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  1. They won 73 in a season….. As someone who watches most of their games, Memphis was our toughest series in these playoffs.
  2. Especially last year, when his home country was hosting the Olympics.
  3. I must be too young for this thread.
  4. If I was being recruited by both and didn’t have any allegiances, it would be pretty easy to pick Wisconsin honestly. That’s a beautiful campus, great college town and they’ve been winning at a high rate.
  5. If we have a high % of 3pt attempts but more of them are coming from the inside out, we’ll make more. That and cutting the hero ball COULD make a big difference.
  6. One thing I just thought in terms of NIL, it will be used, if it isn’t already, to get guys off your team as well as on your team. Need a scholarship? Make another player’s NIL money go away.
  7. I remember Rodney coming to a basketball camp I attended as a 10-12 year old in Grand Island. First time I saw someone do a windmill dunk in real life and I’ve been cursing my sub-6-foot genes since.
  8. He chose the agent as some point. Maybe he regrets that decision, maybe he was misled, maybe not.
  9. Kind of like all the minor leagues in baseball.
  10. He hasn’t had a chance to do anything but verbalize it. Just because he said that doesn’t mean he’s not in the gym. I just have zero understanding of what your expectations for this kid are having been a commit for less than 24 hours.
  11. It’s the offseason, so he can only talk. And this is his introduction to us Nebraska fans. I personally like the confidence. Making the NCAA tournament is certainly a team accomplishment he mentions. No need for us to project our collective frustration with our lack of success onto a young man who just committed to try and bring us success. Welcome to Nebraska, Juwan!
  12. Or how much hair is on his legs!
  13. Looks like Mali allows dual citizenship. Just feels so arbitrary to not allow these students to earn that money. There’s gotta be a way.
  14. Wonder if the athletic department can’t find a path to citizenship for students in this situation.
  15. If he gets two gold trophies for ball guarding, I’ll take him.
  16. To the officiating, I’d love to know what Walker got his technical for. It must have been worse than stomping 1/3 of the way down the court to flex in front of the opponent’s bench at the start of a timeout. Which is what Buie did shortly after Walker’s technical and nothing happened to him.
  17. I wonder if that’s because they’re expecting him to do more of it though. He was listed as a small forward as a recruit and a guard on the team site.
  18. Is Denim going to be expected to be a primary ball handler? Could McPherson make the jump to the rotation? I know neither of them are on the court this season, but they’re getting more time to get familiar with the system than the guards that came before them.
  19. Also why he wasn’t up at the rim where Trey expected him to be. Got him in the face adjusting to the unexpected lack of height.
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