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  1. If you think we're facing off with some good coaches now - well, take a look at the career wins and losses (in Division 1) of the guys coaching in the Big 8 in 1991. Kansas Roy Williams 903 264 Oklahoma St Eddie Sutton 806 329 Kansas State Dana Altman 690 353 Missouri N
  2. It looks to me like we'll go anywhere from 5-15, in which case we'll be wondering why we got all hyped up in the off-season, to 15-5, in which case we'll be firmly on the bubble for the NIT.
  3. Actually it was Johnny Orr who said it while dissing the Nebraska crowd. The Dead Dog Alley marketing campaign might have been Nee's idea, but when Danny explained it, it really didn't make a lot of sense. (Why should we embrace an insult someone else hurled at us?) The t-shirt came with the student ticket and it was just for one year - 1990 - the year Beau Reid was injured and they stunk it up, going 10-18. The next year when they went 26-8 the whole Dead Dog Alley thing was completely forgotten. I thought at the time it was one of the dumbest marketing campaigns I'd ever hea
  4. Delete the first fifteen words and the last three words of this post, and you have yourself a correct psychological profile.
  5. One had great-great-great-great-grandfathers whose cattle looked like this. The other had great-great-great-great grandfathers whose cattle looked like this.
  6. Growing up 120 miles west of Omaha, I had never even really heard of Creighton until I was 12 years old. Looking back, those were 12 pretty good years.
  7. Shamiel Stevenson would have averaged 30 points a game if there were no charges called.
  8. If you want to throw cold water on this - St. Joseph's went 5-15; their roster listed him at 6'7" and not 6'8"; he only averaged 10 points a game as a high school senior, being only the fourth leading scorer on his team, and he was only a two-star recruit; and if he signs on, there won't be enough minutes to go around. On the other hand, the highlight reel and assist stats are extremely impressive. There's some elite skills on display there. If you have a chance to get a young man like this on your team, you do all you can to get him. One other thing, I looked up his
  9. Why couldn't we get two top 10 recruits in the same class? After all, we'll have plenty of roster space that year after a lot of guys go pro after our first Final Four season.
  10. So would he put his first name or his last name on his jersey? In the NIL age that could be a big decision. (Putting your first name on the jersey is not unprecedented; Olajuwon did it. Although he was too shy to tell everybody at Houston that they were spelling his name wrong; hence it was "AKEEM" and not "HAKEEM".)
  11. I wonder if Danny Manning ever thought that he'd better be nice to that little walk-on, since he might be working for him some day. Regarding father/son deals here, Danny Nee hired Arden Reid as director of basketball operations his first year (and then fired him a few years later).
  12. Instead of "that", don't you mean "another"?
  13. The Panda Tangent said on today's Omaha World Herald Pick Six podcast that Derrick Walker is planning on playing here two more years. So that would project them to have Keita, Andre, Walker, and Oleg inside. Just what everyone expected when Fred came in with his five out open post offense, promising to play without a traditional big man all the time - to be four deep at center.
  14. Don't act like The Portal has any dignity. The Portal wants it.
  15. At least William & Mary can inbound the ball without having to bounce it off the other team.
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