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  1. Fastbreaker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Mershon is at least as valuable as any of the other freshman. Her analytics are very solid. A lot of people wanted Hallie Sample benched early in her career also. Mershon made a extremely heady play in the middle of our run yesterday.
  2. Fastbreaker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Like stated earlier, ESPN and the Minnesota fan base seems to think Whalen the player = Whalen the coach. Minny gets a lot of love because of that. People watching at home will be sick of the Whalen slobberfest by the end of the game.
  3. Fastbreaker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Turn them around, they haven't been that bad. Minnesota fans seem to think they should be Lindsey Whalen final four good every year
  4. Fastbreaker


    So where do I find the +/- for last night's game
  5. Fastbreaker

    +/- Stats

    How come nobody gives Mershon any love. She is the most fundamentally sound of the freshman, actually knows how to box out and very seldom makes mistakes. I know she does not score much and as such isn't noticed. Think Hallie Sample.
  6. Fastbreaker


    Rutgers is the best defensive team in the B1G and the worst offensive team. They will bump, grab, scratch and do as much as the refs will allow them to get away with on defense. As the article in the World-Herald stated, 'They are good enough defensively to beat Maryland, and bad enough offensively that Nebraska could pull a upset.'
  7. Fastbreaker

    Nebraska (11-3) vs. Iowa (11-3) Game Thread

    No sweat, it's a road game.
  8. Fastbreaker

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Yeah sure, we did not drop far, but how far up would be now if we had not pissed two winnable road games away.
  9. Fastbreaker

    Nebraska (11-2) vs. Maryland (10-3) Game Thread

    Disagree, we should be 3-0 in conference. We are 1-2.
  10. Fastbreaker

    Nebraska (11-2) vs. Maryland (10-3) Game Thread

    Minnesota, not a killer, Welcome to the Big 10 this year. Maryland, not a killer, Welcome to the Big 10 this year. Just when do they become killers.
  11. Fastbreaker

    Nebraska (11-2) vs. Maryland (10-3) Game Thread

    Why does Nebraska get the raw end from the refs every single game? Just asking.
  12. Fastbreaker

    Scouting Michigan

    I agreed does not mean much in one game, but when the same players(Nicea, Mershon & Kissinger) lead game after game, it means a lot to me.
  13. Fastbreaker

    Scouting Michigan

    +/- leaders Nicea +22, Mershon +14, Cain +14,Haiby +11
  14. Fastbreaker

    Scouting Michigan

    Our point guards are acombined 2-16 at the end of the third
  15. Fastbreaker

    Scouting Michigan

    So Kissinger makes a three after everybody else is missing badly and gets pulled. Makes sense