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  1. Walker at Point Forward gives us added dimension on offense. He is a good passer and the ball moved. We scored points in the paint. Hard to believe s Leonard Hamilton team is struggling so much.
  2. Jaz, Bourne and Markowski logged plenty of minutes. Moriarity provided a nice boost in the 4th quarter. She may be the key reserve as we move forward.
  3. Important win. Need to sharpen up at the free throw line and improve passing against pressure. VA Tech will be a tough assignment.
  4. Make a free throw and OT wouldn’t be necessary. Jaz is saving us in the OT.
  5. In a coffee house Sebastian sat and after every number they passed the hat
  6. We have such a difficult time scoring and running an offense. Maybe OU was really good on defense but I think it’s a struggle on offense.
  7. Tarleton exposed our lack of perimeter quickness and were a scrappy bunch. We had a difficult time executing offense against them in long stretches. Didn’t seem to play with much confidence or effort. Injuries to Weidner and Sam are very damaging to this team. If we don’t knock down a better percentage of threes then we are in trouble. After viewing tonight it’s not surprising we couldn’t hang with Drake and Creighton.
  8. Our best players need to play. I agree with you on this point.
  9. Our best players need to play. I agree with you on this point.
  10. Glad the Huskers were able to put together a nice 2nd half and lock up a victory. It is going to kill my HHC standings as I predicted a loss. Glad to be wrong.
  11. I was freezing in the stands of the football game and heard very little of the game and when we were down 17 in 2nd half I quit listening. It’s apparent that we miss Sam and Cravens and even Ruby Porter could provide a spark on occasion. Brady is a non factor and Krull hasn’t been very productive. Bourne, Markowski and Jaz need to step up their game.
  12. I You have to go to the ball to receive a pass against pressure.
  13. The theory of momentum thread might be applicable here. Any confidence this group may have had has been destroyed in this half.
  14. Getting beaten badly on the boards. We really lack a guy who can beat his man off the dribble. Going small doesn’t seem to be helping.
  15. Hope we can contain their big man and hold our own on the Defensive glass.
  16. Great effort but we cannot shoot a lick. But I like the toughness so far.
  17. Amy was not pleased with the defense played tonight in post game chat with Matt C. This team has too much experience to not execute on both ends of the court. Hope Sam gets back soon.
  18. Don’t think we will be rated for quite some time. Hope we don’t have a repeat performance against Drake. Creighton dominated this game, pure and simple.
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