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  1. Anyone that would hire this fucking Kelly Pfieffer is serious about being crooked. I'm looking at you, Big Ten.
  2. That charge was the worst fucking call I've ever seen. And the Big Ten Network Color douche backs up the worthless fucking refs. Fuck this conference.
  3. I'm sure his mother loved him as a baby, and maybe there are positive attributes we can't see, but all of the evidence available suggests that Kelly Pfeiffer is a totally incompetent, vindictive, awful human being.
  4. Following is my extensively detailed, profound in-depth analysis of what we could expect if Xavier Johnson shows up in Lincoln: We'd be good.
  5. Hate to correct you, but: he did play his freshman year. And how is it that, from his recruiting class, he wasn't the one that played in the NBA? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Marsh
  6. For all that Joe McCray did to financially support the local McDonald's establishments, you'd think McDonald's would owe us.
  7. Shon Morris is a fucking tool. That fucking douche has never fucking seen a bad fucking call in his entire fucking life. Fuck that guy.
  8. If the rim would have been five feet wide, Yvan would have made that free throw.
  9. The last two foul calls were bullshit. It must be time for an RIR (Ref-Induced Run) by Purdue.
  10. If they wanted to get serious about the sport, they'd outbid Rutgers for Pikeill. Most likely, they aren't.
  11. That is not a good way to look at this. The referees can decide a game before it starts just by deciding how they are going to call it. For instance, if Illinois is playing Iowa and the refs decide you can murder somebody before a foul is called, Illinois is going to win. If they call it tight and don't allow physical play, Iowa is going to win going away. Similarly to football, if the officials decide they are going to allow a lot of defensive holding in by both sides in a Wisconsin game, Wisconsin will win, because their entire defense is based on holding. If they call it t
  12. If Davison had a Nebraska jersey on, he'd average a foul a minute.
  13. Davison leg sweeps McGowens and knocks him to the ground, no foul called, turnover. Next possession Stevenson gets grabbed, hacked, and bodied, fouled by three different people, no call. The refs are doing what they're paid to do, which is to make sure that Wisconsin wins. What a fuck job.
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