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  1. Quarter system and they go first week of Jan to mid June for winter and spring quarters. That’s a brutal stretch of school. Good call, hadn’t realized they go this late!
  2. Drawing Florida was tough luck for Nebraska and OSU. As of today Florida now has played 36 Q1 games, 5+ more than 2nd place Tennessee. They have 17 Q1 wins, and a 19 RPI. Basically a 1 seed metric wise, but on the 3 line.
  3. I mean to me, that phrase means proudly/outward, not a literal phrase. I think he was trying to say BYU and ND don’t try and hide their religious affiliations.
  4. The last mentally tough team we had was lead by two Erstad guys who were absolute studs in Schwelly and Hallmark. Since then we have been void of toughness/grit. Still time for this group to find it again. If they don’t, really will start to wonder what we have in Bolt.
  5. We’re a good team that lacks an edge. We’ve self destructed 3x now against worse teams (Rutgers on Fri, CU at Home, SDSU). You win all those, you are in line to host.
  6. Well this has gone quiet. I figured we would get word on Berke's visit schedule.
  7. Appears we are making him a priority. Robin says keep your eyes on this one.
  8. Here’s my issue with anyone critical of our transfer class, none of the basketball scouting services have figured out how to project transfer impact. The top 3 transfer classes on On3 last year went a combined 13-43 in conf play. Meanwhile Bama had 3 transfers out of their top 5 most productive players on a Final 4 team and were rated in the 40s.
  9. Fred has been much better recruiting fit over flash. Call me crazy, but I Much prefer this class to 5 stars and flashy transfers. I guess the disclaimer to that is we get another starter caliber 4 in the portal (which we will).
  10. Yeah that’s about as good as it gets as a walk on.
  11. I wouldn’t put any stock into portal rankings haha
  12. Wonder if Kyle will start? They have two PF transfers that are underclassman, ranked higher and were more productive at P5 schools. Their future at C is a 5 star from Spain that got some minutes last year. Guessing they picked up Kyle as a back up center.
  13. Damn…that one hurts, I say this as an Omahan - freakin Omaha kids.
  14. The video of two of our guys literally playing grab ass (nuts), down 5 runs wasn’t encouraging. Starting to feel a little bubbly when it comes to the NCAAs, hope they pull out of the funk.
  15. Losing to CU sucks, but besides that - they really need to pull their heads out of their asses if they want to stay on a regional path. No gimmes in the next 9, next team with a losing record is Minny in May.
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