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  1. Seeing the other commits makes me antsy. At the same time good players are entering every day. The next two weeks are probably “crunch time”
  2. Hope we see some action soon. Seems like we have reached out to 200 kids and had 1 visit. Maybe it’s still early for visits?
  3. CU has an open scholarship. They were docked one this past year due to the whole paying players before it was legal thing.
  4. Well I’m officially worried, Ed Chang said he’s heard from Nebraska. He’s gotta be plan Z…he could also be embellishing? Edit: I realize I’ve been trolled by someone with Kevin James as their profile pic. Learn from my mistakes, god I hate Twitter.
  5. Most important portal news so far is Lloyd not being in it, right? There’s no reason he wouldn’t be in there if that was his plan…
  6. I was snooping on twitter and noticed Coach Howard is the only coach Jonathon Beagle is following. Conf Rookie of the Year. Really nice #s. https://ualbanysports.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/jonathan-beagle/9420
  7. Yeah I’d like to know what our big board looks like. I know Wojcik was one of the few guys Washut said we had a face to face with (virtual).
  8. This tournament has been a shot in the arm for me. The play I watched from Nebraska Basketball all season isn't that far from the play I watched in Elite 8. Maybe it's a weird year and it won't happen again, but maybe the transfer portal has been an equalizer and in the next couple years Nebrasketball is one of those crazy 6-10 seeds making noise in the 2nd weekend.
  9. ^Not really sure how much you can complain when this screen shot is out there. Obvious grab while the shot is in motion.
  10. "I'm restraining myself more than I thought capable of" Kinda dramatic considering SDSU shot 6 FTs all game, and all the analysts were 50/50 on the call. The rest of his post was fine, just the first paragraph was over the top - you're hardly the first team to have an important 50/50 call go against you.
  11. Also don’t give the refs a reason to blow the whistle. Hand on his hip when the ball was in the air. If he sees that hand mid jump shot he’s gonna blow the whistle in real time. I get CU fans will bitch, it’s what fans do….but they shot double the FTs, got called for 10 fouls the entire game and were gift wrapped the tie on the worst inbounds of all time. Really not much to bitch about, they didn’t play well enough to advance.
  12. I mean both teams can’t hit 3s but SDSU has missed some absolute bunnies including an unopposed dunk
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