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    B1G News and Views: 2018-19 edition

    Here is Izzo on Miles!
  2. Red Don

    B1G News and Views: 2018-19 edition

    This apparently dropped by Miles during B!G Media Days.
  3. Here's a link to the Press Conference Video (about 10:30) http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5898482&db_oem_id=100 Sorry , but I can't seem to embed the video. Click on the Link. (If that doesn't work go to Huskers.com and scroll down to the videos.) NeuLion does it to us again! OK, let's try this link copied from facebook elsewhere (unfortunately I don't subscribe to facebook)
  4. Red Don

    OT: AveryStrong

    Just saw this tweet that made my Day! Best Wishes to the Harriman family and for continued good news. (As I recall, Avery and his family moved back to Nebraska because he was doing so well here, and they liked the quality of medical care he was receiving.)
  5. Red Don

    The Official Media Thread

    Coaching the first Husker team to win in the NCAA tourney? They’d have to build a statue of you. Nebraska basketball is in need of a bold move, an all-in type of gesture. It has the team that can get that done.
  6. Red Don

    Is Anyone Out There

    Me Too! Big improvement from last year when 20 games were on BTN Plus. Guess that's what going from 7 wins the prior season to 21 wins will do! Still, some good games will be on BTN Plus - Kansas, Iowa, Maryland & several others. I've had good luck with the video quality on BTN+ (and good results in syncing the video stream with the HSN audio using the Tune-In App on my phone).
  7. Red Don

    Practice Countdown

    Any link to the OWH article?
  8. Red Don

    Charity Game?

    IIRC, it Should be at 'The Vault' if they want to raise any money!
  9. Red Don

    Some Changes

    Thanks Matt! Nice Changes; And what a well-deserved honor to @Row6Seat10
  10. Red Don

    2019 PF Chase Paar > GW

    I don't think GW was even in his Final Five.
  11. Red Don

    The Media Thread

    I don't know whether you're a 'Glass Half Full' or 'Glass Half Empty' type guy, Steve; But on the brighter side, We're returning Six very experienced players, all mainstays of last year's team: Maddie (Sr); Juniors Nicea, Hannah, & Grace; and Sophs Kate.& Taylor. Sr transfer Kristian Hudson, should be experienced and transition quickly into the line-up. That leaves the four incoming freshmen, all highly acclaimed and by some accounts representing a top 20 class. No doubt we'll miss Jaz, Janay & Emily; but the one that really hurts is losing Rachel this year for medical reasons (knees). A healthy Rachel would have been a valuable addition to have in this year's line-up. The schedule will be hard, and we won't be catching anybody 'asleep;' But it seems that we had just as difficult early schedule during Coach Amy's first year when we had to play several former NIT teams. No doubt there will be some hiccups, but if there is anything we know it's that this team has Heart! (Now as to pleasing the Forum; that's a completely different 'kettle of fish!' )
  12. Red Don

    "A Season To Watch"

    A message from Isaiah: "I think we can make a lot of noise this year."
  13. Red Don

    Shim Shams

    Holy Moly!
  14. Red Don

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    Good Jacob Padilla article on Brady Heiman. Heiman Uses Summer League to Hone Skills He'll Need as a Husker https://hailvarsity.com/s/4153/heiman-uses-summer-league-to-hone-skills-hell-need-as-a-husker