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  1. If he'd stayed here one more year, we'd probably have gone to the final four, and PBA would already be named after him.
  2. Even if true, that Creighton douche bag radio host Matt Perault hated Marshall, so he can't be all bad.
  3. A co-worker (10 years older than me) said that he saw Eddie Van Halen fall down the stairs there. Apparently VH didn't do many shows in the late 70s without getting juiced up first, who knew? My experiences there were much less memorable, but I always liked the place.
  4. As they say in the SEC, if you ain't cheating, you're Vanderbilt.
  5. No one has ever rolled out a lineup where the PG is 3 inches taller than every other guy on the floor, so I say we do it: Banton 6-9 204 So. McGowens 6-4 190 Jr. Thorbjararson 6-6 202 Sr. Allen 6-6 223 Jr. Stevenson 6-6 245 Jr.
  6. I can see it now - in the first round of the expanded tournament we will have a 30 point lead with one minute remaining and the Big Ten will vote at that point to suspend the basketball season, and the game will be called off.
  7. My sympathies, I'm terribly sorry to hear that.
  8. Leavng that game, the guy walking down the street who was right in front of me got an extra treat from the halftime show. He stepped right in a huge pile left by the elephants. I’m guessing he had an unpleasant ride back to the hotel.
  9. When Danny Wuerffel spoke on the field after the game, did he really recite "not the victory but the action, not the goal but the game, in the deed the glory."? That's what I thought he was saying but I couldn't hear very clearly since I was on the field at the time. He lived in Lincoln for a couple years growing up, so it would make sense.
  10. It can be done, football can be played and social distancing measures can be maintained at the same time. I've seen it happen. In 2014 the Nebraska defense showed tremendous discipline in maintaining social distance from Melvin Gordon as he ran for 400 yards.
  11. Actual train wrecks used to be some of the biggest entertainment events that were held in this country. Now we just have the figurative ones on daytime TV and Twitter.
  12. If Northwestern DROPPED football, 10 minutes later the number of people who would ever even think about Northwestern football again would number in the dozens.
  13. If they did line up a schedule they face the chance that those games don't happen either, and with the threats of expulsion from the conference it pretty much ends the chance of that happening. Why would it have been unreasonable for the Big Ten to tell their schools they could chance it on their own as an independent this year? Because if it worked out it would make the Big Ten look stupid. But if they were worried about not looking stupid they shouldn't have put their commissioner out there for that interview. FTG. I don't know if you need to worry about a basketball schedule
  14. Not looking good for the future stability of the Big Ten.
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