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  1. If Breidenbach merely matches the freshman year stats that you imagine Kurt Rambis had, would you be: a) disappointed, b) indifferent, c) happy, or d) ecstatic? Then actually look up Kurt Rambis's college stats and answer the question again.
  2. Well... one of the following stat lines is Ryan Anderson's career average, and the other is Lat's from last year. pts reb ast stl blk fg% 3p% ft% 8.6 4.5 0.6 0.5 0.5 39.6 34.8 77.8 9.2 4.8 1.9 1.4 0.1 43.9 39.4 75.1
  3. The Wikipedia entry for Segado Cortez Belcher matches what I remember about how he's related to Tyronn, as not being a first cousin but still being related: Belcher is a second-degree cousin of former NBA player current coach Tyronn Lue who also grew up in Mexico, Missouri. For comparison, my most famous relative is in this picture: Unfortunately my most famous relative is not the multi-billionaire or the rock star, but the girl in the middle (a second cousin) who is famous only for being in this picture.
  4. With his family members in Aurora, if he went to Creighton it would increase the number of Creighton fans in Hamilton County from somewhere near zero, to somewhere near five.
  5. Case in point: my GPA for incel semesters was 3.65; my GPA for non-incel semesters was 4.0. Unfortunately there were seven of one, and only one of the other...
  6. Now, if he'd used the hashtag #F**kCreighton and then not signed with us, I would be apoplectic.
  7. Just throwing out a possible answer here...
  8. Regarding Tom Wald, he supposedly took over the role of Jose Ramos in terms of off-the-court performance.
  9. Anyone making predictions on the season has to remember to consider the following...
  10. If you ever do find yourself in Flux, just remember that if you drive south for 3 hours you can find yourself in Beaver. In the early 1990s there was a sign on a convenience store in Beaver, Utah that read: "SNACKS - VIDEOS - TAXIDERMY". I didn't take a chance on any of the snacks, just in case they were byproducts of the taxidermy.
  11. Shouldn't that be: "I hope Yoda Loenser is"? (I'm not sure, since I've never actually watched a complete Star Wars movie.)
  12. Sweet Jesus, Lyle Lovett figured out a way to make himself 40 years younger and grow a foot taller, yet even with all his magical technology he still is no match for Kofi Cockburn.
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