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  1. Actually lots of 100 level seats still available.
  2. Should have just fired him after our 7 game losing streak then. I'm sure Moo knew at that time, he was going to make a coaching change so why wait till the end of the season. What's the big hurry or harm to let him coach with the team till the season is over and then make a coaching change? Most coaching we'd be looking at are still coaching now anyway so just let Miles finish out the season and then let him go.
  3. What good would it do to fire Miles now and not let him finish out the season with is team? Again, you making this all about Tim and not the players. Tim will be fine. He's a big boy and knows the situation. It's not fair to the players to fire their head coach before they finish their post-season just because you want to spare Tim's feelings.
  4. Its not all about Tim. If the players want to play, you can't take that away from them. They earned the right to play. Why would you want to deny them their last opportunity to play more games if they choose to play?
  5. Great...then why would we fire Miles since he's make it to post season play all 7 years.
  6. Seriously. Did we receive an invitation to play in this tournament? Every school gets to play in a conference tournament. Not even remotely the same as post season.
  7. I'm not getting my hopes up as right now, we are a long ways from being in consideration. We'd have to win probably 3 more games and get to at least the semi-finals at bare minimum to be in consideration. And even then, not sure that would be enough.
  8. Also a 10th place finish, an 11th place finish and two 12th place finishes and a 13th place finish this year. Overall conference record is 52 - 76 (.406%). So we have been battling for last place in 5 of his first 7 years. ZERO post season wins No question he has increased the talent level but it's not translating to wins on the court. Moos really don't have much of a decision. He either has to go "all in" with Miles or go a different direction. Based on those stats, what would you do?
  9. Or it could be much better. I'm not hitching my wagon to a coach that is well under .500 in league play after 7 seasons.
  10. I don't see any scenario that we get in short of winning the Big 10 tournament. Even making it to the finals and losing won't do it.
  11. I was in Roby's shoes, I'd leave but selfishly, I hope he comes back as really like watching this kid play.
  12. Just to be clear, when you are saying 3rd round, that is really the 2nd round. CU has never won 2 games in the tournament. They at least get there but they have always been a one and done program.
  13. Probably not going to get an NIT invite anyway so it won't even be a decision.
  14. This is why I have a man crush on Roby #robyisgood
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