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  1. Whi Which picture shows the knee brace?
  2. I think that could be an upset especially since it's on the road.
  3. I went to the VB scrimmage last night. Freshmen looked great. As for Kaylyn Meyer let's just say she won't be playing WBB anytime soon. She is developing into a strong middle blocker. Most of the middles are upperclassmen so as a freshmen she has plenty of time. She looked physically imposing out there.
  4. I use the phone wallet when I am going to an occasional game. For WBB season tickets I get paper ones.
  5. What a great podcast. Thanks for posting!
  6. A lot of questions about who is going to play will be answered at the VB Red/White scrimmage this Sat. night starting at 6:00 P.M. I plan to be there but besides the radio it is on BTN Plus.
  7. Yes statistics show that there are more injuries in the women's side of basketball then the men's and that's one of the reasons they get 2 more scholarships then men. I think the length of time to recover from injuries during rehab may have also been a factor. We'll never know all the reasons for the change.
  9. Alexis Markowski did not play last night as she recently reinjured a previous hamstring injury that occurred during the state tournament earlier this year. She reportedly will rest it until October.
  10. Just a reminder that the game is tonight at 6:00 P.M. at North Star H.S. here in Lincoln. You can watch it on TV if you can get NET-W. Markowski and Weidner are both playing but on different teams.
  11. Probably waiting to get a schedule first.
  12. Also being a head coach at Elkhorn North it would be a lot easier for her to attend her daughters games if she was at Nebraska.
  13. And coach said Ruby went back to Australia for a visit after finishing last semester but that besides being very costly with all the covid protocols it takes awhile to get back to the USA. That was two weeks ago that she said that at the Big Red Blitz in David City.
  14. According to coach Williams Trinity tried to rehab her ankle during the season but required surgery toward the end.
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