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  1. Very true and that is what makes it so frustrating when we have had 2 kids with NBA talent in the past few years and still can't win games.
  2. That is correct. They are just very close friends
  3. I must be even more of an idiot as I sit through every game in person and don't ever leave early and even flew to Atlanta to sit through them getting killed by Auburn.
  4. Don't know the exact year but it was about 6 years ago or so
  5. Hard to argue with that as coaching was and has been less than impressive the past 4 seasons.
  6. That is absolutely not true about forcing boosters or more likely companies to buy extra tickets. This streak is only kept around for NU football fans to feel good about themselves and pump their fist against their chest and be able to "self proclaim" they are the greatest college football fans. UNL knows that once the streak ends, the demand for football tickets will drop off as I remember during the Riley era when you couldn't even give tickets away. So it's to their benefit to keep it going which is fine. You are right, it doesn't hurt to continue it but just don't see the point anymore. Let it die with the balloons.
  7. To me it ended the first time UNL called up a business and made them buy some additional tickets to ensure it was a sellout. And trust me, I know a few business owners that we basically forced to buy additional tickets so trust me, this goes on. If all the tickets get sold without being forced, then that is cool but when I know how much UNL has to market to get them sold, it just loses some of the appeal to me. Just my opinion as UNL has every right to sell the tickets any way they want I guess.
  8. Because when UNL has to contact business and donors to make sure that all the tickets are sold to keep a streak alive, it's really more of a fictitious streak than seeing if they would otherwise get sold by fans. UNL has had to contact business and donors and pretty much force them to buy extra tickets to keep this thing alive. If the streak can't stand on it's own, then it's time to let it go.
  9. Totally agree with you as just as frustrated with how Fred allowed the offense to be as bad as it was last year. He basically gave the players all the freedom they wanted and even more frustrating that it took him 3/4 of the season to realize it wasn't working and try running more set plays. And you are correct, I just threw out 80% as I have no idea either but do know there were many possessions in a row that only Bryce and Verge touched the ball. It was a multiple of things last year and coaching is high on that list as well. And obviously losing 2 key players with injury didn't help matters either.
  10. It absolutes does not. But when 2 players have the ball in their hands 80% of the time, it makes it hard for others to contribute offensively and leads to poor team chemistry which seemed very obvious with last year's team.
  11. Sure, why not if they can afford it (which I'm sure they can) and it means that much to them. Seems like people in Nebraska are the only ones who really care about this. At least Notre Dame was smart enough to let their streak end several years back.
  12. It's amazing to me the people that still think the sellout streak is real. I guess from an accounting standpoint it might be but serious, let it just die already. Hard to continue to brag about a sellout streak when there are empty seats all over the place. It's really become a joke that NU continues to have to find ways to make sure all the tickets get sold just to continue this. NU could end this now and the record would never be touched so just let it go already.
  13. On paper, you are correct that talent should equal better results but that is not always true. When your two best players are only interesting in showcasing their talents to impress NBA scouts and the other 3 players are left standing around watching to see what is going to happen, that is not winning basketball. When you put 5 guys on the court that only care about winning and not worried about their individual stats, they can compete with teams that "on paper" are more talented. This is why guys like James Harden never win championships cause all he wants to do it shoot and not do all the little things it takes to win. As long as he scores 40 points, he is happy. Don't sell this year's NU basketball team short. I agree that don't have the star power it did last year but honestly, I think that is a good thing.
  14. I won't miss Lat at all. I think we will be a better team without him. That's not dogging on him but he was a liability when he was on the floor more than he helped the team. Hope he finds success in the next chapter of his life.
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