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  1. jason2486

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I watched part of the game, felt bad for him. You could tell he was in bad pain.
  2. Given the circumstances (contract in limbo for 3 seasons, every year seeming to be make or break, Copeland injury, 7 game losing streak), if you recover from that, I think so. If we make it and win, there's no way you fire him.
  3. I hope Miles and company continue to win and put this stupid thread to bed (mic drop)
  4. jason2486

    Husker Legends

    I talked to him for a bit after the game. One of my all-time favorites and a great person.
  5. jason2486

    Roby will be back. Book it

  6. jason2486

    Husker Legends

    Ade (Andre ) Dagunduro
  7. He literally sits 2 or 3 seats away from my parents' seats. My mom was talking about that tonight! He is hilarious, always saying funny crap during the game, especially when it's quiet.
  8. Scheels in Lincoln sells Adidas Herbie spinning the basketball shirt, as well as the hat. But our own arena store doesn't! We do lack good apparel to buy. And its too bad because Adidas has great gear, I'm not sure what the University is thinking.
  9. jason2486

    All Is Not Lost (off topic)

  10. jason2486

    Enjoy The Last Month Of The Miles Era

    The NIT is basically like any non-playoff bowl game: most teams could give a sh*t. I don't put much, if any, stock in NIT outcomes. I don't think the B1G is that much greater this year. Teams should get better as the year progresses, yet the non-con basically seals your conference's fate for the year, which makes little sense. By the end of last year, our conference was as good as any IMO. We got screwed, no doubt.
  11. Where was Nana the 2nd half. He shot with confidence, brought great energy, and had 5 rebounds in the 1st. I don't get why he saw 0 2nd half minutes.
  12. jason2486


    More evidence that there is something missing between administration and the basketball program. During the pregame with KP, Boehm said that "Andre" Dagunduro would be in attendance for legends weekend.
  13. jason2486

    Scouting Purdue

    Maybe this will be our Indiana-Michigan State game. Indiana down Morgan, McRoberts, and riding a 7-game losing streak, had no business winning.