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  1. Fastbreaker

    2018-2019 Roster

    Sam as columnist from OWH
  2. Fastbreaker

    The Media Thread

    Rachel, Darrien and Bria seem to be the missing players.
  3. Fastbreaker

    Just threw up in my mouth a little

    What do you think of the statement by Muffet McGraw that she thanks Nebraska every day for their help in getting a waiver from the NCAA so that Shepard could play this year.
  4. Fastbreaker


    Don't hold your breath. After all we are talking men's Nebraskaball.
  5. Fastbreaker


    I won't speculate either but transfers are: 1. Generally underclass players. 2. A freshman playing a long way from home. Homesickness is a powerful incentive. 3. Players who feel that they were not receiving enough playing time or were not being used correctly. We will see what transpires.
  6. Fastbreaker


    Who would those couple be Merlin
  7. So l guess what's being said is that all the elite athletes are back east, down south and out west. Here in the center we have to make do with slow ole white girls.
  8. Creighton has no elite athletes but sliced and diced Iowa all game. I am guessing an elite athlete like Connie Yori doing game planning helped
  9. Maddie Simon is an elite athlete. T. Lauderdale was an elite athlete. Jordan Hooper was an elite athlete. We have had them, just not many. allie Havers was an elite athlete. All state in three sports.
  10. Fastbreaker

    Ohio State

    I thought top 16 seeds got to host rounds 1 and 2
  11. Fastbreaker

    Ohio State

    Why is Ohio State playing in a high school gym?
  12. Fastbreaker

    Non-con schedule next year

    Creighton, I can take or leave. We can schedule lots of other teams in the region. With Yori planning strategy for them, Creighton may turn into the beast of the Big East.
  13. Fastbreaker

    BIG 10 Tournament

    Maybe, maybe not. If your thing is total lack of any defense at all. Score is close though.
  14. Fastbreaker

    BIG 10 Tournament

    Indiana 111. Michigan St 109. 4 OT
  15. Fastbreaker

    BIG 10 Tournament

    Among the many reasons on why I prefer the women's game over the men's. Women's game over at 12:53 . Men's game finishes at 1:14. Same start time.