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  1. With all due respect, have you ever heard Washut not be optimistic?
  2. I guess I'm still trying to figure out if this staff is proactive or reactive when it comes to recruiting. I'm a little bit of a skeptic at this point.
  3. So let's see... UC Riverside 66 Nebraska 47 Nebraska 70 Purdue 56 Purdue 69 Virginia 40 Obviously, the #5 Cavaliers would be 62 point underdogs if they were to hook up with UC Riverside.
  4. Can anyone remember a worse start after two games? I can't, and I've been around this program for 50 years now. This would all be easier to stomach if I saw some progress in recruiting, but can't say that's making me feel much better. I know, it's early.
  5. Maybe JPJ got another year of eligibility. I'd definitely be OK with that.
  6. Norm - this is the school that botched up the Roburt Sallie paperwork, remember? Some things never change.
  7. Might need to get a wider scoreboard if he comes to Lincoln with a name like that.
  8. Did the a.d. or coach communicate anything about Cam being hospitalized and not going to Italy? A little odd to me that initial communication comes from Cam.
  9. Interesting. I don't know how to interpret this. Does this mean NU wants Sallis more than Sallis wants NU? Or the opposite?
  10. Amazing how times change in a couple months when this thread was opened.
  11. Don't psychologists say to watch for the non-verbal signals to tell what someone is really saying? I see more side-to-side shaking of his head when he's talking, so I say he's out of here.
  12. This is what I've been waiting for 50 years now. More important than a sweet 16 berth to me personally as a fan.
  13. Could mean that one of the recent commits could back out or not qualify, right?
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