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  1. I have spectrum and looked at the guide. Channel 99 is an NFL channel and channel 715 is an NHL channel. Earlier today, the game was listed on the TV guide for channel 99 but not it's listed as a different program so not sure if something has changed and Spectrum isn't covering it.
  2. That is a strong possibility as not sure Shaka survives after this season.
  3. Very optimistic as trust me, we don't want to play them again. If we saw them in the Big 10 tournament, I'd be surprised if we could stay within 20 points of them.
  4. There is no question this kid can play and is a very good shooter. However, I'm still somewhat fine with him not coming because he strikes me as the type of player that would transfer if he isn't starting as a freshman. I think he will be a very solid player for whatever school he chooses.
  5. So will every school since he's a 5 star and top 20 national prospect. Most blueblood schools and everyone else will give him an offer. He just has to decide the best fit for him as no school is going to not take him.
  6. Fred is the best coach Nebraska has ever had......PERIOD!!!!
  7. I wasn't ever a huge fan of Doc when he was our head coach mainly because he played a boring style and only worried about defense. And one of my issues with Doc is he is very predictable with defense assignments. It isn't to hard to figure out the Doc loves to double and sometimes even triple team in the post. Any good coach will adjust to just let the ball go into the paint and have you post player wait for the double team and then kick it out for a wide open shot. That is just shooting practice for the other team. We went to a zone for a little bit and should have went to it more often but Doc (and for the most part Fred) are sold that you only play man to man. Doc needs to evolve how he coaches defense or it won't matter how good we are offensively if we can't ever prevent the other team from scoring.
  8. I don't think Thor will start next year but fully expect him to heavily in the rotation and get plenty of minutes each game.
  9. I've sold Vball and Bball tickets on Stubhub before. It's very easy process. The tickets automatically transfer to the buy and you automatically get your money. I highly recommend it.
  10. Can we please start recruiting players with easier names to pronounce at some point.
  11. I'll be surprised if this isn't the starting lineup next year with a 5 person bench rotation. Overall, it's a good looking team for next year. Starting LIne-up Cam Burke Stephenson Banton Walker In the bench rotation Cross Green Yvan Thor Allen
  12. It takes the fun out of "Hate Creighton" week when you feel like you have no shot to win. This will be the best team we've played all year so far and as much as I hate CU, I'll be shocked if we don't get beat by 25+ We can't defend, we can't shoot 3's, we can't shoot free throws, we can't rebound. We don't have any aspect of our game that we do well. Based on that, it could be a blood path on Saturday as well as our next 2 games against Indiana and Purdue.
  13. Or he might want to play this year regardless and not stay in college for another 2 years. Never know what these kids are thinking.
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