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  1. Just a reminder that Bill Russell was a bad ass mother, who had a major impact as a civil rights activist. Very happy he decided to not "just play ball".
  2. Huggins was 30-35 (15-21) his first 2 seasons at WV Peral was 26-40 (9-27) his first 2 seasons at Auburn Bennett was 31-31 (12-20) his first 2 seasons at Virginia Drew was 17-40 (4-28) his first 2 seasons at Baylor Donovan was 27-32 (11-21) his first 2 seasons at Florida Hell, Coach K was 38-47 (13-29) his first 3 seasons at Duke These things take time.
  3. This is where I'm at. Who knows, he could have told NU he's going to a blue blood and we stopped wasting our time.
  4. A top 12 is asinine. That's far too many teams. Anything over a top 5 is excessive. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  5. This is cool, but all the experts are projecting him to just go pro in some capacity and never step foot on a college court. May still help normalize these studs choosing a HBCU over the usual suspects.
  6. Was this a rare 1 Burno? Usually people make it at least 2-3 Burnos if not more.
  7. Yep that's exactly it, I think they expanded how many scholarships each teams get, but it wasn't by a whole lot. Coaches still have to be creative with numbers.
  8. 2020 for spring sports is a do over for all players. He also has a redshirt. He will apply for waiver. So if he gets waiver he gets 2 to play 2. If he doesn't get waiver, he can redshirt then play 2.
  9. Stats were meh at JUCO, but anytime you can get a guy that touches 98 on the gun - you take it. If he finds control he will be an absolute weapon.
  10. Logan Foster and Hroch are both all-conf caliber players. Huge additions.
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