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  1. Leigha Brown was all about herself. Not team. Great player not so good teammate.
  2. According to a story in the paper it was implied that it is on the PU side.
  3. According to the story I read, Issie would be guarding Brown quite a bit. Who else you going to put on Brown, Scoggins?
  4. Issie's defense is gonna shut-down Brown. Issie is turning into a heck of a defense player. Issie also gave kudos to Kate for blocking off the backside, allowing her and Bella to snag rebounds. The backside is where offense rebounds come from. And with Sam's rebounding, we are turning into a very good rebounding team. Also we shall see if Leigha Brown still plays matador defense and rebounds when convenient.
  5. Issie not Izzy. She goes by the name Issie.
  6. Can the women keep it closer than the men did last night. I have my doubts. The Wildcats are second in the country in forcing turnovers and we are not known for ball security. Their guards are athletic, quick and experienced.
  7. Nebraska at the time that Yori left was a top 15 job with fantastic facilities. The AD whose name I will not say, did not even try to see who might be interested. I have heard that some pretty high level coaches would have been interested.
  8. Why don't you just leave. No need to tell us, we don't care that your gone
  9. Not available is what I got from the LJS article
  10. Purdue game should be closer than Sunday (Hopefully). That is all I got except number 30 for Purdue is a Lincoln HS grad.
  11. My guess is that they are both out. Hope I am wrong. Saw that Dillard had surgery and is officially gone for the year.
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