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  1. Ty-shon Alexander could go pro overseas, but he probably doesn't want to take the pay cut.
  2. 9 points a game at Illinois which makes him think he can go to Duke...
  3. Fifth year seniors we've had in the last 10 years that were scholarship recruits and spent their entire career at Nebraska: 2014, Ray Gallegos. Ray redshirted with a vague undisclosed injury after his third year. He attempted to transfer after his freshman year but the places he wanted to go (Utah State was one) didn't have any scholarships available or didn't give him a spot. So although Yvan and Cross and Arop would be substantially better as fifth year seniors than as second year sophomores, it isn't likely to happen.
  4. He's pretty normal looking, I don't know how he fits in at Iowa.
  5. What this thread title might be in a couple of years: 2020 G Donovan Williams -> KSU -> WNCC
  6. They should - even if it's for just one year - replay the Big 8 Holiday Tournament. We even won that thing once, in 1967.
  7. There is no video on YouTube for the scene when Ruprecht says, "This is the greatest day of my life! I think my testicles are dropping!" That is the clip I was always planning on posting when Nebraska won its first NCAA Tournament game.
  8. Three of those six have actually offered. It looks like he's plan C or D or E or F for KU and Nova.
  9. Shaq played at the 4 for 15 minutes a game as a freshman with Stanley Roberts at center, and averaged half as much as LSUs leading scorer Chris Jackson. And that team didn’t even make the sweet sixteen.
  10. If we had retained Miles he and Green would have fit the style of offense better, but we'd still had only won 10 - 12 games or so. And we'd be going through a coaching search and trying to rebuild a roster in the middle of this unforeseen worldwide mess.
  11. Unless we have one of the top 5 single year improvements in wins in school history, we will win 14 or less next year. (The other time we redshirted a Piatkowski it was +16.) Season Conference W L Win Improvement 1990-91 Big 8 26 8 16 1919-20 Ind 22 2 12 2017-18 Big Ten 22 11 10 1965-66 Big 8 20 5 10 2003-04 Big 12 18 13 7 1977-78 Big 8 22 8 7 1935-36 Big 6 13 8 7
  12. Indiana won 18 fewer games in 1977 than 1976...I can't believe Knight kept his job...
  13. I always knew that Creighton basketball would lead to the end of civilization...
  14. Kobe King better not be a sit out transfer...
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