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  1. Also, Seattle looks insane this year. They are scary good, and with this year's unbalanced schedule we have to play them thrice (and two of those in Seattle!) which is not a good thing.
  2. All the Sporting Kansas City love got buried in the "Live Sports are Back!" thread and, seeing as how there are actually a couple other SKC fans on this page, I have decided to make this the home for all SKC talk. Yes, it is insanely off-topic for a Husker basketball message board. So sue me. I will start. I was very impressed by Salloi's performance yesterday, especially in the first 30 minutes. he was decisive whether dribbling at a defender, passing, or shooting. His first touch was on point. I have blasted his lack of talent for the past few years but he absolu
  3. I think the argument can be made that curling isn't a sport. However, if curling is indeed a sport, then it makes more sense to be in the Olympics than 3-on-3 basketball. In my opinion, variations of a sport should be heavily scrutinized before being given the green light to be in the Olympics. I just don't see 3-on-3 as a unique enough event to justify its inclusion.
  4. I had to go back and re-read the original post. Maybe this is a situation of reading things on the internet before my second cup of coffee, but I completely glazed over the fact that this is an Olympic qualifying tournament. That does change things a bit. As such, I would like to shift my argument from "Keisei should prioritize getting to campus over a silly 3-on-3 tourney" to "3-on-3 is silly and shouldn't be an Olympic sport."
  5. My expectation for Kojenets this year is that he eats cheeseburgers and lifts weights. He can start that end of June rather than beginning of June, so whatever. Tominaga missing the start of training camp for a 3-on-3 tournament seems awfully short-sighted.
  6. I missed the match, since we had friends passing through town that we hadn't seen in three years. But glad to heard the Owls were able to pull a draw on the road against a quality team. Also, where'd all the Sporting KC talk go? We should start that back up again.
  7. "I'm living proof now that if you work hard and do the right things, God will bless you" Perhaps he has a future as a writer, but apparently not as a theologian. In seriousness, that was indeed a good read and Derrick is an even easier player to root for now. Love his attitude and I'm very glad that he's one of our guys.
  8. The only problem I have with the "elect to inbound rather than shoot free throws" rule is that it makes yet another rule that is only applied at specific times of the game. Generally speaking, I want a game officiated the same way throughout rather than applying a rule change at an arbitrary time of the clock. I would prefer a coach to be able to, at any point in the game, elect to inbound rather than shoot FTs. That or keep the rule unchanged. Just none of this "was the foul committed at 2:01 or 2:00?" nonsense.
  9. Ignoring PSU for the moment, that is an impressive list. -13/14 schools landed a Top 200 recruit. -9/14 landed a 4* Top 100 -6/14 landed a Top 40 It's a sobering reminder that, while our talent has indeed upgraded, this league continues to be the most talented top-to-bottom in the country.
  10. Perhaps Lat will avoid the slump that Jack fell into in his third year. But that's comparing a projection vs a known result. Comparing the players' second D1 season, in which both were starters in nearly identical roles as a Stretch 4 for the Huskers, gives us the best apples-to-apples comparison. And the stats in those seasons were: MPG Pts FG% 2P% 3P% FT% Jack 22.9 7.5 0.37 0.46 0.34 0.78 Lat 25.6
  11. I hear ya. But we've seen the talent upgrade significantly from the Collier/Sadler eras to the Miles/Hoiberg eras, and yet seen similar results. Perhaps some of us (OK, maybe just me) underestimated just how much deeper and more talented the B1G is compared to what we played in in the Big 12. We could win a lot of games in the Big 12 by putting a plucky, hard-nosed, unselfish team on the court. Sure, KU boat raced us twice per year, but we still managed to be middle of the pack and in the post-season discussion about half the time. Then we added talent like Petteway, Watson, Morrow, Roby,
  12. This is the first time I've seen Lat's and Jack's names juxtaposed, and now I can't believe that I've never seen them compared to each other. Their skillsets and body types are so incredibly similar, and they're even both from Australia! Am I the only one just now realizing that Lat = the second coming of Jack?
  13. I should probably clarify that just because someone doesn't make my list above doesn't mean they make the rotation. I think Oleg knows he needs a couple years to adjust to B1G competition and will stick around regardless of whether or not he plays. I could see Wilhelm not making the rotation either, but with Lat likely leaving regardless then he will find himself the heir apparent at the 4.
  14. I'll give a halfway answer. With so many quality players and only 200 mpg to split among them, it will come down to who loses the battle for specific roles. 1. McPherson or Banton. If McPherson is going to crack the rotation, it will be as an extra ball handler when Trey goes to the bench. Obviously Banton is versatile enough that he will earn minutes with or without Trey on the floor, but if he can't earn back the backup PG role in addition to his minutes at the 3/4 then I don't think he will be playing enough to be happy. 2. Tominaga or Edwards. At face value th
  15. I am officially an old fart, because I have no idea what the words in Trey's tweet mean. "Go turn lil bro up for me" is not in my vernacular.
  16. I can confirm that Lincoln, NE is not in the greater Philadelphia metro. Sounds like we are a good fit.
  17. Sometimes I wonder if Donovan Williams regrets his decision to decommit from Nebraska. If indeed his concern was as documented (lack of recruiting young HS players/emphasis on recruiting JUCOs and older transfers with baggage) then he has to be shaking his had at our current roster makeup. He would be one of EIGHT players either on the roster or committed with four years of remaining eligibility.
  18. I think Jamel White's uncle is the guy being referenced.
  19. It would be compelling for the month of April when transfer season is in full swing. And would be void of information for the remaining 11 months of the year. The juice just ain't worth the squeeze. You're welcome to prove me wrong and pitch it to Rivals or 24/7 though.
  20. It seems that way until you actually think about from a business perspective. I wouldn't do it if I was Rivals or 24/7. Sure, they could in theory just do like we've done here on this board and include transfers in a recruiting class using their old high school rankings. That's lazy though and really not providing anything of value. And in most cases it actually would make team rankings less accurate (for example, Haanif was clearly not one of our all-time top 5 recruits but he would be ranked that way if transfers were included using their H.S. rating). To do it right, a recru
  21. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/2022-rivals150-pg-avery-brown-excited-to-see-nebraska Pretty standard recruiting piece. Nothing out of the norm. Probably the thing that stands out the most is that he wants to play for an up-tempo team...but is considering Virginia?
  22. @Norm Peterson I remember the same thing, especially with the Roburt Sallie recruitment. I distinctly remember thinking that all we needed was one elite player to get us over the hump from middle-to-bottom of the pack BXII team to bubble considerations. Because somehow even with severely under-talented roster we still managed to be competitive about half the time. Fast forward to the Miles/Hoiberg eras and the talent level is lightyears ahead, at least according to recruiting ratings. So either recruiting websites were wildly inaccurate back in the Collier/Sadler days, or Barr
  23. I don't know if we'll ever see recruiting services include transfers. It's not what their business model is built on. Think about why recruiting services started up in the first place -- to give fans an idea of what types of players are being brought in, because generally speaking we as fans had no idea how Bob Smith from Kearney, NE compared to Jim Jones from Suches, GA. High school players were an unknown commodity. To a lesser extent, so are junior college players; while there are fewer JUCO teams and the level of competition doesn't vary as much as it does in high school, it
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