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  1. No worries. My point was that I was excited about Doc coming to NU based on what he did at UTEP but looking back, realized his record there might have had more to do with the talented team he was handed. Over time at NU, it was clear he was not the coach that was going to excite the NU fan base or get NU basketball to where we would all like it to be.
  2. Yes, I meant at UTEP. Sorry I might not have been clear on that. I totally understand he was not handed a great team at NU. UTEP was his only school he had a decent record at but that was mainly due to the situation he inherited and he was only head coach for 2 years.
  3. I probably was in the beginning based on his 2 years at UTEP but looking back, he was handed a very good team. Doc is a very likeable guy, just like Coach Miles, so hard not to pull for someone like that but at the end of the day, the results didn't live up to expectations. It was just one season after another of disappointment. When you look back at his time at NU, he wasn't a great recruiter, wasn't able to put together a very good staff, and played a boring style of ball. He might be a better assistant than he is a head coach but harder to judge that.
  4. How else would you judge him since he has been a head coach at 3 different schools? Hard to say whether he is a good or bad assistant coach as not sure what you measure that on?
  5. Not necessarily. They have been friends for a long time and sometimes it's easier to hire people you know as opposed to the best coaches out there. Overall coaching record of 205 - 201 (.505%) = Average Coach
  6. Great guy but average coach. Hard not to like him though
  7. Here is an that actually has a very interesting way to change the end of the game so it would be more exciting. Right now, the last 2 minutes of a game last forever and just feel like a free throw shooting contest. This might fix the way the end of a game is played. https://www.ocregister.com/2019/08/10/whicker-is-it-time-for-elam-ending-to-fix-basketball/
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Roby won't be back for his senior year...
  9. 19 - 12 overall with that weak of non-conference schedule would not even put us close to being a bubble team.
  10. What is more sad is that we never will get to see Roby play up to his full potential in a Nebraska uniform.
  11. I expect the same news except he will wait till tomorrow's deadline and then announce he is staying in the draft.
  12. Don't think there is a timeline for that.
  13. Hope he ends up being better than his stats have been the couple years he played college basketball.
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