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  1. I think it’s a very fair question. At least in the last 2 years it felt like Fred was out coaching the other team with less talent. Now it doesn’t feel like he’s coaching at all.
  2. I quit watching after halftime. Haven’t done that since the Cam Mack year and never before that. Is this program in a better place than it was 3 years ago? I would certainly argue no. This offense is horrendous and can’t take much longer than an hour for the opposing team to scout. Thank you Doc for keeping it close, tell your buddy Hoiberg to hold up his end of the bargain.
  3. Fun watching Tominaga catch fire a bit. Could do without the MJ shoulder shrug after them, though. Gonna look dumb when we’re getting smacked by Purdue and he does the 3 goggles.
  4. I assume McPherson redshirting this year? He hasn’t played yet but is fully suited up and sits right next to the coaches. He’s one of the most communicative players on the bench.
  5. I think Sailors would blush if they had to sit in on one of his practices
  6. - At some point most possessions there is at least one person guarding air. They just don't communicate well on offense. - How in the hell do you leave #20 wide open at the end of the 1st half after he just hit 4 threes on you? Where is the basketball IQ? - Bryce needs to go get the ball at the end of games. He's great at the free throw line. It ended up being one elbow Walker/Lat over screen at the elbow. Throw it to Lat, Lat would give it back to Verge. Verge/Walker PnR. - This offense doesn't move off the ball. They'll swing it around a little bit and then it will just be Verge at the top of the key calling for Walker to come set him a screen. - It sure is refreshing, though, to be confident when Nebraska's big man has the ball around the rim. Walker can finish well, something Nebraska hasn't had in 15 years. - I like the way Keon plays. He was sometimes out of position on defense but he took shots in rhythm and was confident in those shots. I will never understand why he starts every half, plays until the first media time out, and then sits the rest of the half. - The 2nd Lat Mayen dribbles the ball the possession might as well be over. And not because he's scoring. He shouldn't be in the rotation. - Fred drew up a great play out of the timeout to get Wilcher a wide open three. Surely he has some plays that he could run in the normal course of basketball too, right? - Wilcher is the only consistent shooter. Happy to have him on this team. But for a good shooting team this team is horrible at shooting. - I think the reason I'm so frustrated is because I truly thought this team would be good. It is clear by now that this team's ceiling is about 11-12 wins. Last couple years they were bad, but they fought hard. It felt like Hoiberg was outcoaching the other team, even with less talent. Now it feels like Hoiberg isn't doing any coaching at all. Nebraska has always had less talent but they played really really hard, and we could be proud of that. This team does not fit that mold. They don't play hard but they make up for it by playing stupid. These games are just flat out unenjoyable.
  7. Nebraska doesn’t play hard but they make up for it by playing stupid
  8. I just had a few thoughts: - I think this offense runs better with Breidenbach at the 4 and either Andre or Walker at the 5 at the same time. - What is the point of starting Keon, playing him for 4 minutes, and then sitting him the rest of the half? - We need to find a way to get Tominaga good looks some way other than pull up transition 3s. Tominaga needs to find a way to get space off the ball. - If the goal is to get down to an 8 man rotation I think Lat needs to seriously pick it up in order to be one of those 8.
  9. This team just plays offense better when breidenbach is in. Would love to see him start going forward. give credit to Trey as well. He’s absolutely dialed in on every play from behind the bench
  10. I was really impressed by Kobe last night. He was able to get by his defender and make the right play. Hope he can continue to see success
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