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  1. The plan would have changed cause we are bringing in better talent and Lakes is a below average defender and average shooter based on his opportunities he has had. If Lakes sees the floor next year, it should be in mop up duty only.
  2. I'm not sure if that has been decided yet or not but not sure how it couldn't be. Otherwise, makes it difficult to know how many new players you can sign.
  3. Totally agree with you but at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter other than NU fans can say we have a McDonald's All-American on our team. Either way, this kid huge get and could open the door for us to get other 5 star recruits if Fred gets him to the league.
  4. Why do you think Lakes will be back? Shamiel and Banton both will likely be back next year along with Lat, Derrick, Adre. The rest on your list are all 50/50 on if they return.
  5. Have to disagree on potential with Doc running the defense. He loves to double team all the time and it's easy to see if coming. Good teams and players just expose that and get wide open looks. Our guys are chasing all the time to get back and defend the 3 point line. Good shooting teams will light us up every night with Doc's defense.
  6. I didn't think your point was about revenue but rather fans showing up in attendance. Maybe I mis-understood what you were trying to say by attendance then. But think my other point is still valid as not sure what more you want the administration to do.
  7. Exactly what do you propose the administration does to dissect the problems within the program? We have a brand new arena, practice facility, went out and hired the best coach possible. Not sure what more they can do to blame themselves? Also, those stats are very misleading as for years, teams like Creighton would report attendance based on tickets sold and not the number of fans in attendance. NU is doing the same thing now. Other schools report based on fans attending so not really an apples to apples comparison.
  8. Not probable any more as he made the SC Top 10. Well done Air Roby
  9. So it's a pretty bad look for Teddy, Lat, and Trey that Yvan has a higher free throw percentage than you do on the season. Going to be hard to win games if that doesn't improve and soon!!!!
  10. Those loses to Nevada and Georgia are just killers as both were very winnable games. The season would look a whole lot different even you just win one of those games but to lose both is hard to take.
  11. The only reason this game makes sense is that it counts towards Walker's suspension so we trade this game for sitting an additional conference game. Based on that, I'm glad they scheduled this game.
  12. I hate Creighton with a passion but most likely they will cover the spread in the first 5 minutes.
  13. All true!!! The Big 10 is scary good this year.
  14. OK thanks. Was just trying to plan a vacation for next fall but also wanted to go see NU play in a tournament if they had already agreed to play in one next year. Might just make that my vacation plan every year that that play in a tournament.
  15. Does anyone know if we are scheduled to play in any tournaments for 2021-22 season?
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