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  1. Yeah horrible fu**ing no call, these refs never cease to amaze.
  2. Don't forget, HCFH won a Big 12 tournament or 2 at ISU...maybe we get hot come March! Okay, probably not, but it's out there
  3. I agree with those who liked the defensive game plan. It's why we beat Iowa and Purdue. Wisconsin never shoots it that well. We could've had the same looks, and no way do we shoot that well. I thought for the most part we contested fine. They just happened to hit shots.
  4. They camp in the lane, we get called for charges and travelling in the lane. F these refs.
  5. Sek was a stud. Much like Toney McCray, I thought Doc did poorly with him. They were legit ballers with the right coach. And I love Doc, but I didn't care for the way he handled certain players, especially those 2.
  6. Closeouts on 3s kill us. I know it's probably all our guys at some point, but there was one by Charlie that was replayed, and he didn't even get his hands above his waist. That kind of thing you teach elementary and junior high kids. We need to bring more consistent effort on D.
  7. I loved this game plan, very similar to Purdue. I want to see us use this going forward every game. I think if we played that Rutgers game again, you'd see us use it. Awesome effort all around!
  8. It probably didn't help that we couldn't stop dribble penetration, but I was surprised that we didn't see a similar game plan to the Purdue game. Especially given the fact that Rutgers is loaded in the post like Purdue, and that they are a worse 3 point shooting team than Purdue.
  9. Really sad that Rutgers has a better center than we've had since at least Maric, maybe the 90s, and we can't seem to recruit a true athletic center.
  10. Just my 2 cents, but it sounds like he wants to be wanted, and feels he deserves to play right away. I'm sorry, but this isn't OSA ball. You might actually have to, you know, earn your keep! So much entitlement with some of these recruits.
  11. He is 17 years old. I've seen high school seniors who are 19, so he could be a sophomore or junior in some schools. And he didn't lift before. He's going to get more explosive as he goes through our strength and conditioning program, as well as he actually grows into his body.
  12. This might seem like a weird comparison, but Cheatham reminds me of Copeland a bit. Senior leadership, can guard multiple spots, can quietly give you 15-20, and a smart, complete player. Different styles, but similar results!
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