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  1. IMO, getting a guy like Rick Ross to play a free concert is very impressive. If you like hip-hop, this is a pretty big name.
  2. I see that Loon-ardi has already put out the first bracketology for 19-20. I see he has Eastern Omaha as a 5 seed, which was shocking to say the least. He also listed PSU as a 9 I believe. Where in the world did those two rankings come from.
  3. Anyone know if we can stream a replay? I didn't see they found a way to stream until it was too late!
  4. I'm also hoping that JPJ has a decent shot at getting a training camp invite. It seemed that our other players who made summer league rosters signed to play overseas right away after summer league ended. The fact he hasn't yet has me hoping he has a shot at the League!
  5. Either Coliseum or the BOB would be awesome for one game a year!
  6. Not as efficient tonight (4-11, 2-8 from 3), but he still led the team with 18 pts, and went to the line 10 times (8-10).
  7. The best part about that picture is AW3 was covering JPJ and got beat on the drive!
  8. 23 points tonight in the Suns' win!
  9. I have this! Wore it to the CU game last season. Got a ton of love for it!
  10. I'm not in love with his form, but I also wasn't Ohio player of the year either, so I can live with it if it goes in! It is a fairly quick release at least.
  11. All of his videos from the past 2 weeks just shows how much we underutilized him, especially this past year. As much as I love JPJ and GW, Roby should've been The Man this past season.
  12. Awesome picture of Miles and Hoiberg. I love that they still appear to be friends, and I would love to see Timmy back at Nebraska in some capacity in the future.
  13. He sort of reminds me of Miles Bridges.
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