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  1. 1st and foremost, this is not a post to say that Tim Miles should be our coach and that Fred Hoiberg was an awful hire. I was as excited as anybody about getting Fred even though we were getting rid of one of my all time favorite coaches. Having said that, it is a bit disturbing when looking at statistics for this season, San Jose State is in the top 15 in 3 point percentage, and we are hovering in the 300s. And its not like our strengths of schedule are that different at this point of the season. Our offense often looks more stagnant than it did with Miles. I can recall lots of times where we would complain about a lack of ball movement. But with guys like Verge, Teddy Allen, and even Bryce McGowens, there is not any more ball movement than we witnessed under the Miles regime. I don't think any of us would have thought that this is where we'd be under 3 years of Hoiberg. Do I think he's a great coach, absolutely. However, how can you be 6-41 against P5/6 schools and have a job or at least feel the seat warming quickly. Did the NBA mentality follow him back to college? There's no lottery pick waiting when we miss postseason again. I am just at a total loss of words...
  2. "There is no hope. Fuck everything. Go Big Red" - Jon Johnston, Corn Nation
  3. Even with no sound, this is my favorite video you've posted pregame. Unfortunately, I won't be able to stand up from my desk for at least 5 minutes after watching it!
  4. Verge...does he make it past Christmas...I'll hang up and listen. Biggs, Mack, Allen, all jucos...have not worked out. He went Juco before ASU, and it has me a bit concerned. I hope I'm wrong about Verge. He could be the guy who rights the ship or burns it down.
  5. And our sharpshooter D2 transfer can't get off the bench...sounds about right.
  6. What happens when we don't reach 10 wins...this is unacceptable.
  7. https://twitter.com/SanJoseStateMBB/status/1459023356263481344 Very happy for Coach Miles! My 2nd favorite team!
  8. Maybe the most Nebrasketball thing ever...Big 12 player of the year, miss the dance, go to the NIT, then never play in the NBA after being drafted!
  9. Best part of this article is this crap! "Potter called out Gard for not having players’ backs, specifically Davison’s. Players — and some fans — felt Davison was being treated unfairly by Big Ten officials."
  10. His hair and size remind me of a less athletic Roby!
  11. I'd bet good money, as long as he has a good relationship with Fred, that he transfers to us if he's unhappy in a year or 2, especially if we are on the uptick.
  12. Still one of the biggest F jobs, but just a taste of the curse that our program seems to be under. Any blue blood program replacing our name gets in, no questions asked. Instead, "the B1G is down". Imagine if we throttled that year's B1G tourney champs, who also made the national championship game in a "down year for the B1G"...Oh, wait, that's right, we did!
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