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  1. I hope he does but I haven't seen a mock draft recently that has him higher than 33rd I believe. Most I've seen have him in the 40's.
  2. You should predict lotto numbers as well! I remember this kid having a ton of potential and as we need a PG, well....
  3. Coach K just won his 100th NCAA tournament game last night - a remarkable accomplishment. We should have a contest for the date that Nebrasketball wins their 100th NCAA tournament game.
  4. I have a feeling that you only named two of our five starters next year and I don't think that's a bad thing. I think we will have good depth but now can we fill out the starting rotation with difference makers.
  5. Down in Fort Worth with my son in our Nebrasketball gear and we have already had several Creighton fans tell us "Go Big Red". The reply back is Go Aztecs, correct? F Creighton seems too vulgar with my son.
  6. I do not mind this draw. We owe NW and I would rather play Iowa in round 2 with fresher legs. That game will likely be a track meet and we will need as fresh of legs as possible in trying to run around and guard their shooters. Get past Iowa and we will be playing on Saturday. Yes, I am assuming we win against NW!
  7. We could theoretically get hot and win a half in the first game at the big ten tourney.
  8. This is ridiculous and I am familiar with Clay Travis. He stirs the pot for sure. BUT...this isn't a race issue, it's about human decency and appropriate human interactions for ADULTS who should no better.
  9. I never gave thought to the idea that our team was neutered at the beginning of the season. Perhaps that's why we lack aggression and the "alpha" dog mentality. I think you/Fran our onto something.
  10. Fact...if we capitalize on this momentum and do not lose again this year, we will be Big 10 and National Champions.
  11. In Fred's opening comments at the press conference, he should dedicate the win to Eric in Cozad
  12. It's weird but the team actually seems to like each other tonight. Winning helps for sure but they actually look like they care about each other tonight
  13. Pretty sure that was established before the first half tonight
  14. Minnesota took several pages out of Nebraska's playbook in the first half
  15. We apparently are taking an entire year of frustration out in the first three minutes. Only 37 more to go
  16. The basketball gods have no heart. Onto watching the game
  17. I wonder if the basketball gods will send the OSU-Rutgets game to 5 or 10 OTs so we don't have to subject ourselves to watching the latest Nebrasketball tragedy.
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