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  1. The crazy thing is if I had to guess he will come off the bench. I love that he said in an interview tagged in the article that he chose CU because there coach DIDNT promise him playing time as a freshman he wanted to earn it. He will need a little patience as we might have a top 3 backcourt in the league. Also love the free throw numbers I don’t see anything terrible about his shot I’m hoping it will develop into an elite weapon.
  2. I think it’s 5.8 assists per game. Or did he happen to get the same number of rebounds too?
  3. Love this guy but I want to see more stats. Specifically assists and how many 3s he took per game. If this dude can shoot the three he looks like a beast on offense. Watching highlights he made some awesome passes and can dribble and shoot well while being a stellar athlete. Also does anyone know what Ohio division he plays in? His points per game are ridiculous!
  4. I want to know who the right person to take out this anger on was ?
  5. Oh yeah in the Lebron/Jordan/Bird sincerio I consider them the point guard just like Giannis or Ben Simmons would be today. I like the trend of putting the ball in the best players hands, as long as they can dribble and create, as much as possible. But is the best facilitator Banton in our case? I think Cam will generally be the better option. But maybe we will play him off ball for 10-20 minutes with Cam and 10 min at point guard as the back up. That would be my guess.
  6. At the end of the day somebody is the point guard as somebody brings the ball up the floor the majority of the time. This person has the first chance to attack the defense and often has the unique position of being able to have a running start when they get to the defense which can be helpful. But otherwise I agree it doesn’t matter all that much if we call him a 2 or a 4 offensively.
  7. I hope he can figure it out he could be an amazing player if he does. He can be a great player even if he doesn't. But I have seen to many guys never improve to just assume he will young or not. If Hoiberg or one of his assistants can teach and actually prioritize rebuilding or improving players form it will be priceless. Banton will be a great example of that.
  8. Wow that does put things into perspective. I guess I just feel like at some point your 3pt% is just too bad to take a three at all. But if he's better from midrange that could help and of course he will need to shoot FTs so I guess 56% would be better. Either way if he doesn't improve he's not going to stretch the floor very much so the other team will still be able to sag and help when he's on the floor.
  9. I can only hope he is as good a defender. What makes you say better shooter though? All I've seen is 22% from 3 and under 60% FT though I'm assuming that was on very low attempts. Did he shoot better in high school?
  10. I will be interested to see where he fits. It seems like he would be best at point guard especially if he continues to struggle shooting from distance. If he doesn't play pg will he play the 4 on offense? Can he post up? Is it worth it to take the ball out of Burke, Mack, or Greens hands to give him more ability to create? I think it would be. Also wondering how this affects who we will continue to go after recruiting wise? With only 1 or 2 scholarships left is there anyone we would be less likely to take now? I like the pick up he seems like a quality player but it certainly makes things interesting moving forward.
  11. The Rocket's should have beaten the best team in NBA history in a seven game series last year, who by the way shot 3s to get there, and gone on to win the NBA finals against a depleted Cavs team. So yes if age wasn't a factor the Rockets certainly could win an NBA championship as currently constructed. The Rockets are probably the best example of a team overachieving by shouting as many threes as possible. There style of offensive slows the game down taking an incredible team like the Warriors out of offensive flow and allows them to play harder on defense as well as get more offensive rebounds. Shouting lots of 3s doesn't mean that passing or dribbling aren't important either. It just means those things are used to get 3s instead of 2s. Another perfect example is the Cavs last year vs the Lakers this year. There are a lot of factors but the biggest difference between the two teams was that one team had guys who shot 3s and the other didn't. The Lakers thought they could turn back the clock and have a bunch of drivers and they sucked. NBA defenses are far better and more complex today than they used to be. In the NCAA it is a bit of a different story. NCAA teams with incredible defenses can make up for their lack of scoring. If I had to guess 2pt% is usually more associated with athleticism and good defense than 3pt%. I don't think many people would contend that Texas Tech and Virginia were legendary offensive teams. Mostly they just outworked everybody on defense which seems to be something Doc could be good at getting out of players. We will see.
  12. That makes since too. One day, hopefully in the not so distant future, I believe that we will be able to get a big man without telling him "all our big men suck/actually we don't have any" but that day still has not come.
  13. I guess I stopped paying attention to bracketology after the huskers starting going I'm assuming then that Utah would have been an NIT team comparable to us right? I guess they decided "Head coach Larry Krystkowiak told the media after that game that Utah will not seek a tournament berth outside the NCAA or NIT."
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