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  1. Dimes feel free to merge with MSU article. If Jack gets in the game, I’d expect a huge ovation. He’s played in roughly half the games, so I expect there to be an opportunity to come in at end of half or at the horn. Should be a cool moment!
  2. The next opening at Iowa State involves a phone call to Lincoln, correct?
  3. I’ve had season tickets for 12 years, and never has an opposing fan ever been so...annoying is the best word... There was a group of fans who cheered for anything, said “miss it miss it miss it” or “A foul on Brad?!?!” There were several Husker fans who turned around or just squirmed in their chair as this went on. From tip-off to the horn, it just became unbearable. I’ve sat by Iowa or Creighton fan before and this was nothing like that. The worst I’ve ever seen. I’ll never bring up an individual fan again. I was just curious what others thought.
  4. Or 312 or 310 for that matter? If you did, you know what I’m talking about.
  5. I know some things are as good as determined behind the scenes, but I’ll say this much anyway. -I don’t always see Mack staying around. -I wish Arop would. -Thor and Burke can help us next year. -Cross is still the most intriguing player but his role is unknown next year. I don’t even know what position is his best. -Banton and Stevenson are so crucial. I think we’ll see quick improvement because of these guys (and Walker too). I just wish I knew how that improvement will be quantified.
  6. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is teams take away Cam in the second half. This is the third time in January I remember his halftime stats being his 5 minutes to go stats (loosely speaking). When he doesn’t go, Nebraska doesn’t go.
  7. A question that will be answered soon: what happens to Jervay? Ohio State just lost again. There’s a very small crease here to get a little momentum. Can they?
  8. Are you the dude with a jersey? That guy is legendary.
  9. I mean I can’t be too mad. Kind of encouraged to see the progress.
  10. Agree with Norm. Saw good things but no wow moments as a team. Almost saw the sickest alley oop of my life. I think NU will have some good moments this year but rebounding, defense, and even some raw plays might be concerning.
  11. unl

    Cam Mack is N

    Roster shaping up.
  12. Huskers land highly ranked PG as the heir apparent to Glynn Watson Image courtesy of huskers.com Mack had verbally committed on Saturday night during his on campus visit. The JUCO All-Region guard at Salt Lake CC was previously a St. John's commit until their recent staff shakeup. Mack originally signed with Stephen F. Austin out of high school for 2017-18 but ended up redshirting. He has 3 years of eligibility remaining. Quote from HC Fred Hoiberg Roster shaping up. View full article
  13. This is probably found elsewhere but do we know if FRed likes our players and recruits or is simply honoring their prior commitments to the school?
  14. So, he visited someone other than Hoiberg even though he’s widely speculated to be our next coach? Is Dana a fallback option?
  15. Alabama was close...with no research that surprises me too.
  16. This is awesome. Thanks HB. I guess I’m just skeptical that hoops is still second fiddle when we’ve pleaded for years to just put effort into it, not just money. If he’s firing Miles like most think he will, is that 7 year, $28 million deal accurate? The Frost contract came out before announcement. If it’s Hoiberg, I think the state will embrace it like no hire before.
  17. I was just thinking if he would have released that statement after the football season. So if Riley went 5-7 instead of 4-8...nobody believes he’d have a wait and see statement. What does knowing if they make a tournament have to do with 7 seasons of work? Can someone explain why this makes sense?
  18. Today? Tomorrow? Whenever he comes back from California?
  19. I’ve heard that some people think we don’t want the Mavericks because it makes Nebraska look bad. I hate creighton with a passion but I do not mind cheering for Omaha at all! Only went to college at UNL but was a huge fan even before college. Is is it acceptable to make Omaha your second favorite team and...be called a Mavsker?
  20. Guys...penn state was #2 and it’s not close.
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