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  1. I agree with everything you outlined Norm and would add that our team depth has to be solid. Last year, we had a drop-off in some positions when the starters weren't on the floor. Great teams have back-ups almost as good as the 5 starters so you don't lose much when you sub in. I really think this year, our team depth will be the key. We ran out of gas in several games we lost last year due to this issue and if we can develop better depth this year, those can easily be turned into wins this year.
  2. As we used to say under Osborne for many years, "at least he is in the Big Game"
  3. I agree but this one is on their coach. They had him committed before Coach Mac opened up his mouth and inserted foot. I'd be upset if another school came in at the last minutes and magically he committed to them in the 11th hour but no one to blame on this one except the Head Coach.
  4. You do realize Hunter is going to Gonzaga and will be in the sweet 16 next season already.
  5. I was able to watch Isaac Traudt play in person for the first time in AAU tournament this past weekend. He is the real deal as his ball handling skills for a 6' 10" center are pretty amazing. He played PG and brought the ball up the floor most the game. I'm sure he will have his pick of any school he wants to go to so probably a longshot that NU will land him but there is always an outside shot.
  6. Not a horrible pick-up for the future (maybe) but can't image he won't have much impact on this season.
  7. He might be a nice back up role for this year and maybe start in a few years but won't change the rotation much for this season.
  8. What PG situation as don't see we have a major issue there?
  9. It can also be a good thing as you set the bar for which he will measure all his other visits against.
  10. He gets a statue for this kid but not for getting Bryce McGowens? I would think he would get a stature for landing a 5 star player and then can change it to a gold statue if he get Traudt.
  11. That would be a very solid starting lineup. The only 2 that I think are guaranteed to be starting are the McGowen brothers. The other 3 spots are still up for grabs but could see it shaking out with the line-up you have listed.
  12. I totally get your point but that is not entirely true. If fans in this state have low expectations already going into this season and you start to lose a few games, most your "fair weather" fans will jump off the bandwagon fairly quickly and quite attending games. Then your arena will only be half full with no atmosphere, not as much fun to attend games, and fans will post negative comments on social media about the team. It can have kind of a snowball effect. Did you ever think you would see it in football but you are now seeing the fans/media lowering expectations to where it's a good s
  13. So total number of wins depends on the non-conference schedule which we haven't seen yet. With the core group we have coming back, I would think we can get to 20 wins and finish in the top half of the conference.
  14. I have to disagree as I don't think we need to pump the brakes on expectations. When you start lower expectations, that is ultimately what you become. I'm sure Coach Hoiberg has high expectations going into next season and goal is to win every game. I've been a die-hard NU basketball fan my entire life and so tired fan base in the state of Nebraska only caring about football and having no expectations for the basketball program. We built a new practice facility, built Pinnacle Bank Arena, and hired a top notch nationally known basketball coach. It's time to have higher expectations.
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