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  1. Yeah 3 and D guy. I do like that they're getting high motor guy that loves to play defense. "Relentless effort" on defense is nice to see. At the very least, a reasonable substitute for Trey.
  2. Hard to expect a kid to go out of state to another B1G school.
  3. I was mostly joking around, but I do think there is still a lot of quality in the portal and we have a shot at landing another contributor.
  4. All these decent transfers in the portal are giving me life. The good destinations will fill up, leaving just us left...
  5. Howard started following two St. Bonnie guards that went portaling as well as an SMU G. Safe to say were trying like hell to fill one more spot.
  6. 28 PPG from Keisei and Walker?
  7. Baylor Scheierman vs Sam Griesel in 3 games this season. Sam - 19 ppg, 4 apg, 5 rpg Baylor - 18.6 ppg, 3.6 apg, 6 rpg Just wanted to take a moment to pump up our boy...
  8. Yeah, Looks like he is on pace to finish his career with more NBA points than anyone from Nebrasketball...don't know if I'd be dumping on his career.
  9. Appears we are now going with the shotgun spray approach. Coach Howard is now following anyone with a pulse that enters the portal. Hopefully we can catch someone in our wide net.
  10. I mean we don't want the #1 player in the portal because he probably has NIL and PT requirements? That's probably true for every decent recruit. I guess it's probably irrelevant to debate, because I'm sure Fred, the other coaches, Trev, and the entire roster want Baylor in a Nebraska jersey next season.
  11. I think you might be overreacting to a couple sensational headlines in the twitterverse. This line would have been head scratching 3 weeks ago.
  12. Interesting. Maybe Baylor's agent using CU to get a better NIL from us?
  13. I think they said all his top 10 did in homes with him minus UK and KU. So more passive interest from UK and KU. Creighton has been tabbed as a Top 10 team in about every "too-early" poll, so I know it'll make us all barf, but they are probably a Final 4 contender with him. Sucks but hard to blame the kid. We would probably be in good position if we knew how to win basketball games.
  14. Maybe as simple as him following Jans? They seemed to work well together.
  15. Yeah. Hard for me to dump on Miles too much for missing on him. There's a D1 team in Omaha that have been pretty damn good talent evaluators - and they weren't sniffing around Baylor either. This is not nearly as egregious as people have made it out to be.
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