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  1. No doubt there are some great modern movies but I thought I would jump in the "Wayback Machine" -- I love silent movies! Buster Keaton: "Steamboat Bill" ... "The Camerman" ... "The General" Harold Lloyd: "Safety Last" ... "Why Worry" ... "One Week" -- FYI, Lloyd was born in Burchard, NE "Metropolis" -- A Tremendous Social Commentary Film "Battleship Potemkin" -- the Odessa Steps scene! Some talkies, too John Wayne: "The Searchers" ... "Red River" Danny Kaye: "The Court Jester" ... "The Kid from Brooklyn" (then watch Harold Lloyd's "The Milky Way
  2. Not exactly a fan of the song personally but it sure fits the mood of the day...
  3. Of course, there is always that other fellow, Guy "The Champ" Chamberlin but that is another conversation.
  4. Your point is well made and I am geeked about AM's future as a Husker. I would observe that IMO the best QB is not listed. In 1989 Gerry Gdowski completed 52.5% (admittedly a lower number) but his yards per attempt was 9.8 -- higher than anyone else up there. In addition he only threw 2 interceptions all season. His QB pass rating was 177.3 which would be the highest season rating in NCAA history if he had the minimum of 15 attempts per game (he had 12 per game). And to cap that he RUSHED for 925 yards at an average 7.9 per carry. (BTW, that average broke the record to that point of no one els
  5. I would be surprised if MU vs Vandy doesn't go 3 games and in game 3 Vandy's depth pitching-wise proves the difference. MU is hot by Vandy is GOOD. Should be fun!
  6. Mich just looked liked a championship team against FSU. Huskers beat 'em in the regular season and again in B1G tournament. We were SO CLOSE this year!
  7. IMO Vandy is the best team playing which is not exactly a stretch decision to come to.
  8. Auburn going to kick itself for awhile for booting this game away. I feel bad for the 3rd baseman because he had been having a good game until he double clutched that throw. Then the wheels just came off for Auburn. Sort of reminds me of how Huskers lost to OSU sans the home run blast.
  9. Ark puts a runner on 3rd with one out and can't score him in the 8th. Why not bunt him in? Didn't even try. Then a hit batsman and a tough play at 2nd manufactures a run and a win. FSU didn't WIN that game as much as Ark lost it. Still a great game between two really good teams.
  10. I am excited to see Will Bolt back in Lincoln. It will be interesting to see how his mindset impacts the team. He was a fire breathing, tough SOB on the field and I am hoping his team will be like him. He brings just a bit more gregariousness to the job that should resonate with the players IMO.
  11. Freddy the Freeloader by Red Skelton
  12. In my glory days, I played against my brother who was four years younger out by the barn where a dilapidated hoop was hung. To my knowledge, he never played for the Huskers. I couldn't beat him without cheating. And that was at my best!
  13. Will he have regular events at Big Fred's Pizza in Omaha?
  14. Yesss!!! Won 80% of games and conference champs 3 out of 4 years. Not too shabby!!
  15. Hopefully the ongoing discussions are going something like: Moos: Still want the job? Hoiberg: You bet. Moos: Great, let's do this again tomorrow.
  16. IIRC, Moos said he had a handful of coaches in mind when Riley was fired, too. And that he called them to gauge their interest. But we know now that he only really had one coach he was keen to pursue in Frost and he got him. Methinks 3 only really means 1 and, whoever that is, he intends to get him, too. Time will tell.
  17. Drummer not doing the Freddie. But can you blame him?
  18. Wish he would have used just a few more characters and made it clear. But, I guess, it is my bad.
  19. Thanks! "Firm and final" seems awfully different from "all bets are off." Maybe it is just me.
  20. Is this the same guy who, I think a day or so ago, said he had no idea and that all bets were off regarding this? Somebody skilled in Twitter find that quote, please.
  21. I expect only if the one we hire is one of them.
  22. Couldn't hurt. And might help win a couple of current players.
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