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  1. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Penn State jumped all the way to 71 RPI with their win tonight. Correct me if I’m wrong but that gives us another tier 1 loss with them in the top 75, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Miles to coach NABC all star game

    I was about to post the same thing. I'm almost positive that it is.
  3. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    We'll probably lose when......

    I'm actually more confident about Tuesday with today's results. 3-0 Nebraska might have overlooked the next opponent. No excuses now. We might lose our top 25 ranking for now but I've lost no confidence for this year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    HHCC Game #3 - Nov. 22 vs. Rhode Island (6:00 PM)

    NU 69 RI 58 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    HHCC Game #2 - Nov. 18 vs. Central Ark. (7:00 PM)

    90-61 nebraska Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Ben Coupet - 2016 SF

    This article mentions that his father played for Molinari at Bradley after he left UNL. http://www.fanbase.com/Ben-Coupet/career
  7. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Petteway offseason article

    One thing I found interesting in that article is how Terran mentioned that he was comfortable shooting the Adidas ball. Does anyone know if there is a universally used ball in college basketball, or is it based on the home team? I'm sure we practice with Adidas basketballs, but do we use Nike when we play MSU? Just curious how this might affect some shooters.
  8. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    They are already planning for the next No-Sit Sunday vs Creighton

    More appropriate comparisons: Kansas -- Wichita State Illinois -- Bradley Stanford -- Saint Mary's Tennessee -- Belmont Texas A&M -- UTEP and so on. I mean, it's okay to hate on Creighton...but the "rivalry" is pretty superficial if you ask me. The schools you mentioned, cwg, are all mostly peer institutions, except Georgia and Georgia State (you sure you didn't mean Georgia Tech?), and most of them are also all in the same conference. The only thing NU and Creighton have in common are that they are in the same state and they both have the Huskers as their football team. These don't really work either. These are schools where the power conference school has had staggeringly more success than the mid major. That's not the case here. Creighton has had much more success than NU and has for a while now. I'm not sure there is a comp. Washington and Gonzaga? I don't know if they play regularly, though. Virginia and VCU? I don't know that they play often either. Despite their conferences not being peers, NU and CU are. And now that they're in conferences that are a little closer to each other, the comps on the first list could be closer to the comps on the second over the next few years. Wisconsin and Marquette would be a very good comparison, since it is the same two conferences we are talking about. They definitely have a strong rivalry, although I'm not sure whether the Marquette fans support Wisconsin football
  9. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Tai's summer

    I think we will see a lot more of Tai driving into the lane like we saw in spurts last year. Would be huge to have a third threat to take guys off the dribble. With Walt and hopefully another shooter outside, we could be extremely tough to defend
  10. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Would you be disappointed if we didn't dance this year?

    This is how I feel as well. Top 4 would be great, but I think it's very possible to finish 6th and have a higher NCAA Tournament seed than last year, which in my opinion would still be very successful.
  11. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Leslee Smith out for 2014-15 with an ACL tear

    Well the speculation was correct... http://www.virginislandsnewsonline.com/en/news/update-injured-leslee-j-smith-out-of-cbc-2014-b-ball-c-ships
  12. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Nick Fuller

    Why not end with something fun if you've got your work done?Agreed If it literally takes four minutes, then I'm okay with it. "Practicing half court shots" infers something more, to me anyway. I just know that the time with coaches is limited in the summer. It looks to me like that was taken in San Antonio, so I don't think they are spending the whole summer shooting half court shots. I think Coach Miles has a decent idea of how to allocate time, he's been doing this a while.
  13. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    The Official Media Thread

    Durant's camp invites the top 15 wings in the country. Huge honor. Not sure who LeBron invites.
  14. Sgt Lincoln Osiris

    Alex Illikainen - PF - 2015 prospect -> Wisconsin

    Tarin Smith and Jacob Hammond both switched high schools. Hell, maybe a few schools told him they want to see him against better competition. Doesn't mean he is leaning a particular way or chasing anything specific. I see it as a good thing for sure.