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  1. Shouldn't that be: "I hope Yoda Loenser is"? (I'm not sure, since I've never actually watched a complete Star Wars movie.)
  2. Sweet Jesus, Lyle Lovett figured out a way to make himself 40 years younger and grow a foot taller, yet even with all his magical technology he still is no match for Kofi Cockburn.
  3. The reason is that with no more Burno, it threw off everyone's perception of time. With Burno around 50 days seems like a year, so then without him the space-time continuum is really screwed up down there; so much so that everyone felt the need to leave.
  4. How good can he be? He's got 37 fewer pages on his thread than Matthew Attewe did.
  5. Ceterum autem censeo Creighton esse delendam Or, if you prefer succinctness, Creighton d─ôlenda est
  6. Well, go ahead and play fill in the blank game with either >>, >, =, <, << compared to the roster from 4 years ago. Trey McGowens Anton Gill Bryce McGowens James Palmer Lat Mayen Isaac Copeland Derrick Walker Isiah Roby Kobe Webster
  7. Devaney got nudged out. He was AD in name only for quite a few years, the associate AD (Osborne) had to handle most of the day to day stuff. Once Tom only had to do three jobs (head coach, offensive coordinator, associate AD) instead of five (head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, associate AD and de facto acting AD) it's not a coincidence that he started winning national championships. I don't think TO was told that Harvey was out hiring his replacement when Eichorst was brought in; from how it sounds it was a surprise to him.
  8. The Harvey we all have fond memories of. Unlike the other one. (Edit - the other Harvey, that is.)
  9. Who else got to see them in 1988 when Jimmy V, Charles Shackleford and Vinny Del Negro rolled into town as a 3 seed and fell on their face vs. Murray State? I left that session thinking Kansas might win the whole thing. And then they did.
  10. instead of scholarship restrictions, limiting visits, etc the NCAA should make them hire Mike Riley as head coach. Or at least, Rick Johnson.
  11. Semicolon use is overrated; alternate forms of punctuation can be equally effective.
  12. Nebraska's first official practice, the year they had their first NCAA tournament appearance, was at the Aurora gym and open to the public.
  13. I'll tell you this, Superior is one of the 12 nicest towns on Highway 14. (Unless you also include Marquette and Loretto on that list, then it's one of the 14 nicest.)
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