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  1. Walker had 6 turnovers in first 5 minutes of second half. Had to be an all time NCAA record.
  2. We got rid of Doc yet still over help and give up wide open 3s. Maddening All the missed free throws are exhausting. OU only has 2 turnovers. Came into game averaging 15. It sure Howard’s scheme is accomplishing anything today.
  3. Can this team, which is relatively devoid of solid ballhandlers, handle the press and pressure defense of SJU? Griesel may have to play 40 minutes tonight because Bando may really struggle bringing the ball up against their pressure defense. Of course, playing that many minutes is not realistic against a team that plays a frenetic uptempo style. Can the Huskers effectively pass the ball to break the press? It will help that we are taller than SJU because we can at least pass over the press. How will our larger guards be able to guard their smaller and quicker guards? This game will test our ability to cut off penetration, and if we give up penetration and have to help, will the other defenders effectively rotate? It will be interesting to see who guards who. David Jones is their most dynamic player/scorer and as a 6'6" PF he seems to be a perfect match up for Gary. But this means either or both of Griesel and Wilcher are going to have to guard one of their smaller guard. Can they keep up? This will be a good test. Can our guards use their height advantage? If Griesel is guarded by one of their smaller guards, can he back them down or post them up? Or will SJU's center be a rim protector that will prevent him from being to get to the rim? How will NU handle the tempo. I agree NU doesn't want to get too sped up. By I also hate when teams allow the opponent to press and never attack the press. The reason most teams don't press it because it is risky. If your press isn't successful, the offensive team can "break the press" and get a quick open shot often at the rim. If you don't ever attack the press, you effectively allow your opponent (SJU) to press and create an added difficultly for you without any ramifications or risks. When looking just at SJU's roster they look very talented: -- Posh (6' 0" Guard) was 2022 All-Big East honorable mention and 2021 Big East Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. -- Curbelo (6'1" Guard) was 2021 All Big 10 Freshman team and Big 10 Sixth Man of the Year (and #44 rated recruit in class of 2020). -- Mathis (6'4" Guard) has started 98 games in his career. -- Soriano (6'`11" Center) has started 55 games; shot 57% from the field last year and is shooting 70% this year -- Jones (6'6" Forward) Averaging 21 points and 7.5 rebounds this season and has scored in double figures in 11 of his past 12 games Hopefully the collective is not as good as the sum of the parts.
  4. First, this team is so much more likable and enjoyable to watch IMO (at least so far ). The good news is Nebraska missed 13 free throws and still won comfortably by 15. The bad news is Nebraska missed 13 free throws. Are free throws going to be the achilles heel for this team all year? It is possible. We have multiple players that have really struggled at the line so far--Gary, Dawson, Keita, Wilhelm. Defense-- We are not the longest or the quickest or the most athletic defense, but it just seems like every single player on the floor gets down in his stance, bends his knees and moves his feet. I thought Griesel did an excellent job moving his feet and cutting off penetration by their PG. Griesel isn't the fleetest of foot, and he will get beat on occasion in league play, but it won't be because of lack of effort. Same can be said for most all of the players based on what they have shown so far. As others have noted, there was a rough stretch in the first half where for some reason players seem to take turns wildly driving the lane into a mass of bodies and throwing up a desperation shot at the rim. This is something that can be corrected and I think this team has the disposition to learn from their mistakes. Plus, it seems that whenever the opponent goes on a run, ultimately it is Griesel that slows things down and makes a play. He is the steady leader we have lacked the last 3 years. Keita-- I have to eat my words on him. Before the game I said he probably shouldn't play in this one. I was wrong. He was very, very solid. He did have 4 turnovers, but other than that he did everything we could hope from him at this point. The best part-- he boxes out! There was one rebound where he had good position, and the ball bounced farther off the rim than usual, and he just backed up the defender all the way until he could secure the rebound. This is so basic and fundamental, but something so few players today actually do. CJ - was great to see Wilcher get it going. He was hot and the team found him. We are going to need him to continue to play with confidence and shoot when open because he is our best shooter by far. Wilhelm looked good against Maine, but has struggled in every other game he has played (this year and last). He reverted back to getting stupid over-aggressive fouls and just never got in a flow. His solid performance against Maine showed his potential, but he has to get more consistent. Bando was fun to watch last night. Dawson is very athletic and plays hard. He is offense is not pretty, but he did have a 3 and a dunk last night, so those are just bonus points. Concerns: Are the nagging injuries already piling up? Walker is out with some mysterious healthcare issue. Gary apparently has been dealing with a shoulder issue for a while, who knows how serious or how much it effects his play. And it seemed like Wilcher was half limping during the parts of the game and Fred seemed to allude to him having soreness or an injury as well. This team simply does not have the luxury or the depth to have injuries, especially so early in the season.
