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  1. HUD

    2020 recruiting...

    A lot goes into recruiting. We have many things to offer here as noted in the past such as fans, facilities etc. but it comes down to the comfort level with the staff and their vision of the future for the program and the potential recruits. Keep your fingers crossed as she is the type of player we need to help take the program to another level.
  2. HUD

    Michigan St. vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Northwestern is a must win game.
  3. HUD

    Michigan St. vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Brown barring injury will continue to start. She had a lot better +/_ rating today and stats as well. She is a more complete player, tougher and works harder then Taylor at least in my mind.
  4. HUD


    We need to win 3 or 4 out of our last 5 conference games and then 2 in the Big Ten tournament. Should be good enough to go to the WNIT where we could have a deep run.
  5. HUD

    weird stats

    Besides another point guard we really need a power forward that can do it all including giving us a consistent outside threat. Hopefully that's coming next year.
  6. HUD

    INDIANA game thread 2-3-19

    It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.
  7. HUD

    INDIANA game thread 2-3-19

    Almost each game Kate is getting outplayed by the other teams post players. Can't win against the good teams on a regular basis with an average center.
  8. HUD

    PURDUE game thread 1-31-19

    Kate hasn't been able to get as many point blank shots as she had last year. She has been pushed out a bit further by the defense where her percentage really drops. Most good posts would kill you at the 10 to 15 ft range (Verbeek) but not Kate.
  9. HUD

    Northwestern Vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Previously I thought you were an Iowa fan. Now I'm sure of it!!!
  10. HUD

    Northwestern Vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    What's her name?
  11. HUD

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Just curious but how do you know that to be the case?
  12. HUD

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    In the illy game we started to see a little more of the driving and passing off with some success. Just need more of it. People playing under control.
  13. HUD

    Huskers vs Illinois...

    We got out rebounded by 8 which should never happen against Illinois especially with our height advantage. Wittinger had 7 offensive rebounds with at least 3 of those coming when Kate had position on her but Wittinger just jumped higher and wasn't called for over the back because Kate didn't back her out. With Kate's length and size this should never happen.
  14. HUD

    +/- Stats

    The thing we don't get to see is the practices. Maybe the veterans do well there but get up tight in actual games. The thing I think is happening is that the teams we play know our weaknesses a lot better this year and exploit many of them.
  15. HUD

    Huskers vs Illinois...

    We need to contain Wittinger some. She is very active and out played Cain last year. I think Veerbeek will be an asset in this game.