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  1. Humphrey St. Francis vs Falls City Sacred Heart game starting now! (Alison Weidner is #2 in White.)
  2. Here is the latest Bracketology and results through 3/5/21. Championship Games are Today (Sat, 3/6) and I believe can be watched on NET. (Best results seem to be found at the nsaahome page (https://nsaahome.org/basketball/) https://nsaa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/textfile/bask/gbbr.pdf (click on link for larger view)
  3. Thanks, and a 'Tip 'o the Hat' to @Bugeaters1 for finding this. KOLN/KGIN (www.1011now.com) sports tab seems to have the best overall daily coverage. https://www.1011now.com/2021/03/05/girls-state-basketball-tournament-highlights-results-friday-march-5/
  4. I realize this may jeopardize my overall standings (Make; Or Break) ; But: "┬┐Como No?" Nebraska - 77 Iowa - 76 4
  5. Delusional, bordering on a Derangement syndrome.
  6. For Old-timers; is that like 1950 Fullback Nick Adduci (Ah-Duu-Chee)! (but I don't believe Toney is Italian)
  7. It seems to me we've seen the team playing better Together this season than last season, which is surprising given the amount of roster turnover and new/incoming players that have never played together before. Maybe it's a reaction to adversity of not playing together before, or maybe it's increased emphasis on Teamwork.
  8. If it's # of minutes you're worried about, maybe we'll get more games to OT next season.
  9. Nebraska ------------------ 75 Queens College (Rutgers) - 74
  10. Hope you are enjoying your stint teaching @ SECC - Beatrice, Noah!
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