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  1. Hopefully this is the lst Rothstein tweet concerning this game, otherwise the nest one will start with “The epitome of brutality...”
  2. Maybe if he suffers some head trauma that results in a severe degradation of his outward appearance; otherwise, he is much too normal looking to fit in at Iowa.
  3. I'd predict the next two years of eligibility to be like this: eason ▲ School Conf G GS MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS SOS
  4. No one in the Mitchell family would ever dream of transferring. Except for his dad Alvin. If he doesn't leave after 97, we have guard depth in 98 and maybe win a couple more games, have a better seed, maybe win a tourney game; we don't have Joe Holmes at PG in 99 and definitely win a couple more and make the tournament; and maybe 2000 wouldn't have been such a train wreck; and maybe we would then remember Barry Collier as the failed ex-coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes or somewhere else.
  5. If you're trying to predict what Bryce will be like as a freshman, why not try a comparison with his brother? 11.6 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 1.7 apg, 1.9 spg as a freshman in the ACC. Season School Conf G GS MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF
  6. Make that, win the Big Ten Tournament. If Nebraska goes 16-4 in conference play they are guaranteed nothing but a probable 3 seed in the NIT.
  7. If only Fred had married for height and not for love. Same thing happened to Dave Hoppen.
  8. You speak of this alternate reality as though it would be a bad thing...
  9. I can see it now... Every Penn State player in the portal will transfer to Minnesota. Every Minnesota player in the portal will transfer to Penn State. Nebraska will be 14th again in the preseason poll.
  10. Speak for yourself - the fire department had to bring a net out to my place and talk me down when Shang Ping transferred.
  11. It was the Bob Devaney show actually. It might have been the first time I ever heard of a taco, I really didn't know what they were.
  12. There were some unexplainable things about 70s popular culture.
  13. It's not every day you get to hitch up to a Jack Wagon.
  14. Somebody was going to post this sooner or later.
  15. Blanton was a hell of a player, it was amazing how he put on 30 pounds in a matter of a couple weeks as a sophomore to move to cente,r even though he was only 6'6"-6'7"; a major reason his team made it to the Final Four. He then shed the weight and moved back to the wing where he averaged 20 ppg as a senior, just remarkable. He graduated 32 years ago though, so I don't know why he'd be a transfer candidate now.
  16. Best of luck to him, he seems like a good guy and a hard worker. Hopefully he'll go some place that will help develop some his skills on offense. He could have really used a prep school year and/or a redshirt year.
  17. March 14, 1991, a date that will live in infamy. The most talented, most experienced, deepest, tallest team in school history, that won 4 more games than any Nebraska team before or since, crashed and burned in the Metrodome. From the Daily Nebraskan archive: From the article, “Nebraska has yet to win an NCAA Tournament game.” Believe me, the lack of a win was a big thing already back then. Thirty years ago. Thirty ****ing years ago. So how did they lose? The team that had just handled Kansas twice in one week sp
  18. Someone needs to start up a successful tech company and call it the "Unwatchable Floppers" and then sponsor Wisconsin. Or a company called "Sweater Vest Wearing Douche Bags" and sponsor - well, you know who.
  19. This one is pre-ordained by the officiating. I haven't seen anything this choreographed since the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer.
  20. What a shock with these crooks officiating. There's been enough methane coming off of these bullshit calls that the global temperature has probably risen 5 degrees.
  21. We never had a chance with Kelly Fucking Pfeifer and crew doing the game.
  22. Hopefully before Sack Henry retires, Can Mack ends up in the same league, because the world has forever been waiting for the Sack vs. Can matchup.
  23. He's 3 inches shorter than Cookie Miller. I hope he doesn't go anyplace where Doug Gottlieb calls games or he might get labelled a punk. I remember watching his dad, who was an outstanding player, play a couple times at GW. I made a point of it since he was 5'4" and when he was a junior had a 7'1" teammate - not quite Muggsy and Manute, but close. (Ironically, they lost in the NCAA tournament that year to Oklahoma State and Doug Gottlieb. Maybe that's where Gottlieb's hatred of short people began.)
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