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  1. A bit of JPJ in his game...long, can get to spots without being the quickest, most athletic guy. Different shooting stroke, but his drive game and energy is very reminiscent.
  2. Mo or Sadler would be awesome! I agree with the above post that I could see Miles back at some point in some role in the bball department.
  3. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification! I have been on here since the end the Sadler era and probably missed that incident. Sorry if I came off as abrasive. I guess I'm just trying to come at it from the angle that Korver is. I would hope that something like this article wouldn't cause divide among us. We have all probably seen things that Korver describes in the article. By us avoiding this article, aren't we doing the very thing Korver is asking people not to do?
  4. Very well written by a Creighton player I actually cheer for! TCP, fred1212, and Norm, what's with the hate? Are you of the thought that players should just "shut up and play"?
  5. Edwards put up Curry-like stats at Purdue, not Davison, against B1G talent. To say there is no comparison isn't fair. There are parts of his game that are better than Curry's at this stage. Does he become as good as Steph, pry not. But at the same time in their careers, you can't say they aren't at least comparable. Steph got better after college, Edwards could do the same.
  6. Sad to see our icy jersey photoshopped to fit the wolfpack...best of luck TA
  7. And speaking of rankings we had a starting lineup this year where all the players were top 150 players and I think that we had no top 150 players under Collier or Sadler.
  8. Not a Duke fan, but I really like Zion. It's like LeBron and Vince Carter sat down and created a player that combined their abilities. Awesome to see Sparty back in the final four. Was hoping to get Purdue their as well.
  9. I think Edwards can and will be Steph Curry good, maybe better. What a show.
  10. Just one prime example of shady business at that school...
  11. Heard the same today...pray to God no
  12. The guys played with tremendous heart just like in Chicago. Roby was phenomenal in the 1st half, then JPJ, GW3, and JT finished things up in the 2nd. This staff has put together a great last 2 weeks. Sad to think it probably won't be enough. Anyways, what a great game by all involved, including the fans! Crazy to think that if the rumors about Coach Miles are true, in a way, Moos would be going back on his word about wanting to see consistency from our program, specifically Coach Miles. Our win-loss isn't as good as last year, but we got a higher seeded NIT spot and won a game already. It's also easy to argue that EVEN before our abundant amount of injuries and Jordy transferring that last year's roster was better. So could the argument be made that we have done about as good, if not as good, as last year, which should be a reason to keep Miles?
  13. Yes he missed the make-up game...against BETHUNE-COOKMAN...for his daughter's wedding. Of course he would miss that game, that is obviously expected with a wedding and all. I'm guessing he doesn't miss a glorified scrimmage at Cal if our FB team was playing Wisconsin. Family time could've come Friday evening Saturday evening, all day Sunday, etc.
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