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  1. I wonder which hurts worse. A bloody nose or a root canal? Tanner will tell us tomorrow.
  2. A no-return conference road win against a top 25 team? It doesn't get any better than that.
  3. HuskerCager

    The Top 25 thread

    By my count, Sunday's game against Iowa will be the first game NU and their opponent were both ranked since playing the Fab 5 Michigan team in the Rainbow Classic on 12/28/1992.
  4. ding-ding-ding! Hey, we were 7-9 just two years ago in 2016. Quite a turnaround.
  5. Nice win, and a great crowd tonight. By the way, this isn't the first time NU has played in Sioux Falls, but it's been a while. Couldn't help but notice that there was a score typo in this 49 year-old article just like there is in tonight's OWH. Some things never change, I guess.
  6. HuskerCager

    Pavelkatron 1000

    Two big thumbs up today - first for Kent on broadcasting his 1,000 game. I've been listening to you all these years, friend, and you've made it an enjoyable ride. And for Chris Heady, the OWH sportswriter who has big shoes to fill replacing Lee Barfknecht the program beat writer. It's hard to come up with stories a 48-year fan of the program doesn't already know, but you did so by sharing Kent's formative years in today's article. Great job!
  7. HuskerCager

    Nebraska (5-1) vs. Clemson (5-1) Game Thread

    Thank God they called that travel. I know he did, but....
  8. HuskerCager

    Nebraska (5-1) vs. Clemson (5-1) Game Thread

    Clemson watched the Texas Tech tape and said "let's play physical". And the refs are letting them.
  9. HuskerCager

    Nebraska (5-1) vs. Clemson (5-1) Game Thread

    Akenten doing work underneath. That's encouraging.
  10. Had to go back further to the last time we held opponents to 72 points or less in first two games: Held South Dakota St to 32 and NW Missouri St to 39 in 1949.
  11. Huskers finish with 193 points in their first two games. Only two other times we have gotten off to such a strong start offensively: Scoring 107 and 100 against St Louis and Illinois respectively in 1991 Scoring 111 and 94 against Cal St Fullerton and South Dakota respectively in 1967.
  12. HuskerHoops message board gets some love from Kent on his broadcast!
  13. HuskerCager

    The Official Media Thread

    I think your thoughts are spot-on, Norm. This news deserves it's own thread, by the way. We're talking about a writer who covered this program for 30 years, right? My admiration for Lee grew each year. I'm going to miss him greatly, and I get more and more concerned each day about the state of journalism in general. We need newspapers like the OWH and LJS, but not sure they are going to survive the sinking business model.
  14. HuskerCager

    18-19 depth

    No......... Not #13! Can't we ever get a break?
  15. HuskerCager

    NBA combine starts today

    Let's just hope no Huskers are harvested.