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    uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 11, ed 10 - creighton

    • #24 Nebraska dominates Creighton 94-75

      Huskers LET IT FLY with 14 Threes

      Crowd dubbed "second loudest only to No Sit Saturday"

      McDermott can dish it but couldn't take it in the post game after a loss



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    The absolute most fun I’ve had at PBA since No Sit Sunday.

    As a life long fan and obsessed over this series, not sure I would’ve believed we’d win in a 3 pt shoot out

    Sounds cliche, but we absolutely wanted it more

    Greg McDermott seems typically normal, but man, he’s butt hurt

    My voice is gone

    Im going to watch the game tonight on my DVR with a lot of joy - 

    I was in the minority, but I told my inner circle of Husker fans friends the Minny loss, while regrettable, actually probably fueled our players Fire tonight. 

    Order Restored

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    That had to be the best environment I've ever been at for PBA (wasn't here for no sit Sunday) 

    -Thomas Allen gets better every game. His defense is really impressing me. He's smart with his shot selection, which is probably one of the biggest things I've noticed. He's showing why he was a 4 star coming here

    -I don't think it's been mentioned, but those "big" lineups with roby, cope, and heiman seemed to actually work. 

    -Roby is getting more aggressive. 

    -james was hot from 3 all night. When he's hot like that he's virtually unguardable. 

    -everyone that played contributed in some way. 

    -amir could've been used I think, but his absence wasn't missed that badly

    -the rest of these games going into big ten play after the new year are very winnable. Let's go into big ten play with only 2 losses and keep it rolling. 

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    *-Nebraska improved to 8-2 on the season, matchings its best 10-game start since also going 8-2 to open the 2010-11 season.
    *-Today’s attendance of 15,950 is the sixth-largest attendance in Pinnacle Bank Arena history and the second-largest attendance for a non-conference game at PBA.
    *-Nebraska’s 94 points marked the third-most points it has scored in 52 all-time meetings with Creighton. The only times the Huskers have scored more points were 100 points on Dec. 10, 1992 and 97 points on Dec. 6, 1990.
    *-Today marked the fifth time this season that Nebraska scored at least 80 points.
    *-The Huskers’ 19-point margin of victory tied for the third-largest margin of victory for NU-Creighton series and was the largest since a 71-52 win on Jan. 8, 1997.
    *-Nebraska extended its home winning streak to 17 straight games, with 12 of those victories by double digits. The 17-game streak marks the Huskers’ longest home winning streak since a school-record 20-game streak spanning the 1965-66 and 1966-67 seasons. Nebraska is 6-0 at Pinnacle Bank Arena this season, winning every game by at least 15 points.
    *-Nebraska hit 14 3-pointers in the game, one shy of its season high of 15 in the opener against Mississippi Valley State. Today marked the third time this season that Nebraska hit at least 10 3-pointers.
    *-The Huskers hit 14-of-27 from beyond the arc, shooting a season-high 51.9 percent from the 3-point line.
    *-All five Husker starters scored in double figures, marking the second time this season Nebraska has accomplished that feat (also against Southeastern Louisiana. Nebraska’s starters combined to go 29-for-51 (56.8 percent) from the field, including 13-of-24 (54.1) from 3-point range, while scoring 87 of the Huskers’ 94 points.
    *-James Palmer Jr. had a season-high 30 points, his second career 30-point effort. With his 30 points, Palmer went over 1,000 career points in today’s game and now has been in double figures in 40 of 43 career games at Nebraska. Palmer’s two highest scoring games of the season have come against Big East teams, as he scored a then-season-high 29 points on Nov. 14 against Seton Hall.
    *-Palmer hit a career-high six 3-pointers today, eclipsing his previous career high of five 3-pointers at Ohio State on Jan. 22, 2018 and at Virginia Tech during the 2014-15 season. Palmer finished 6-of-7 from beyond the arc and was 9-of-12 from the field and a perfect 6-of-6 from the free-throw line.
    *-Thomas Allen scored a career-high 18 points, topping his previous best of 14 against Delaware State on Dec. 22, 2017.


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    13 hours ago, The Polish Rifle said:

    I’ve always like McDermott for some reason - seemed like a good dude. Miles always lost and took it like a champ. Tonight the tables flipped and McDermott took it like a sore freaking loser. It was pathetic. Hopefully he grows up a little bit, I always appreciated his and Miles banter. He apparently can only be on one side of the table.


    Probably feeling pressure after being exposed as dirty

    Edited by HB

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    Nebraska Coach Tim Miles

    On the win

    It is meaningful. Like I say, I won’t be happy until we get 13 more but, we had to get it and this is the kind of team that should get it. I think the guys were really locked in and played a great game.” 

    On the players

    “Every guy made these huge plays. I think you start with James Palmer Jr. coming out and shooting the ball so well. Isaiah (Roby) and Issac (Copeland) did what they always do, they are super hard to guard. Then you look at Glynn (Watson Jr.), I was so happy for Glynn. He played really good and did some really good things. And then Tom Allen- it was like he shot out of a cannon tonight. He was really playing quick and hard and fast and it reminded me of the Kansas game last year a little bit. Nana Akenten with a hustle play, Tanner Borchardt with offensive rebounds saving possessions. As you look at this I just think every guy was locked in and played tremendously.”

    On the importance of the win

    In the pregame, (assistant coach) Michael Lewis came in when the guys were there and he said, ‘they are either nervous or they are laser-focused’ and I think that we know where they were.”

