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  1. I’m guessing that PG13 Wacka Flocka has about one third of the lyrics of unrated Wacka Flocka
  2. Or we are losing to really good teams. With the caveat being that there are 90 or so really good teams out there.
  3. Theory 1: we physically beat the hell out of them to the point where they can’t compete. Alternate theory: winning against Nebraska is so easy it makes it psychologically impossible to prepare to play a real team.
  4. 35 years ago there was a guy who sat below the student section (which was then in East Stadium) and at the end of every game, he'd leave a 12 pack box full of empty beer cans, even on days when he didn't wear a coat. Here we were, trying to smuggle in a small whiskey bottle in our sock, wondering how this guy was getting a 12 pack in. By the way, it's not real comfortable to walk around wearing boots with a bottle stuffed inside.
  5. The only thing worse than sucking is spending a whole shitload of money and still sucking. And then in 2028 someone will start a new "I Think We've Hit Rock Bottom" thread.
  6. The free beer was to make you forget that you travelled overseas to watch two 1-11 teams go at it.
  7. My favorite memory of Kedrick Ford was waiting for him to have that one big game just like Demetrius Buchanan. Who, I'm saddened to say, passed away a while ago. He had one game where he came off the bench in the second half and just absolutely tore it up, but then never did that again. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/southbendtribune/name/demetrius-buchanan-obituary?id=14423278
  8. I can't say for 100%, it's from a second hand source but from one I trust - a former player and graduate assistant who has plenty of contacts. I heard this at the start of the 2021 season.
  9. Fine upstanding citizens usually don't get a lifetime ban from the Lincoln Country Club, especially when they have the highest profile job in the state.
  10. Much of the problem seems to be that much of his focus and energy went to living it up as a result of that very large contract, and not to what that very large contract was paying him to do. If they had only paid him, say, a million a year he probably wouldn't have spent all his time flashing off his newfound wealth, and probably wouldn't be considered as the worst coach of the last 20 years in all of college football.
  11. Maybe someday we will really be much improved and get back to winning three games a season again. But we’re a long ways away from that.
  12. He should have had to find his own way back from Boulder. It was clear then by looking at the coaching performance and looking at the future schedules that four straight losing seasons were going to happen.
  13. The debacle in 1990 was in Norman. It was also Husker Bob’s last road game, we saw him the next morning and rolled down the window to talk to him. He said only “going to McDonalds!”. Ten months later he died inside Memorial Stadium, which I assume was the place he always wanted to go.
  14. I didn’t know who actually caught it until the radio replay at 2:30 am driving back from the game, from the opposite end zone all you could see was the Tiger mascot running through the sprinklers.
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