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  1. If he'd stayed, he would probably have added enough depth that we make the tournament once or twice the last two years and probably win a game there, and he would have been a legend. Instead....
  2. Maryland must be lights out defensively, as they held Ed Morrow scoreless.
  3. Minnesota athletics without cheating & assaults is like the ocean without water.
  4. Did I come out and predict failure? No, I just pointed out the obvious that our coaching staff needs to make quite a few changes. So, whatever.
  5. I guess stating reality is fickle to some people. We market ourselves as a top notch program with a budget to match. We then continue to consistently field crappy teams. Frost will get a chance to turn it around, but if he doesn’t start learning from his mistakes, he will not get it done.
  6. I would rather not see Martinez take another snap.
  7. Not many signs of competence so far from them.
  8. Mississippi Valley State will get through their payday games and start playing SWAC opponents so their margin might get better. Nebraska will start playing conference games in the most physical league in the country. So....
  9. He is still going to UNO but is "focusing on academics". Hopefully he gets things straightened out.
  10. The words "Kimani Ffriend" and "court awareness", unfortunately, never seemed to go together.
  11. Cliff Reed's screams after every rebound still echo in my ears.
  12. More than likely they won't need to ask, the chances of any roster returning intact these days is quite low. Thor could graduate and go overseas, Arop could go somewhere looking for playing time, Curtis could get tired of waiting for playing time, Burke could get tired of splitting minutes and grad transfer, Cross could decide the Big Ten isn't for him, Ouedraogo could get homesick, Green or Mack could go play overseas, who knows what could happen. All of those things might have a low probability by themselves, but something is likely to occur. The last time we had every scholarship player return was going into 2014 (Shields, Gallegos, Parker, Rivers, Vucetic, Petteway-RS, Pitchford-RS, Biggs-RS).
  13. The moral of this story is, if you’re not sure how you stand with a new coach, leave right away. And if you do transfer at semester, claim an injury so you can get a redshirt year.
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