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  1. cjbowbros

    Dedoch is N

    If you guys would like to hear a summary of the type of player Chan is and how he fits the team as a whole you can search the Risky Roadz Pod in iTunes. I combined research done in the recruiting thread with my thoughts on his highlights to bring you a comprehensive overview of this player so I hope you check it out!
  2. cjbowbros

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I have a hard time seeing Texas Tech being a top 30 team next year. These guys probably know more than me but they lost their best 2 players in Evans and Smith this year. Of course Smith wasn’t supposed to be a great player last year so maybe they have a great coach but you certainly can’t replace his athleticism and wing span that allowed him to play the four in one of the most unique roles in the NCAA last year. Evans was basically their version of Tyrann P last year so he’s a big loss too.
  3. cjbowbros

    Player Power Rankings

    I would say he was more important than Tanner will be if he plays a relatively small role this season which I believe he will. He was also clearly more important than Duby last year alone I mean he started over 15 games last year. I was as critical as anybody about him starting and liked him in his much reduced role much more but he was still an important part of a team that won the most conference games in Nebraska basketball history. On top of that in my opinion he was better as a freshman than as a sophomore. I could have put other guys in the 19-25 range in front of him but certainly not all of them. That group was probably one of the hardest for me to separate. Though if you factored in the fact that he sort of screwed us recruiting wise and assumed he was a distraction in the locker room you which would fit the definition of this list, I very much could agree with you.
  4. cjbowbros

    Risky Roadz Podcast

    To keep from making to many new threads I'll just post about new episodes on this one. We have two new podcasts to share with you guys. One was posted last week as we continued with our player power rankings and briefly discussed Thorir's play in Fiba U20 basketball. I didn't have time to post about that one here because I put it up just before leaving for a camp that I was volunteering at which did not have cell coverage not the time to post on here. But, more importantly we had our first emergency pod today to talk about Jordy leaving the program and where that leaves the program going forward. Make sure to give us 5 stars and subscribe to help others fine the podcast and so you are ready for the upcoming season. If you don't know where to find the podcast they are in my original post. Thanks so much to anyone who's listening! https://twitter.com/RiskyRoadzPod/status/1020744466699874305
  5. cjbowbros

    Player Power Rankings

    Here's my full and updated player power rankings list (to fix clear flaws in the first version and the transfer of Jordy) do you feel that Jordy's contribution to the team in the last 2 years should put him at 18 on this list. 1. James Palmer 2. Shavon Shields 3. Terran Petteway 4. Glynn Watson 5. Isaiah Roby 6. Tai Webster 7. Isaac Copeland 8. Walter Pitchford 9. Andrew White III 10. Ray Gallegos 11. Anton Gill 12. Thomas Allen 13. Evan Taylor 14. David Rivers 15. Ed Morrow 16. Benny Parker 17. Dylan Talley 18. Jordy Tshinmanga 19. Leslee Smith 20. Michael Jacobson 21. Tanner, Borchardt 22. Jack McVeigh 23. Duby Okeke 24. Nana Akenten 25. Andre Almeida 26. Jeremiah Horne 27. Mike Peltz 28. Thorir Thorbjarnason 29. Moses Abraham 30. Tarin Smith 31. Jake Hammond 32. Bakari Evelyn 33. Nick Fuller 34. Nathan Hawkins 35. Deverell Biggs
  6. cjbowbros

    Why Recruiting Small Cities Pays Off

    This is a good hypothesis that I will assume correct. But when it comes to college basketball instead of the NBA when players are obviously closer to there prime. Chances are if kids are dominating high schoolers their senior year they will have a better chance they will have a better ability to do that their in their few years in the NCAA and specifically on your team since kids who are still developing (and not playing often) are likely to transfer. Players drafted into the NBA are drafted so heavily on potential because you can keep at least the rights a player for a guaranteed 7-9 years which probably brings them into their prime (full potential). In college this is obviously much different. I'm just arguing an alternate point that would say these analytics would be less significant in college than the NBA. I still would say that the data is quite relevant in terms of college success as it seems most people would agree.
  7. cjbowbros

    Player Power Rankings

    I'd also be interested to hear this debated, you said that Roby playing NBA minutes is very important. How would you compare that to the impact of on court team success and particularly making the tournament in terms of the benefit it gives to recruiting. I would say that team success is more important because players want to play on good teams and figure the NBA scouts will think they're better if they make it to the big stage. A perfect example this year is Donte Divincenzo who wasn't in the top 30 on just about anyones big board until he had the huge championship game and suddenly his combine was great and he goes 17th in the draft. Obviously both go together and the opposite would be Kentucky where coach Cal basically has said "My job is to get kids to the NBA not to win" which is obviously not true since he limits the roles of his players so much. But anyway both team and individual future success go together I think for Nebraska team success matters more.
  8. cjbowbros

