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  1. FWIW. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/iowa-state-coach-alabama-alum-steve-prohm-addresses-crimson-tide-job-speculation/ “There’s nothing to say. I want to be the best coach at Iowa State, that’s it,” Prohm said. “My athletic director (Jamie Pollard) is standing right there, he knows that. I love this job. I’m blessed to be here, first and foremost. I love Amex. There is no story. I’m trying to be the best coach at Iowa State and see if I can be here for a long, long time.”
  2. Well, there you go. If the Hoiberg thing falls through, pick up Benford, and we'll have ourselves a non mid-major hire with an NCAA win on his resume.
  3. Ohio St had a similar experience to ours in 1986 and handled it a different way. By the way, Moe Iba's contract was allowed to run out this same season after leading NU to it's first NCAA tournament. The Huskers beat Ohio St in the Sun Bowl classic that year.
  4. Maybe we should check FlightAware logs for any pending Des Moines=>Lincoln or Chicago=>Lincoln charters.
  5. The Des Moines Register asked the Hoibergs about the rumors at the Michigan St game, and both Dad and son had some interesting vague replies.
  6. Watching the replay of last night's game and he's excited as anybody about Trueblood's performance. Here's a guy that is personally invested in our school. I certainly don't mean to say other players aren't, but his off-court demeanor speaks volumes even though his career is over. Thanks again, Isaac, and all of our seniors!
  7. I get more uncomfortable by the hour about this.
  8. I wonder if there is anyone in Berkeley who can confirm if Moos has left the stadium yet.
  9. I hope we're not setting ourselves up for another Bill Self moment in this program's history.
  10. Maybe Moos talked to Altman this past week, who knows. But if we ended up playing Oregon in the NIT under those conditions - talk about awkward.
  11. OK, you are right on that one. I really didn't do my homework, did I? Oh well, let's hope Moos is more focused than I am. This is just intuition, but I think the home-run hire for Nebraska is going to have to be somebody we all are not talking about, so just picking my brain for who that would be.
  12. Maybe. I have no idea if he is getting better support or worse support than Miles. He's won two more NCAA games at Northwestern than we've done in 120 years. He would walk in here and know just as much about every program as any other Big Ten coach. He has to have established recruiting connections in Chicago and maybe the East coast. These things might count for something. Would you rather have Collins or a hot mid-major hire? Is there one you have your eye on?
  13. It did take him a while for a title, but he had some pretty good teams along the way.
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