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  1. 20 years from now, when people start talking about how Lincoln should build a new arena and maybe that will be what finally helps Nebraska get its first NCAA Tournament win.
  2. Or, $7.28 by 2024. At least at the beginning of the year. Probably more like $9.47 by that November.
  3. We sandbagged away the whole season just to ruin Brad Davison's senior day.
  4. That’s impressive - at 52 I’ve found challenging activities to be navigating a flight of stairs or lifting my arm above my head. the weird thing about getting older, for me,is that recovery time from a sprained ankle was about two months at age 16, and is now about two minutes. I can now turn either one completely and even if I fall to the ground, I can just walk it off. It must have something to do with the previous several hundred sprains.
  5. I heard there was a Warriors Celtics game on, so I figured that the Joe Barry Carroll vs Robert Parrish matchup would be interesting to watch. But for some reason those two weren’t playing so I lost interest.
  6. Speaking for myself, I'm looking forward to stopping at an Abblebee's next year and trying out their 2 for $200 special.
  7. I don't see a strong enough resemblance that I would make a comparison...
  8. You could have spent that time doing something less painful, like, I don’t know, dry humping a porcupine or something.
  9. But, we can turn not going to bowl games into a recruiting advantage. Tell recruits that if you come here, you’ll get December off.
  10. Nebraska all time seasons with 18 losses or more: 1898-2010: 6 2010-2022: 9
  11. Look at it this way: even at the pace of losing over the last three years, we would still have seven years to go before we drop below .500 all time. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.
  12. I no longer choose to identify as a person born in Aurora.
  13. I had a college friend that passed away today; he was a season ticket holder, and never saw this program amount to shit. I've accepted the fact that I will never live to see that, either.
  14. Yep, living on house money!
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