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  1. EDIT: Sam McKewon Late basket by Illinois made final 80-58.
  2. Final: (Too Bad Kristian Hudson did not make her final trey shot, or all the Seniors would have Scored! )
  3. Thanks Bugs. Wasn't sure what you meant. I didn't hear anything pre-game (but I didn't listen to all of it) or twitter.
  4. Not sure what you mean, Brady hasn't played (yet?) Don't know whether she's suited up on not.
  5. Video on my I-Pad also is good (not choppy). Could it be the internet connection?
  6. Mine is Great Video (Apple TV Box, internet-based streaming)
  7. Red Don

    Senior Day

    Kudos to the Seniors. Without them for the past four years, our overall record would have looked MUCH different, and no Post-season.
  8. Recap: Votes for Nebraska Win - 6 Well, Wrong Again! If only it had ended at the Half (or 30 sec b4 Halftime ) Votes for Michigan State - 37 Total 43
  9. Just fyi, this sounds like a good (i.e. encouraging) new article on Teddy Allen in the OWH. Unfortunately I am not in the area nor a subscriber and cannot access it. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/plus/abuse-and-anger-derailed-teddy-allen-s-life-now-he/article_63ec56dc-258c-5b68-a2f5-77761b5ca3e0.html?utm_source=Omaha World-Herald&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Breaking News
  10. I would think this is part of the 'coaching challenge' i.e. coaching-up players just out of HS or coming from the JUCO ranks (that and the improved nutrition/physical conditioning available in D-1 programs).
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