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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Roby won't be back for his senior year...
  2. 19 - 12 overall with that weak of non-conference schedule would not even put us close to being a bubble team.
  3. What is more sad is that we never will get to see Roby play up to his full potential in a Nebraska uniform.
  4. I expect the same news except he will wait till tomorrow's deadline and then announce he is staying in the draft.
  5. Don't think there is a timeline for that.
  6. Hope he ends up being better than his stats have been the couple years he played college basketball.
  7. Maybe its just me but not very excited about Kevin Cross. He just looks slow and kind of lazy. Seen footage of him and wasn't to impressed. I trust Fred judgement over mine but don't see him being much of an impact player at NU.
  8. Why? I don't mind the 2 half format in college basketball and certainly don't want to allow 6 fouls each games. Don't see the benefit of letting players foul more.
  9. McDermott might be interested but guessing Michigan would not have any interest in McDermott
  10. Totally understand but only having 1 big body on the team will still mean Roby might have to play the 5 position quite a bit. This kid is still very young. I understand the kind of kid and teammate Roby is. I've had a man-crush on him for years. I've heard Roby speak at luncheons and he is the kind of kid you wish every student athlete was like. Selfishly, I 100% want to see Roby play one more year at NU but realistically, I don't see many scenarios for that to happen.
  11. I doubt this will have any impact on whether Roby returns or not. Bottom line is that Roby's draft status will dictate on if he returns or not. Roby already knows the value he can bring if he returns. Keep in mind that Roby also doesn't have a relationship with any of these players so that isn't working in our favor for him to return also.
  12. He already has 2 1/2 years of eligibility left and will have 3 years if granted a waiver.
  13. ROAD TRIP........ (or should I say Boat Trip)
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