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  1. I think football has had the better off-season but I don’t think that means much. Frost has already established a culture of losing. It’s a monumental task to flip a program that’s been this historically bad in Year 5, even with some better assistant coaches. I fully expect the football program to hover around .500, even with an easy schedule. I also fully expect Frost to be back for at least another year or two as Nebraska football doesn’t really have any real expectations anymore. I’m rooting for the best outcome possible with Frost, but I just don’t see him being successful here. I don’t think Hoiberg’s off-season has been that good. Again though, doesn’t mean much. I like that he’s bringing in some tough and physical players. I do believe Hoiberg can coach. I think he stands a better shot at being competitive with some hard-nose players who may not be the best offensively than he does with some of the defense-is-optional rosters he’s had here in the past. I will have to see the final roster, but it would’s surprise me if he scratched off the most wins he’s had since he’s been here. Not that says that much, just saying. I do think Hoiberg will be fired while Trev gives Frost another pass. Just my opinion.
  2. My theory? Trev likes tall, handsome blonde men. The only logical conclusion I can come up with for retaining both of these two monstrosities in our athletic department. I like both of them a lot, but good grief their records…woof. I’m joking of course…I think. To me, he’s got to have a winning record and play competitively for most of the year for this to work, even if it’s just 1 game above .500. If he can do that, it shows that he’s building something. You can’t be a serious Power 5 program and give a coach who hasn’t had a winning season here a 5th year. But then again Scott Frost got that chance and football is far more important so who knows.
  3. 100% I would get him to Lincoln.
  4. Ha! I remember that guy. Junior high girls basketball legend IIRC. He just might be in our price range.
  5. I wonder if that call was Trev and he was throwing his voice.
  6. If it were me, I’d be interviewing Jerrance Howard. I like head coaches who were point guards and team captains on highly competitive teams. He did so at Illinois while playing on some really good teams. Young and energetic which I like. Good recruiter who can recruit Chicago and the Midwest. Learned for many years under Bill Self. Spent time with Larry Brown, Billy Gillespie, and is now down in Texas under Beard. Apparently had a lot to do with player development at KU. Guy checks a lot of boxes for me. I’d have to hear his plan in an interview. But we wouldn’t have to break the bank and he’d have a high ceiling. Also, big Devries fan as well.
  7. I would ask Fred to reduce his buyout by $3 million or so and we will make this as amicable as possible. Or bet on yourself and run it back but there will be no staff changes. If a member of the staff leaves, we will fill it as cheaply as possible on a one year deal. If we could get it down to $15 million or so, and get a few checks from some donors, I think we could swing it. But at that point, Trev should be praying to God, nature, aliens, or whatever the hell he believes in that Frost can start ripping off some wins.
  8. If I were Trev, I wouldn’t let any staff restructuring take place if I brought him back. I wouldn’t spend one single cent more on the current regime unless Fred is willing to drastically restructure his deal. That’s basically all the leverage Trev has if he doesn’t want to pony up the $18 million. Last thing I’d want to do is shell out $12 million next year along with paying out old assistants and his new staff hires. The more I think about it, the more I think Fred is gonna get let go.
  9. Sipple is a tool and Hoiberg needs to go. I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. What a mess we are in. Imagine having to buyout both coaches in the same fiscal year. It’s very possible. If Hoiberg goes 0-fer, I don’t see how you bring him back. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m done with Nebraska athletics until some changes get made. I’m letting our football tickets go. HAF donations, sorry, Nebraska is not getting a dime from me anymore. I stopped going to Nebraska basketball games and fully plan on not renewing our tickets, which we have had since forever. Done. You can call me a bad fan or whatever, maybe I am. I just can’t do it anymore. Just not into 3 win football coaches and whatever basketball this is.
  10. I don’t think we really have a choice but to run it back. Tell Fred to figure it out and he’s stuck with what he’s got for a year. I wouldn’t spend money on a staff overhaul. Hopefully they can construct a competitive roster although I don’t have a lot of faith at this point. They need to find some toughness and some competitors. Our basketball and football programs have way too many kids who don’t mind losing. Sure, they’d rather win, but they are way too okay with losing. It takes highly competitive people to win. You need players who get sick to their stomach after a loss. You need players who hate losing more than they like winning.
  11. Yup. Good points. I’m guessing that Trev is putting a lot of pressure on Fred via back-channel PR hits. I’m guessing the end game isn’t to fire him, he doesn’t need to win a PR battle to fire Fred (just look at his record). I’m guessing it’s to push for one of three outcomes. 1. Fred steps down and agrees to restructured buyout. 2. Fred restructures his contract and gets another year. 3. Fred gets another year with virtually no support and the entire country knowing the outcome next season. I kind of feel for Fred. I don’t think he has anyone in his corner. Frost obviously did. I just can’t imagine Fred getting fired straight up on our dime. But it’s possible I suppose, it’s probably going to get bad enough. I’m still mad at Trev for retaining Frost but I understand the politics of it. To Frost’s credit though, everything he’s done since his disastrous season has been about as good as we could hope for. I don’t think Fred’s going to get that kind of help or support though.
  12. If we had every team in the country on our schedule, Purdue would be one of the top three worst matchups for us. Just a really, really good team and our kryptonite. Outside of the first 6 minutes or so, it went about how I thought it would. The foul trouble early really hampered us. Meh. This is one of those games where I’m not really upset. Just turn the page and get ready to fight. Sipple came out and hammered Fred in a column this week and all but called for his head on the radio. Outside of a two year spat with Eichorst, Sip isn’t writing anything that’s not in lockstep with what the athletic department wants. I mean Sipple basically waxed poetic on a 3-win football coach a few months ago. Trev is making a power play on Fred. It’s going to get interesting.
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