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  1. Omaha Biliew got beat out of the Iowa State rotation by a guy who was the second leading scorer at Peawaukee High School, behind Nick Janowski. Ergo, Nick Janowski >>> Omaha Biliew.
  2. Kansas has got Doc Sadler. No team with Doc Sadler has ever finished the regular season 1-6. Well, except for these four, but otherwise it hasn't happened. 2020 0-16 Nebraska 2016 1-9 Southern Miss 2012 1-8 Nebraska 2010 1-9 Nebraska
  3. Without knowing any more details such as competition level, would these numbers get anyone interested?
  4. Momcilovic from Iowa State has a brother that is still on the Pewaukee roster as well, who is a 6'8" junior. Apparently he is not the same caliber of player, though, since if you look for any highlights of him his brother's highlights come up.
  5. I'm guessing that the target open date for The Loading Chute will be Hampton Days the first week of June.
  6. We make up for our lack of size and physicality with a lack of athleticism.
  7. Mast - 6th year of college Gary - 6th year of college Williams - 6th year of college Wilcher - 5th year of college Hopefully their deals are lucrative enough to keep everybody around. They wouldn't need to add very many more players to potentially be really good. And not just really good by Nebraska standards.
  8. Those typically aren't numbers that keep 4/5 star players from transferring.
  9. Michigan State always has the trump card vs Nebraska on getting in the tournament - their jerseys have "Michigan State" written on them.
  10. The strategy of muddying up the game and making it look like rugby won't work against Rutgers, that's akin to deciding to wrestle a pig in mud vs wrestling him in dry dirt.
  11. Or, if they just had Ulis available off the bench to occasionally handle pressure defense and Keita available to occasionally go in and stabilize the middle defensively and grab a rebound, they would probably be at least 18-5, and possibly better.
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