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  1. So who are you watching on Friday? USMNT vs. MEX or the Nebrasketball home game?
  2. The sharpest arrow in the coach's quiver is the bench. Fred needs to pull it out and sit Verge, Trey, and Bryce until they can figure out how to play team ball together. Play the guys that will run the offense the way it's supposed to be run...EVEN IF IT MEANS LOSING GAMES in the short term! Play Kobe and Keon...hell, put in Piatkowski if he's willing to do things the way he's coached. Never thought I'd say it, but this team really misses Thor right now; without him the movement is terrible because there are too many ball-stoppers on the floor. If they don't get this figured out, this will be another lost season before we even get to B1G play.
  3. This is a great point, and Trey's only realistic route to the NBA IMO. He certainly has the athleticism to play in the league, but he needs to show he can be a lockdown defender with the ability to hit open 3s, attack bad closeouts, and score in transition. That is a role that can get you on an NBA roster.
  4. As slow as they play, nobody from Wisky is scoring 25 ppg I think it's Oklahoma with Buddy Hield.
  5. That starting 11 looked like Berhalter just drew names out of a hat...then went out a produced a predictable result. Absolutely HAVE TO get 3 points on Wednesday!
  6. I just want to shout-out Tim Weah! He dominated after coming on as a sub and should have had at least one assist. How Zardes didn't put his brilliant cross into the back of the net is beyond me (and had me screaming at the TV). The depth of young talent on this team is almost unthinkable to this longtime USMNT fan.
  7. Lat would be the 7th. Unlikely he comes back considering this will be his 5th season of college ball (2 at TCU, 1 JUCO & 2 at NU). I suspect he'd prefer to get paid somewhere instead of playing a 6th year of college.
  8. Based on that, I'd say my assessment was pretty close.
  9. I'd love to know what kind of feedback Verge received from the NBA scouts before deciding to come to Lincoln. Based on his time as ASU, you would think it was something like...be more efficient scoring, improve 3 point %, show you can be a distributor, impact the game defensively...but who knows.
  10. Be sure to bring a face covering if you're going tonight... EVENT POLICIES FACE COVERINGS REQUIRED All attendees will need a face covering. Face coverings must be worn throughout the event covering the mouth and nose. Please bring your own face covering. https://www.pinnaclebankarena.com/events/detail/opening-night-with-husker-hoops-1
  11. Well, whatever the Red team score is, White is about to have 27.
  12. Regular Season: 21-10 (12-8 B1G) w/ a NCAA bid
  13. Bryce needs to understand who he's defending and not be backpedaling there.
  14. I think they just "decided" that Kobe and Sam Hoiberg are 6' and then based all the other heights off that starting point. So you can probably shave 2" off of everyone else for the accurate numbers. That would make Bryce a *legit* 6' 6", which is nice.
  15. I agree with that starting lineup and think it is pretty much set in stone. The rotation is interesting because I think Fred will play as many guys as he trusts...the more he plays, the better for his preferred tempo to wear other teams down. If I had to guess the main bench guys getting run will be Webster, Wilcher, Andre, and maybe Edwards. I'm probably on an island on this, but I don't think Wil or Keisei play much this year. I would expect them to avg less than 5 mpg, and step into bigger roles next season.
  16. I understand why keeping him is good for NU, he's another body for practice whose scholly doesn't count. That's great as long as he's a good locker room guy, which presumably he is. I just don't see the benefit for Trevor. Competitors usually want to compete. He played D2 before, so moving to a mid/low D1 would still be a big jump up and let him make a run at the dance, but instead he'll watch from the sidelines in his last year. I can only guess he's working to wards a grad degree that's more important to him, which is admirable.
  17. I don't mean to sound crass, but why is Trevor Lakes still on the team? Nothing against the kid, and I understand his scholarship doesn't count against the limit, but I just can't imagine any scenario where he sees the floor except in the biggest of blowouts (unless there is a litany of injuries). It would be different if he still had a few years left to develop, but this is his last dance. Wouldn't he have a better experience at a low/mid major where he can play a lot and contribute? Maybe make a run at the tourney in a role other than bench mob? Again, I have nothing against him, I just wouldn't want to be in that situation knowing I'm not going to play after being a key contributor earlier in my career.
  18. Here is the current situation...nothing but single seats in 100 & most of 200 level (everything but baseline). Decent availability in the 300 level, but it is already pretty scattered for anything along the sidelines, except for the very top rows. I'm confident it will sell out before SY ends.
  19. If you want seats on the 100 level, unless your time is today, good luck.
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