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  1. If your dad is 7'0" tall and from somewhere in East Asia, the University of Nebraska is the place to be...
  2. He would be the only former teammate of Teddy Allen that we'd have next year. He would also be the only guy we'd have who started in an NCAA tournament win.
  3. There’s no rules stopping us from giving the last one to his girlfriend if he happens to have one, or if there are rules the right judge will say there isn’t
  4. Yvan Ouedraogo had six games in double figures in points as a freshman, and six games in double figures in points in the three seasons since. (In rebounds, six games with more than 10 as a freshman and nine since).
  5. My old family recipes all involve no seasonings, and leaving everything on the grill until it has a similar texture as shoe leather
  6. Nobody else makes those plays unless they have the freedom that comes with being the coach's kid. Anyone else is too worried about sticking with their assignment, and wouldn't take the chances Sam did on those plays.
  7. You're not a real conference unless you have Miami, Washington, USC, and Boston College. And maybe Hawai'i.
  8. Eric Piatkowski bought a beer for me once. So, Eric Piatkowski.
  9. Next question, who will be in his top 8 when he hits the portal
  10. Well aren't you Mr. Important, I was stuck up in C section for that one
  11. I hate to be "that guy" who points out everybody's mis-recollections, but - Dourisseau's last year was Collier's final season, so he had graduated before Sadler took over.
  12. My wife's son went along for a night on the town after a Laker game last year with AD and LeBron. He also went to Russell Westbrook's Super Bowl party at his house last year. Not that these things are relevant to anything; I just wanted to see the response was from the resident Lakers fans here.
  13. "Seppo Evwaraye was successful here, proving that someone from Finland can fit right in in Lincoln." "Three of our four interior players are coming off of surgeries or injuries. One only has a year of eligibility left, and the others are in their fourth or fifth year right now so may not return the next year. Your second year, you will be in line for a lot of playing time." "We've got the Japanese Steph Curry, why not come here and turn into the Finnish LeBron James?"
  14. When he plays his first minute of college basketball, he'll be a couple months away from turning 22.
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