    Player Power Rankings

    I am aware that there were a few errors in this list and on the pod. Should have done a little more research when thinking about 35 players over 7 years so I apologize. I was unfortunately 13 when Ray graduated and forgot that he played on the tournament team so retrospectively I would have moved him up significantly higher along with David Rivers and Ed Morrow Also would have moved Moses and Jacob Hammond down a bit.
  9. cjbowbros

    Player Power Rankings

    I thought it would be interesting to take all of the of the former and current players who have been on the team for at least one year and played significant minutes since the start of the Tim Miles era. It took me about 30 minutes to make mine and was also the subject of Jake and I's discussion on the second episode of the Risky Roadz Podcast. We only released the 11-35 on this episode so I will hold my top ten but I'd be very interested to hear yours. I decided my ranking based on overall significance to the program in the case of former players and overall expected significance to the program by the end of their careers (taking into effect that we think some players may transfer or leave for any other reason). 11. Jordy Tshinmanga 12. Anton Gill 13. Thomas Allen 14. Leslee Smith 15 Benny Parker 16. Dylan Talley 17 .Duby Okeke 18. Michael Jacobson 19. Jack McVeigh 20. David Rivers 21. Ed Morrow 22. Moses Abraham 23. Ray Gallegos 24. Nana Akenten 25. Andre Almeida 26. Tanner, Borchardt 27. Mike Peltz 28. Thorir Thorbjarnason 29. Jake Hammond 30. Jeremiah Horne 31. Tarin Smith 32. Bakari Evelyn 33. Nick Fuller 34. Nathan Hawkins 35. Deverell Biggs For reference here's my top ten in random order. Andrew White III Terran Petteway Tai Webster Evan Taylor Shavon Shields Isaac Copeland James Palmer Isaiah Roby Glynn Watson Walter Pitchford And again the podcast can be found on itunes if you search Risky Roadz Pod. Excited to know what you think!
  10. cjbowbros

    the Decision Mark III

    They would have been able to offer cousins what lance got instead. Even before that happened most people thought Lance was well over paid. The team has very few shooters which is the key to a LeBron offense it’s not going to be a great defensive team either though probably not bad. I would say that magic has done a suspect job best if you look at anything besides LeBron which wasn’t really Magic’s doing. The good thing is he hasn’t locked them up with long term deals but that’s the most obvious play in the book.
  11. cjbowbros

    Risky Roadz Podcast

    It is now active on the iTunes store you can find it by searching Risky Roadz Pod.
  12. cjbowbros

    Risky Roadz Podcast

    Hey guys we know it's the off season and there is little recruiting news or any news right now but there is no time like the present to start a new Nebraska Basketball podcast the Risky Roadz Pod. Jake and I are so excited to cover the team this year and discuss this upcoming season for your enjoyment. In episode 1 we get right down to business and discuss what we saw from the team last year and how we think it will translate to this year. The 1st episode can already be found through this link to our twitter page @RiskyRoadzPod and will hopefully shortly be approved by iTunes. We also have an instagram @riskyroadzpod if you would like to give that a follow. We would love any feedback or mailbag questions for future episodes! Thanks so much guys hope you enjoy it.
  13. cjbowbros

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I studied this significantly during the break between the tournament in the selection committee and did not come to that conclusion at all. To me it seemed like every team in a major conference even on a down year with an RPI that was around where ours was good have a good chance of making the tournament in years past. And I don’t know why a lot of our wins which were against what would be considered tier 2 or tier 3 opponents in the system or not quality wins when we racked them up like we did. The way I do admit we absolutely sucked on the road last year which definitely cost us.
  14. cjbowbros

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I think this was the problem last year. Had we known teams like Oklahoma would make it in over us because of SOS we would have played a very difficult SOS last year. Thats obvious this year and as a fan this is great we will benefit from playing tons of fun games against great opponents next year. We were just unfortunate that the rules changed a lot in a year where we happened to have a weak schedule because the conference was down. Its just frustrating that the commities priorities when picking teams were only made clear when they picked the teams that made it not when we were scheduling half a year previous. If the system stays consistant then I'm all for it but it seems to not always do so.