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  1. Interesting you should mention that. Benny Parker was a ferocious defender (but lacked scoring punch - kind of the opposite of Keisei). I noticed some times where Keisei would jump/hop in front of the player he was defending (maybe to try to disrupt/block his shot), but while he was hopping the player would go right around him (while he was in the air). I don't know whether that can be coached out of him, so as to stay in front of his player better.
  2. Much Better Second Half for the Huskers, who win by 17 pts; 75 - 58!!!
  3. The only thing(s) worse than watching the play is the Officiating ; and the attendance at these tournaments (< 100! ) But Huskers are looking a lot better since the Halftime!!!
  4. Huskers end on a 7 pt run to end the Half with the Lead: 33-26!!!
  5. GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKER LADIES!!! (Are Back!!!)
  6. Saw this elsewhere: Jaz Shelly scored 32 aloNe while Carter, Jordan & Johnson only scored 35 between them.
  7. WHEW!!! THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE!!! SOMETHING LIKE 20 LEAD CHANGES (Happily, Huskers got the Last Lead Change) JAZ SHELLY WITH FOUR TREYS!!! (AND 14 PTS IN OT) Huskers went into overtime with their HUSKER LADIES WIN BY EIGHT: 73-65!!!
  8. Thirteen lead changes. Miss State by one: 49-50.
  9. Is either team going to score 50 Pts!!! Officiating sounds pretty poor
  10. A really tight See-Saw Battle. Huskers lead by 1 at the end of the 3rd Qtr: 40-39 Stats after 3 Qtrs of Play:
  11. At the Half: Huskers Lead Mississippi St by 3 pts: 29-26 Stats:
  12. Final Stats: Memphis wins by 12 Points; 61-73 After being down in the 1st half by some 10 points, Huskers battle back to tie it at 30, going into the half down three pts: 30-33.
  13. A little bird told me this was The 100th Win for Coach Amy Williams!!!
  14. Stats at the end of 3 Qtrs of Play: Huskers lead by 21 @ 55-34
  15. What a DAY!!!! Husker Ladies are leading off not one, not two, not three; But FOUR Husker Teams playing Today! (WBB; Football; MBB & VB)
  16. After a slow start (A&M leading by 5 or 6) Huskers catch on Fire and close the 1st half with a 15 pt lead @ 35-20 & rebounding 17-9.
  17. Not watching (just listening ) but Jeff Greisch said that the Defense has started to pick it up, resulting in the Husker Run! (Score 20-14 w/6 min left in the 1st half)
  18. Stats after the First Quarter: Texas A&M (CC) leads the Huskers by 2 @ 12-14
  19. Game -On Weidner opens the scoring with 2!!! (Seemed to be an extended pre-game, converstion with Coach Amy; the prior game ran over time. )
  20. Not to repeat Bugeaters, rather to to add to it. Per Matt Coatney, Allison Weidner will start. Probably won't see Sam Haiby this weekend, but seems to be more precautionary than anything else as her injury seems to less serious than thought (or could be).
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