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  1. Love seeing JPJ play so well. ET also had a nice game!
  2. A couple things... IF, and it's a BIG IF, we start to hit 3's at an average clip, somewhere in the low 30s, as well as start to convert our atrocious % from 5 feet and in, we are going to be alright. 2nd, our guys will take leaps forward throughout the year. Just look at Cross from game 1 to 2, and SUU was way better than C-R. Lastly, one thing that isn't being talked about enough is that our potentially best player (I'd argue top 3 for sure) still hasn't played a game and will most likely have a tremendous impact once eligible. Sucky start, absolutely, but please, if anyone is near a ledge, game 2, year 1, yikes, your expectations are UNREALISTIC. You've clearly forgotten we're historically insignificant, and that this will take time. If this was year 3 or 4, then I'd understand panic. Just enjoy the little things like guys getting better and pulling off a couple upsets.
  3. So much this, which drives me crazy sometimes because we hardly use zone!
  4. Miles on color commentary, Kent still play-by-play, a man can dream, right?!
  5. CUfan can go back to BJU at any time. Go worry about your injuries and Mac's chances of procreating another player of the year walk on player.
  6. Speaking of Sports Nightly, I almost called in a couple weeks back to voice my displeasure, specifically with Nate Rohr. It was the Monday after the scrimmage, and Nate said something along the lines of "it seems a bit early to be talking basketball", and Sharpe agreed. Yeah, that sounds great to recruits that our own network says stupid things like this. So those guys can talk about the 5th string running back and spring football in February, yet OCTOBER is a bit early to discuss Husker hoops. Sorry, that just got me a tad hot under the collar!
  7. If we play Doc's style of D, we can finish top 7-10. We are going to have good enough guard play to keep us competitive IMO.
  8. I still think Shamiel will be a stud!
  9. IMO, getting a guy like Rick Ross to play a free concert is very impressive. If you like hip-hop, this is a pretty big name.
  10. I see that Loon-ardi has already put out the first bracketology for 19-20. I see he has Eastern Omaha as a 5 seed, which was shocking to say the least. He also listed PSU as a 9 I believe. Where in the world did those two rankings come from.
  11. Anyone know if we can stream a replay? I didn't see they found a way to stream until it was too late!
  12. I'm also hoping that JPJ has a decent shot at getting a training camp invite. It seemed that our other players who made summer league rosters signed to play overseas right away after summer league ended. The fact he hasn't yet has me hoping he has a shot at the League!
  13. Either Coliseum or the BOB would be awesome for one game a year!
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