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  1. Do I root for Iowa because they are Big 10 or root against Iowa because they are Iowa
  2. I'm sure our current players did not turn of the ball over in high school.
  3. I have heard it many times, in the media, on here, etc. The theory being that all our newbies will have melded with the vets by now and we will be playing tough. Coach Williams stated in the paper this morning that we are playing better for longer periods of time. Of course she also stated that we then forget our game plans and play horrible for a while.
  4. But we are the team nobody will want to play come tournament time or at least thats what I have heard
  5. I hope iowa pulls a 2018 NCAA. Its Iowa man, Iowa
  6. I do have my TV on. BTN has had the brackets wrong all weekend
  7. The only way this can happen is if NW beats Iowa and Michigan St beats Minnesota
  8. If Minnesota wins we are a six seed playing winner of purdue-Illinois. If Michigan St wins we are a seven seed playing Purdue. Minnesoa leads by about 10 now.
  9. Go to bball.notnothiing.net
  10. If my generator is right we are 6th seed and get winner of Purdue-Illinois
  11. Now that Indiana is stomping Purdue, the odds are very good we get Purdue in our first game.
  12. Most outstanding freshman class ever. Maybe, maybe not. Vonnie Turner, Corey Montgomery, Tiny Neals and Kayla Kuhlman were pretty good. Two of them are still playing pro ball with Vonnie in the WNBA
  13. So why don't you just pass these threads by and not post on every single one, Mr everything is so bright and sunny with the program that Miles is just fine and should a given lifetime contract.
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