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  1. One might be able to say the same thing about the football program; albeit belatedly - this is the first season that Trev had to work with Scott.
  2. Saw this elsewhere and thought it might be worth repeating.
  3. ESPN2 @6:00 PM Today (Sunday) NCAA Softball Selection Show
  4. Huskers Defeat #23 Michigan; 3-1 in the Big Ten Tournament Championship Game!!!
  6. It must be really hard for Coach Amy Williams who has coached with Coach Love for the past ten years.
  7. From Sam's Article in the OWH:
  8. So Long Coach Love. Thank you for all your contributions to our WBB successes over the last six years and Best Wishes for your future endeavors.
  9. Just idle talk (that is unknowledgeable and uninformed), Frost Hands-Down. He's (belatedly) made (necessary) changes in several coaching spots, upgrading each position. Talent-wise, I think we've got our share. It takes both to win consistently, at least in football. But still the same for Fred (i.e. it takes both to win consistently). Navin has a good point, if this were Tim Miles We'd be thrilled with the recruits; but suddenly the Big Ten seems to look to us like this monolithic monster that only a dragon-slayer coach with legendary talent has a chance of beating. Come to think about it, seems like Miles did more with less; Fred, less with more. But one never knows when they might capture that "magic-in-a-bottle." (I thought we had some when we beat Colorado so soundly in the exhibition game.)
  10. To All Husker Mom's
  11. Thanks Whoop. Who's ready for a work-out!
  12. Huskers in Trey Green's Top Seven!
  13. Following-up on this post above; Here's a little something to think about when watching WBB Games!!! Men were prohibited from watching WBB Collegiate games prior to 1927 (and WBB games were prohibited from 1927 until 1972) (So, No allowed ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_basketball
  14. Here's a "Heads-Up! Nebraska Women's Basketball AND Softball on Episode 2 of The Place (a new show on the Huskers YouTube channel) Thurs, 5/5/22.
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