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  1. Sure Sam is a great player,a great person and loss in experience, but I suggest you all go to huskers.com and read Maddie Krull's bio. We will be OK.
  2. Professional rassling comes to the Oscars. Fake as all get out.
  3. Seems to me that if Sam has a NIL contract marketing her own line of clothing that she is returning.
  4. Would not surprise me if Coley and Stewart transfer. Coley playing time kept diminishing and Annika is facing a large group of posts especially if Bella returns. Don't know anything just speculating.
  5. Nobody from the B1G is interesting. Not even drama queen Caitlin Clark
  6. Are Lat and Lakes off the player roster. I keep hearing Lat is gone on social media but nowhere else.
  7. Nebraska vs Iowa, January 16, 2022. Nebraska fouls committed 28, Iowa fouls committed 7.
  8. Creighton would not have been able to defend if Iowa would have gotten all the calls they usually get. We got called for 30 fouls, Creighton got called for 10. Makes a big difference in defense.
  9. Thank 's Eckhorst you horses rear end
  10. So Nebraska is not beating Creighton anytime soon right.
  11. You miss the whole point We have a sweet 16 caliber team if we were seeded correctly as a 6 and got a good 3 seed draw
  12. What does Louisville being number have to do with Nebraska being seeded to high.
  13. We got screwed on seeding, but what else is new. So much for a sweet 16 run. I guess three wins over 3 seeds and 24 wins don't mean much.
  14. I don't Cook gets what he wants and Amy gets what's left over. I just think it will cause morale problems on the basketball team.
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