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  1. This has to be the most unpredictable team I've ever followed. I don't even know. Interested to see how this is scored ;) NU 59 Wisc 59 It has happened once in 1918 between Kentucky and Kentucky Wesleyan and once in 2014. "Winston-Salem State and Johnson C. Smith blew college basketball's world with a tie game. OK, it was called due to a broken light, but it's still incredibly rare. The two teams were tied at 76 in the end of regulation when Johnson C. Smith's Joshua Linson tried a desperation, 75-foot shot before time expired, but instead hit a light above the court. Nice job, Joshua. The light was dangling precariously, so the officials called the game, 76-76, instead of proceeding to overtime, because they didn't want anyone getting hurt. Predictably, players weren't happy, because what basketball player wants a damn tie?"
  2. We all know it will be someone we've never heard of. For some reason everyone still has a guess. Can I take the field? As in nobody on this thread predicted it correctly? June 31st
  3. Maybe someone has mentioned it but I didn’t see it. Somehow our NET rank is still 40. There is something seriously wrong with that statistic and I assume the selection committee is smart enough to figure that out. But an RPI of 40 for a power 5 has basically been an automatic bid for almost at least the last decade. Just throwing that out there.
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