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  1. @donelleu Car dealerships.

  2. RT @HuskerTony31: My 9yo son Robbie passed away Saturday night from complications of leukemia. He was the funniest kid I ever met, always k…

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  4. @donelleu https://t.co/ib6Vko5dQn

  5. @JackMitchellLNK Try 50 versus 50. Good way to get a win with no skill.

  6. RT @HC_LivingBetter: Another great annual meeting with all of our amazing Life Enrichment Directors at Heritage Communities! Giving new me…

  7. @Championsomaha .... in February. Finished that for you. https://t.co/7SdtXN4rKW

  8. RT @OptimisticSker: You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about. https://t.co/iG0TWYBvXX

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  10. RT @NBCNews: Former President George W. Bush on the death of his mother, Barbara Bush: "I hope you don’t feel sorry for any of us, partic…

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  14. RT @HuskerHC: THE EARLY HYPE IS REAL #Nebrasketball https://t.co/mdHL2wlljE

  15. RT @donelleu: Easter 10 years ago 🐰 quite possibly one of my favorite kid photos ever. And the only time I ever dressed my not-closely-spac…