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Updated Roster on Huskers dot com

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1 hour ago, Norm Peterson said:

Four new guys in da house (with pictures taken and posted.)


They have Rienk Mast listed at 6'10 and 240#.


2023-24 Men's Basketball Roster - University of Nebraska (huskers.com)

Those aren’t the updated heights and weights though. Measurables will be updated. Rice will likely be listed at 6’8” and 200+. Mast will probably be in the 245-250 range and Allick 240-245.  Ramel’s 204 was what he weighed in at last summer and he’s gained a good 10 pounds. Same with Jacobson. 

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Kent's Take!






Nebraska had some big holes in the lineup to fill, and Hoiberg did that with multi-position players who fit his system. While the roster may not be completely full, the Huskers seem to be in a good spot heading into a busy summer for the Huskers who will be departing for Spain in late July.

“Everything’s coming together and again, I think we’ve got different lineups that we could put out on the floor,” Hoiberg said. “We can play small, we can play big and it’s been a good offseason for us.”


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22 hours ago, Red Don said:

I don’t know how “Sneaky” we’re  going to be when we hang another L on Creighton this year…! 

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1 hour ago, AuroranHusker said:

How did Juwan Gary remain a JR. both last season and this upcoming year?


Because he didn't want to be a fourth year sophomore last year.


I think he stayed a junior based on missing half of last year, it might have changed his plans and made him think about staying for 2025.


Just speculation on my part.


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