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  1. He catches with his left foot down, takes 2 steps, no travel.
  2. To play devil's advocate to the negative discussions on Juwan, I don't recall tons of positive talk about JPJ or Petteway. Their numbers didn't wow anyone. However, they're probably 2 of our top 3 players since PBA opened! Let's give JG a chance!
  3. Ouch! Not the best player on an NAIA team, yet somehow warranted a D1 B1G scholarship ...yikes!
  4. So did a lot of our roster ...and some of them sure as hell can't defend greatly either!
  5. If Brad Davison can defend at this level, so can he!
  6. This For too long, we've been taking players who probably didn't know Nebraska had a basketball program or own a Husker shirt. We need to be sprinkling in players who have cared about this program PRIOR to being recruited!
  7. https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/ndsu-transfer-sam-griesel-says-joining-hometown-huskers-would-be-a-dream-
  8. How in the hell does Illinois ever lose ?
  9. One of my biggest gripes was letting a 15 pt lead get to 1 before a time out is called. Most good coaches call one after 15 gets cut to 10 or 9. Hoiberg is awful about that, so i wasn't surprised, just pissed he hasn't figured that out. This game played out like so many. It was pretty much identical to last year's B1G tournament game against PSU, same damn script. I hope those 3 previous games weren't anomalies, but I've yet to see a Hoiberg-led Husker team carry momentum into the next season. I hope he gets it done, but we're most likely looking at a 4th rebuild, so I'm not confident.
  10. Not to mention, how rare of an opportunity it is that they can play a 2nd year together. Their closeness can't hurt our chances!
  11. I'm only 37, but the "Dollars Trilogy" are some of my all-time favorites!
  12. Maybe it's the red Kool-aid talking, but the fact that our Wed/Thur/Fri opponents would all be teams we've lost to twice gives me some hope. It's typically hard to beat a team 3 times!
  13. I agree 100%. I've watched it several times. IMO, it was the perfect storm for Trey. As he starts to attempt a LeBron-esque block off the backboard, Davis is stumbling, unintentionally starts to undercut Trey, who got super high. With nowhere to go, Trey attempts to readjust in mid-air, and awkwardly falls, throwing his arm forward to catch himself. Overall, what a tremendous and gutsy performance. These guys are playing so well! Let's see where this momentum can take us!
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