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  1. College kids get away with it as well but NBA is really bad. Makes it impossible to guard anyone when you can just carry the ball and blow by your defender. If they aren't going to call it, then they need to allow hand checking to help the defender and keep it fair. So hard to play defense anymore as way to much advantage goes to offense.
  2. It's amazing to me how much kids carry the ball now and it's never called. Could never get away with that when I played.
  3. He was in the office building across from the penitentiary for most his career. He was on road construction crew and truck survey work earlier in his career.
  4. Congrats on your retirement. My dad worked for State Dept. of Road for 50 years and then retired.
  5. Hunter is a very solid talent but based on the times I've seen him play, I don't buy it that he is the 11th best player in the country. I would love to see him at NU but unless he wants to play close to home, he will hitch his wagon to a school that competes for National Championships. Hopefully that will be Nebraska someday soon with Fred in charge.
  6. So true and now I'm disappointed if sign someone who isn't a Rivals top 150 guy.
  7. Probably because it's not a revenue generating sport. And here I thought the NCAA was there for all student athletes.......
  8. Let's be honest, the longer Miles is out of coaching, the harder it will be for him to land a Power 5 head coaching job. If he goes 2 seasons without being in coaching, the more likely it is he will land at a mid major school. I think we are all pulling for Tim as he is the coach who made it cool to be a NU basketball fan. However, there are coaching like Craig Smith who might get a shot at a power five school before Miles will again. Pretty ironic huh.
  9. If he is holding out for another P5 job, he will be in the booth for a long time.
  10. If Fred lands this kid, you might as well start building a statue of him outside PBA.
  11. Kevin Cross is leaving NU after 1 season and entering the transfer portal
  12. Maybe they realized he isn't worth the headache to deal with either.
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