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  1. If I didn't hate Iowa I would be quite impressed.
  2. They actually don't look too bad right now.
  3. They beat Duke with Zion this year. Wouldn’t be surprised if they went all the way this year. They’re easy to root for.
  4. Holy Hell Nova is getting boat raced, I’m sad for my bracket, but it’s pretty funny to watch.
  5. Alford gonna end up somewhere....I feel like Bama would be willing to look past his issues. He would fit in well with the $EC, so Vandy could be in play for him as well.
  6. I picked them to the Sweet 16, I must have blacked out filling out my bracket.
  7. This x1000 - we're in the pre-infant stages of roster shakeups.
  8. 1-2 punch on the bump is solid as you will find in the B1G. Still waiting for someone to take over sunday. Good teams put away bad teams, so far so good.
  9. Not to mention Liberty does it the wrong way, and guys like Miles do it the right way - hate when being scum gets you things like this.
  10. I’ll be honest, I loved every minute of that Wisconsin loss.
  11. I know the end of Miles era is bitter sweet for everyone, but as I watch the NCAA tournament, I realize why it is time to make the move. I want to make sure I credit Miles, because I feel like he is a huge part of the reason why it's time to move into the next stage, he brought us from the basement to the door step. I'm watching Syracuse, Minnesota, Baylor, Seton Hall, Louisville, LSU, Maryland - Some having decent seasons per their standards, some of them have fans who want their coaches fired, despite where they find themselves on the 1st day of the NCAAs. It makes me believe, every 2-3 years, when Nebrasketball is at it's best, we should absolutely expect to be where these teams are currently at. We absolutely can be at a place where a 20-12 (9-11) record and a 2nd round exit isn't a ground breaking performance, but maybe even a little disappointing. It's finally time Nebrasketball enters the next stage.
  12. Cope is so much more than just our 1st 5-star. He is a Husker through and through.
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