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  1. You know, you have to give Kendrick a thumbs up for nailing the prediction below earlier in this thread.
  2. This program is all about turnovers, right? With the ball on the court, and with the roster off the court.
  3. This could be huge. If Covid ends up canceling the rest of this season, this will be our first undefeated season since....?
  4. I would grow very tired of that fake crowd noise if I were in the arena right now
  5. This seems to be going better than last year's UC Riverside opener
  6. With all due respect, have you ever heard Washut not be optimistic?
  7. I guess I'm still trying to figure out if this staff is proactive or reactive when it comes to recruiting. I'm a little bit of a skeptic at this point.
  8. So let's see... UC Riverside 66 Nebraska 47 Nebraska 70 Purdue 56 Purdue 69 Virginia 40 Obviously, the #5 Cavaliers would be 62 point underdogs if they were to hook up with UC Riverside.
  9. Can anyone remember a worse start after two games? I can't, and I've been around this program for 50 years now. This would all be easier to stomach if I saw some progress in recruiting, but can't say that's making me feel much better. I know, it's early.
  10. Maybe JPJ got another year of eligibility. I'd definitely be OK with that.
  11. Norm - this is the school that botched up the Roburt Sallie paperwork, remember? Some things never change.
  12. Might need to get a wider scoreboard if he comes to Lincoln with a name like that.
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