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  1. cjbowbros

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Dang I had a response written out for that and decided you must be talking about college. I was going to say that he really has no reason to leave because he already has his 4 year plan in place. No need to go out and seek attention elsewhere. I believe that going to another team won't be that beneficial for him. It's the off the court stuff that will prepare him for a Nebraska career more than on the court stuff. It goes back a little to the discussion we had in the summer about the number 1 guy in a small town compared to the number 5 guy in a big town too. Let him get minutes and shots in games and practice 3's in the summer. I'm sure his family will make sure he's practicing (hopefully the right way) a D1 athlete isn't new for them.
  2. cjbowbros

    Scouting Mich St

    I did think it could be related to the song. This would be preferable. Now I’m imagining the Michigan State coaching staff getting excited that he might be out. Then they show a player the story and he’s like “He’s talking about the song coach.” Izzo “What does it mean.” Player “um...” Cyrptic social media posts are one of my favorite things about basketball for some reason. So forgive me for trying to be the Woj of Instagram.
  3. cjbowbros

    Scouting Mich St

    The post? Just checked it again posted 16 minutes ago.
  4. cjbowbros

    Scouting Mich St

    Copeland just posted an instagram story of him driving no words were spoken but the emoji tells the story. I think he's sick.
  5. Which is exactly why it shouldn't be used by ESPN because it shouldn't matter.
  6. What I meant is the AP poll isn't used by the commit NET ranking is so I honestly don't know why everyone (including universities and news papers) thinks they are still so important. I know we need humans to tell us things like NU shouldn't quite be 13th right now but in college football we use the selection committee rankings once they come out. So why aren't we using the closest indicator of what the selection committee will determine. This ranking is why whoever FS1 hired to do bracketalogy has us at a 4 seed right now. Which fits perfectly as 4 seeds should be the 13-16 best teams in the country. As a 2nd opinion Joe Lunardi has us as a 6 seed. 13 13 Nebraska Big Ten 12-4 1-3 2-1 8-0 1-0
  7. That should happen either way. In my book we are already ranked 13th before this game. Hoping for a top 10 match Thursday.
  8. The closest game would be vs Creighton if you want a better game than that? Well I think this team is great but that was an incredible performance.
  9. Will this be televised on Instagram live? I want to here about his defensive switching strategy while this problem is being solved!
  10. Hate this team we can never seem to pull out a close game. I mean another double digit game. Oh and did I mention fire Miles! Our offense didn’t have a FG for 9..... “what... we won?” Oh, well Michigan State is still definitely a must win. I’ll believe when we beat someone in the top 10.
  11. cjbowbros

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    I've definitely seen him at multiple games including the scrimmage with his dad no less. Would anyone from this board transfer to another school? He's probably just as big of a fan as we are.
  12. cjbowbros

    New NET Rankings

    Even if they don't become Q1 wins this is why we are ranked so high. Now that I know games are only halfway capped at ten a 23 point win vs OSU and Seton Hall along with a huge win vs Creighton (19 points) is really helping us in NET rank. Point differential is the best predictive success factor computer rankings have. People still look at wins and losses as being so important. It seems to me that wins are certainly less than 50% of the algorithm and probably closer to 25%. For NET ranking and therefore quadrants I would much rather one of our opponents lose by one and then win by 10 than win the same two games by 1. The former indicates a better team and NET ranking reflects that now.