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  1. 12 wins tops with or without him
  2. I counted it too and thought the same thing
  3. I mean you're right. Things looked very cohesive last year. That looked liked a well oiled machine. Practices must have run perfectly. No possible way there were culture problems. The coaching turnover was probably related to better opportunities at other Universities. The restructured contract was out of the goodness of Hoibergs heart to do right by the University. Yup. All is well on the Husker basketball front
  4. To me this is such a Nebraskan/Midwestern conversation that I myself has been in many times "This is why we suck." "No, this is why we suck." "Noooo, THIS is why we suck." "Well, this why THEY think we suck." "That is definitely a reason they think we suck." "Pffft. They just don't get it." "Yup. Losers "
  5. Would have been 4 guys standing around watching one player while we lost a bunch of games.
  6. Dude that sucks. I had a similar experience about two years ago. My buddy William lumbered over a 3 ft fence and knocked a lady over that was walking her three chihuahua sized dogs. She sprained her ankle. William is a giant gentle beast and he only wanted to play. I thought I was screwed. I helped the lady as much as I could. She was so kind and understanding. I felt like an ass. William at the time was a 12 month puppy that weighed north of 100lbs. He clocks in at about 230lbs right now. He's an absolute sweetheart. So to answer your question, If I were you, I would hope the lady is a kind and understanding woman. Because sometimes dogs are assholes.
  7. I agree it would be better if its even. Notre Dame has to be the wild card here. My guess is Washington and Oregon are foregone conclusions. And if somehow Notre Dame jumps aboard they plan on who the next 1, 3, or 5 teams are. If its one more I'd like to see Colorado. And this seems to be based off of TV markets so I'd say there's a fighting chance that happens. But this has the feel to me that the Big Ten is gonna add 6 or 8 new teams not just the new 2 or 4.
  8. I could see Colorado in there somewhere for someone out of the four you mentioned.
  9. WHOA! This would be huge! Also Selfishly I really want this because I would get to see my teams play in person again!!!
  10. One doesn't need to earn criticism. And criticism isn't nessarily a bad thing. And on paper in comparison to their peers, which is other big ten rosters, this bunch looks like a bunch of scrubs. And that's fine because I have cheered for a quite a few Husker basketball teams that was comprised of a bunch of scrubs. The last three years in fact plus many many more.
  11. Not to you in particular royal, but I want to respond to this thought because it seems a lot share it on this board. I do too for what its worth. Has Hoiberg ever coached an elite defense?
  12. You are correct Sir I was sleep deprived after a 24hr shift, but thats still no excuse. I will do better!
  13. Calm down Francis. If they do read this board and they're so fragile some guy on a message board calling them scrubs has any affect on them we're in trouble. There is one maybe two guys on this list that starts on another Big Ten team. And not a team in the top half of the conference.
  14. "...NU’s influx of size, has inspired Hoiberg to “completely change” NU’s philosophy on offensive rebounding." We shall see.
  15. Let's see how this season goes...then we'll talk about hope
  16. The NBA basketball is great, I like it. I prefer the basketball of years past with post play and you had to be brave to enter the paint. I couldn't care less about whatever coaches or players politics are. What has really killed my enjoyment of the NBA (and currently college) is the player movement. I miss players being on one team. That was their team. And its a double edge sword for me because I will be the first to argue they have every right to switch teams. NBA and college. I just find myself much less interested in games Nebraska is not playing in. And for that matter my interest is waning there too. Its just getting harder to become invested in a new set of players every single year.
  17. I only follow the Lakers because my father in law is a HUGE fan...you guys are in trouble.
  18. And to be clear I don't disagree they weren't ball dominate and it didn't have an effect on chemistry. I think it was just one of the many many many issues with last years team And its probably pretty obvious from my posts the main issue I believe is at the root of the problem is coaching.
  19. The way I read this is you are blaming last years struggles on 2 players for and if thats correct I think you are wrong. And even if I did agree with you a coach allowing 2 players to have the ball in their hands 80%(no idea the real % but lets roll with it) of the time leading to poor chemistry is the real problem.
  20. This completely obsolves the rest of the team of any accountability like those two players were the single reason for the teams struggles last year.
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