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  1. Did they make this a trophy game, where the winner gets a statue of Moe Iba?
  2. But if for some reason we make McDermott say "Whoa Pig Sooey" at the press conference he may still back out?
  3. Isn't he the only head coach that's ever blown a 21 point lead in Memorial Stadium?
  4. Neither will happen. DW is giving up basketball and Trev is dropping the football program.
  5. Then again, if some team from the West is going to lose by 40 in the title game, might it just as well be Iowa?
  6. Outside of that stretch where they outscored us 58-23, we were right in it.
  7. I'd say he's probably a little better than Michael Jacobson...
  8. Grambling's third victory ever over a major conference opponent and second since 1988. Pretty sure everyone here knows who that win in 1988 was against.
  9. I asked a college friend (a long time Charlotte resident, former Daily Nebraskan sports editor, long time employee of the Charlotte Observer who used to cover the Panthers on occasion) about Rhule. His opinion: let Arizona State have him.
  10. If they really wanted to punish Kansas they’d make them wear Nebraska jerseys for five years. After getting screwed over by the officiating for that long their entire fan base would give up.
  11. Leaving at semester doesn’t make the best sense in some regards, you’re still not eligible until next year (if I understand that correctly) and your options are more limited since many places are at the scholarship limit. Plus, wherever you go the coach could move on at the end of the year leaving you in the lurch. The only thing gained is a couple months of practice and assimilation, I wouldn’t see that it would be worth it.
  12. I don't know that anyone would want that interim tag. That 0-16 interim record will stay on their Wikipedia page forever, and who wants to carry something like that around.
  13. I remember watching a team that finished third in the conference, playing in the first round of the Big 8 Tournament at home, not getting to 40.
  14. If the date on this picture on his Wikipedia page is accurate, Adolph Lewandowski was 27 years old at the time this was taken.
  15. There's some long lines to unload at the ethanol plants this time of year.
  16. Sounds like he fits our system perfectly.
  17. This was pretty much guaranteed when the Nebraska medical staff wouldn't clear him.
  18. Not arguing whether that was right or wrong; butI have serious doubts that Tom Shatel can count to 10.
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