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    I have had the subscription for several years and love it. Can go back and rewatch games including those on BTN which are broadcast starting after midnight E.T. on the day the game is played. I go back and watch the critical plays on slow motion which can be eye opening especially on bad ref calls. You can do the same for VB and other NU sports as well throughout the year. Costs $80 per year for coverage of Nebraska games. I just plug my computer into my big screen TV and enjoy especially the games we win.
  2. The biggest problem for Trinity will be to get in playing shape as she has been out a long time. Hope she makes it before the end of the season.
  3. Here is the big unknown at this stage that we may never figure out. Why is our chemistry so much better this year than last. I have my suspicions but not being part of the program each day I will keep them to my self. Whatever, this year it's infinitely better. Besides I like Bourne at the 3 with Cravens starting. Bourne is one of the most improved players in the league and Cravens is one of the best transfers.
  4. Thought she went to Quinnipac but not on their roster.
  5. Early in the season my feeling was that she probably wouldn't come back for another year. At his point of the season after listening to her post game interviews especially the last one you can see she is very articulate and one smart young lady. She really is enjoying playing with this group and it is reflected in her play. She is in her masters program and a 5th year of college that would be paid for might be just what she wants. That would help the job search outside of BB. If professional BB is something she wants to try then another year of honing her skills would work for that as wel
  6. I think most of us under estimated how long it takes to incorporate new players into a system whether they are transfers or freshmen. We saw all that they did in their previous schools and assume that they will just take off from there. At least that is one of my problems. A little too optimistic. That being said with players who really like each other like we now have we can see the progress happening at a good rate.
  7. Looks like Kendall Coley has nice long arms to go with a 6'2" frame.
  8. Recently it's Matt and Jeff.
  9. I listened to the show and coach said that both Issie and Trinity continue to improve a little each day. She said it is really just day to day as to when they will play. I too think they will hold her out tonight and then have 7 days before the next 2 game road trip.
  10. I think we got it with Micole's play. Rusty on shooting but good on defense and passing the ball. She looked quick.
  11. HUD

    RPI ratings

    This looks more realistic to me then the NET especially for us and Rutgers where we were 70 and they were 20. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Nice to see Issie not wearing a boot. She has 2 days to heal before the next game and then 6 days more before a two game road trip where we will really need her. It may turn into a one game road trip with the number of games Rutgers is postponing.
  13. In the latest NET rankings Rutgers remains at #20. How can that be. They have 0 quality wins. They won 3 non conference games against extremely weak teams. Only one conference win, against Wisconsin. Due to Covid their program is basically shutdown. Mean while we are #70.
  14. That surely was especially against O. St. without Bourne. I was thinking more along the lines of getting some injured players back and them being able to contribute.
  15. She was recruited as a 3 player. That position has been decimated with the injuries to Taylor K, Trinity B, Ruby P & Issie B. Look for her to give a lot of effort in whatever minutes she gets which will help on defense and rebounding. Gives us some height at guard where we somewhat vertically challenged.
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