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  1. Losing Walker and Andre probably has already cost us one game. None of us has seen Andre play, but with his height, length and athleticism, I would hope he can give us more than Yvan from day 1. Hoping he gets immediate playing time upon his return. Until then, Fred might have to go with Stevenson at center. They utilized him some yesterday, and it worked okay. Fred parked Stevenson in the dunker spot (short baseline) and then when Delano or Trey or whoever would penetrate and draw the defender they could just dump off to Stevenson for the easy dunk. These are plays that Yva
  2. There is a difference between a player that can make a 3, and a player that is a legit 3-point shooter. Nebraska has a number of the former, but not any of the latter. Lat is the closest to being a legit 3-point shooter, but he appears to have a confidence issue. Some guys are dynamite practice players, but when the lights turn on, struggle for whatever reason. It is still super early, so no way to know for sure, but just reading Lat's body language and seeing how quickly he became tentative after missing his first few shots seems to be telling. In the 2nd half, Lat had a wide open 3 and p
  3. I watched his entire game that he played on ESPN. I really, really, really hope I am wrong, but I think he is going to struggle in the B1G. He is super, super skinny, and he doesn't have the frame to put on weight. No way he can guard centers in the B1G. This means he will probably have to play PF (as opposed to center), which, to me, takes away all the potential advantage he might offer as a "stretch 5". He will struggle at PF IMO because he is alarmingly unathletic. I don't understand all the talk by Fred about him being good at playing fast tempo because he is S-L-O-W and, frankly, lo
  4. I'm guessing between Thor and Yvan. Hoiberg was on sports nightly last week and he talked about how he believes NU can gain a mismatch by having its "big" pull the opposing big away from the basket. The only "big" that comes close to fitting that description is Lat. Hoiberg also said Lat has been the team's leading defensive rebounder in practice. He also talked about how Doc's defense is good at getting guys to collapse into the paint when undersized (we all remember the mighty miites, right?). My guess is Hoiberg will wants to try Lat at the 5 see how far he can go
  5. I mentioned this in the McGowens thread, when I saw that Georgia was our competition for Bryce, I worried that $EC money bags would win out as they have so many times before. But with the commitment of Bryce, I wonder if the fact that NIL rules go in effect next year helped "even the playing field" for dear ol' NU. Reading between the lines, it sure seems that Moos, Frost and Fred are developing "strategies" to make sure the players NIL pays "dividends" once implemented. We all have read the articles about how Lincoln's own Opendorse is working with pro athletes across the nation already, a
  6. Does anyone know why they didn’t seek a waiver for Lakes to play this year? Now with this extra year of eligibility he could have played this entire year and next year.
  7. In the 2018 season, the national average was 35.1 percent and it was 35 percent in 2017.
  8. At Western KY Banton shot 21% from 3 and 56% from the line, and (at least as of last year), his form was atrocious. I have a lot of high hopes for Banton as an all-around ball-handler/slasher/passer/rebounder. But unless Fred has some magic dust in his pocket, not counting on him being anywhere close to a decent shooter from the outside. Especially considering that "decent" in today's game should be at least 35% from 3. Hope I'm wrong and he has significantly improved his shot.
  9. I agree this team still lacks shooters, but a lineup of Kobe, Banton, Allen, Thor and Lat is intriguing to me. Enough ball-handling and fire-power to put up points, and though a bit small, should have enough size to compete on defense and rebounding. When examining the PF/C spots, must remember that Banton is 6'9". Even though he may play guard on offense, he can still guard opposing PF or most teams (unless they have a complete bruiser). This allows Lat to play 5 and Kobe, Allen and Thor to match up with opposing guards/wings.
  10. Worried about the shooting with that starting lineup. Yvan is a complete non-shooter. Banton (unless he has improved immensely) is a very poor shooter and Trey was never a consistent shooter at Pitt (about 31% from 3 which is very poor). Allows defense to sag off on defense and clog the paint making it very difficult for guys to dribble penetrate.
  11. That was kind of my whole point. I don't know what the staff has planned for Lat. I'm just saying that I think NU's best chance of success is if Lat can be an impact player at the 5. I have no idea if he can or not. No idea if he is physical enough or strong enough. Heck, I don't even know if he is any good. But if reports are true that he is playing well and they expect good things from him, and he is a really good shooter, I would love to see him get some run at the 5. Nebraska will not be able to out-talent its opponents. Its best hope it to have a unique offense that ca
  12. How do you win games in the B1G without great players? You can't just willy nilly say "we have to win games before we can get the recruits." You can't win games without the players. The recruits must come first. We saw this last year. Even the great basketball mind of Fred Hoiberg was absolutely destroyed in the B1G because he didn't have the horses. You gotta get the Jimmys and the Joes to get the wins. And yes, Hoiberg and Matt and even Doc should be busting their butts for these Nebraska recruits. Are you really suggesting NU, with Fred Hoiberg as HC, should
  13. I think the X-factor this year is going to be Lat. Not only whether he can be a true impact player, but an impact player at the 5. He could open up the lane and so many other options on offense. Question is whether he can guard opposing 5 and rebound. Hear he is relentless, so that will help, but is he big and strong enough.
  14. Do you really think Donovan decommitted solely because he is scared of the competition on the NU roster? From players who are on a 7 win team? Or that he decommitted solely because he was scared of Teddy? He is being recruited by multiple power 5 schools. Do you really think those schools don't have players who are just as good or better than Teddy?
  15. cjbowbros original post was in response to Huskerinexile who said that we do not want Donovan at NU because he is not a team player and became uncoachable this year. I think cjbowbros point was that this seems like a myopic and selective vision position considering all the other players Hoiberg has recruited to play at NU. I have thought about this as well. I mean, let's be honest, virtually every single high profile HS player is selfish in some form or another. And isn't pretty much every single transfer player we bring in selfish? These are players that just quit on their team because t
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