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  1. OR you keep all 7 and say Miles made one NCAA tourney and had five bottom-4 finishes in 7 years. I loved the guy, but that's just not good enough.
  2. Gessell has made it clear he wanted to come here but Doc didn't recruit him.
  3. Could be a nice under-the-radar get. He has good positional size and flashes decent athleticism, if not explosiveness, and he WANTS to be a Husker, which is a quality that is desperately needed on the team, but hard to quantify. I know most of the Summit League teams and a couple of MVC schools were sniffing around, but did he have any D-1 offers?
  4. This day could be one heck of a roller coaster of emotions for me... USMNT World Cup -> NU @ Iowa -> Nebrasketball in Orlando Hopefully it doesn't end up being the mother of all groin-kicks!
  5. Anyone but Ukraine! Having the entire world against you probably isn't the best way to start.
  6. England's group...not great, not terrible. Certainly beats getting drawn into the same group as Brazil, France, or Belgium so I'll take it!
  7. His pride was bruised during the loss to Nebraska so he's been granted a medical hardship and will return to Wisconsin as a 6th year Junior.
  8. The pack line that we currently run has always been a poor fit to pair with Fred’s system and its inherent trade-off of size for skill. A ball pressure defense would mesh better by creating more opportunities for turnovers to run off of. If you’re going to give up some mismatches no matter what, might as well try to maximize transition opportunities. However, no defense is going to be effective unless we get more athletic on the perimeter, with the classic 3 & D guy being a glaring hole in our lineup. Trey could be that guy if he could knock down 38%.
  9. Great article... Omaha.com: Nebraska commit Blaise Keita is chasing his basketball dream for his family and country I absolutely cannot wait to root for this kid next season!
  10. Speaking of what might have been, imagine if we brought in Verge out of Juco instead of Cam Mack. He could have gotten his growing pains out of the way during the first year rebuild. Who knows where he could have led this team. Only question is whether he would have made the jump to the NBA after last year. The history of Nebrasketball always sees to come back to "what if."
  11. Key target for whoever UNO's next coach is.
  12. This is all 100% true, but there is still one big open question. They have been right there in a bunch of games this season right up until the last few minutes. In those critical minutes, it seems like everyone wants to be "the guy" and everyone stops running the offense. Even in games where the ball movement has been pretty good, they revert to hero ball in the closing minutes and, predictably games go off the rails. The blowout vs PSU didn't tell us anything about whether any progress has been made in that area.
  13. Yeah, I didn't realize Beilein is quite as old as he is. Marshall has to much baggage to even consider and I wouldn't be excited about Turgeon at all. He was good, not great with a pretty good situation at Maryland; I have doubts he could produce similar results in Lincoln.
  14. John Beilein fits *exactly* the mold of Trev's previous hires at UNO. Older, experienced coaches with a history of winning big who are currently out of coaching for one reason or another. (See: Blais, Dean & Warming, Bob)
  15. People should consider Trev's track record of coach hiring when thinking of candidates. Trev seems to have "a type." His high-profile hires at UNO were Dean Balis (Hockey) and Bob Warming (Soccer). Both are very experienced coaches who won at a high level in their previous jobs, and as it happens were out of coaching at the time they were hired. Another point is I recall Trev being asked about NU never having a Black head coach in any sport, and noting something to the effect of...the time has come for that to change and hurts in recruiting in all sports. I suspect he'll look to hire a Black coach if he determines there is a *well-qualified* candidate who is a good fit here, not necessarily with this hire, but at some point in the next handful of openings. These things may have no relevance to a potential replacement for Fred, but I would at least keep it in mind.
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