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  1. Wofford beat them last year as well
  2. Two more basketball games on BTN plus this year as well, so you'll thank yourself later!
  3. Reupped BTN Plus today for $79 for the year. Watched about 20+ husker baseball games on it last spring. It's worth it if you're a fan of the baseball team, was pleasantly surprised how many games they had - its just the hawks field stadium feed, but the camera work is decent enough.
  4. The Polish Rifle

    FBI Ramification

    The discussion is going to exist when CU was on Bowen's final list, Bowen's dad under oath said CU offered money to Bowen, Bowen's handler had 10 conversations with Coach McD the last 20 days of his recruitment - the same time he was documented to have received 100K offers from Zona & LVille. For some reason Dawkins lawyer said MSU was the only school not willing to pay Bowen. How far into the sand you guys gonna bury your heads? I understand thinking that your school is clean, but to not understand why CU is being discussed like this is astounding.
  5. The Polish Rifle

    FBI Ramification

    Even you have to see the circumstantial evidence is enough to warrant a local paper to report on it? Dawkins phone is being blown up 10+ times in 20 days by L'Ville (caught paying Bowen 100k), Arizona (caught offering Bowen 100k) and CU (I'm sure they offered nothing he just wanted to spur a couple blue bloods offering six-figures because the CHI Health Center is dope). I know you want to keep saying its clickbait - but it's a story being covered by every sports giant in American and CU is in the thick of it.
  6. The Polish Rifle

    FBI Ramification

    All Dirk is saying guilty or not- it is dumb to associate yourself with someone like that. Which he is right. McDermott and Patton have heavy connections to a guy in the center of College Basketball's Pay-to-Play scandal. That doesn't make them guilty, but man it was pretty dumb to risk your reputation on being tied to him.
  7. The Polish Rifle

    FBI Ramification

    Should have listened to my own rule and never read the comment section. The responses to Dirk’s tweet are the sweater vests yelling “Fake News” at the top of their lungs. What a cesspool.
  8. The Polish Rifle


    17-10 (No Votes) Firmly on the bubble. HHC on DEFCON 2.
  9. The Polish Rifle

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    This is from 2015 but thought I would post this just in case we had anyone wanting to jump off a ledge. "Consider that Nebraska lost to South Dakota State in a preseason scrimmage in Miles’ second season, the year it went to the NCAA Tournament, and edged Kansas State last season, when the Huskers went 13-18."
  10. The Polish Rifle

    College Football Playoffs HHC

    My Top 10: 1. Bama 2. OSU 3. Notre Dame 4. Clemson 5. LSU 6. Michigan 7. Georgia 8. Texas 9. Oklahoma 10. Florida Considered: Oregon, Kentucky, NC St I like your list - hardest thing to do is rank those 1 loss SEC teams right now. Also Texas super weak loss, but beating Oklahoma forces them in the conversation. Also making this list has me craving an 8 team playoff.
  11. The Polish Rifle

    Charity Game?

    Let me know what you guys come up with - I'm all ears. Best thing I could come up with is getting a press pass as a writer for Husker Hoops Central.
  12. The Polish Rifle

    Charity Game?

    Hypothetical: If one wanted to get into "secret scrimmage", how would one accomplish that? All ideas welcome.
  13. The Polish Rifle

    FBI Ramification

    I believe they had Bishop and like Damon come in to studio at like 8pm when the Bo Pelini tape dropped. Let alone a scandal like this. That story would be 24/7 in the papers and on the radio. Local news channels would be outside of Memorial Stadium reporting on who was entering and leaving the stadium.