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  1. Nate Rohr is also the play by play man for football games at memorial stadium.
  2. Since this game is the 'Nebraska Life Skills Sportsmanship Pep Rally' I am guessing that the Pinnacle will be full of school kids.
  3. This is why I never, ever listen to announcers anymore. They never seem to be discussing what going on in front of them. And even if they are they generally get it wrong.
  4. I really would like some verification on the hot seat statement. All I have ever read is that coach williams is doing a great job and Moos loves how she is doing her job. One yahoo on the rivals board made a statement last winter, but nothing that is said over there can be taken seriously.
  5. I predict that she will be a so-so volleyball player for one year before transferring to Texas A & M and working on becoming a Olympic thrower
  6. But if Cook is demanding a full-time volleyball player and giving the basketball team a part-time basketball player, that is not helping Coach Williams and the women's basketball team. She is not that good that she can help a Big 10 basketball team by playing basketball only 2.5-3 months.
  7. Yeah and Greisha Lee Cepero was worthless as a basketball player. And Ware would be disruptive of the team unity built up over the 2.5 months she would be playing Vb instead of bb.
  8. Why would Coach Williams put a player on basketball scholarship and then only get a part time basketball player while Coach Cook gets a full time VB player without burning a scholarship? How about Cook gets her until November 1st, then she's basketball. We will see how it works wherever she goes.
  9. Hate on Mulkey, but she has a really good team. Making Iowa look like a high school team so far.
  10. I got it. Freddy, Freddy, Freddy all the time. Nothing else. Talk about going overboard.
  11. Then the Pinnacle would hold more than the Hospital in Omaha. Wouldn't that piss them off.
  12. Have a blue blood program and thus get 5 star player year after year. Thats what Cooks advice would be.
  13. I think it was a damned good article as a end-of-season wrap-up. Sam is easily the best friend we have in the media.
  14. Do I root for Iowa because they are Big 10 or root against Iowa because they are Iowa
  15. I'm sure our current players did not turn of the ball over in high school.
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