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  1. Great quote to get excited about from Allick. He won't be the same player but hopefully he provides the same leadership qualities that Griesel did. “I care more about the other team’s scorer than my team’s top scorer,” Allick said. “That’ll be a major indication of how we’re doing as a team.”
  2. Wow, that is a fascinating angle and I suspect they do with two open scholarships. And, Huggins is a complete moron for saying what he did. As a parent, I would definitely cast a leery eye if my child played for him.
  3. It feels like we should start an NIL Go Fund Me for this kid
  4. Seems like plan D or E to me at this point
  5. I am thankful we don't have a men's water polo team!
  6. Still have to replace those Griesel and Walker fellas and hopefully whomever we land fits the bill
  7. I trust the intel, not sure I necessarily trust the kid making the decision or the people that may be in his ear!!!
  8. If speculation on here is true that we offered him in excess of $100K, I knew at that point we were in trouble as that was Creighton's going rate several years ago. Oh well, onto the next.
  9. Well, I do consider myself an expert in this field. I watched enough Jerry Springer back in the day to be qualified to give advice to anyone. Does anyone know if his girlfriend is also his cousin or sister? That's a wheelhouse area of expertise.
  10. Please don't try to take away my memories of catching imaginary arrows in the 300 section of PBA.
  11. Can certainly dislike the program but respect the Coach. Mac is a very good coach and it's no surprise that he's established a consistent winner that recruits gravitate towards. Hopefully we are finally on that same track as well!
  12. Please no to this! Creighton didn't lose the game on that call, which I had no problem with. They had 10 turnovers to 9 assists and shot 2-17 from three and missed a ton of open looks. That's why they lost. I am a hard no on coaches challenges in basketball. I don't mind the human element and everything will look like a foul in slow motion as opposed to real time. End of games are already long enough with constant clock reviews as well!
  13. Yes, but the call went against Creighton and the ref was just doing humanity a favor. Hard to get on him for that.
  14. This is likely pretty accurate and I fear in this scenario that the football sellout streak would be in serious jeopardy.
  15. Yeah, in the transfer portal era, you can't afford to wait or be patient.
  16. Yeah, I struggle with reading comprehension at times! I was born close to the Iowa border and probably drank some of their water growing up.
  17. I'll weigh in on this one, having little (i.e. no) experience beating a dead horse. I believe the horse is likely indifferent. I mean, it's dead so it probably doesn't feel good or bad or more dead than it already was. The horse is probably ambivalent at the point of death regarding future beatings. I think the real question is does the "beater" feel better after beating the dead horse. Again, I lack experience with horses but I suspect the answer is yes. Speaking from experience, I feel remarkably better when I beat the ever loving crap out of spider with the bottom of my shoe. I'm pretty sure it's dead after the first whack but the ensuing onslaught of a dozen or more "beatings" brings about a great sense of relief. I suspect it's the same feeling for someone that beats a horse, although they may be a bit more tired.
  18. They are making a really nice run (the same run we should have made!) but I fully expect their season to end tomorrow against Purdue (presuming they hold off MSU)
  19. I am not sure we would be seeded high enough to host but we have seen the NIT committee work in mysterious ways! Your point is well taken though and I am sure this is a factor in the room.
  20. Somewhere between 17 wins and a national championship works for me.
  21. Yes and knocks North Carolina out who said they would decline a NIT invite!
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