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  1. All good points. To be clear I don’t think Brady was “the answer” just that he had a small chance to become a good stretch 5 and that they didn’t have to force out everyone. Samari (who should’ve played more) and Kavas who won’t be here next season and is hardly playable now shouldn’t have taken his or Amir’s spot. If we decided it didn’t work out this season I wouldn’t have any problem with that. First of all I guess I don’t really care how well he plays this season there was basically a consensus in an HHC poll that we won’t be in the NIT discussion. So I only care about building for next year. That’s part of the reason I think not playing Samari was crazy. Looking at the stats you have an argument that Cross will be better in his freshman year. I think that would’ve been different if Roby was a Hoiberg system. Cross is shooting 27% from 3 and to compound that most of them are completely wide open. He’s 5 for 13 on free throws. It is possible that he will learn to shoot I just don’t think it will be probable. And based on the evidence I have he’s a bad shooter. Further he is undersized less athletic and less long then Roby. Size athleticism and strength tend to be signs of a high potential player to me. I think it mainly just comes down to shooting. I honestly don’t have a problem with him shooting the threes he’s taking. Like I said I only care about development this year and maybe he can develop that. But I don’t take “good mechanics” over stats. Are their stats that I’m missing that make you think otherwise? I did when I was watching his high school highlights until I realized he was actually 6’5” hopefully I’ll come back around.
  2. Roby dunked from the free throw line when he was 17 and I don’t think he was lifting much either. I think this could be the reason he is able to handle the ball better and make more lay-ups. Who's the last guy you saw actually get so much more explosive when he started that he had trouble dunking in at game speed and turned into a coordinated quick and high leaping roll man. People don't get that much more athletic from the time they are 17. Stronger absolutely, skilled sure, but faster, quicker, higher, usually not that much.
  3. Well two points here I don't know much about these Iowa State teams but I'd guess that 1. They had better shooting around this guy. One of the biggest differences in the last two games is that we've shot 40% from 3 and Cam specifically was good from three. Allen helps a lot in this area but I don't see great shooting from Cam as a normal thing. Hope I'm wrong. 2. Yvan is not athletic enough to be a great rim running big. He can hardly dunk normally let alone catch alley-oops in the pick and roll. That's where he differs from Roby. Also I don't see the "mechanics" from either guy their shots don't look like they are anywhere close. I still can't figure out where Cross ends up in all of this. If we play him at the 5 next year we are going to get killed in the paint. I don't care how much he weighs he's too short and not athletic enough to contest layups and grab rebounds. If we play him at the 4 with Yvan we have two guys who can't shoot. But sometimes you can only understand how it will work once you see it work. Finally, Yvan, Cross, and Walker can't really dribble all that well either so the Kaleb Wesson comparison doesn't really compare. Also our other guys will be 6'1, 6'3, and 6'5 most of the time not 6'6 and up like Ohio State. We will be undersized at every position almost every night. I know you aren't expecting us to be the 3rd best team in the nation though. All I'm saying is that you don't play a bunch of statistical heights on the court. Their height is one statistic that goes along with many others and their height is already undersized and the "other" factors aren't that great either compared to our guards.
  4. That's great but none of the bigger guys are the guys you want starting. If your semi big guys can shoot that really puts stress on the defense chasing you around but I don't see any great stretch 4's or 5's in who we have. I mean just compare Cross, Walker, and Yvan to Copeland or Roby. If we still had the latter two I'd be on board but there is a huge difference in those two sets of players. To me they aren't even close to being close. And also you can't take everything from one game Purdue has an RPI of 70 we beat them at home (like every single conference game so far) and there big man got hurt. They aren't that good and neither is Indiana. We are still getting absolutely destroyed on the boards this year. Are we improving, yes. Are we improving from losing to two rpi 250+ teams, also yes.
  5. I hope Blanton ends up being good because if he's not we do not have enough size to really compete. Wish we could've given Brady a chance. Would be a junior next year and could've been a realistic version of this. And he would have been someone who would have stuck around even if he didn't play much for a year. That whole 8 man philosophy will be interesting in a day when people transfer immediately. Even coach Calipari played a 10 man rotation when he had that dream team a few years ago. Not saying its bad idea. I actually kind of like it. But there's hardly even a point of filling all the scholarships. We've already seen a early season transfer caused by this.
  6. The NBA G League has 1 shot for 2 points free throws until the last two minutes of the game. It is totally possible that will be added to the NBA and then the NCAA in 5 years. Would that be an intriguing option?
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