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  1. 1. Collier, Doc and Miles could all coach defense. Offensively, X's and O's wise, I would rank them in order: Collier (by far), Doc (by far), Miles. I'll get some hate for that. Barry Collier and his Princeton offense is what got the ball rolling to make the Butler basketball program what it's been the past 25 years. They were atrocious before him. I liked his offense. He just had very little talent. Husker fans might not believe it, but we definitely have a scheme that is workable. In fact, many coaches and programs at all levels around the world have adopted aspects of Hoiberg's transition and halfcourt offensive scheme and philosophy. For me the scheme itself is a 10, or close to it, but I am biased because Hoiberg has been one of my favorite coaches to watch ever since his first year at Iowa State. I also love Jay Wright's 4 out motion offense (I've stolen a lot of stuff from him, because it's more simple to teach). I think Wright has an elite scheme. Some years Villanova has an elite offense, but other years they appear very stagnant. But the one constant is always that 4 out motion. Which leads to points 2 and 3..... 2. I thought Collier, Doc and Miles were all pretty good at motivating and getting players to buy in. Rank in order: Doc, Collier, Miles. I could be wrong, but I don't recall Doc's teams having many issues with attitude, maturity, effort, etc. Collier had a few issues. I thought Joe McCray, Marcus Walker and Jamel White all had great potential but never really bought in. Miles's first two teams were 100% bought in. Then his next three teams had a lot of rough times. In Hoiberg's time at Iowa State, he would get a 10 for this one. But at Nebraska, probably a 1 or 2. It just hasn't worked. In the last month or two of the previous 2 seasons, we saw the scheme start to work. We got open looks consistently within the flow of the offense. At the rim, the free throw line and beyond the arc. We just consistently can't convert. I think it all comes down to recruiting. 3. Collier, Doc and Miles all did a good job of recruiting to their systems. And Miles also got some really good players to go along with it. Rank in order: Miles (by far), Doc, Collier (I'd be ok with swapping Doc and Collier in this ranking). Is it weird that I'm excited that none of our 2022 high school recruits are rated higher than 3 stars? It's probably silly to think that way, but all of Doc's lovable 2 stars that would've ended up at Sacramento State if we didn't sign them didn't seem to have a problem buying into the system and playing hard. Tex Winter said it best - there is NO replacement for effort and energy. Of course we need talented players to consistently contend for an NCAA tourney bid. I'll give Hoiberg a 3, just because he signed the first 5 star ever. He's gotten some players who fit the system, unfortunately they just weren't very good (Kavas, for example). He's also gotten some good players who don't appear to fit the system. I think Verge is an example of this. And he's gotten a whole bunch of below average players who also don't fit the system... I'm not going to care how high recruits are ranked anymore. We've lost a lot more games than we've won (and have looked flat out embarrassing the majority of the time) and that's really all that matters. I'm not going rank Hoiberg with the other three coaches yet because I'm still considering it incomplete. During Miles' worst times at Nebraska, it was the most unwatchable basketball that I can remember. But during his best times, it was some of the most fun I've had watching Nebrasketball. I think Hoiberg's recruiting philosophy is starting to change and I'm going to give him more time to figure this thing out.
  2. Yep. Here's an example. Ochai Agbaji's career stats at KU: Freshman - 8.5 ppg 4.6 rpg 0.9 apg Sophomore - 10 ppg 4.2 rpg 2.0 apg Junior - 14.1 ppg 3.7 rpg 1.9 apg Senior - 22.6 ppg 4 rpg 1.6 apg After his freshman year scouts saw enough potential to project him as a top 20 pick and possibly a lottery pick. Returned to school and improved as a college player every year. 3 point shooting, which was the main concern his freshman year, improved drastically. After his sophomore and junior years, he either would've gone in the second round or undrafted. Also, I watched Ziaire Williams play at Stanford last year. He was straight up trash. Shot 37% from the field and 29% from three and at 180 pounds got pushed around constantly. But he's long, athletic and has potential so he was taken 10th overall. If he would've stayed in school, his draft stock would've dropped the older he got. With high ceiling guys, the NBA prefers to mold their habits at that level. Heard this from Jerry Sloan - with players who have a lot of raw talent and potential, NBA coaches think they develop bad habits the longer they stay in college. I actually think Bryce is at risk of this on our team (and probably is already happening).
  3. Last summer, literally every draft board had Bryce as a 2023 pick. Despite what people on Husker Hoops Central think, others have seen enough to not only move him into the 2022 mocks, but he keeps climbing every week and now he's in the top 10 on some. Scouts look for certain attributes and they don't care about his current lack of strength. Conversely, Hunter Sallis was a projected 2022 top 10 pick last summer and now he's a 2023 late first/early second round pick. This is also a relatively poor draft class outside of the top 3-6 guys. That's a big factor. The 2023 draft class is already being touted as one of the best/deepest in years.
  4. In the juco national championship game last year, Keita’s teammates looked pretty rough. They made 3 or 4 threes as a team. But Keita carried them with 27 points 9 rebounds and 4 blocks. He was unstoppable.
