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  1. HuskerCager

    18-19 depth

    No......... Not #13! Can't we ever get a break?
  2. HuskerCager

    NBA combine starts today

    Let's just hope no Huskers are harvested.
  3. HuskerCager

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Or our compliance department could still botch up the paperwork, Sallie-style.
  4. HuskerCager

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Finally. Something halfway official.... http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/driving-for-bunch-s-story-perhaps-more-interesting-than-we/article_62e94548-4cae-11e8-962f-0be5632abf3b.html All signs are pointing to Florida associate head coach Armon Gates joining the Nebraska basketball program as a top assistant, according to Robin Washut of HuskerOnline.com. This could be an interesting development considering Gates just left Northwestern for Florida on April 8. He spent five seasons at Northwestern and before that, three under Porter Moser at Loyola-Chicago. Perhaps Gates feels more comfortable near the Big Ten footprint, specifically the Chicago area. Or maybe Nebraska, ahem, showed him the money. At any rate, Gates on the surface would appear to be a hire that would make sense for Tim Miles -- so long as Gates could come in and be an impact recruiter immediately. Kenya Hunter won’t be easy to replace.
  5. HuskerCager

    Contract Extensions

    I'm not overly concerned about the length of the contract. But am more concerned the impact it will have on finding the next assistant coach more than the next player.
  6. HuskerCager

    Next Assistant Coach

    How about Larry Gay? It feels a little like 1999 with our program this week.
  7. HuskerCager

    Kenya Hunter

    This one gets my vote. Hiring Devaney and Cip in a years time, lifting 2 moribund programs out of their funk.
  8. HuskerCager

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I assume Herm is also Sports Editor for the Deshler Rustler
  9. Red, I think the lights just went dim in our house, as my browser tried to load all those emoticons.
  10. HuskerCager

    NIT bracket announcement

    That's incredible. This isn't your dad's NIT, is it? I remember us hosting Arkansas St and Canisius in different years back in the 80s with teams just barely over .500. And to add insult to injury, the NE-Mississippi St winner gets 26 less hours of preparation for their 2nd round game with the Baylor-Wagner winner.
  11. HuskerCager

    The Big 10

    We had our opportunities, just didn't deliver. If we get another basket against KU and won our first game in the Thanksgiving tournament against UCF, nobody would be talking about scheduling right now.
  12. HuskerCager

    NCAA or bust.

    I suppose the exhibitions with Mississippi St and Northwood were also meaningless, but we still played them. Your next game is only as meaningful as your team makes it.
  13. HuskerCager


    I remember listening to Jack Payne , and later Kent, on KFAB. The broadcast would always start with that KFAB jingle-theme tune being played by a band. Remember that? KFAB had a pretty short pregame for football and basketball back then. Maybe 15 minutes. This YouTube link is a gem, by the way. I always had to switch to KFOR after the game, as this Lincoln station had rights to have Dick Perry interview Joe Cipriano after the game. The station didn't come in very well, even though I lived just 25 minutes from Lincoln. That show would always close with the old Monday night football theme. Following players like Chuck Jura, Marvin Stewart, LeRoy Chalk, Ricky Harris, Jerry Fort and Steve Willis got me hooked on NU Basketball. I remember feeling crushed after NU lost an OT nailbiter in Columbia in February 1976, which locked up Mizzou's claim to the Big 8 regular season title instead of Nebraska. What a valiant effort. That was NU's last year in the Coliseum and Jerry Fort's last year as well. That game pretty much made this 15-year-old a diehard fan. I already had enjoyed 2 football national championships after following basketball and football for 6 years. I figured it was only a matter of time before NU would enjoy their first outright conference basketball crown. So this program became my baby, as I love the underdog. This is chicken soup for the soul that suffered another painful setback yesterday. It's going to be a long and quiet week. Great memories. Thank you, Kent, for making the ride so fun!
  14. HuskerCager

    Big Ten Tournament

    This is a positive trend. If the western-most school wins every B10 tournament game, then.....
  15. HuskerCager

    For those with local radio

    Just a guess, but I figured Palmer said something to the player after the basket.