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  1. If the Mo Valley can figure it out, I'd hope to god that the B1G, with the money and resources at its disposal, could figure it out. An Illini player tweeted out his frustration for lack of direction by the conference. Set a schedule, set COVID protocols, and tell the teams they can schedule non-cons at their own risk - it's not rocket science. Relevant Tweets:
  2. Conferences across the country announcing normal schedules starting on time. B1G still trying to figure out a conf only schedule starting god knows when. This conf is the woooorrsssstttt.
  3. Combined 17-52 in the B1G since Frost stepped on the field as Nebraska's Coach. Edit: It occurred to me that includes Miles last season.
  4. Yeah 246th in fg%, 199th in 3fg%, and 281st in FT%. I don't wanna know what those look like after the McNeese game.
  5. Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about the fact we had Cope, Palmer, Watson, Roby - all experienced - and somehow went 6-14/finished 13th in the conference. Looks like this will be one of those nights. Anyways, Roby is a good kid and deserves all the success he gets. Looking forward to watching him play in the NBA for the foreseeable future.
  6. I feel like we could hire coach K and bring in 5 lottery players, and somehow still look like this.
  7. Have to think they’ll start falling for Wisconsin, would like to take advantage here
  8. Can’t have this attitude in the B1G or we’re gonna give up a lot. Looks like a group of individuals just like last year.
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