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  1. All of the Creighton fans I know think that he did no wrong and everything was overblown. Do I personally think he is a racist? No I don’t. Do I think he was an idiot for what he said? Yes I do. Do I think he should have been fired? Probably not at that time. Do I think he should have received a longer suspension to make a point in today’s world? Probably. Am I enjoying the fallout from his idiotic comment? Most definitely!
  2. I thought Creighton players were already considered pros. Maybe his last check didn’t clear.
  3. Maybe Davidson was punching balls in practice too.
  4. I was a fan of Dru after watching him play in Lincoln. I wouldn’t be pissed if he was in a Husker jersey next season.
  5. “This year is going to be like free agency, but without the money.” I agree with the first part, but not the second part.
  6. Sometimes when watching this team a certain Bill Callahan quote from his time with the Raiders comes to mind. Having said that, glad we got the win and didn’t piss it away. Especially happy for the seniors.
  7. It’s probably some guys he faced in high school that he scored 40+ on and they’re still having nightmares from it.
  8. I don’t get it. Kid played lights out, and was the main reason we were even in that game. There are some real idiotic assholes out there.
  9. Hoiberg made a great decision to bench Allen for that one game. Teddy has been playing great since that game and seems to be playing much better as a team player since then.
  10. Never fails. We have some work to do on our final possession of halves. I’d rather have us just dribble the ball out to zero there.
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