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  1. Pulling them for themselves. Get them to the bench where you can coach them about playing within the offense. I’m not saying bench them for the rest of the game. Edwards can get another minute or two until the next stoppage, so can Lakes and Tominaga. Play big with Walker and Breidenbach out there for a bit against an undersized opponent. I’m saying get them some coaching on how what they’re doing isn’t working then get them back out there and hope they make the adjustments. Use your timeouts to do the same. There was definitely me ball going on and the coaches didn’t do enough in that game to try and get it back on track.
  2. I’m just saying bring them to the bench for a bit of coaching when they’re playing outside of the system or not boxing out etc. When you get to do that and still play 39 minutes it does make me scratch my head a bit.
  3. I feel like there is a lot of piling on Verge here. Maybe because of the last possession. Was Verge guilty of hero ball? Yes. Did he also lead the team in assists and rebounds (as the shortest player)? Yes. Was there someone else who took 18 shots and had 0 assists? Yes. Plenty of room for improvement from plenty of players. Coaches too. I used to think that Timmy could be too quick to pull players for a single bad play or mistake. But maybe Fred could use that strategy to break some habits and make some guys figure out they need to play within what they’re coached to do.
  4. As others have stated, we need to start actually playing within our offense yesterday. We have players that can hit shots. Get them their shots. Our offense gets guys like Walker easy baskets at the rim. How many of those did he have tonight? And because I'm frustrated and want to vent, if you're going to play "me" ball, finish with your left hand on the left side. You won't hit the under side of the rim and you will look like a 5 star player. That might be a low blow. But it stands out to me how bad some of those finish attempts were when trying to force it tonight.
  5. Just been waiting for lunch to break to come find all the goods. Thanks for delivering, Norm.
  6. His opinion doesn’t matter. Once the season starts and the computer rankings get more accurate then his opinion will mimic the computers and have some worth.
  7. I can hear the people around him now: “Make sure you’re going to class. School is important. It isn’t all about basketball.”
  8. Big men gotta have range these days. Sky-hook from three.
  9. He only has to hit a couple to at least make teams think about it and respect it.
  10. Is that video his game reminds me of Ayo Dosunmu.
  11. He was on the job less than two months before the football season started and had an investigation to learn about. Maybe this coming off season.
  12. This is my hopeful, pre-season glass all-full prediction. Non-con: 9-2, conference 12-8, tourney 1-1. 22-11 by selection Sunday.
  13. I see Verge, Trey, Bryce, CJ and Walker in the same jerseys and on the floor together. Starting 5?
  14. Verge almost signed a two-way contract. So if we can help him improve what teams want him to, he can get into the draft conversation as well.
  15. If he closes out there they don't have this video to tease us with. He did the right thing.
  16. Pry worked with the same chiropractor Wilhelm.
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