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How close were we? = How close are we?

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Someone who's good at breaking down the numbers want to share with everyone how close we came to making the dance this year?


Win the OT game against Purdue and what else? Win that game and we don't play Minnesota in the Big Ten tourney and, therefore, end up with no bad losses.


How many more games did we need to win and which ones? Or was it more of an issue of not losing by so much when we did lose?

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1 minute ago, hhcmatt said:
5 hours ago, hskr4life said:

Win the Purdue and MSU games and we might be close.


These two + Minnesota and bartovik says we're in the last 4 in. 


Completely get the notion, but flipping those are just as easy as us not winning OT games vs. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Maryland.


We needed a lot to work in our favor. And at the end of the day we probably netted out even in terms of "games we should have won" and "games we should have lost".

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5 hours ago, basketballjones said:

I’ll tell ya what - if we get who I’m hearing we’re gonna get in the transfer portal - and keep who we’re all hoping we keep - we’re very close. 

Haven’t heard anything firm. Are these player’s originally from Nebraska or no

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