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  1. I can never bring myself to pick against my team. Its why I will always pick us to win in our little guessing contests. Even when I know its foolish. But for the most part I am a realist. And the scenario that this team is more successful, in terms of wins, than the previous two years, looks pretty dubious at the moment. Like I stated in an earlier post I like the talent on this team that I believe will come back next year. I think its talent you can build a team around. Its clear to me this years pieces, which look immensely talented, do not fit together or will not fit together in time to have even a mediocre season. Which brings us to year four. Hoiberg will probably be starting with his highest floor of returning talent he's had here. Am I confident he can incorporate the returning talent with the new talent quick enough that we have not dug ourselves a hole we can't get out of before conference play starts? Nope. Last year when we were in that period where we were playing a game nearly every other day I though you could literally see the coaching that was taking place from game to game. I saw open shots (misses but open), ball movement, and some solid defense. I just don't believe this is a coaching issue in terms of basketball. But there seems to be a coaching issue in terms of getting his players to play as a team before half the season is over. And Hoibergs recruiting model does not mesh with my perceived coaching issue of his. And all of that to say when he was hired that I thought he probably need 5 years worst case scenario. Depending on how this season plays out though I think he is gravitating to "Need to thread the needle" space Frost is in. And I am getting much less sure that he can.
  2. I officially feel about the Nebraska basketball team as I do about the Nebraska football team. They are the same. Hoiberg is Frost. Finkel. Einhorn. Einhorn. Finkel.
  3. The four that picked zero have to be feeling pretty good right about now.
  4. And I'm starting to think you may be wrong too
  5. Gonna have to change that prediction from four to three. I am starting to feel like I might be changing my prediction about this five game stretch a few more times
  6. I'm right there with you. I have seen nothing this year that has encouraged me. The only hope I am grasping to at the moment is the legend and lore of Hoibergs great coaching that preceded him.
  7. I had the same thought today. Indiana was so much beefier than our team. It literally looked like men vs. boys out on the court with certain lineups.
  8. Hot no way. Warm? We'll see. I am not encouraged at all by what I've seen so far. I do like the pieces on this team that are most likely to come back. And Trev Albert's has shown so far he will give the Coach a loooong leash. I could see the same approach with Hoiberg.
  9. This feels the same as when a football coach scripts the first X amount of plays . Then when the script ends the wheels fall off. I loved what I was seeing. Then BAM rec ball. *deep sigh*
  10. I would like to change my answer from five to four
  11. I can't speak for everyone, but for me I have had to drastically tamper down my expectations. I had hopes the talent would be more team ready and thats just not the case. And its not that I don't think they can't get there. Its just that by the time they do the odds are the team has already dug itself into a hole that we can't get out of to make the tournament. Got to get through the stages a grief before I can have fun again.
  12. If you're lucky, have an all cash offer, and the list price was 600k.
  13. Trust random guy on the internet discussion board because they said so is a solid no from me Johnny
  14. You won't find a bigger Doc fan than me. However, to imply Doc isn't responsible for the results of the defense because of a silly title restricts his ability to coach on the floor seems ridiculous. You want to argue he needs time for the players to grasp/learn his system to execute it I'm with you. Or even we don't quite have the players to run it how he'd like I'll listen.
  15. It really seems like we're just getting out hustled for rebounds. Which frustrates me.
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