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  1. With all the disfunction, they still managed to win an NCAA Tournament game this past year, wtf!?
  2. I mean is he really a JUCO guard anymore, if he's literally played 2 full seasons of power 5 ball? Seems like it takes away the 'can he play at this level' factor...
  3. He was just working out for NBA teams 24 hours ago. Good get this late.
  4. B1G choosing Nebraska to anchor the relay team here. Wise choice, always end strong.
  5. Haven't been around much this year. Family life has been crazy. Just wanted to pop in and say I was so proud of these guys. They'll go down as one of my favorite groups of Husker Athletes of all time. Now go give Bolt a blank check!
  6. I can tell you as an Indians fan, Tom and EGon couldn't make our lineup, and our lineup is pretty soft in it's own right. You also picked up another Indians reject in Ben Gamel, who put up some HORRID ab's for us this spring.
  7. Quarantine...pretty solid dad joke from Jimmy.
  8. Solid 2 minutes of me staring at this before it clicked.
  9. I had noticed that. I love Doc, but I kinda get it from their POV. It seems like their other options are Golding from ACU, and Tang from Baylor. I think I would prefer the younger guys riding a lot of momentum as well. That would work for me because I'd love it if Doc stuck around here.
  10. Our last 20 games are against teams with winning B1G record currently. And our last 7 against teams you could consider the 3 other best teams in the conf. Hope we rack up a lotta dubs before those last 7, because those will all be regional level talented teams, all jockeying for an NCAA birth/seeding.
  11. No locker rooms or broadcast teams for the Woman's Volleyball tournament? How incompetent is the NCAA? What a tone deaf organization... Hopefully this doesn't reflect bad on Omaha, because I'm sure the city gave the NCAA all resources at it's disposal to pull off a good tournament.
  12. And at least the potential on offense is there, hopefully our staff can unlock it. When Bill Self says this about you, you know at least he's showed some pretty impressive flashes on offense. “[Grant-Foster] makes hard shots, gets real baskets," Self said. "He did some things that, without going into too much detail, we haven't had somebody that could go get their own [shot] like he can when he's good in a long time.” “Yesterday, [Grant-Foster] got on a roll that we haven't had anybody get on maybe in years,” Self said during a media availability Thursday.
  13. Spot on. High upside, and got minutes at KU. We'd all be through the roof if he was coming here 1 year ago. Last guy we got from KU that averaged less than 3 ppg ended honorable mention All-B1G and had a cup of coffee in the NBA (I won't mention his name haha). Type of gamble you have to make when you're the Nebraska's of CBB.
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