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  1. There are new pictures of the WBB roster and a good article on Isabelle Bourne on Huskers .com. Let the fun begin. GBR.
  2. HUD

    Lauren Ware

    The good thing for Cook is she could have a WBB scholarship and play VB without using a VB one which is huge as they get 3 less than WBB.
  3. Ever since Rachel Theriot we have been trying to get a top level true point guard. Maybe we have.
  4. Probably because we don't have any Guys playing on our team like they do.
  5. Just checked the final big ten standings on the Big Ten website and they had us with a 10-8 record. Maybe they also thought we got screwed by the Wiscy. timekeeper. Sure it will change momentarily.
  6. This is where our depth needs to start paying off.
  7. As much as I dislike Iowa I have to really admire Gustafson. 14 out of 17 field goal attempts. Doyle is a good passer but Gustafson in making 70% of her shots makes anybody passing her the ball look good.
  8. Most importantly it was extremely timely to get this class when we did for our program.
  9. At the time we lost at Wisc. I thought it may come back to haunt us but boy did it turn out to be a huge loss possibly keeping us out of the WNIT. I still think there is no way to pull off that .7 second last shot with an accurate time keeper.
  10. That was one hell of a block that Nicea had on Page's 3 pt attempt near the end of the game. Big, Big play. On another topic Husker.com says we will either be a 6 or 7 seed. Does anyone know what has to happen for us to be the 6 ? I would like us to get a win and then play Rutgers. We need at least 2 wins.
  11. I did notice that on several occasions. Some were right at Kate's face. No call.
  12. Turnovers have been a big problem for the third straight year. Rebounding has improved some and looks like it will continue. Need off season improvement in ball handling.
  13. HUD

    Kalynn Meyer

    The women's college discus is the same weight as the high school's so yes her high school discus distances are pretty impressive when compared to college. On the other hand I'm sure Coach Cook wouldn't want to see her having an injury doing it.
  14. Maybe a stretch 4 or a five?
  15. HUD

    Kalynn Meyer

    When coach Cook recruited her making her an offer he said he liked projects like she would be. He said she was very athletic and since she hadn't played that much club volleyball she would likely be a redshirt candidate her first year. Since she committed to VB we have picked up several top notch outside hitters so you never know about her changing sports or doing both. If Cook thinks she continues to have a big VB future I don't see a dual sport for her. Anyway I would like to see her play BB and spread the wealth around a bit.
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