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  1. What's the comparison? Totally different skill sets and Jervay has far more talent.
  2. He can play a few minutes but I'd like to see more Green. This team needs more playmakers. Only 2 points and 1 assist for Charlie today.
  3. I'll say Mack Burke Banton Teddy Yvan First off bench: Green Thor Shamiel Walker Cross
  4. No, not enough seating, Devaney would be ok.
  5. I like our chances here if Abdelmassih recruited him at St John's.
  6. I like our chances tomorrow, quick double teams against Happ. They're a less athletic team than Maryland.
  7. 1. Wisconsin 2014: No sit Sunday, wrapped up tourney spot. 2. Creighton 2018: Miles finally beats Creighton with a dominant performance by his team 3. Kansas 2017:. Each team played well, unfortunately Nebraska lost, a win may have got them in the tournament. 4 Iowa 2019: No quit Sunday: Came back from 16 down. Started the game without Copeland, Allen, and Nana and had Roby and Borchardt foul out. A great final home game for some underachieving players and coaches. Gritty effort. 5. Ohio State 2014: Beat a team ranked 17th at the time and it started the streak that led the team to a tourney berth.
  8. That would be a great hire compared to our last 3 hires and who is realistically available for us but I would be surprised.
  9. Shoot the ball Roby, I hate it when he pump fakes a guy who is 5 feet off him.
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