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  1. Actual train wrecks used to be some of the biggest entertainment events that were held in this country. Now we just have the figurative ones on daytime TV and Twitter.
  2. If Northwestern DROPPED football, 10 minutes later the number of people who would ever even think about Northwestern football again would number in the dozens.
  3. If they did line up a schedule they face the chance that those games don't happen either, and with the threats of expulsion from the conference it pretty much ends the chance of that happening. Why would it have been unreasonable for the Big Ten to tell their schools they could chance it on their own as an independent this year? Because if it worked out it would make the Big Ten look stupid. But if they were worried about not looking stupid they shouldn't have put their commissioner out there for that interview. FTG. I don't know if you need to worry about a basketball schedule this year with these sackless wonders in charge.
  4. Not looking good for the future stability of the Big Ten.
  5. When adjusted for inflation you can probably change that 10 to ∞.
  6. The major conferences freezing out the small conferences was too clever by half. The small conferences, with no paydays coming for major conference road games, have no reason not to fold up the tent on the season. Which puts more pressure on the major conferences to do so as well. If the season is cancelled, whether this turns out to be just a disaster, or if it turns out to be catastrophic, for college athletics and athletic budgets is the question that remains. The ever increasing of the TV money will probably stop, and possibly reverse as the cable networks are going to be in trouble. I suspect that Ed Weir track will still exist 10 years from now.
  7. Just wondering, did William Tell celebrate by shooting an imaginary jump shot?
  8. Quote College basketball has slightly more promise. The Big Ten is talking about starting around Jan. 1 and playing conference games only. And just as baseball debated expanding the playoffs, there's an appetite to create a one-time, 96-team NCAA Tournament. If there's a 256 team tournament and we get a win, will we count it?
  9. That guy lacked elite top-end speed. And he gave Kansas State a 2-0 lead by stepping back into the end zone. And almost lost 15 yards one time against UCLA on a carry from the 2. But, I guess, 4780 yards does qualify as OK.
  10. I'm assuming his mom was a UNK women's basketball assistant coach. https://www.kearneyhub.com/sports/area/unk-women-s-basketball-names-yalden-as-assistant/article_da6a3768-5a6b-5dbf-a8bb-6bd066fa9dbd.html
  11. If the University isn't competent enough to offer enough in-person classes so as to circumvent the rule, then, the University isn't competent enough to ever have a good basketball program.
  12. Everyone knew how this thread was going to end...
  13. Brant Banks better start doing a few more cardio workouts.
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