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  1. I'm pretty sure that Brown will get a scholarship. It's just a bit early for that to happen. I would be not very surprised if one or two take a medical out which would free up a scholarship but still let them get their last year or two paid for.
  2. Injuries which we have had more then our share of will probably again be important.
  3. I wish the best for her. Over the past four years she helped us a lot. Smart young lady.
  4. I don't think we will take any transfers unless someone leaves besides Kate Cain. Assuming Whitney Brown gets a scholarship that puts us at the maximum of 15 allowed.
  5. I watched with amazement Maryland just melting under the thought that they might lose. You described it perfectly. Kind of like the nightmare we had as kids where we are being chased by a monster and our legs turned into molasses.
  6. I totalIy agree. It was partly Iowa State's fault when they inbounded in the front court with a 2 pt lead and 15 seconds left to freshman #21 Donarski and she got tied up with possession arrow to A&M. She had time to pass off to an open Ashley Joens who is a great free throw shooter and probably would have won the game for Iowa State. The two hacks under the basket by A&M with 1 second left put the game to OT. Shouldn't have happened. It was the second game in a row that the Ref's let A&M off the hook. They should have lost to #14 seed Troy in the previous game except for 3
  7. Clark is amazing especially for a freshman. Hard to imagine what she could improve on in the next three years. She's the total package. Fun to watch.
  8. How it happened was never really discussed but in one of coaches comments she did say her hip required surgery. She will still have 3 years of eligibility.
  9. I hope our coach will have a press conference soon addressing these injuries, Kate Cain status, summary of the past season and where she sees us going in the future.
  10. Looks like Kendall Coley fits the 3 as well with good size. Could use a little more muscle but thats what our strength coaches are for. She now has a taste of how physical the Big 10 is. And will still only be a freshmen next season.
  11. As we get more depth and experience with one another we should be able to pass the ball better getting players the ball where they need it without the high amount of turnovers we had earlier this season. This past season we had 3 returning players, 3 transfers and four freshmen that were mostly healthy.
  12. As I stated before concerning the need for a true point guard. We have one coming for next season in Allison Weidner. She makes everyone around her better. As for the three point shooting this year the two with the highest percentage's are Annika Stewart at 44.6 % and Whitney Brown at 37.7%. Besides being true freshmen their % went up throughout the season. Also of note is the fact that both Mi'cole Cayton and Kendall Coley both improved dramatically in their 3 pt. shooting after joining the team in Jan.
  13. My gut feeling is that she will not be back.
  14. She has the best assist to turnover and steals to turnover ratio on the team. Pretty good for a freshmen. Very smart and plays to her strengths. Bright future.
  15. I think a big part of Kate's decision is where she stands on her Masters Program. A full scholarship for another year pays for a lot of education.
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