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  1. We haven't done well with Fremont athletes for awhile. Shepard, Jensen and now McCabe.
  2. She may not be done growing as was alluded to by one of her high school coaches.
  3. If you look at our track record we always have players hurt and not available anyway.
  4. I'm pretty sure thats the way it is.
  5. This class of four recruits looks like it could be a rated class. If everyone stays and with Kate graduating we will have 16 players including walk-on Whitney Brown. Maybe with that number available we can do more pressing on defense.
  6. I totally understand that and only brought up her name for someone who could provide those few minutes.
  7. Very important especially for post/forward Cravens since we only have 3 bigs. If not granted a waiver we will have to get at least another player from some where. Too bad Mitchell doesn't have another year.
  8. But they effectively put off the one time transfer rule for a year which means we will probably be without Cravens and Dillard this season unless they get a waiver. May be shallow on depth. Keep everyone healthy.
  9. I would look at it from a different perspective. We have a variety of experience but not that much playing together under coach Williams system. That will take time to blend. Another thing is that we have 5 players that have had a lot of injuries so getting proper depth will hinge upon the NCAA voting this Wednesday to approve the new transfer rule. The sooner all the players can get to campus and start conditioning and getting to know each other the better off we'll be.
  10. The new roster consisting of 13 players can now be seen on Huskers.com. They have Ashley Scoggin listed as a freshman but she is at least a sophomore. Interesting reading. GBR
  11. HUD


    I will take it one step further. I think it's crap. If someone doesn't like something like in this case sports then just don't watch or participate. It would take a long time to compile all the positives of sports competition and viewing. My wife and I moved to Lincoln last fall for many reasons including being closer to watch our grand kids participate in their sports events as well as other things. We got here and really started to enjoy doing that and then the virus hits with everything cancelled. The worst part for us is not being able to just give them a big hug. I think we all would like to get back to some kind of normality.
  12. Only time will tell how it works out for her and us. Stay tuned.
  13. Sorry Bugs but I have followed her for awhile and think she will be good. Let's compare notes at the end of her first season.
  14. At our VB level of play you need to be a pretty highly rated player to be recruited by Coach Cook. He probably doesn't want the hassle in dealing with two sports.
  15. The injury bug has bitten us to often in the past. Maybe it will leave us alone for awhile. One can only hope.
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