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  1. Fred didn’t make make a single defensive substitution on that last defensive possession. How can you leave Webster in on defense with Banton on the bench?
  2. What is the rule regarding loss (or lack thereof) of a year of eligibility for players for this season. I thought ALL players would NOT lose any year of eligibility from this season. In other words, Andre would still be a freshman next year, Yvan would still be a soph, Walker would still be a junior, etc. or is this not correct? Is it only current seniors that don't lose a year? If so, what about a player like Walker who is in his fourth (senior) year of school, but is considered a junior for eligibility because of his redshirt year?
  3. Trey is shooting 33% on 2-point shots in conference. He also has more turnovers (42) than assists (37) for the season. The concern before the season was his inefficiency and that has borne out this season.
  4. This is why I specifically qualified my statement by saying "Danny Nee lock up the state at a time of great Nebraska talent" Almost all those players were during the early 90s , and Nee got them all. After them, the state went through a stretch where there was very little talent. Collier tried to take some Nebraska kids, but they were not very talented and it backfired. I am not interested in taking every mid-major Nebraska kid, but when we have multiple 4* and 5* and guys who are going to Wisconsin, Creighton, Oklahoma State and various blue bloods, all around the same few years, Fred nee
  5. The B1G is a grind. So many top level teams. What we are all learning is that to compete in the B1G, you can't have a roster full of one-dimensional players. We have some players that our good/great athletes, but not great shooters (Banton, Trey, Shamiel). We have others that our good shooters, but not good athletes (Webster, Lakes). And then we have a guy like Lat who is a decent shooter and a decent athletes (but not great by any means), but otherwise lacks all basic basketball skills. And Teddy, well, he is just Teddy (not a great athlete and really struggles with the mental game).
  6. Why in the world are they playing man the man defense on the inbounds with one second left? And watch Teddy guarding the inbound are standing flat-footed with his arms down. Pathetic.
  7. You crack me up. For five years I suspected you are either related to Tim Miles or his secret lover. Now I know it must be true. For five years if Miles, no matter how bad, you never once criticized him or said anything that in any way could be interpreted as negative about him and defended Miles at every single opportunity. You’ve said more negative about Fred and this team in this thread alone than against Miles in 5 years. Lol.
  8. If you can’t guard the pick and roll, you can’t play center in the NBA. At least not big minutes or as a key player.
  9. I subscribed to Big 10 Network+ for this game. Does anyone know how to watch on my TV using a Roku or other device?
  10. We’re playing with great effort but making too many stupid decisions and mistakes.
  11. Lat does the same stupid stuff game after game, time after time
  12. Starters shooting 6-24 Bad Teddy is really bad. They are locking up Mayen and daring Banton to shoot. Nice to see Webster get get his stroke back, but Still looks like this team is full of chuckers not shooters.
  13. Losing Walker and Andre probably has already cost us one game. None of us has seen Andre play, but with his height, length and athleticism, I would hope he can give us more than Yvan from day 1. Hoping he gets immediate playing time upon his return. Until then, Fred might have to go with Stevenson at center. They utilized him some yesterday, and it worked okay. Fred parked Stevenson in the dunker spot (short baseline) and then when Delano or Trey or whoever would penetrate and draw the defender they could just dump off to Stevenson for the easy dunk. These are plays that Yva
  14. There is a difference between a player that can make a 3, and a player that is a legit 3-point shooter. Nebraska has a number of the former, but not any of the latter. Lat is the closest to being a legit 3-point shooter, but he appears to have a confidence issue. Some guys are dynamite practice players, but when the lights turn on, struggle for whatever reason. It is still super early, so no way to know for sure, but just reading Lat's body language and seeing how quickly he became tentative after missing his first few shots seems to be telling. In the 2nd half, Lat had a wide open 3 and p
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