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  1. If you want to appear like integrity is your top priority, no better pick than Coach Miles. Unfortunately not even Coach Miles can polish that turd. You'll have Coach Miles telling kids to stay away from agents and money in order to preserve their eligibility one day - then the next day KU, Creighton, Kentucky, Arizona, etc. talking to the same kid offering parents jobs and kids ca$h money.
  2. I think it was discussed on here. Kinda a lapse in judgement, don't let it happen again scenario. I think a dude for Va Tech was pinched doing the same thing and played in an NCAA Tournament game 5 days later, so this wasn't a huge deal.
  3. As a pacers fan I endorse this message.
  4. While I was optimistic with TOs hires - Frost, Hoiberg and Bolt are much, much more impressive hires. Frost won a BCS bowl at UCF as the head man / Pelini was never a head coach. Hoiberg went to Sweet 16s / Miles never won a tournament game. Bolt has been an asst coach on a very successful SEC team / Erstad had 1 year as a volunteer coach under a coach that got canned. In terms of going and getting highly desirable, top level coaches Moos >>>>> TO.
  5. I love Glynn but Mack has a higher ceiling. If Hoiberg gets him to Monte Morris part 2 then we’re talking about an NBA career. Obviously a lot of unknowns on this team, but Petteway, JPJ, Glynn, Cope were all unknowns in a sense. I think this team has as high of an upside as any of Miles squads. Glass is always half full friends!
  6. Bahe said Roby will go in the 30s. I’m very excited for him, watching closely now.
  7. FSU pitching was impressive. Both dudes FSU threw had nastyyy stuff (same with Arkansas). Great pitching this evening.
  8. I’m all in on Mike Martin getting one. Seems like a genuine dude you can’t help but love. Huge spot in my heart for the guys like Martin and Augie that shaped college baseball.
  9. When you’re playing that many SEC games it’s tough. For example CWS team Auburn, who just lit up NC in the Super regional final, hit .244 in the SEC (A&M hit .235). All in all you can’t paint a picture with just one seasons stats.
  10. He's impressed me a lot. Iowa was nothing before him, now they're a consistent threat in the B1G and to dance, and they certainly are scary to see in the tournament setting.
  11. If this is true, it's not a particularly experienced staff. They'll recruit the hell out of Texas. My guess is we don't see many kids outside of Nebraska and Texas. Christy as pitching coach is interesting, as a catcher he'll know how to handle a staff, but interesting how they'll coach mechanics. Time will tell.
  12. I could see that argument. Glad you mentioned Heller and not guys like Pat Casey, Childress and O'Connor - Moos certainly knocked on those doors, and those type of guys aren't gonna leave the top tier to come to a B1G school. Heller has great background and experience and I would have been happy with him as well. Bolt I think will offer more in the recruiting realm, which I think is why he got the nod. Also by all accounts he seems like the closest thing to a Dave Van Horn clone, and he will have DVH's ear on how to get this done. Try to think of him as a raw DVH, and that should help you feel a lot better.
  13. Welcome Home Coach Bolt, we’re lucky to have you back
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