    On the team playing for each other

    “Because every guy made plays you could see that they were all playing for the right reasons. They were playing for a Husker victory and that includes them, that includes me, and that includes our fans. That is what is really important. This is a team that identifies the right things, and they are really a tough team. I told them at the beginning of the year that I feel like we can beat any team we play at anytime, anywhere. That is not always the case. Sometimes you say, ‘we need an act of god tonight to get a win’, maybe you do, but, usually, you don’t. The guys have a lot of versatility and we can do a lot of things, and today was a lot of fun. It was a good Husker victory and I am proud of our guys.”

    Junior forward Isaiah Roby, sophomore guard Thomas Allen and senior guard James Palmer Jr.

    On what the win means to them

    Isaiah Roby

    “I think the two people that got the most out of this was definitely Coach Miles and Glynn (Watson Jr.). That’s an in-state rivalry and it just a big-time win for us. As a team, it was just big time.”

    On how bad they wanted to win

    James Palmer Jr.

    “Definitely before the game and all week at practice. We’ve just been locked in and focused. Today, we were just so hyped before the game, we were just ready to play and it really showed in the first half.”

    On Thomas Allen and his huge game

    James Palmer Jr.

    “First of all, I think the best is yet to come for Thomas. Today was just a stepping point in helping us get that win and we always preaching to him to be more aggressive and today I guess it finally kicked in he definitely led us the first half basically.”

    On what was working for Thomas

    Thomas Allen

    “For me, last night I didn’t sleep and my dad, he’s here as well. He hasn’t seen me play since the Kansas game last year. So my mom couldn’t make it because my youngest sister had school so I was just playing for my dad and my mom today.”

    On tonight’s crowd

    James Palmer Jr.

    “This might be one of the best crowds I’ve played in front of. Since I’ve been here this has been one of the best.”

    Opening statement

    Greg McDermott

    “Nebraska played great. We were concerned with their dribble penetration and their ability to get to the free throw line, so we tried to plug up the lane a little bit early. To their credit, they made us pay with the three-point shot. That kind of got the crowd into the game and got us off to a rough start, then we’re fighting an uphill battle the rest of the game. Having said that, we cut it to 13 at halftime, we scored on 8-of-12 possessions to start the second half, but they scored on 9-of-12 and our 13-point deficit was still a 13-point deficit six-seven minutes in when we pretty efficient offensively against a good defensive team. We had no answer for them defensively. They won the 50/50 plays today. They played like a veteran team that was desperate for a win, and they were very good today.”

    On what he said to his team when Creighton went down by 18 points

    Greg McDermott

    “I said ‘there is no 18-point play.’ We took a quick three from the top and then we tried to get one inside and we over dribbled, they came in and stripped it. Our message to the guys was when you get into that situation, you don't go faster, you go slower. You don’t throw less passes, you throw more, you don’t cut less, you cut more. To our credit, we got back in the game against a very good defensive team, but it’s too big of a hill to climb in this environment.”

    On what he saw from Nebraska’s defense that got them off track in the first half

    Mitch Ballock

    “Their defense, everybody in this room knows how good they are on the defensive end. We put some new plays in. We executed the new plays, but at the end of the day we couldn’t get going. They set the tone early.”

    On how he can get his team to battle back faster on the road

    Greg McDermott

    “Well, you have to make some shots, and you got to make some stops, and you have to get stops first. It’s going to be mind blowing, the number of points they scored after a 50/50 scrum situation where the ball is bouncing around and they end up with it. On a lot of those possessions, they hit a three or went to the free throw line. It’s tough, it was a great environment today. The crowd was great, like we thought it would be. You can’t dig a hole like that in an environment like this and expect to survive.”

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    2 hours ago, Boots said:

    Hopefully this picture shows up because I have no clue what I'm doing.  Anyway saw this in the rail yard today.  Pretty much sums up my feeling on Jayskers.


    Haha, my brothers know this guy and were talking about it at the game!

    Edited by jason2486

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    I'm finally getting to watch the first half, and the opening 17 minutes were incredible. The most fun game in the Miles era since No Sit Sunday. 


    * Allen was so good, and as someone said, he seems to get better every game. He shot confidently, but I love how he put the ball on the floor and finished at the rim.


    * Palmer... whew.


    * Heiman should be a nice player, especially adter he gets stronger.


    * Eff McDermott.


    * This version of Roby needs to show up game in and game out.

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    10 hours ago, cjbowbros said:

    According to my English teacher a seven page paper (double spaced) is equivalent to 10 minutes of podcasting. So here you go a seven page essay on Nebraska beating Creighton.  😉

    Look for another more complete episode coming soon!


    A give you an A- but you can raise it to an A if you type it out, double spaced.

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    Funny how Nebraska basketball usually is the one using the football program for recruiting purposes. I don't recall the football team bringing recruits to a hoops game before, though.


    If there was EVER a basketball game to bring football recruits to, though, this was it.  The "HUSKER POWER" chant to start things off was on point. The crowd was loud and proud. 


    And everyone in the arena was a Husker football fan, so ...

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    1 minute ago, Norm Peterson said:

    Funny how Nebraska basketball usually is the one using the football program for recruiting purposes. I don't recall the football team bringing recruits to a hoops game before, though.

    It's actually kind of common - this was certainly a good game for it, though.

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