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  1. Yeah. Rebounding is a huge frustration--and you can see it in Hoiberg's demeanor every time we get beat out down low by the opposing offense. That . . . and getting a decent three point percentage would do wonders for the team. One is fixable or, at least, should come around (it's not like every one of our three point shots has been contested). The other . . . doesn't look good.
  2. So . . . the team is more of a work in progress than we’d hoped. But consider this: after last season, we expected to have four starters back. We now have only two. One of those four is doing well the pros, and another is out with an injury. So, our earlier expectations must adjust to a mostly-new-and-young team that is learning to play together. A rough start is teaching some lessons that will, hopefully, pay off down the road. And the three-point struggles are likely to improve (see, e.g., Tominaga last season). There is a lot of basketball yet to be played, with lots of improvement yet to be made. Here’s looking forward to the ride.
  3. The Badgers have played one game: an exhibition against Wisconsin-Whitewater that the Badgers won 76-50. In that game, Chucky played 19 minutes, scored 9 points on 4 of 10 shooting (1 for 5 from three), no free throws, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 turnover, and 3 steals.
  4. Colorado had an advantage over Nebraska for this game: back in August, Colorado played four games in Costa Rico against local teams. Three of those games were blowouts, but one had a score of 68-54. That's four actual games of experience that the good guys did not have.
  5. Bryce is only the game’s leading scorer—on both teams. And how is he doing within the “role” the coaches have assigned to him? Here’s the answer: We internet geniuses don’t even know what that role is. One of the attributes of high level athleticism is this: they do things with such fluidity that it doesn’t even look like they are trying. On a break-away last game, for example, he left everyone in his dust immediately. Let’s give the guy a break and allow his game in this new setting to evolve naturally.
  6. Who were the announcers today? One kept referring to Nebraska as “we”—but still had great observations and insights.
  7. Delano Banton also did well last night: 16 minutes; 4 of 7 shooting, including 2 of 3 from three; 0 for 1 from the line; 1 rebound; 3 assists; 1 block; 2 turnovers; 10 points; and +11 for his time in the game.
  8. Isaiah Roby had a nice game last night in a comeback win: 16 minutes; 4 of 5 shooting, including 1 for 1 from three; 4 for 4 from the line; 2 rebounds; 1 assist; 1 block; no turnovers; 13 points; and +15 for his time in the game.
  9. 50% from three (11 of 22) and 78% from the line (14 of 18) are major improvements over last year.
  10. Here is a FutureCast for Nebraska: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/jamarques-lawrence-280265
  11. Here's an unsurprising six: Alonzo Verge Trey McGowens Bryce McGowens Kobe Webster Derrick Walker Trevor Lakes A seventh would be a surprise?
  12. Derrick/Derrick should be more than “incrementally better” because, (i) he didn’t play the first half of last season, (ii) he played only two games before COVID hit him, and (iii) he should be healthy and playing the entire season this year (hopefully).
  13. Robin Washut put up this FutureCast last night: 100% for Nebraska.
  14. The new rules should solve much of the problem by preventing early leavers from getting their live-tv celebrity for doing so. But for all those who’ve exited court-side in waning moments of a televised game (and there have been lots of these): “shameful” is the wrong word . . . “doofus” behavior is probably more like it. And doofus behavior is always fair game for heckling.
  15. Wasn't able to attend the scrimmage. So . . . what degree of exaggeration/hyperbole/joking-around vs. kernel-of-truth is wrapped up in this statement: "Yes, Wilhelm Breidenbach will play this year and yes he's probably the greatest pick-up in Nebrasketball History. As soon as he signed his LOI looking through his thick goggles the program changed."?
  16. Here are a couple guesses: 1. Our biggest competition is the NBA, not a blue blood; and 2. If he doesn't/can't reclassify to 2022, NBA probably wins.
  17. Leaving early is bad form. Here are some reasons: 1. It looks bad--especially when (i) we are losing, and (ii) exit traffic is courtside and in full television view; 2. It is bad--especially when (i) we are winning, and (ii) see 1(ii) above; 3. Getting out of parking garages before the rush begins is a poor excuse for looking and being bad--I don't heckle early leavers but reserve the right to do so. Trev knows what he's doing in managing in-arena experiences. At UN-O he made huge improvements in this area and reaped great dividends. He is making this a priority here as well--and will achieve success.
  18. Check out these items from the Rivals link above: In a recruiting world filled with sales pitches and false promises, Biliew said the genuine feeling he got from the Huskers was as valuable as anything else. “That they mean what they say and that they’re still the same people,” Biliew said of what he learned about NU’s staff during his visit. “I expect the truest out of them because they mean what they say. They hold me to a high standard, and I appreciate them for that.” The weekend didn’t change where the Huskers stood on his list of potential schools. It just solidified their spot as one of the top contenders from here on out. “I mean, I’m always going to hold them dear, because it’s home, and they’re always going to stay there,” Biliew said. “They showed a lot of love, and it’s appreciated.”
  19. You've gotta pity the poor coach and players who have to come up with something newsworthy to say, when there is nothing substantive to report. It's in such contexts that we hear about "chemistry" and how players are "moving around"--what else is there to talk about? Never mind that "chemistry" always takes a hit when depth charts start prioritizing some players over others--and when actual rotations start settling early priorities and bench sitters into reality--and when scoring roles are better defined (as in, "You are in for defense and rebounding and assists. Do not shoot unless you are wide open under the basket!"). And who's going to bad-mouth "chemistry" before the season starts (as in, "Yeah, we pretty much suck at getting along. One player, for example, is a black hole and won't pass the ball, which makes everyone else angry, and they refuse to pass to him"). Not gonna hear that.
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