  5. Pretty embarrassing offensive performance in this one. Verge's numbers and shooting percentages again will look good in the box score. Why does it seem like Hoiberg's best offensive players at Nebraska are often the ones holding us back? Today it felt like anytime we tried to make a run to come back in the game, Verge decided he needed to take over, which led to contested fadeaway or turnover that killed momentum. Kobe was visibly upset with Verge a few times in this game. Our shooters need to make shots. Hoiberg told us Keisei and CJ are two of the three best shooters he's EVER coached, along with some other kid at Iowa State. We heard similar things about Lat before last season. They all had plenty of open looks in this one. They can obviously shoot the ball. Why can't they make them once they get to Nebraska? I miss the days of always thinking the ball was going in when certain guys shot it (Cochran, Conklin, Velander, Perry). Wilhelm was a bright spot today. He's a strong dude. TJD collided with him a couple times, and Wilhelm looked immovable. Needs to play more. We're a pretty soft team without Trey and he gives us some toughness. Speaking of soft, why continue to start Lat? Defensive liability and he doesn't give you much of anything at the start of either half, then you don't trust him enough to play him at all in the final 12 minutes of the game. Having said all that, I thought the effort and energy was pretty good today, especially considering how drained they were after the NC State game. Bring that energy at home against Michigan and I believe we can beat them. Really like how TJD and Thompson play the game. TJD should be frontrunner for B1G POY. If I could choose any player in America to add to our roster, it'd be him. Not very often you have a superstar that's also a lunch pail guy. Outside of those two, wasn't really impressed with this Indiana team.
  6. Yeah it's kind of a chicken or the egg deal. In their defense, it's hard to get into a rhythm and stay ready to shoot when there's a good chance the ball isn't coming your way once Verge starts his crossovers.
  7. Kobe got real pissed at Alonzo for not passing the ball. Verge plays like he doesn't trust his teammates, which in turn makes them not trust him. That's a terrible dynamic to have on a basketball team.
  8. Offense is absolute trash. I'm probably Hoiberg's biggest supporter, but he needs to figure out how to make it happen with the personnel he's got on this team. Verge is probably (maybe?) a net positive, but I despise how he's playing the game. Over-dribbling, poor shot selection, bad decision making, trying to create contact to draw fouls rather than just making the layup, etc. After he threw up a transition three with 16 seconds left in the half (and no shot clock) he was on the bench whining as if it wasn't his fault. We have 22 points. Indiana wasn't good defensively against the two power conference teams they played so far this year.
  9. They're gonna keep going right at Lat until he's subbed out. He can't guard either of their bigs.
  10. I've thought Lat had the body language of a middle schooler since the beginning of last year. The fact that it hasn't gotten any better is discouraging. We've had numerous players with this problem the past three seasons. I guess that may come with the territory when you have a player's coach. Juwan Howard and Penny Hardaway's teams have the same issue. This really wasn't much of a problem under our previous three coaches. Either need to start putting more of an emphasis on maturity in recruiting, or let Doc be the bad cop in practices.
  11. We desperately need more shooting in our first group. I went back and looked at the first 5 minutes of each of our games. We're averaging 7 points in the first 5 minutes on the season. That'd be on pace for 56 ppg. Verge never seems to get going until CJ, Keisei, Kobe come in. Our three best shooters (by far) come off the bench. At this point, there's not one reliable outside shooter in the starting lineup. Our starters are a combined 18/89 from behind the arc. 21%. When your two best offensive players are at their best getting to the rim, you have to have shooting threats around them to create space. Especially if we're gonna keep running the PNR with Verge and Walker as much as we have been. Doesn't look like Verge is going to stop throwing behind the back bounce passes on the run through traffic, so might as well give him more space to do so.
  12. Will be interesting to see what our starting lineup and rotation will be against Indiana. Keon didn't start the second half last night. Will Lat be suspended? Will we go bigger and have Walker guard Jackson-Davis and Wilhelm guard Thompson? Or smaller with Keisei and CJ and make them chase us around. Jackson-Davis is the best player in the league IMO and would absolutely abuse Lat anyway. Can't say I'm too excited for this game. Feels like one where we could get ran out of the gym. Their bigs are athletic and physical, and good passers out of the post. They don't seem to have a sharpshooter (Parker Stewart's early season high 3P% is an anomaly for his career) but they are all a threat to shoot. Teams with a boat load of average three point shooters seem to light it up against Nebraska.
  13. I’d say Nebraska’s foul problems are more due to low IQ and/or laziness than just physicality (not talking about last night’s game)
  14. And it was strange/frustrating how whenever we did make a basket, it almost looked like we used that as an excuse to not have to defend on the next possession. Bryce kept picking up #1 about 25 feet from the basket but had no plans to stay in front of him. This would have been the game to pack the paint and make them beat you with outside shots. NC State looked like a really bad offensive team to me.
  15. I have no faith in a Husker sports team winning a close game. Please prove me wrong.
  16. Truly awful officiating. We've been the more aggressive team driving the ball and they've shot 4x as many free throws as we have. If the calls were consistent on both ends, we'd still be ahead by double digits.
  17. NC State player was just celebrating with his teammate. The whole thing was 100% Lat's fault.
  18. The officiating has literally brought NC State back in this game.
  19. Great effort so far. Don't let up. Need to get Keisei some looks.
  20. A wide open three by a 6'9" shooter should never get blocked. That was bad, Lat. Verge is tough as nails tonight. He looks gassed. Hopefully he's got enough left in the tank to close this out.
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