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  1. Athletic director Steve Byrne. Watkins needs to fact check a little better.
  2. The Lincoln paper also had an article. Mentioned that Jaz Shelley is a great point guard. So we have went from really having no point guards since Theriot, to having two good ones in Shelley and Weidner. And Markowski kept telling how she likes and wants to win. said it fifteen times in a meeting with Coach.
  3. Why does it bother some off you so much if people leave early. A ticket is bought. This gives that person the right to arrive late, leave early or not come at all. Not everyone is a never sit down, slobber all over themselves type of fan.
  4. So I have been reading and getting absolutely drenched in red kool-aid. It's time to give your final record predictions. I've bought all the hype and I'm going to say 21-12 with NCAA invite. What say you? After hearing all the gushing, I'm going to be mighty disappointed if I see predictions like 13-17. But this being Nebraskaball, I suppose 10-20 would be the prudent call.
  5. Not surprising since Kendal and Kennedi Orr are best friends.
  6. Creighton The team I want to beat the worst is the team we lose to every year. Is it the Yori factor? Yori Beat Creighton Every year. We have not beaten Creighton since Yori went to work for them. We need to beat them. Even if they shoot threes like they usually do against us. We still need to beat them.
  7. Sorry Nebraska is nowhere near CWS good. Maybe in a couple of years.
  8. Yes but think of the storyline for the talking heads. The greatest coach ever at Nebraska, who now has the number one team at Arkansas against a Nebraska team that is coached by one of his best players back at Nebraska. And Nebraska plays the game like Van Horn taught Bolt.
  9. Iowa is not in anymore either. So go put your yeller shirt on and go commiserate with you yeller friends about how Clark got outplayed by Bueckers
  10. Why do you keep posting Iowa crap over and over. If we give a darn about Miss Clark we will go to the Iowa board. How often do you post about Sam on the Iowa board.
  11. Plus Hilmon getting triple teamed gave Leigha lots of open looks in the 12 footer floater range where she is deadly.
  12. I am pretty sure Maryland will toy with us even if we are on the top of our game. Maryland is final 4 good. B
  13. Weidner's game won't be close to 3:45. Teams have not yet taken court for warm-up at 3:45.
  14. Iowa lost today. If we beat them Saturday we both have 10-9 records. Who has the tiebreaker. I suppose Iowa since Clark is such a superstar. Or is her name Keogh as the back of her jersey had today. I know she is good but I get so tired of the talking heads slobbering over her constantly.
  15. I don't know for sure, but it seems that if you are a very bright young lady with a MBA in hand that getting on with life would take priority. Kate has also been mentioned as a second round WNBA prospect.
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