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  1. Really interesting scenario in the NW Minny game. NW needs to win to have a shot at Omaha, Minny needs to win for the 4 seed. They’re in a rain delay, NW doesn’t have lights, and they can’t play a Sunday game this weekend.
  2. 9pm games have also notoriously started later than 9pm
  3. We’re locked in to either playing at 9am or 9pm Wednesday.
  4. We can finish anywhere between 3-5! So can Illinois and Minny.
  5. This is Michigan's Sunday guy, but he has their best stuff by a wide margin. Touching 95 tonight.
  6. https://twitter.com/KendallRogers/status/1129372388326559744
  7. Too much outside stuff has to happen for a B1G title for me to worry about it too much (fully expect Indiana to finish it out). But what this team can accomplish without help is get solidify an at large bid. Guys have shown some major huevos this past week, gotta keep it going. A B1G tournament run in Omaha would be so much fun for the players, coaches and this fan base.
  8. Im guessing the night game will be well attended. Could be to lock down a NCAA birth
  9. The value in making college kids make a play is huge, just gotta put in play. MLB dudes, that’s literally a whole different ball game haha.
  10. My guess is they would have it on BTN2Go. Seems like they at least have the hawks field in stadium feed for all our home games.
  11. BTN has a triple header culminating with our 8pm game. Doubt it. That last inning was a lesson in why you need to be able to get a bunt down.
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