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  1. Thanks. Adams handled that very tactfully. There are a few additional talking points I wish he had brought up, but to receive that loaded of a question with no advanced notice...yikes. Very few athletes would have fielded that question so well. Adams is 100% the right choice as Captain America.
  2. No, I didn't but I'd be interested to hear it. Link?
  3. Iran is managing to pick a fight with everyone during this World Cup. https://www.cbsnews.com/tampa/news/iran-calls-for-us-to-be-kicked-out-of-2022-world-cup-after-it-changes-iran-flag-on-social-media-to-show-support-for-protesters/
  4. 50 minutes in and England doesn't look better than us. I'd even argue that if Kane swapped jerseys at halftime, that we'd be favored in the second half. The boys are playing well!
  5. Thanks to @49r for comedically pointing out why I shouldn’t post before morning coffee. Huskers 65 whoever we are playing 75
  6. Oklahoma is bad this year and we were never within arm’s reach of them for the final 30 minutes of the game. This was the game that officially tells us what we had already assumed coming into the year — not enough firepower or ball-handling. Sadly we are 2-3 players away from even being remotely competitive.
  7. Coin flip game. Against my better judgement, going with my heart in this one. Huskers 69 (nice) sooners 62 3 players.
  8. Canada looked good though. Pretty much even on possession with the #2 team in the world, created lots of chances in the box, and earned two PKs (but only one was called, because FIFA). Really they got screwed out of a draw.
  9. Hindsight is 20/20, but those decisions in the moment made tactical sense. And the first four subs were all made to protect a 1-0 lead rather than try to build a 2-0 lead. -Aaronson was a pest and quite active in winning the ball back. I'd hate to think what Wales could have done with a few extra possessions had he not been subbed on. This move also insulated Weston from picking up a second yellow or aggravating his quad injury. -Dest was also sitting on a yellow and was leaving too much space behind him for a team with a one goal lead; Yedlin made sense as a more defensive-oriented RB. -As much as I don't like Acosta's overall skillset, his soccer IQ is high and he preserved the draw with that yellow he picked up late preventing Bale from shooting on an open net. Also, Musah got more sloppy the further the game went on and was an obvious choice to come off. -Haji for Sargent is the one that I don't fully agree with. Yes, Sargent had been invisible the whole second half (and really the last 20 minutes of the first half too), so the thought of swapping in a big target forward who is better in hold-up play makes sense. But, Christian had been getting beat up all match and was getting more visibly frustrated the further the match wore on. I'd be tempted to sub Gio for Pulisic here, but I also can understand not wanting to sub out all of your ball handlers in a match that you are winning based largely on controlling possession. This is the tough one. I think I would have kept the fourth sub in my back pocket to see how the match continues to evolve. Now fast forward to the 88th minute, and your final sub in what is now a tie ballgame. You need to both protect the draw and also push for a goal. What was effective early in the match? Wales was content to sit in a five-man backline and wait for counter opportunities, and early indications after Bale's goal was that they would do that again. So you need a sub that helps you play more direct, not a sub that helps you string together a 14-pass goal that takes 5 minutes to set up. Morris has his flaws and shortcomings, but that is the exact role he was brought on the team to fill. He's got straightline speed to beat the backline and the strength to hold off a 1v1 defender and allow time for trailing runners into the box. Perhaps he should have come on for Pulisic rather than Weah, but then we would have been forcing Acosta and Aaronson into the playmaker role. We needed both a player on the pitch that can make the line breaking pass (Pulisic on dead legs or Gio) and can make the run behind the backline (Weah on dead legs or Morris). Really, we needed one extra sub available to us at this point so we could have brought Morris and Reyna on for Weah and Pulisic. But we only had one sub left, which makes me second guess the earlier Haji-for-Josh sub.
  10. Probably one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Welsh_gods
  12. US clearly has more individual talent. It's weird watching a Euro side resort to CONCACAF qualifying tactics. 5 man backline, really?
  13. Ugh, identical yellows 90 seconds apart. Great start before that
  14. 9 for 9 from the charity stripe
  15. Five subs, but only during three substitution windows (meaning you have to bring on multiple subs simultaneously if you want to use all five). Depth is now a much more important part of the game.
  16. Jinx, it appears we were on identical wave lengths. You just hit enter 10 seconds quicker!
  17. I like it. I think that's as aggressive of a starting lineup as we can field, other than starting Ream over CCV. What a luxury to have guys like Aaronson and Gio on the bench as second half subs.
  18. Starters just announced. Assuming everyone lines up as expected: Sargent Pulisic Weah Musah Weston Adams Jedi Dest Ream Zimm Turner
  19. I can understand regional difficulties for baseball recruiting, as the ability to practice outdoors all winter and not have to play home games in 32 degree weather is significant. I can understand the difficulty to a lesser extent for other sports, such as recruiting sand volleyball players to locations without beaches, or skiers to places without large mountains. But basketball? C'mon. Basketball courts are the same everywhere in the country. It's not like the agrarian economy of the Midwest prevents basketball courts from being built. If I'm a good basketball player, I'm not coming to Nebraska and that has nothing to do with the cornfields in Waverly. It has everything to do with seeing Nebraska recruit highly touted players throughout the Hoiberg Era and produce absolutely nothing with said players. My thought would be "If Fred can't win with Dalano and BMac, then he can't win with me either." Success begets success, and failure begets failure. That's why places like Lawrence KS (basketball) and Tuscaloosa AL (football) have elite programs, not that the towns themselves are any different that Lincoln NE.
  20. *shakes fist angrily in KenPom's general direction*
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