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  1. kldm64

    2019 Recruiting

    Most likely, this will be Roby's last year as well.
  2. kldm64


    It went pretty smooth I thought as well. The Green garage is sold out in about 10 minutes but plenty of spots left in the Blue garage
  3. kldm64


    Just FYI that NU basketball season parking passes went on sale this morning. The red garage sold out in a matter of minutes.
  4. kldm64

    2020 PG Rashad McDaniels

    No sure why that would be the case. He would be a good pick-up but not sure why Husker Corner would think this is the most important recruit in the Miles era.
  5. kldm64

    2020 PF Ben Carlson

    And Ribfest is on Saturday......coincidence??? Great recruiting move!!!
  6. kldm64

    Jordy Gone

    That is a lot of speculation that Heiman is better than Tanner in some of those areas. No doubt that Heiman has a height advantage but not sure he is better than Tanner in all those areas. Also, you are comparing Tanner to playing against Big 10 talent to Heiman playing against high school kids.
  7. kldm64

    Successful Season

    What needs to happen to make this upcoming season be a success in your opinion
  8. kldm64

    Roby (is Good)

    Roby = Stud Nothing left to be said
  9. kldm64

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    This kid can ball
  10. kldm64

    NBA Playoffs

    If your basing your opinion that KD took the easiest path to a championship, that happens all the time in professional sports. So do you think KD should have stayed in OKC in whole career out of loyalty and potentially never won one? Isn't the goal of sports to win a championship and put yourself in the best position to accomplish that? Golden State wasn't necessarily a "super team" before KD joined them. He made it a superteam just like LeBron made Miami a superteam by joining with Bosh and Wade. Whether you "joined" or "created" a superteam really doesn't matter. You put yourself in the best position to win a championship. KD made a great business decision to join Golden State. Ask yourself what would you have done if you were him??? Stay in OKC and continue to be good and most likely never win a Championship let alone 2 finals MVP awards to put yourself in a position to accomplish things you dream about as a kid.
  11. kldm64

    NBA Playoffs

    LAME reason
  12. kldm64

    NBA Playoffs

    That makes no sense to be upset with KD. If you were in his shoes and had a chance to go to a better team and win championships, would you turn that down? Guys get traded and go to different teams every year but yet somehow people are upset with KD for doing it. I would have done the exact same thing.
  13. kldm64


    This is what I have for a start: Nov. 14th - Seton Hall - PBA Nov 19th - Tournament - Kansas City Nov 20th - tournament - Kansas City Nov 26th - Clemson - away So we know of any other games and/or dates?
  14. kldm64


    Has anyone starting piecing what our schedule and dates look like so far since we seem to have a lot of the non-conference games already set?
  15. kldm64

    Way too early Top 25

    The reason that Thor and Nana aren't mentioned is they might not see the floor much again this year.