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  1. That gets you a nice 1000 sq ft, 2 bedroom apartment in the bay. Was the last guy living in the coaches office on campus?
  2. What's wild is if we are like the 150th best 3-point shooting team and not the 300th best 3-point shooting team - we are 6-0. Are they gonna eventually fall consistently?
  3. 305th in 3pt%. 328th in Opponent Rebounds per game. 325th in Opponent Offensive Rebounds per game. And this is against an average Creighton team + the little sisters of the poor.
  4. I keep waiting for them to fall, for a team that emphasizes shooters, we can’t shoot for shit.
  5. I tried to limit my sports radio talk this AM, but I did hear something similar to this discussed. They were talking about how Nebraska prioritizes skill/measurables over intangibles. Guys like Trey, Verge, Webster were all very skilled players that stuffed a stat sheet, but all came from unorganized, losing programs. Contrast to Creighton who has guys who might not be physically, or flashy impressive - but guys from winning programs like Hawkins (D2 National Champ), Nemhard (HS National Champ), O'Connell (Duke) who are used to do the small things that win games.
  6. Our Bigs are 11/37 this year, 29.7% from the field... Verge is our highest volume shooter by 10+ attempts, he is 34% from the field, 14% from 3. This isn't even hard to defend at this point, basically just don't let Bryce beat you. And how about those bigs, they can't score or rebound.
  7. I had a blast watching Bolt's Boys punch the #1 team in the mouth and embrace a challenge. Basketball and Football have looked nutless for a couple years now, lets see if Hoiberg's boys have some dog in them - I'm guessing no, but never know.
  8. It's wild. 10 years ago Hoiberg takes over Mac's awful ISU teams, turns them into Sweet 16 teams. Now Mac is coaching circles around Hoiberg.
  9. You're not alone. We're gonna have a big, beautiful, new, empty arena soon if this doesn't get fixed.
  10. Their freshman PG is way better than our nba prospect grad transfer PG.
  11. This isn’t a particularly good Creighton team. B1G gonna eat this team alive (again)
  12. Verge can be the key that unlocks this thing, and looked it in the Colorado exhibition. We've seen flashes of it. If it clicks it can be/will be beautiful. We don't have time to wait for it to happen, it's now gotta happen in the next couple games. I'm still praying a switch gets flipped and we never look back.
  13. Hopefully tonight we bury this thread and one is not seen the rest of the season.
  14. Nuggets Coach, Michael Malone on rebounding after a loss last year, “Playing hard isn’t something that should be rewarded. That should be a given. Again, rebounding is effort, it’s fight, it’s competing.”
  15. Haha Trey's last 13 tweets are him and Bryce highlights from last night. Really unabashed by that performance. I probably would have tried to burry that game film where no one could find it.
  16. Amen. This is the year Fred has the pieces, he has the shooters - I can't do another year of blackhole ball.
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