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  1. Yes, agree it's a terrible look for the Coaching staff. And, I'm not getting on Kobe for telling the truth. For me, it's the forum and manner in which this came out. It will be interesting to see if this is addressed by anyone else inside the program or if this is attempted to be walked back in some way.
  2. Damon put into words what I couldn't yesterday. I'm sure many will disagree but the adults in the room didn't do Kobe a solid yesterday. What he said, while likely true, is very damaging to the team and to Kobe personally. Maybe he doesn't care but base on how I have perceive him to be a leader, I'm guessing he has some regret about the interview today. I suspect the locker room will be even icier today than it probably already was on this dysfunctional team. And I have no faith in the Coaches to address this appropriately. DP has built a rapport with these players and the opportunities he has given them on his network. I commend him for that and for allowing them to build their "brands". Based on the nature of the interview, DP's clearly had many off air discussions with Kobe and knew how he felt. It sounded like they were talking about these exact same issues immediately prior to coming back to break before Kobe unloaded. While egging Kobe on, I believe the other host kept giggling and telling him to be careful, obviously knowing what he was about to say was very sensitive, damaging, and something that is better off addressed in the locker room. While the interview was good radio and message board fodder, I find it very cringey for all involved. Yes, Kobe is a young adult and can do and say what he pleases but the other adults in the room should have realized what the fallout and ramifications would be. They have both been in locker rooms and knew what the fallout would be. It was just a bad look for 93.7 in my opinion.
  3. It's the "stupid ass drum" that is scaring away all of our in state talent. I thought that correlation was fairly obvious
  4. Is this.rock bottom? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  5. We do not look disciplined enough to play zone, which really falls on the coaches and likely a lack of emphasis on it at practice. Again, our defensive rotations in man are very slow which doesn't bode well for zone. My opinion is that we rotate poorly due to a lack of communication and want to. Zone won't fix that.
  6. I've long been a proponent of trying something different with this team - from starting lineups (we haven't tinkered nearly enough in my opinion) to offensive and defensive philosophies. I really enjoyed when Miles would throw the 1-3-1 at teams for a few possessions. It usually was good for 1-2 bad possessions from the offense - either in a turnover or bad shot with the shot clock winding down. Miles was able to find success in this because he typically had an uber athletic guy like Roby at the top creating difficult passing angles. We don't really have that on this team. Bryce might be the best bet but he doesn't seem to have the "want to". Anyways, I know the coaches have dabbled with a regular 2-3 zone this year but it always looked really clunky. We rotate poorly in our help man defense and our rotations looked even worse in a zone. I'm sure this would improve if it was practiced and emphasized in practice. However, I don't think it matters what defense we run if we don't have 5 guys on the court that take pride in it. Getting Trey back certainly helps and hopefully that sets the tone for others on the team to follow.
  7. I think we'll win 3 games. Coach stays. I don't think there is any chance we fire Hoiberg and eat the entirety of his buyout...meaning, unless booster(s) step up to the table, we're running this thing back at least another year. My guess is that boosters are probably more interested in funneling money into NIL and the football program. As others have suggested, I strongly suspect that Trev will attempt to restructure Hoiberg after this season to reduce his buyout. However, what incentive does Hoiberg have in doing that? Trev will have to earn his money on this one. I don't envy his position.
  8. I would have taken it a step further and recommend to the person who told me such nonsense go and seek psychiatric help. Now a lot of us probably need a shrink and AA to boot
  9. It was a joke (except for the NCAA being inept) and we should probably have a @cipsucks contest to see who can best define rock bottom!
  10. Of course...I'm sure there is a scenario where the NCAA investigates our widely rumored "recruiting violations" and is about to vote to impose the death penalty on our program only to realize that we've self imposed the death penalty since the start of the Hoiberg era. The NCAA decides not to punish us because there is nothing more they can do. When an inept agency looks at you and feels sorry for how poorly you are run, that seems pretty close to rock bottom.
  11. Sipping on a fourth nyquil bourbon mix that is still half full and it dawned on me that we can still go 12-8 in conference this season. Cheers!
  12. It's $6 to get in on StubHub, which I am not sure they can be listed for cheaper.
  13. Ha, fair enough. It's ok to want and demand change for the sake of change. For me, we have hit the definition of insanity with Lat. It feels like our Coaching staff is being needlessly stubborn with Lat and his playing time. Almost to the point where they hear all of the outside noise and they are just going to stick with him to prove to everyone else they are right about their assessment of Lat. Anyways, there is no guarantee starting Kobe or CJ or Andre or Trey or anyone else over Lat will change the outcome. But why not experiment and try? It's not like what we are doing is working.
  14. While this is very likely true, it shouldn't mean that the coaches just throw up their hands, shrug their shoulders and say this is all we can do. Try something, anything. Play without a 4, play small with two 1's (i.e Verge and Webster) or play big with two 5's. I don't understand why we really haven't experimented much with the starting lineup since we pulled Keon out. This likely sorts itself out when Trey comes back.
  15. If you could magic erase the 14-0 run, we are only down 1. Really struggling to find positives. I guess we've settled down and I don't think we will lose by more than 35 now
  16. Instead of masks, we're likely to see paper bags over heads here soon!!!!
  17. Has the 2023 conference schedule been released yet? That seems potentially relevant to this contest.
  18. Yeah, I'll continue to watch but I've found, at least starting with the Rutgers game, that I'm no longer getting angry or frustrated. It's really the realization that there is no end in sight to this suckage so what's the point in getting frustrated over the results. Or in other words, apathy that is setting in with me and amongst a good deal of the fanbase. I'm sure attendance numbers will really start to reflect this without a significant change in the results.
  19. I can send you my resume if you need an assistant. Not real strong in the recruiting area, but that has been the case for a while now. I might do it just for the courtside seats! Expand I'll take the former role of either Bobby Lutz or Marc Boehm. Sounds like a comfy job with big pay. I'll take the Doc role since its gone unclaimed. I love talking, eating, wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts and kicking back and relaxing in a chair.
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