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  1. Now, does he bring a former Husker alum up from their G-League team next year?!
  2. What I find rather ironic is that lots (not all) of the "shut up and play, keep politics out of it" crowd who think players shouldn't voice their opinions are the SAME people who voted for a president who bitches and voices his opinion like a high school girl, and they have no problem with that.
  3. I like the subtle "Jaysker" jab which has the CU logo on a Red shirt!
  4. My brother sent me this, from BBB's twitter account!
  5. Great pic choice, 2 of my all-time favorites! However, that might be the nail in the coffin unless he wants to create a legacy where there's little tradition and possibly put us on the map!
  6. A little Shavon Shields to his game, might be worth a look.
  7. The major problem with your point is that LeBron IS a great team player. Some of those Cavs teams had no business making the Finals. He elevated those around him to get them there.
  8. Speaking of Pitt transfers, Ryan Murphy (yes, you heard me right, Calabasas Ryan Murphy) is looking for his 4th school in 4 years. So we could finally get him after all these years
  9. Damn, what a sad way to end things. He could've been the best offensive point guard in our history with the right mindset. Hope he figures things out and that his family situation gets settled.
  10. Great point about Palmer, and if anybody watched his G League games this year, they would have seen JPJ finishing at a high clip at the rim, just like he did in college. Hopefully he has a shot at making an NBA roster in the next year or two.
  11. Next year "should" look much better. We add 6 guys with D1, experience, 5 of them at P6 schools. If Cam gets it figured out and Yvan continues to progress, coupled with the other returners' growth, something special could be brewing.
  12. If we draw the right seeding, mark my words, we make it to Friday in the Big Ten tourney.
  13. While I have, like many, grown upset at many of our blown opportunities at the rim, I'm willing to give Cam a bit of a pass. If he's here next year, which I pray he is, I believe we'll see a guy finishing at a much better clip. Many times, he has to take a tough finish opportunity over tremendous length in the B1G. And the biggest reason is that teams are able to sag off of so many of our players, and many times not even respect our post players, to the point that his driving lanes are typically not very clear. With better all-around players next year, I think you'll see clearer lanes for him
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