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  1. I remember Gary Sharp in his preseason predictions said, this season will be a success if.....Nebraska just continues gets better throughout the season. It sucks to have no real expectations like 18 wins or NIT or NCAA or Beat Creighton. But it would be unfair to put any of those on these players and this coaching staff.
  2. I said it in the last game thread - this is a true year zero. Gotta give a lot of love to the senior grad transfers because they are having to do the dirty work and not see the reward.
  3. Semi Quick - Even a guy like Bruce Pearl won a combined 9 conf games his first 2 seasons. When you're starting from nothing - it will be 2-3 years before you see the fruits of your labor.
  4. I thought Mack & Green were more D1 ready then they actually are.
  5. A 2nd overtime just seems like punishment for everyone - can we just call it a tie?
  6. We gotta let Cross keep shooting, there will be ugly moments, but he is only gonna get better.
  7. We're forcing more contested looks today, man if some of our outside shots start dropping it would really open things up for us.
  8. I have no inside info. That was wishful/positive vibes.
  9. Waivers gonna drop today. Feelin’ good - send positive vibes.
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