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  1. An under rated part of this play is that we have so many shooters that Tanner is on an island to get the rebound if he misses. Tanner wouldn't be my first choice for a tip in but the point remains. Also Tanner needs to back up he always stands directly under the rim when getting a rebound and it bounces over his head.
  2. His fouls were real and really stupid but we weren't the only one with a big guy in foul trouble tonight. Thompson was supposed to be a solid player for them but had a terrible game. "Taurean Thompson committed four fouls in fives minutes of action while missing three shots with a -10 rating that he will try to forget about."
  3. I disagree there was a time or two in the first half where we benefited from little contact foul calls on the drive they had one or two as well. Also those refs did not think they were wrong on the moving screen call and did not call make up calls i.e Tanners fourth. They claimed he was moving which was technically was but only because he was 1. not setting a screen and 2. not touching anyone. So basically they were claiming any offensive movement is a moving screen. This may sound like I'm going easy on them to be clear I am not even the fact that they called everything at the basket was terrible. On top of that some of the traveling calls they made were ridiculous. Glynn got called for one early in the game that I went back and watched where he caught the ball took one step and jump stopped. If theyre gonna call that might as well prohibit passing to a moving player at all.
  4. One thing I will say to pump the breaks is we went 17-1 at home last year. We have always heavily struggled on the road. Two wins next week and we are for real. No more of this only good at home crap.
  5. I’m not we have five days rest after this. The schedule isn’t compressed this year 40 minutes every once in awhile is fine.
  6. cjbowbros

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    This take didn’t age well. But maybe in a different sense it did
  7. cjbowbros

    Is it time to start Brady?

    Best thing about this is he’s going to be here for a long time. He’s not going to transfer I highly doubt he’ll go pro and he’s already pretty good. My guess is he will clear the low bar of being the best big man in the miles era.
  8. The refs were awful and mostly towards us but man if you went into the lane you were getting a foul guaranteed and no questions asked. Palmer figures it out and abused it without fail. Didn’t even make them either just collected the free throws.
  9. Neigther team could make a run that half even when we didn’t score for 3:30 minutes we only gave up 6 I think. Probably why it feels worse than it is
  10. Anytime there is only a hint of a run they’re calling timeout. Can’t do that forever
  11. cjbowbros

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    I just realized can anyone explain to me how the rematch of last years national championship is at 5:30 and on FS1. Probably should have hyped that up a little more!
  12. cjbowbros

    Nebrasketball Podcasts

    Two Wins Lookin For Three Caleb and Jake are back after watching the first two games of the season. They break down the first to husker wins and look forward to the huge match-up with Seton Hall at PBA on Wednesday! We also update how our first two Husker Hoops Central Challenge games went and make predictions on the third. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/16206938/download.mp3 Not sure why this isn't working but use the link or even better check it out on iTunes.
  13. cjbowbros

    Scouting Seton Hall

    Yeah people have made it sound like this 7'2" guy may not even play is that correct?
  14. cjbowbros

    Scouting Seton Hall

    Maybe but either him or Tanner will play at some point right? Obviously these games were not indicative of the exact rotation but Brady has played more minutes than Tanner in both games this year. I don't happen to remember who was the first player to enter the game either time which may be a better indicator.