  5. All of the UNO players are super skinny. Keita either needs to dominate on the block or sit on the bench for this one. And if their 4/5 can shoot 3s, then I go with WB and JG exclusively at the 5.
  6. Uh sure. Of course you will be the one complaining all year about our lack of offense and scoring and how Fred needs to be fired.
  7. Fred had the exact player we need on campus and ready to commit until compliance/medical blew it up in his face. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/34977032/keyontae-johnson-starts-kansas-state-2-years-collapsing-court
  8. Left the arena a bit confused by this game. On the one hand, I felt the team played hard, under control and as a team, and even shot decently well (46% overall and 32% from 3). YET, the game was much tighter than it should have been, and was down to 2 points in the second half--thank goodness #1 is a horrible free throw shooter (0-6 Ouch!). Of course, Maine's unconscious start to the 2nd half played a big part in that, BUT Nebraska's defense allowed that to happen--and defense is supposed to be this team's calling card. However, it seemed a big part of the defensive struggle was Keita being completely unable to guard their stretch 5. Once Fred replaced Keita with WB, and started hedging and switching at the top of the key, #22 and #11 had much more difficulty getting off a good shot. Maine only had two guys who could shoot the 3, and we allowed them way too many open looks before making the adjustment. It is nice to see adjustments, but it is frustrating that it takes the staff so long to figure these things out. These things should be scouted before the game even begins, not waiting until it's a 2 point game in the second half. As many have pointed out, this team is more fun to watch that last year. They play hard and seem to care. But the loss of Walker is looming large and will set us back if he does not come back soon. If Walker was playing, I don't think this game would have been close. He would have been able to score on the block and he would have been able to guard the perimeter much better than Keita. Based on what I have seen so far, I don't see the point of playing Keita against these lower level teams who usually have smaller but better shooting 4s and 5s. He simply cannot guard the perimeter well enough, and he doesn't seem to be able use his size advantage on the offensive end, so what is the point of playing him if there is no big man to body up down low? Sam is not flashy, but is the key to this team. Finished with 22/9/3. Would like to see that assist number go up, but guys also have to make shots. He also played 37 minutes, which is too much, especially in a buy-in game. He will wear down if he has to play that much all year, but this team clearly has no true backup PG. Fun to watch Keisei get it going. Someone said earlier that Keisei can't do anything but shoot the 3. I think we all saw tonight that is not true. He actually is crafty around the rim and has a good touch. He also had a couple nice cuts to the basket. Keisei's problem is not his skill level, it's just the reality that he is short and not very athletic (at least not B1G level athlete). Remains to be seen if he can be a contributor against better talent. Gary has taken more shots than any other player in the 2 exhibitions and and this game. I am not sure that is the recipe for success. He brings a TON to the table in rebounding, defense and energy, but shooting is not his thing. Granted, some of those are simply put-backs on his own misses, but still, he is not MJ, he needs to know his role a bit better IMO. Wilcher has not found his groove in any of the 3 games so far, and even got benched in favor of KT last night. We are going to need him to come around quickly. Dawson played 23 minutes and had 0 points on 0-0 shooting and 1 rebound, 1 assist and 2 turnovers. Obviously brought a ton of energy and athleticism to the defensive end, but he remains a complete zero on offense teams are going to scout this and simply not guard him, causing difficulty for his teammates. UNO played Kansas tough until late in the game. Arkansas Pine Bluff lost to #14 TCU by 1 point. There are no gimme's for this team, especially without Walker. They need to figure some things out and continue to improve each game.
  9. If Walker is out, who would you start at center? 1. Keita 2. Oleg 3. Wilcher If Walker is out, who do you think Fred will start at center?
