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  1. @GATA has you covered up above. Yvan definitely has added some BOUNCE.
  2. Looks like it's Illinois. Back to Back years without playing in the Gavitt Games for Nebraska.
  3. Prayers up Dylan, Husker Nation is behind you.
  4. Pretty impressive late get. Kid was a 4 star and hovered around the top 100 for 247 for basically the entire basketball season. Illinois, BC, A&M, San Diego St all after him in the last month.
  5. Hollins is a stud, 7 ppg, 8.5 assists, 3 steals - over his last two seasons in the G League. If he was a better shooter, he would be getting minutes in the NBA.
  6. Even if the article didn't exist, UCONN could show a recruit film of Hoiberg's ISU teams and just tell the kid the same thing. And beyond that, if a recruit has a good relationship with our staff, this would be pretty easy to clear up, "I know UCONN told you I don't like to use a traditional 5, but here is how I see you fitting in".
  7. Burke: So what do I have to work on to get drafted next year? NBA: Yes. But for real, if you're slashing 40%/30%/56% - you have a lot of work to do...
  8. Basically if you're getting tested for coronavirus - there's a 99% chance you have coronavirus - testing has been a disaster.
  9. They very well may have gotten a positive flu test.
  10. No I get it, I'm not worried about society as a whole, or 99% of people - but I work in health care, and I know even if this is on the safe side, and it's only a little deadlier than the flu - we will still lose many people - and I've just seen this underplayed as a media hoax, and no deadlier than the flu - and that touched a cord with me, because I know for many Americans it's gonna be so much more than that.
  11. Until they're symptomatic probably not, they'll be quarantined, if they show symptoms then easier tests will be done (ie: Flu), if flu comes back negative, then they'll be tested for CV - this is how it's currently done for everyone - hence why people are worried. Testing is not even close to being enough.
  12. Protocol at the hospitals I've been to, is test for flu and if that comes back negative, then request from local govt a test for CV.
  13. I like you cip. I have no idea what's wrong with Hoiberg. Just don't want people to burry their heads in the sand, and think these cancellations have no legitimacy. This shit is going around and people need to realize losing basketball for the rest of the year may be on the table. And it isn't the fault of Gobert and it isn't the fault of (maybe) Hoiberg. And I pray and hope for the best for Fred. Don't know what path I'm going down, seems like people might need a reality check.
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