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  1. Strong rally to a new high followed by a pull back with some consolidation. Looks like a buy point to me. :) (Past performance is not a guaranty of future performance plus all other wall street disclaimers)
  2. Agree thrasher, so say: Nothing Congratulate them on the run and reiterate that you will make the decision after the season. Be at the game and congratulate them on the run and schedule a meeting with your coach for Sunday. If it's over, then fire him. If it's not over then Pat Chamber's him (say he will be back) or many many other options better than what he did. I don't get it, just put out some b.s. that makes it look like you care and like most of the rest of the country you admired how they played. Incompetence in my opinion.
  3. I agree. I know people want it faster and i agree with those that say we could be consistently a much stronger program, but as AD I would support a good dude that is filling the place and starting to consistently "knock on the door" of the breakthrough we need for our program. I don't want to spin the mid-major coaching wheel for another build, our cupboard is not bare.
  4. Checked back in on KenPom We are currently 44th. Last year 55th and the NCAA year we were 56th.
  5. Interestingly, Barry Collier is the head of the NIT selection committee this year.
  6. I don't think it is fair to say someone like Palmer was not developed. He came here (as did Petteway) as someone from a major school with not a lot of playing time and statistics. After sitting out a year he had a great year as a junior and helped get us to 13 conference wins. So why the regression? scouting an improved conference, frustration and post Copeland fewer driving lanes. Still Petteway, Palmer and next up is Burke we had a development story to sell transfers. So Miles could not make them NBA players? Palmer was not one to begin with.
  7. I think this more common now in college basketball. The extra pass brings a turnover or charge more into play so if someone is backpedaling you finish over them. I would be curious as to others thinking on this (not that it is the thread topic)
  8. If the players get invited and want to play then play.
  9. Wait, no one has Dana Altman yet? He said throwing up a little as he typed. Dana Altman, (checks to see if they are NIT eligible) March 28th.
  10. This is a fair assessment. Solid but not great. What I like about Miles is I think he would say the same thing and he is willing to learn and adapt. None of this, "we were excellent in all areas" baloney. I agree that you don't hire and fire out of fear (and I hire a bunch) but I would rather take a moldable, solid guy growing into his role than spinning the wheel of never been successful at this level. That's why Moos gets the big bucks I guess, only he might be gone in three years so its us fans that will enjoy or lament his effort (and he still got the big bucks!) Again, I have sort of resigned myself that we are planning on spinning the coaching wheel.
  11. I totally agree with this in that the job is based on your performance. But …. the thing that bothers me is that it was a 7 year contract and 7 year build and I feel like we undercut Miles in years 6 and 7 with the one year extension. I suppose you can blame having multiple athletic directors, but I would be wary as the next coach being told to come in and build your program. I get that we have great facilities and fan support and should expect better results, but in a 6 year time period we went to the dance and tied for the second most wins in school history and then we shot the puppy. I have resigned myself to the fact that a change is likely coming, but man I would love to see a team next year with Roby, Allen, Heimann, Burke, Green and Mika Adams Woods next year. I would love to see Miles and what I think is a super staff in Lewis and Gates reenergized to hit the recruiting trail with a fresh extension. Next year is already setting up to be another run at 20 wins and a tourney berth if we don't blow it up. After a while winning seasons, the bubble, tourney berths become the norm and then we step up from there. I am worried that this time we actually hire our John Groce.
  12. Did you actually listen? He said he felt like he was on the hook. The administration has clearly sent that message for two consecutive years with two different AD's . It often seems like the more honest you are the more you get in trouble with your statements. Maybe he should have blown smoke up Goodman's ass. Might have that have worked with Morrow and Tshmanga too? Moos told him that retention was an option. (I think we all know what another option is) and he didn't give him any exact benchmark expectation. Mercifully this needs to end with him caught on to the boat (fired) or set free to swim and recruit (new contract). The one year extension after the 22 win season and 4th place finish in the conference was a horses*** vote of no confidence and it will likely bite us in the butt whether we go on a run or don't.
  13. I think the one year extensions, whether it was the Eichorst one year removed from the tournament run or Moos at the end of tying the record for 2nd most wins in school history that cut the legs out from under him. Whatever happens this year we need to either support him with a new contract or let him go.
  14. Tim Miles has a 41.5% conference winning percentage. Greg McDermott (since his son left) is 43.5% in an arguably softer league. The narrative is that one is a sell and one is a buy. Maybe if we follow up our 2nd most wins in school history with a second winning season and strong recruiting class than the narratives are backwards.
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