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  1. Well, from the roster photo, they look pretty close in height (note that either the picture is not taken from a level perspective or that the red line is not level): But: Thor was definitely not standing flat footed. Yvan appeared to be.
  2. If this was an epidemic that resulted in facial disfiguration, the Iowa men's basketball team would have immunity.
  3. Regarding King's eligibility: it would seem that if the staff had any doubts they would have brought in another guard, or tried to keep Charlie. If he was a five star quarterback transferring to Ohio State, his chances at a waiver for immediate eligibility would be 100%. Since he's a basketball player transferring to Nebraska....well, yeah, we know those types of things go. But in this instance I think the odds are pretty good. Stevenson not being eligible last year cost, by any realistic estimate, 2-6 wins. If King isn't eligible the drop in wins would be similar or worse, due to the lack of guard depth. That is, unless Allen shows he can effectively defend the position, in which case we could get by.
  4. Throwing Andre out there against Elliot Elliason gave Elliot bad flashback memories of when Zach Sterup beat the hell out of him on the same floor a few years earlier.
  5. As long as he blocks shots like Mikki Moore, rebounds like Venson Hamilton, plays post defense like Derrick Chandler, has the offensive post skills of Tony Farmer, has the ball handling skills of Isaac Copeland, runs the floor like Isaiah Roby, has the attitude and court awareness of Brandon Ubel, and shoots the three like Brian Conklin; well, then, I'll be happy.
  6. A friend of mine had dinner and drinks with Keith, T Buchanan, and Morgan Gregory a while back. Neubert said that when he told Danny he was trying out for football, Danny said you'll never play, it's a stupid idea, I'm pulling your scholarship. (Tom Osborne put him on a football scholarship right away, then he got drafted and spent five years in the NFL.) He said that was the last time he ever talked to or even saw Danny Nee.
  7. I hope you don't mean that he has zero court sense and bad knees...
  8. How could you forget Paul Williams? American culture just wouldn't be the same without Little Enos Burdette!
  9. If Creighton is playing the virus, I'm putting on a virus sweater.
  10. Meanwhile, we seem to have two traditional big men. The problem being, they're not all that big.
  11. Demoine Adams, a defensive end from Arkansas.
  12. Iowa offered the kid. Would Nebraska ever offer a kid named Council Bluffs? I doubt it. A kid named Des Moines? Probably not. A kid named Sioux City? No way. How about Davenport? Okay, maybe.
  13. Maybe in the petition for a waiver, they should say that King is an incoming Ohio State transfer quarterback. In which case his chances for a waiver would be 100%.
  14. With his mom's illness he's got a real good shot at getting a waiver, especially if he goes someplace closer to home. And then when he graduates after next year he'll more than likely move on to school number 6.
  15. I wonder if anybody at the BYU admissions office wondered, "wait, is this the guy with the herpes?"
  16. I had successfully put that particular February out of my mind... but that was Ray’s stats from 3, overall from the field he was 17 for 78, 21.8% versus KC’s 20.8%. Cross went 3 for 25 from 3 in February. The line did move back, so it’s not a true comparison any more.
  17. If only I could blame my similar situation on the virus...or maybe I can, maybe she just anticipated ithe epidemic a couple of years early...
  18. The flaw in that argument is that a campus with 500 students on it is 99% safer than a campus with 25,000 students on it. I don't know if that logic will prevail, however. While there will be reasonable people on both sides there will also be alarmists and opportunists trying to use the situation to attain their own goals. If campuses aren't open in September, what are the chances they'll be open in January, if a "second wave" hits and doesn't fizzle out? There would be a few factors that improve the odds - there will more people who have recovered and are hopefully immune reducing the susceptible fraction of the population, and therefore how fast it can spread, but its doubtful there would be enough; there will be greater testing resources available, but its almost impossible to believe that every single person will be able to be tested on a regular basis; therapeutic responses to the illness will improve, but it remains a question as to how effective they can be. Would that add up to a situation where administrators would take the risk? So unless enough of the population forces the issue and we decide to be like Sweden and get this over with, and accept the results associated with that decision, there's a chance that next season won't happen. I wouldn't consider it highly likely, but still it is possible.
  19. Cross went 10 for 48 from the field in the month of February. I dare say, that is unmatched in Nebraska history, possibly in Big Ten history, possibly in major conference history. That said, I did not want him to transfer out, and good luck to him. I think he'll end up having a fine career if he puts in the work. Being an inexperienced and undersized post player, playing with a thrown-together roster that was not deep in talent, and playing in the deepest and most physical conference in the country was not a recipe for success for him last year.
  20. If he'd just been funnier looking, let's say having an extra ear or having an arm growing out of the top of his head, he wouldn't have been such a misfit for the Iowa roster.
  21. I get the comparison of Lakes to Korver, but the comparison to Fuck Creighton bewilders me a bit. I might not be remembering the details correctly, but I don't think Fuck Creighton was anything near 6'7" and I don't think he was much of a 3 point shooter. He made up for those shortcomings with an awesome name, though.
  22. If that comes to fruition, Nebraska would have a much better shot at making the NCAA Tournament field of 68 in 2022. Why? Because there would be about 200 fewer colleges fielding Division 1 sports teams.
  23. Kevin Cross, in his 13 best games, went 26 for 56 from 3. 46%! So, if you ignore the fact that in the other 19 games he went 6 for 60...
  24. I saw this picture today and I realized that Kobe King will have a huge adjustment to make. When your jersey says "Nebraska" and you are in the Big Ten, this is an offensive foul.
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