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  1. If only we could get rid of that Heel on the Basket!
  2. Minny Rallies to within 2 pts @ the Half! (Huskers shooting dropped off in 2Q; only 8 pts)
  3. Don't like that Raised floor @ Williams! Dangerous!!!
  4. Where Is everybody??? (Must be @ the (away ) game!
  5. Pretty Heady Stuff, Indeed. Before we too inflated, let's please just win the Next Game, and maybe some conference games along the way.
  6. I may be the only one, but I don't mind Jeff's commentary (even though it is a bit much sometimes, I just tune it out). He does have some good observations that may not be obvious to someone not there in person, and well as helpful explanations to someone who's a neophyte to the game (like me ). As far as sometimes talking over Matt who is calling the game, I can see the action on the tv to piece it together. It sure beats some of the announcers (particularly for the ladies' games) who just tell you the obvious things that you can see for yourself. I
  7. Probably always out of sync because the radio is almost always a little ahead of the tv (over the air radio waves are faster than cable-tv electronics); and you can't pause the radio, nor speed-up the tv (as much as we might like to do sometimes ). What you might try is listening to Matt & Jeff on the Huskers App (smart phone or computer) over the internet, that you can pause (at least for a few seconds). If you are dvr'ing the game you should also be able to pause the tv. Pause the one that's ahead of the other until they more closely match up (I find it's easiest to sync right after a basket is made since you can see it on the tv, then hear the announcers call it, or vice versa. )
  8. Seems like we have to get Slugged to get a foul; even then it's Not a Sure Thing!
  9. We saw some pretty good defense in the first half , (but then some pretty egregious lapses ), so we CAN play D when we concentrate.
  10. Offense, seems like if treys aren't falling we try to double-down (to make up for lost time ??), instead of going for the 'simple' play. Keep it up and this game is getting away from us real fast.
  11. We NEED Blaise Keita!!! (Question is, will he get here in time? )
  12. Losing our concentration, Giving up a trey, then steal & bucket on the Inbound!
  13. Seems like we're just trading Missed Trey's. (Except Indiana is starting to Hit! )
  14. For those that are discouraged, it looks like Mark Turgeon will be Available.
  15. Thanks for the video @12dozen (especially since I didn't get to watch any of the game ). Of course highlight show only the made baskets, but if this is any indication, we have really improved our finishing at the rim (and playing smart! ). WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!
  16. https://huskers.com/news/2021/12/1/womens-basketball-huskers-at-wake-forest.aspx
  17. MBB Game #8, Wed, (L, 100-104 Yes, You Read that Right: Huskers -100; Teddy Valentine -104), 12/1 @ NORTH CAROLINA STATE (B1G/ACC Challenge), 6:15 pm CT, ESPNU (Game Thread/Recap)
  18. Think I've already seen errrr Heard, All I need to! (with all due respect, of course. )
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