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  1. All post season sites are being announced week of May 10th so depending on when they announce it during the week the games we have between now and then are (at max): Rutgers x 5, Indiana x 2, northwestern x 3.
  2. I have been critical in past, but that to me was an impressive win today. Mostly because of how freaking physical Rutgers plays.
  3. It sucks because the girls for the most part are playing hard and to the best of their abilities. Outside of a few girls they just don't have the abilities to compete at this level unless we have career games from players. It's not even fun to watch anymore honestly but I'll still power my way through games.
  4. I think we'll be on bubble for regionals. I'm not sure Nebraska will ever sniff a CWS in the next 10+ years (2008 was last year I even thought about the possibility of neb in cws). That said, if they can get things figured out quickly during non-con then we have a good chance of regionals I think.
  5. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I think many of us are going to be disappointed this season.
  6. Just comical. The main thing Rutgers wants to do is shoot inside and around the lane. It's been that way for as long as we've been in the conference basically. Where did probably (without looking at stats) 80% of their shots come from? Exactly where they wanted them to.
  7. It is kind of strange to see Duke fall so far.
  8. They. Do. NOT. Like . Coach P.
  9. Flo is becoming a big streamer of sports now. Only just a few years ago you only heard about them doing college softball games at so.e of the preseason tournaments. Now they've expanded into basketball and volleyball (they have a deal with B1G volleyball)
  10. I'm going to need A LOT of explaining for the rumored pitching coach......real head scratcher for me.
  11. With the whole weekend starting rotation gone? Lol. Rest of the cast is solid but the pitching is going to have a LOT of questions.
  12. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Basketball/TransferPortal/
  13. I thought there was something in place that stated PBA couldn't have a higher capacity than CHI center? That's been a long time ago though so that might have changed.
  14. UC Irvine too according to that broadcast (I didn't fact check). The studio said that there were 5 teams this year. Not sure who the 5th was
  15. Nothing is going to happen to Kansas.
  16. Wisconsin is just hitting the shots when they absolutely have to and we haven't. Not that we aren't trying certainly, just can't quite get over the hump.
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