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  1. NUdiehard

    Nebraska (11-3) vs. Iowa (11-3) Game Thread

    Note Iowa had 3 seconds left in half and made a 3-pointer by just dribbling up floor and taking 3 in comparison to the ridiculous half court alley-opp play run by Nebraska with 3 seconds left in Maryland game that had no chance of being successful in that short span of time.
  2. Go back and watch the replay. By the time the ball gets to Roby there was only 0.3 seconds on game clock. Even if he catches it clean he doesn’t have time to gather and shoot. Would have had to literally tipped it in from a full sprint and jump based on a half court pass. Almost 0% chance all that works in that time frame. Plus the defender was with him all the way and had another defender in paint as well. Maryland not going to allow him to just streak down court all alone. Much rather get a decent look from 3 and live with results.
  3. The Paner hero ball down the stretch had to end and a lot of that is on Miles. Allen is the best shooter on the team but Miles will not or cannot get him open shots. That play out of timeout with 3 seconds on shot clock (not last possession) where pass into Roby and out to James for 3 should have been to Tom. Need to get the right pkayers the right shots at the right time.
  4. Totally disagree. The pass was off because it is almost an impossible pass—an alley-oop pass from half court with hands in your face. Terrible play. Just get a good look from 3
  5. The was a crap play. Just get a good look from 3 and go for the win. The odds of that half court alley oopbworking was about .01%.
  6. Terrible shot. Hero ball in effect
  7. NUdiehard

    Roby will be back. Book it

    ESPN just updated their top 100 draft prospects and Roby came in at #39, which would be a high 2nd round pick. Palmer comes in at #80 and Copeland is not listed on the top 100
  8. Palmer taking bad shots on offensive end and getting destroyed on defensive end
  9. Dean Smith have to eat some crow
  10. NUdiehard

    Is it time to start Brady?

    I don’t even like the 3 big men concept for this team. In the last game Miles experimented for awhile with a Roby, Copeland Tanner lineup and it was a disaster IMO. I would much rather continue to go with the small ball lineup and force opponents to adjust to us rather the us adjusting to them.
  11. NUdiehard

    Roby (is Good)

    ESPN top 100 Draft rankings came out yesterday. Roby at #33. Palmer #68. Copeland did not make top 100. ESPN Top 100 Sam Vecenie of the Athletic came out with his 2019 NBA Draft Big Board and Roby listed at #47 and Palmer at #55. Copeland did not make top 100.
  12. NUdiehard

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    Consider me concerned. Plantar is not something that goes away quickly or easily. Anyone remember Marcus Perry? He battled plantar his entire senior year at NU and if I recall he almost never practiced that whole year and simply played in games when he could. Roby has had numerous nagging injuries since the day he stepped foot on campus and such injuries may just be his kryptonite. Hopefully he can shake it and be at full health the rest of the season but not off to a good start.