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  1. The Polish Rifle

    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    Angels FO already making some moves. Eric Chavez moves from special asst for Angels to the head man of their AAA team. AAA manager promoted to asst with the big league club. Looking like LA won’t re up his contract and preparing to hire in-house.
  2. The Polish Rifle

    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    Erstad will likely be on the short list for the Angels job.
  3. The Polish Rifle

    2018 College World Series

    4-0 in the CWS as well for the kid. Shame they at least didn’t give him co-MVP. Once in a generation CWS on the bump.
  4. The Polish Rifle

    Erstad vs. Gordon

    More impressive MLB career (to date)? Gordo - .259AVG 165HR 623RBI 1395H 3x Allstar 5x Gold Glove 1x WS Champ Erstad- .282AVG 124HR 699RBI 1697H 2x Allstar 3x Gold Glove 1x WS Champ Think both these dudes were awesome MLB representatives for Husker Baseball for the past 20 years - crazy how comparable careers they have had.
  5. WSU gets about 2000 fans per home game. Way outdated facilities, sparsely populated portion of the state. Share the state with a much more impressive program. Not an easy place to win at all.
  6. The Polish Rifle

    Akoy Agau

    I had to triple check I wasn't reading posts from 3 years agau (haha). But seriously this is getting out of hand.
  7. The Polish Rifle

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Basically in the article it says Moos thinks the rest of the program is in order but he wants to see back to back seasons of success on the court (top half of the B1G) and back to back seasons of roster stability.
  8. The Polish Rifle

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    Wanted to pull the trigger on this BBB printing shirt but idk if enough people would get it.
  9. The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

    Best record in the history of the NBA, 3 NBA all stars in their primes. One of which who is a top 3 defensive player in the league, the other two will be hall of famers. They were a super team prior to KDs arrival. They were just built differently than Lebrons super teams.
  10. The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

    He's smart in the sense that it was the fastest way to titles, financially he was going to get a max deal wherever he went. But I don't think it was a smart move for his legacy. Golden State had proven they were the best team in the NBA prior to his arrival. Kind of like how we don't think of Larry Coker as the best coach of all time, even though he coached one of the best teams of all time. 2001 Miami football was on a title path with or without Larry Coker - 2018 GSW were on a title path with or without KD.
  11. The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

  12. The Polish Rifle

    2018 Husker Baseball

    D2 to D1 I believe no waiver is necessary. The D2 to D2 kids will be granted immediate eligibility im sure
  13. The Polish Rifle

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Looking at their HR numbers that makes sense. They dropped a lot of bombs.
  14. The Polish Rifle

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Also, since it hasn't been mentioned here - UNK (baseball program cut - sucks) transfer Ty Roseberry will be at Nebraska next season. Hit .332 with 15 bombs for UNK - should compete for playing time.
  15. The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

    Is this the same though? What I disliked about it is he went from a very good team, his team, where he was alpha - to one of the best teams of all time, Stephs team. So a better comparison to me would be Frost leaving UCF to be associate head coach at Bama just to collect some hardware. And yes I’m bitter, I love the Finals, but when one of the GOATs goes for 50-10-10 and his team still loses - it just goes to show how big the talent gap is between the warriors and the rest of the league.