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  1. I get it and I agree for the most part. But the guy across the sideline is a 1st year head coach with amateur OC and DC. I love SF but as you indicated, he’s got a lot of learning to do.
  2. Play calling was sooooo soft in the 2nd half. You cannot play to keep a 17 point lead. I think Frost is right coach for us, but in all honesty Hoiberg will drop our jaws before Frost will, and I believe that.
  3. Okay the Pelini thing was hyperbole. Still to get out coached by a 1st year head coach with 2 guys that were analysts last year at OC and DC is low. And I’ll stand by Hoiberg being our best Men’s coach over the next decade.
  4. It’s game 2 of the Mel Tucker era, of a program he took over at rock bottom.
  5. Hoiberg is our best coach not named John Cook. These last 2 football staffs have made Pelini look like Nick Saban.
  6. I would welcome Gary when Kent decides to hang it up. Would be a much better choice than Bishop. He’s a fun listen on Omaha games. Equal parts Fun, Intelligent and Passionate - much like our guy KP.
  7. SIAP but 17-18 Auburn team who won 26 games beat this team by 16....not apples to apples but maybe a little context.
  8. Whose watching the rest of the Stella Azzura games to ensure they stay out of quad 4? They’re in Miss Valley St. conference right?
  9. If you want to appear like integrity is your top priority, no better pick than Coach Miles. Unfortunately not even Coach Miles can polish that turd. You'll have Coach Miles telling kids to stay away from agents and money in order to preserve their eligibility one day - then the next day KU, Creighton, Kentucky, Arizona, etc. talking to the same kid offering parents jobs and kids ca$h money.
  10. I think it was discussed on here. Kinda a lapse in judgement, don't let it happen again scenario. I think a dude for Va Tech was pinched doing the same thing and played in an NCAA Tournament game 5 days later, so this wasn't a huge deal.
  11. As a pacers fan I endorse this message.
  12. While I was optimistic with TOs hires - Frost, Hoiberg and Bolt are much, much more impressive hires. Frost won a BCS bowl at UCF as the head man / Pelini was never a head coach. Hoiberg went to Sweet 16s / Miles never won a tournament game. Bolt has been an asst coach on a very successful SEC team / Erstad had 1 year as a volunteer coach under a coach that got canned. In terms of going and getting highly desirable, top level coaches Moos >>>>> TO.
  13. I love Glynn but Mack has a higher ceiling. If Hoiberg gets him to Monte Morris part 2 then we’re talking about an NBA career. Obviously a lot of unknowns on this team, but Petteway, JPJ, Glynn, Cope were all unknowns in a sense. I think this team has as high of an upside as any of Miles squads. Glass is always half full friends!
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