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  1. Announcer when Nebraska has a poor call against them: Thats basketball, sometimes the ball doesn't roll your way Announcer when Indiana has a poor call against them: That's terrible, unacceptable call.
  2. Across all sports, at all levels - B1G Basketball has consistently been the worst officiating I watch.
  3. This is what sets him apart in my eyes. Dude put up double digit points against the eventual national champs in the sweet 16 of an NCAA Tournament. Pretty rare for a JUCO kid to have that kind of track record against that kind of competition.
  4. I highly doubt there are 5 better juco players....
  5. Kent made it sound like Burke was fouled? any confirmation from those watching?
  6. I have had the 2nd half tuned into Kent P Radio - best decision I've made all day.
  7. Where does this factor into the Lincoln kid on scholarship discussion, it counts right?
  8. They immediately rewarded him acting like a child. B1G refs baby.
  9. Looks like he started and had 14 points a day later, so definitely temporary.
  10. Well said. Donovan seems like a fantastic kid, and I’m sure when a reporter asks you why you decommitted to the home town school you gotta do some tip toeing and dancing. Don’t wanna crap on a school you have affinity for - but also don’t wanna be perceived as weak and backing away from a challenge. And if early pt is what he values most, he certainly should go to a place that is going to give him that. Really don’t see any bad guys in this scenario, I know a-hole creighton fans wanna blow this out of proportion - but every party did what’s in their best interest, as they should.
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