now does it nearly every time he puts the ball on the floor, whether or not it's necessary.
  18. My hope is that in 2 years Frankie Fidler is going through senior night festivities at PBA.
  19. Could be looked at as a good thing. Not many kids decide to redshirt, develop their game and wait their turn. If that's his intention, I love it. His dad redshirted (after transferring schools) and was a much better player after that year of development. However.... I didn't like his body language on the bench in the Colorado game. And it'd be hard to imagine a kid who had celebrities and NBA players at all of his high school games is ok with sitting out a year and being out of the spotlight. You guys are probably right.
  20. Man, I hope we get Walker back soon. He and Griesel are very similar in their on-court demeanor. It will be really nice to have solid, steady, mature players at the 1 and 5 spots. Everyone else needs to work on making better decisions on both ends of the court.
  21. We are going to turn the ball over a lot this year. We are also going to force a lot of turnovers this year.
  22. This starting lineup went .500 in conference and finished 18-13 overall. They averaged 64 ppg. I'd rather watch an undersized, under-talented group like this scrap and claw and overachieve their way to some wins, and be very competitive against many ranked teams, than watch any of Hoiberg's and most of Miles' teams underachieve, get blown out by most ranked teams and finish near the bottom of the league. Bill Self, Kelvin Sampson, etc did not look forward to the dogfights they knew they'd be in for when coming to Lincoln, even though they knew they'd likely come away with a win. My hope is that becomes this team's identity. And I think it will happen. Cookie Miller 5'7" 7 ppg Steve Harley 5'11" 10 ppg Sek Henry 6'3" 8 ppg Ade D. 6'5" 12 ppg Balham 6'8" 2 ppg
  23. That's the one that got the ball rolling for us. I was going nuts in the second half when Petteway couldn't be guarded. Still remember the BTN announcer yelling, "OH MAN, THIS GUY IS NAILS!"
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