  10. Agree 100%. Huskers can probably survive if Walker is out for 4 games or less. If Nebraska can manage 3-1 in their first 4 (playing 3 buy-in games), then it would probably be the same record of 3-1 with or without Walker after 4 (going to be very difficult to beat St. John's on the road with or without Walker). But anything more than that may end this thing before it evens get started. The 5th, 6th and 7th games are the ESPN Invitational, all against high quality opponents. If Walker plays, Huskers would have a chance to secure at least one upset and gain a little mojo for the rest of the season. Without Walker, any chance at a upset is highly unlikely and a few blowouts are possible, killing morale and momentum for the season. After that tourney, Huskers play Boston College, Creighton, Indiana, Purdue and K.St. Brutal. Even if Walker comes back after the Invitational, he would have to integrate into the team with all the new players on-the-fly against 5 straight power 5 schools. PLUS, Fred has said that late last year he changed the entire offense to focus more on Walker. Not just dumping it into the post, but running the offense through him on the high post, along with a good dose of pick-and-roll. Fred recently said they continued this emphasis of running the offense through Walker this year. Walker is a good passer, and is mobile enough to roll to the basket, and has decent hands. Keita and Oleg are taller, but are less athletic, are more traditional centers, are not as skilled and do not have the experience or ability to be the focus of the entire offense. If Walker is out for 7 or more games, not only do the Huskers likely lose 3-4 of those games, but the new players do not get any game experience playing with Walker and running the true offense that Fred wants to run. They would have to re-learn the entire offense one-third of the way through the season, with new players on a new team, etc.
  11. Oleg has some potential. He is more polished and skilled on the offensive end that Keita. Biggest problem with Oleg is that he is still so skinny and not strong enough, he really struggles to box out and hold his position. Against Chadron St., he would initially have good rebounding position, but then a small 6'4" Chadron St. player would simply put a hip on him and easily move him off his spot. Chadron St. got a lot of offensive rebounds, and Oleg was a part of the issue because he simply can't hold his ground. If Walker is out for an extended time, it is going to be interesting to see how Fred handles it. He will either have to give Oleg rotation minutes, or put Wilhelm at the 5. Personally, I have not loved what I've seen from Wilhelm at the 4, so maybe time to try him at the 5 with Gary or Dawson at the 4.
  12. Getting our "shooters" like Wilcher, Keisei, Bando and Lawrence good shots is going to be the key to having offensive success. But with that said, there is a reason it consistently appears as though guys appear to be "forcing" shots-- opposing teams are guarding them tough on the 3-point line. This is in contrast to guys like Gary and Dawson, Walker, etc, which teams are going to play soft when guarding them on the perimeter. In fact, Chadron St. completely ignored Gary when he was at the 3-point line, played 10 feet off him and simply sat in the paint. The question is which would you rather have? Wilcher or Keisei shooting a slightly off-balance or contested 3, or Gary, Dawson or Walker shooting a wide-open 3? Based on their history and what I have seen so far, I would rather Wilcher, Keisei and Lawrence keep firing away even if off-balance or contested than Gary or Dawson or Walker wide open. Gary is simply not a good shooter at all. I know that Fred says he has been working on his balance and leaning to the side, etc, but the odds of that translating to game speed are low. I do hope he can improve things, but if we have to live-or-die with Gary shooting 3s it could be a very long season. He shot 11% his freshman year and 22% his sophomore year. He is also a career 55% free throw shooter, and missed 3 of 4 FTs in the exhibition against CU. Griesel looks like a guy who can hit 35%+ when he is wide open on 3s, but will struggle when contested or off-balance. Wilhelm has not given any indication he can shoot consistently at this level. Maybe if wide open, but he has not even established that. This leaves just 3 guys (not including Lawrence who is not in the rotation) who can consistently make the 3, and other teams know it. It is going to be very difficult to get those 3 guys wide open 3s, so they are going to have to take some difficult ones. Although Lawrence missed all three of his 3-point attempts, I really liked what I saw from him on the offensive end. He seemed to have good movement, spacing and confidence to shoot. He is a good shooter and those shots will start falling if he get more opportunities. Question is whether his defense will prevent him from getting minutes. But if Keisei struggles, I have to believe Lawrence could play defense close to Keisei's level, so maybe those two can fight for playing time. Reality is we need at least one of them to be on the court and firing away, because this team lacks so much shooting in its other rotation players.
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