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  1. Dead Dog Alley

    Player First Looks

    The first time ever that Mike Peltz and George Gervin have been mentioned in the same sentence...
  2. Dead Dog Alley

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I, for one, am never going to bag on Sack.
  3. Dead Dog Alley

    OT Doc Vedanya

    Did he have anybody working for him named "Sack"? Dead giveaway if that's the case.
  4. Dead Dog Alley

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Mikki's height + Curtis's explosiveness + Jack's skills = greatest player in the history of the world. I'd settle for that.
  5. Dead Dog Alley

    Successful Season

    If Roby, with everything he now can do, also had Carl Hayes' abilities to score from 17 feet and in, he would be a lottery pick and be destined to appear in several NBA All-Star games. Similarly if Copeland was as good at rebounding, interior defense, and scoring in the post as Tony Farmer, he'd be a first round pick.
  6. Dead Dog Alley

    18-19 depth

    Do the Nittaly Lions ever play at Kaminsky Field?
  7. Dead Dog Alley

    What do you think the NBA Scouts told ...

    That's setting the bar kind of high. They could lose a game in Minneapolis in April and I'd still consider it a successful season.
  8. Dead Dog Alley

    Akoy Agau

  9. Dead Dog Alley

    Akoy Agau

    Actually, 3 schools in 6 years, since he's going back to where he started out at. Which, I suppose, is unique, but he could also have become the first player to ever letter at four different Division 1 schools if he'd gone somewhere else.
  10. Dead Dog Alley

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    Well, I am planning on winning several hundred million in a lottery drawing, buying the Chico or whatever the hell its called, and then canceling Creighton's contract and letting UNO play there instead.
  11. Dead Dog Alley

    NBA Playoffs

    I was wondering why the Super Sonics hadn't made the playoffs for a while. Now it all makes sense.
  12. In 2006, with what should have been a pretty good roster with some solid returnees and a decent recruiting class, the top returning player showed up 30 pounds overweight after an offseason regimen of doobies and Big Macs. The program was adrift. No one was in charge.
  13. Dead Dog Alley

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    There's a bigger difference between ORU and ODU than ODU and Nebraska. (Sorry for jumping all over a typographical error.)
  14. Dead Dog Alley

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    They've got another transfer that will be eligible, who averaged 16 as a freshman in the MAC. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4067391/michael-weathers
  15. Dead Dog Alley

    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    If Jordy had Smith's knowledge of the game and all of its intricacies, he'd be an all conference type of player.