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  1. The missing decimal point can really make one sit up and take notice
  2. Speaking of opponents, did anyone notice that Creighton finished second in the OWH hypothetical national champion thingee. And the Bluejays have everyone back and fans are already talking possible national championship next year.
  3. So if she is mostly pain free, is this the point guard we have all been wanting?
  4. Can Back may be talented but his mental discipline sucks
  5. Of course if we had any players at all, Thor would still be a 5-10 minute guy.
  6. Whatever HB, Sam knows more basketball then you for sure. Trying to chase away the only media friend WBB has.
  7. Is the VB over BB thing nationwide or just Nebraska. I have a hard time believing there are more VB players than BB players nationwide.
  8. as much as Cain. Maybe Boun e and Mershon need more minutes.
  9. Verbeek was missing as much as Cain. Maybe Boun e and Kerstin need more minutes.
  10. And the team has 19. Can not believe we are still in the game
  11. Brown needs to quit forcing her shots. She is not helping right now
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