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  1. Iowa St has put together a quality team in their new coach’s first season.
  2. Wow! We had 20 turnovers to their 2. No wonder they got more shots.
  3. Huskers needed a good, tough test tonight and thankfully Jaz with 30 and Cravens rebounding we get a hard earned win. San Diego should be a good test tomorrow.
  4. Cayton hitting two threes is an unexpected bonus.
  5. Gee, I am really glad Jaz transferred to Nebraska. The Dragons are a much better test than the earlier opposition.
  6. I don’t disagree with your position on Verge, but I do feel we needed his play to beat TSU last night. Don’t understand why Kobe isn’t playing more.
  7. What we once thought might be deep and talented team is clearly not. Webster and Wilcher are the only reliable subs. Actually, they should start. Verge was good good at times tonight and would have more assists if we could knock down some open looks. Lat playing the most minutes is puzzling to me. Hope we can pick it up against the Coyotes.
  8. Hmmm.. they are pressing. Put Kobe in, plus he can shoot free throws
  9. We are showing a lack of respect for our opponent, something this group cannot afford to do.
  10. Maybe Verge shouldn’t pass the ball tonight. Nobody can hit a shot.
  11. .272 3 point FG percentage for our “good” shooting team. This has to get better before taking on NC State. Don’t know much about Tennessee St or South Dakota but will hope we improve before taking on the Wolfpack.
  12. We don’t always seem to take good three point shots, many seem forced. But shooting continues to be a mystery for the Huskers.
  13. 113-59. Glad everybody was granted playing time. Central was unenthused about defense and failed to get back on defense which NU exploited. Team plays unselfish and everyone has the green light to shoot from three. I am interested in how we perform on the road. Scoggin is a very solid player. We will have to rebound much better. Jazz had a triple double.
  14. 59-19 at half. Another scrimmage contest. Good for morale I suppose.
  15. Sloppy play against another overmatched opponent. I guess we are determined to play platoon basketball. Not my favorite way to use personnel.
  16. I miss Thor and his willingness to pass and cut and not hold onto the ball. Someone needs to become a Thor this year. Maybe our overall “talent” isn’t as good as we hoped.
  17. Those are two very good players. Any team would be impacted by losing players of their ability and experience.
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