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  1. jason2486

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I did always feel that Sek was held back. I remember when we got him that he appeared to be a tremendous recruit from all I had read at the time. Sorta got the Toney McCray treatment, never really given the chance to shine.
  2. jason2486

    Jordy Gone

    Selfish. I want to wish him well, but like AW3, I don't think I can. He has now bailed on us twice. Enjoy Tennessee Tech State or wherever you go to average 6 points and 5 rebounds.
  3. jason2486

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I always thought Sek would at least get some G League love.
  4. jason2486

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I watched the 4th quarter. While he struggled shooting, he had some nice passes, including an alley-oop assist. He played nice D as well.
  5. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Me too!
  6. jason2486


    I had a family reunion in Belvadere! Some old auditorium if I remember right!
  7. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Great point! I think one of the hardest things for people to realize is just how skilled these guys are, especially on offense. Great defense tends to lose to great offense, so I think what sometimes appears to be poor defense or a lack of effort is actually more about how good NBA guys are offensively. Not to mention, 82 games is a grind!
  8. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Do explain!
  9. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    JHC, I don't know how many more ways or times I ( or others on this board) have to say that KD took the EASIEST path by joining a proven championship team who had just won 73 games. That same team had just beaten KD, ending his season. While I hated that LeBron did the whole Miami thing, he didn't join a team that was knocking him out of the playoffs either. LeBron didn't join a superteam, he helped create one.
  10. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Colhusker, atskooc, you guys are both clearly KD fans or dislike LeBron, which is your choice, no problem, but you're missing the point. Season's over, back to Husker hoops!
  11. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    LeBron has led 9 teams to the Finals (CLE 5 times), won 3. How often did KD do that before joining GSW. LeBron never went to a team that just set a league record for wins. I actually hated it when he went to Miami, and although I still liked him as an individual, I rooted against the Heat his 4 years there. However, I can't totally blame him if he leaves again. I hope he stays, but when you have a guy on your team who doesn't even know the score at the end of the game, that's gotta be frustrating. If he plays bad or average, they typically don't win.
  12. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Just like your education example, this comparison doesn't make sense either. If I was a Missouri fan, AW3 leaving Nebraska and going to Syracuse wouldn't affect me in any way. As a LeBron fan, this directly affects me because it might be the difference between the Cavs being 3-1 instead of (most likely) 1-3 against the Warriors in the Finals.
  13. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Sorry, but that education scenario is totally different than what KD did. He joined a 73-win team after his own team choked up 3-1. He basically took any pressure off of himself knowing that he has 4 or 5 others who can make up for him when he has an abysmal game.
  14. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    I'm just sick of seeing the Warriors have 5 all Stars play, 2-3 of them can no-show, yet they still win. Almost impossible to beat. I still am upset at KD for running to a team he couldn't beat.
  15. jason2486

    NBA Playoffs

    Don't forget the refs blowing 4 or 5 calls in favor of GSW. LeBron should've been shooting the and 1 on his last drive of regulation. And the change of the charge call was ridiculous. Just make every questionable call reviewable then.