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  1. Only 5 threes attempted by Nebraska and they still put up 97. Not too shabby
  2. Better value, more games, and the football team is never going to come close to their glory days.
  3. Sadly, Nebraska hasn't produced results on the field to be considered one of the top teams. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, and Iowa can all laugh at Nebraska deserving to be a major player in the conference.
  4. He could be a solid contributor at the power 5 level but he doesn't fill a need here. We probably most need ball handler/shooter and size.
  5. Shawshank Redemption Rudy Spiderman 2 Taxi Driver Rounders LA Confidential Terminator 2 Office Space Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Dumb and Dumber Major League White Men Can't Jump Seabiscuit
  6. After tomorrow, there won't be any live sports to watch for a while. Brutal. Opening weekend of the NCAA tournament and the Masters are 2 of my favorite sporting events.
  7. If Kobe King is eligible next year I could see a small ball starting lineup of Cam King Allen Banton Stevenson or Yvan
  8. Donovan can't find his 3 ball but has had some impressive drives to the rim. 6-6 from the line. Really wish he was coming here. Sallis with a couple highlight reel dunks and his jumper looks good. I'd say very little chance we see him in red.
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