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  1. Yup. Good points. I’m guessing that Trev is putting a lot of pressure on Fred via back-channel PR hits. I’m guessing the end game isn’t to fire him, he doesn’t need to win a PR battle to fire Fred (just look at his record). I’m guessing it’s to push for one of three outcomes. 1. Fred steps down and agrees to restructured buyout. 2. Fred restructures his contract and gets another year. 3. Fred gets another year with virtually no support and the entire country knowing the outcome next season. I kind of feel for Fred. I don’t think he has anyone in his corner. Frost obviously did. I just can’t imagine Fred getting fired straight up on our dime. But it’s possible I suppose, it’s probably going to get bad enough. I’m still mad at Trev for retaining Frost but I understand the politics of it. To Frost’s credit though, everything he’s done since his disastrous season has been about as good as we could hope for. I don’t think Fred’s going to get that kind of help or support though.
  2. If we had every team in the country on our schedule, Purdue would be one of the top three worst matchups for us. Just a really, really good team and our kryptonite. Outside of the first 6 minutes or so, it went about how I thought it would. The foul trouble early really hampered us. Meh. This is one of those games where I’m not really upset. Just turn the page and get ready to fight. Sipple came out and hammered Fred in a column this week and all but called for his head on the radio. Outside of a two year spat with Eichorst, Sip isn’t writing anything that’s not in lockstep with what the athletic department wants. I mean Sipple basically waxed poetic on a 3-win football coach a few months ago. Trev is making a power play on Fred. It’s going to get interesting.
  3. I had no idea but I thought something was falling apart for him when he started to mentally breakdown on Twitter and demonize people he didn’t agree with, not like him at all. I had an employee a few years back who had identical charges and as the pressure of the investigation mounted, he cracked very similarly. Hey, maybe they will be cell mates.
  4. Well, we may have to wait a few years for that. Sounds like Rosey is facing some serious jail time.
  5. When you hit rock bottom, you’ve got two ways to go. Straight up and sideways. Wynonna Judd said it so you know that it’s real.
  6. Back up the Brinks truck! If nothing else, hopefully the Moos era puts the “just open up the pocket book” guy back in his place.
  7. Yeah, if they continue to just quit, I’d 100% let him go at the end of the year. My overall point wasn’t to defend Hoiberg, it was to prioritize Nebraska’s problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trev had to hire for both football and basketball this year if this trajectory continues.
  8. Good article. I’d just ride this season out and restructure his deal in May. Get the buyout down and give him another year to retool. He had no roster to work with when he got here and Covid has made everything even more difficult. Make no mistake about it though, he needs to start winning. But to be honest, I’m way more disappointed in Scott Frost then I am Fred Hoiberg. Football is everything to both the state and the University. I’d like 90% of Trev’s energy going towards fixing this unmitigated disaster of a football program. Figure out if this retool will work or if you need a new coach. Let Fred have a chance to recruit his way out of this for a year why we get football right.
  9. If we move on from Fred, we will have to negotiate a buyout with someone. Negotiating with Drake would cost a lot less than negotiating with a Power 5 athletic department. Or we could just run a few years with Fred and live with the outcome, which is trending towards atrocious. But hey, Trev is letting Frost run it back. Maybe he doesn’t have high standards at all.
  10. It’s painful to watch. Watching that 1994 Nebraska vs Michigan State classic basketball match before our game had me a little verklempt. Outside of one year under Miles, that’s the last time when I was super excited and proud of Nebraska basketball. If I’m the AD, I run it back one more year with Fred. His contract is $3.5 million through 2026, I would imagine we are going to need to shave that down some with an extra year. Maybe he can recruit himself out of it. At the same time, I’m also on the phone weekly with Darian DeVries telling him he can come here and make a ton of money as the next head coach at Nebraska.
  11. We finally cared enough about basketball to cheat. That’s something positive we can take from this.
  12. …and it’s going to get a lot harder after deciding to retain a 15-29 football coach at a power five program. He’s already had to cancel travel plans to babysit his football coach. He’s going to have to do a lot of babysitting as the wheels continue to fall off the wagon. Our flagship men’s programs are a hot mess. Hoiberg should get Year 4, but he has got to start winning games. Or maybe Trev doesn’t care about that if you come out, play competitively, and are “close”. That clearly flies for our football program. Gosh guys, I’m not a negative person, but Nebraska men’s sports just sucks the positivity out of me.
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