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  1. You might be generally right but I doubt you would be as impressed with a highlight tape of all Ivan's wide open dunks. Many of them were due to off ball movement that I was impressed by. I've seen plenty of centers at Nebraska who would fumble the ball or take 3 dribbles before they could even make the wide open dunk. And unrelated but the two chase down blocks at the end of that earlier video were incredible, imagine Ivan ever having a real chase down block. Not trying to put down Ivan just saying just because you are a "big man" doesn't mean you can do all the things you are supposed to easily do at that position like dunk.
  2. This is the most exciting get of the class for me given the situation and team needs. If he is actually 6'10" (which he either is or is pretty athletic) this guy is a rare find and his other offers prove it. Finally someone who can play an nba style offense like Hoiberg wants. I want to see him in the pick and roll 10 times a game next year I'm just disappointed he won't be able to do it with Cam at point guard. And hopefully we can do away with the post ups as well. I don't know what the stats are like in college but I know post ups for anyone expect Joel Embiid are pretty inefficient in today's NBA. And I don't think Ivan or Walker are going to have elite ability in that department by next year. I'm hoping his game is similar to Clint Capela though for that to work well we will still need to have success shooting 3s which I'm still worried about. Watching the 16-17 video he keeps the ball high almost every time and gets the shot off quickly. Also as far as I've seen he has no injury history right? Another thing that often plagues big men.
  3. I like this pickup we need shooting badly on this team though if he doesn’t play til 2021 how would I know we’ll have 8 new guys anyway. But there’s got to be a reason he’s still in DII if he were a great athlete everyone would be looking at him. I would guess he will be similar to Kavas on defense. If he’s a little better that’d be great. I know it’s not a total one for one trade because of eligibility but I’d take what I’ve seen this guy over Cross any day. At this point in the process I wasn’t sure who we could possibly have left to get so I’ll take it. Just seeing the post above His block shots are encouraging though that maybe more a reflection of the level he was playing at or system he played in. If he played the 5 in the middle of a 2 3 zone it’d be much easier to get blocks than if you are a wing defender.
  4. That’s totally true. I have gotten the feeling that this is more about attitude than on court play though. Again if he is shooting to much Hoiberg can always take him out of the game. And if he doesn’t like it he can leave. But for us to just assume that because the best player in the state was a bit of a ball hog in high school he will always make any team he is on worse seems like a stretch.
  5. And just to be clear I’m all on board with Teddy he seems like a great player that will help us win. But at the same time I believe there is about a 50/50 shot he’s still on the team by the end of next season. I hope it works out and if it doesn’t it’s not a huge deal he can just transfer. It’s going to take a lot to transform a 7 win team into a team that makes the tournament so we might as well take a chance. Especially on a guy who already lives here might stick around and be a building block for the future.
  6. Yes but only because I compared Nebraska highschool basketball to the NBA. He was named the best player in Nebraska this year. The point is that not being a team player to some extent doesn’t mean the player can’t help your team win. Kyrie had to get away from Lebron but they still won a championship together. Same with Shaq and Kobe. Even if Donovan isn’t a great team player he could have helped us win and if he couldn’t or we were bringing in all top 150 recruits I would have no problem letting him go. But there is no way he would be worst player on our roster next year. And there’s also no way you could expect him at this point (I could be proven wrong) to be a worse locker room guy than Mack or Allen. So I would have at least liked to try it.
  7. LOL Cam Mack? Teddy Allen? If anyone can explain to me how Allen or Mack have a better track record of being a “high character” guy than Williams I’d love to hear it. You know Lebron likes to play 1 on 5 and even disobey his coach too. Did it hurt the team sometimes of course it did but that doesn’t mean Cleveland was going to be better off without him? No. Yes Donovan is like Lebron in a Nebraska highschool game and honestly I’d rather have watched him develop and play 5 on 1 at Nebraska all season compared to what we watched all season. All Hoiberg had to do was act like he wanted this guy and honestly if it didn’t work out WHO CARES we have plenty of spots to fill after all the super high character guys Hoiberg brought in last year are transferring after 1 season.
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