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  1. The game is still on the BTN+ menu so I re-watched it last night. Unfortunately it still freezes (I was hoping freezes were just a transmission problem & the game tape would be ok - silly me). I also had Matt & Jeff's audio on (from the Huskers.com audio archive - played via the soundcloud app on my Android). I noticed each time the video froze, the freeze frame skipped ahead several seconds (you can tell by the game clock) and remained frozen until the audio p-b-p reached that point, and the video would start (until it would freeze again). The funny thing is, once synced, the audio & video seemed to stay pretty close together, when the video was playing. Even though the video froze, having the audio to pick up the slack during the period it was frozen made the game a lot more 'watchable.'
  2. Here's the Link to the Game Recap & to the Official Box Score. (Attendance 3,537) Huskers Claw Past Cougars https://huskers.com/news/2019/11/17/womens-basketball-wbb-recap.aspx
  3. It will be interesting to see how he keeps up 'peer-recruiting.'
  4. (Just to follow-up on Whoop's post () Final: Minny 80 vs #19 AZ St. 66
  5. Husker Ladies WIN 63-49!! Final Stats: (Wish I could have Watched It! )
  6. Must be a 'Thought' Foul! (She was thinking about it!)
  7. BTN+ apparently taking a page from the movie "Amelie" (punching hand in couch as the Video Freezes)
  8. Seems like these Refs don't even KNOW what a foul is (unless it against the Whites)
  9. How can they NOT call that foul against Veerbeek?
  10. Works Great @ Halftime (& Time outs) Well, Not Really )
  11. Huskers Ladies lead 23-22 at the Half! Halftime Stats:
  12. Can't sync with Matt & Jeff Audio at All! Maybe the BTN+ archive replay will be better after the game.
  13. I can't keep it on. Keeps pausing! I started having trouble with the Volleyball Game vs Iowa last night
  14. BUT! We Punch Beyond our Weight! I watched the Video Recap (It's short @ 4:58). If you want to see what we've got you might want to watch it in slo-mo as the plays develop!!!! (0.25 is more my speed! )
  15. Alumni Day - some 30 former Husker players and coaches will be honored at halftime, including members of the 2010 Big 12 Champion Huskers who are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their championship season. Lots More at the LInk: https://huskers.com/news/2019/11/15/womens-basketball-huskers-celebrate-champs-alumni-sunday.aspx https://huskers.com/sports/womens-basketball ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOO LADY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game will be live-streamed on BTN Plus
  16. Recap: Faith Meter: Votes for Nebraska Win - 43 Votes for So Dakota St - 15 (vs last Game) Votes for Nebraska Win - 42 Votes for Southern Utah - 13
  17. Must be Operator Trouble!!! Stats haven't updated since Halftime! OK, just updated
  18. Could be a different Second Half if SDSU's shots start falling, and we go Cold!!!
  19. Halftime Stats: 51-27 Huskers (stats haven't updated yet, stuck @ 4:50) Maybe they'll get 'em updated by the time Halftime Break is over, but Doubtful! Stats are Locked-up! Sorry this is the Best I can Do! Here We Go!!!!
  20. Can't Blink during this game. *You'll miss Too Much Action!" HoiBall!!!!
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