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  1. Best part of this article is this crap! "Potter called out Gard for not having players’ backs, specifically Davison’s. Players — and some fans — felt Davison was being treated unfairly by Big Ten officials."
  2. His hair and size remind me of a less athletic Roby!
  3. I'd bet good money, as long as he has a good relationship with Fred, that he transfers to us if he's unhappy in a year or 2, especially if we are on the uptick.
  4. Still one of the biggest F jobs, but just a taste of the curse that our program seems to be under. Any blue blood program replacing our name gets in, no questions asked. Instead, "the B1G is down". Imagine if we throttled that year's B1G tourney champs, who also made the national championship game in a "down year for the B1G"...Oh, wait, that's right, we did!
  5. I think we all saw this coming, but I was still hopeful he was going to stick it out and lift his jersey on senior night, then go out and legally buy a drink in the Haymarket afterwards! Best of luck Yvan!
  6. Coincidence he posted a pic from PBA ??
  7. For once, it'd be nice to have an offseason with no attrition. I feel like so often in recent years, we fill spots of players who leave with one year gap fillers that also don't pan out. It'd be nice to have guys start to stay for 4-5 years and see what they could become by their senior year. Think about how well that would potentially affect team chemistry as well.
  8. Not to mention the play where Thor chases after a loose ball with one arm being pulled behind his back for about 20 feet. That crew of refs should never be allowed to ref basketball again.
  9. 1st, you will never convince me that 10th year senior Trent Frazier shouldn't have had 2 technicals. How one of those was a bench T is indefensible. However, with Michelle's dork nephew reffing, nothing is surprising at this point. 2nd, I can't believe how poorly we value the basketball and possessions in general. Our better players make some of the dumbest, head-scratching decisions / turnovers of any team I can think of. For having some talented players and a tremendous head coach, this is mind-boggling and very concerning. Lastly, I hope Shamiel continues to show im
  10. Every time I watch Roby or JPJ in the NBA or G League, I'm reminded of the great finishers at the rim we once had.
  11. God bless anyone who kept interest and hope after it went 51-39. Around that time, I think we gave up our 53rd offensive rebound/3 point combo of the game. And I still don't see how Banton (or even McGowens as of late) can be so bad at finishing at the rim. On a positive note, it's nice to see Banton find his shot a bit. I don't mind when his feet are set. Hopefully TWO days off gets us ready for Saturday.
  12. My 4 takeaways: 1. Cockburn gets away with so much pushing, it's nauseating. His first foul comes midway through the 2nd half...Yeah,ok. 2. Ayo carries the ball worse than Banton, yet never gets called for it. 3. Banton might be the worst FT/jump shooter/finisher for being 6'9 and a PG/SG that I've ever seen. I love the kid. He has some great skills. However, he is a huge liability in tight games late. His defense is atrocious as well when covering smaller guards. 4. Having said all that, what a great team effort. Clean up the dumb turnovers tha
  13. We take more contested shots and out-of-rhythm jumpers/3 pointers than SWAC teams.
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