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  1. That is very true. Wish I would have been at that game but watched it on TV.
  2. Best sporting event I've ever been to. Still gives me chills.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on this but not sure why the NU athletic office would care if you transferred or gave away your tickets to every game? They have their money so it's not of their business what I do with the tickets. They are marked as sold
  4. I bought a parking pass through Park and Go and usually they just send you a "credit card" that has the whole season loaded on it and gets you in the garage on game days. I get parking my volleyball tickets and they just sent me mobile parking pass for each game.
  5. Don't disagree they are the most likely but that's not what you said. You said we would have 2 players taken which is a tall feat. I could see us having one but doubtful we will have two but would be cool if we did. Here is your quote: I’d say it’s safe to say we’ll have TWO players taken in next years draft,
  6. Just seemed like we could do better but have to trust Matt & Fred on this one.
  7. It's hard enough getting one player drafted let alone two players. I assumed Bryce but had no clue who else he was thinking of.
  8. Which TWO players are you talking about?
  9. I trust the coaching staff but this one isn't going to make me jump up and down if he commits here which sounds like he will
  10. Or just win the Big 10 title this year
  11. No one is saying you can't leave early if that is what you want to do but can certainly tell you where you are able to leave at before the game is over.
  12. Remember the days when it was very easy to predict who the starters would be and the rotation?
  13. Just curious why aren't you a fan of this? If I'm understanding the email, it will make people go up to the concourse to leave instead of walking down past the court. I think it's a great move
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