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  1. Against Power 5 + Big East conference teams, in the 22 games Nana played in, his averages were: 11.6 minutes, 2.7 points, 2.3 rebounds, 0.2 assists, 0.4 steals, 0.1 blocks, 28.8 FG%, 17.0 3P%, 45.5 FT%. It will take a lot for him to turn it around.
  2. I can live with that choice but I would have preferred this:
  3. I bet they're leaving because Ed Morrow is moving to the wing and will take all their playing time. Edit...and ConkintheCorner beats me to it.
  4. If Karrington Davis can replicate what he did in high school, we will have a damn good team. That is, if he is the backup to two different top 5 NBA draft picks, like he was in high school. To be serious, though, I think he can be pretty good, but he missed last year, and didn't play much with injuries the year before that. If it weren't for bad luck he'd have no luck at all.
  5. That is if Thor doesn't go play in Iceland, and if Karrington Davis is healthy enough to play. If Thor is back, then Nebraska returns a total of 20.9 minutes per game, 3.7 points per game, 4.1 rebounds per game, 1.8 assists per game, 0.9 steals per game, 0.4 blocks per game, and the returnees shot 43.8% from the floor, 19.4% from 3, and 43.6% from the line.
  6. We're in deeper if Thor goes back to Iceland and is replaced by Open Scholarship. That dude has been on the roster for years and years now and ain't ever done jack squat.
  7. When Eric Williams was a freshman he had a higher scoring average was higher than his teammate, then fourth-year junior Tarin Smith. When Tai Webster was a sophomore he had a lower scoring average was lower than his teammate, then first-year freshman Tarin Smith.
  8. Johnny Benjamin. Might have been the most talented basketball player ever to set foot on campus. His talents didn't extend to being able to keep out of trouble with the law, unfortunately.
  9. How about: Greg McDermott was chased out of Ames for not successfully recruiting the son of ISU alum Ronnie Harris, Harrison Barnes. Will you be recruiting Standhardingerson Barnes?
  10. If the Big East would dump Creighton and and add Loyola (IL) then every team in the conference would have gotten to the Final Eight at some point.
  11. Somebody from BTN reads this site.
  12. Random son of a bitch, typical run-of-the-mill bastard.
  13. Just remember, though, nobody bats a thousand....
  14. Ernie's numbers at Oregon and Danny's numbers at Nebraska are remarkably similar, and would have been more so had Danny broken through in the Tournament and beaten Xavier or Penn or New Mexico State. Ernie Danny Seasons 13 14 Record 235-173 254-190 W % 0.576 0.572 Conference Record 109-125 88-116 CW % 0.466 0.431 NIT appearances 2 5 NIT Semis 2 2 NIT Champ 0 1 NCAA 5 5 NCAA R32 2 0 NCAA SS 2 0 NCAA EE 2 0 NCAA Record 6-5 0-5 20+ wins 4 7 22+ wins 4 1 25+ wins 2 1 Seasons >.500 8 11 Seasons <.500 3 3
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