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  1. If he isn't successful - given that we still have a newish arena and facilities, an apparent upswing in in-state talent, a full share of Big Ten money, and that he is the highest profile coach we've ever had and the only reason we had a shot at getting him was because of family connections - if he isn't successful, it would probably be time for everyone to make peace with the fact that we'll probably never be any good. I'm betting on success, though. Two hundred and seventy other schools have won an NCAA tournament game (or some number around that), so it really can't be that difficult, especially if you have a reasonable level of competence. I'm not disagreeing with anything stated above, but I am saying that this doesn't work, probably nothing will.
  2. So... who's going to be the better prospect, Brennon Clemmons Jr. or LeBron James Jr.?
  3. He's a year too late to hang out with Penny Marshall...
  4. Sometimes they get shorter after they've been on campus. In Danny Nee's first year, every single returner got shorter - Bill Jackman went from 6'9" to 6'8", Brian Carr went from 6'1" to 6'0", Bernard Day went from 6'5" to 6'4", Anthony Bailous went from 6'3" to 6'2", Keith Neubert went from 6'7" to 6'5", Joel Sealer went from 6'2" to 6'1", and Mike Martz went from 6'6" to 6'5". Magically, though, the guys Danny recruited from junior college all grew an inch over the previous year.
  5. If Brennon Clemmons Sr. could have consistently hit a 15 foot pull up off the bounce and been a little better 3 point shooter, he'd have been an All-American. He'd probably been an All-American for the University of Indiana if those things were the case, but he had a lot of talent regardless. A great rebounder for his size, maybe the best defender Collier recruited, handled the ball well, just a really solid player.
  6. Daum's uncle was a NU football walk-on who started at linebacker for two years. Murrell's uncle was a scholarship safety recruit who's career didn't last long, due to injuries if I remember correctly. Just a coincidence that is probably irrelevant to everything.
  7. A guy is out drinking with a friend and spills on his shirt. He's afraid of his wife's response. His friend says, don't worry, stick $10 in your pocket and say that some guy spilled on you and gave you that for dry cleaning. He goes home and tells the story to his wife. She asks, so why is there $20 in your pocket. He says, that guy also crapped in my pants.
  8. With those great feet and that lateral quickness? No one blows by AW3!
  9. Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie When the Levee Breaks Or if you don’t consider that to be a cover
  10. Sadly, many of the rest of us are as well, myself included.
  11. I swear I saw somebody driving K.I.T.T. down I-80 between York and Seward once though...
  12. As a senior Evan Taylor was 8 for 10 from three in November, 5 for 13 in December, and 3 for 13 in January/February/March.
  13. I had to check the thread title and make sure this wasn't about the Shim Shams...
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