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  1. I never thought about having a second favorite team. You can do that? I thought I just had to get groin kicked by my one favorite team for the rest of my life.
  2. Um. Win tonight and we are tied with North Carolina. A blue blood!
  3. If it's a 13 bid league we will have a chance.
  4. That's a unique stat. In other unique stats we shot a higher percentage from 3 than the foul line for the second straight game.
  5. Guess I will play until I forget NU 86 Riverside 67 9 Non Con 15 Total
  6. I was told by someone who sees a lot of practice that he was very difficult to guard.
  7. I guarded Erick Strickland in a switch situation in 8th grade, for like a second. He was a man and let's just say I was not. Guarded Vershon Jackson (Football TE) in a charity game once. Not a good matchup for me either!
  8. I would like to know if there will be new Husker Hoop Central Shirts made like when Miles was hired. My wallet is ready.
  9. Strong rally to a new high followed by a pull back with some consolidation. Looks like a buy point to me. :) (Past performance is not a guaranty of future performance plus all other wall street disclaimers)
  10. Agree thrasher, so say: Nothing Congratulate them on the run and reiterate that you will make the decision after the season. Be at the game and congratulate them on the run and schedule a meeting with your coach for Sunday. If it's over, then fire him. If it's not over then Pat Chamber's him (say he will be back) or many many other options better than what he did. I don't get it, just put out some b.s. that makes it look like you care and like most of the rest of the country you admired how they played. Incompetence in my opinion.
  11. I agree. I know people want it faster and i agree with those that say we could be consistently a much stronger program, but as AD I would support a good dude that is filling the place and starting to consistently "knock on the door" of the breakthrough we need for our program. I don't want to spin the mid-major coaching wheel for another build, our cupboard is not bare.
  12. Checked back in on KenPom We are currently 44th. Last year 55th and the NCAA year we were 56th.
  13. Interestingly, Barry Collier is the head of the NIT selection committee this year.
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