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  1. kldm64

    2019 Recruiting

  2. kldm64

    Bold Prediction: Top 25

    I think a win tonight puts us in the top 15
  3. NAILED IT!!!!! Other than I think he is a senior
  4. kldm64

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    Interesting stats. However, I disagree with you on potential extension for NIT bid and run in the tournament. I don't think he will get a 1 - 2 year extension as if we don't make the NCAA tournament this year, he will be fired regardless. And rightly so. If he can't make the dance with this team, then it's time to part ways with Miles. Also, in reference to the opening comments for this thread, you don't keep a coach just because you might lose some players. That should not factor into the decision. Anytime you get rid of a coach, that can happen. You can have players transfer or lose potential recruits. In relationship to football, Bill Callahan could recruit decent players but couldn't win. So you should never fire him in case we loose some of the recruits he had signed? At some point, you have to cut your losses and just move on.
  5. kldm64

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - LOI

    I said the same thing for this year if Palmer and Copeland come back
  6. This site is projecting us as 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. That is the highest I've seen us projected. The Bracketmatrix which compiles lots of rating sites has us as a 5 seed. Hard to believe but most sites still have CU making the field as well this year. http://www.rtsratings.com/cbb_bracket.asp
  7. kldm64


    you get a free runza or hamburger with a purchase of fries and a drink. No ticket is needed.
  8. Not an impressive resume so far.
  9. kldm64

    Glynn & Cope

    Like many others, I was in KC to watch the games. So far this season, you have to tip your hat to Watson and Copeland as they both seem to play with a sense of urgency and not wanting to lose. Palmer is forcing some bad shots and is struggling to find his rhythm and flow this year. Roby just doesn't seem to have any confidence in his shot this year for some reason. I didn't expect us to win every game but felt this team was talented enough were we wouldn't get blown out and outplayed this year. I'm hoping, this will give them a huge dose of reality and that they have a lot of work to do if they don't want end up in the NIT again. Texas Tech was just flat out a better team and outplayed and out hustled NU in every phase of the game. A little humble pie early in the season must be just what this team needed.
  10. kldm64

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    I hate that I logged in on the day the tickets became available and most seats were already blocked out. I got in midcourt section in row 25 and isle seats so still not bad. However, I log in today and there are now seats open all over in the same section and row 7 is completely open now. I swear they block out lower rows so top rows get purchased first knowing they are harder to sell and then open up lower seats later on. Just had to rant!!!
  11. kldm64

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    Good call. I read it as the championship game but I see what you are saying. The email came from the Axis site where I bought my tickets but nothing has been sent out by UNL. So semi-finals game is at 6:00pm and finals at 8:30am. Thanks for the clarification!!!
  12. kldm64

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    I copied the body of the email I received. The Game Time Has Changed! The game time has changed for the Hall of Fame Classic Finals on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 at Sprint Center. The new game time is 6:00 PM. There is nothing you need to do as your tickets will still be valid.
  13. Glad all those fans that left early didn't get to see Roby's dunk!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. kldm64

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    I'm going to KC for this tournament and received and email saying the Championship game on Tuesday night has been moved from 8:30pm to 6:00pm. Anyone know why? I'm guessing cause of TV but just curious.
  15. kldm64

    Is it time to start Brady?

    Those are some very powerful drugs you are on.....