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  1. Norm and Busticket and knoock may be on to something. I have a vague recollection of discussions, when Thor signed, about the importance of him getting a degree and then jumping to a european pro team (maybe even in three years). But the closest support I can find for the idea is this: Thorbjarnarson, besides his international experience, also has played as an amateur in Iceland’s professional league. His family is accomplished academically. His father is a liaison to NATO, his mother and one brother are attorneys and another brother is an economist.
  2. Here's some info from the Pitt website on Stevenson: An explosive athlete with the leaping ability and strength to finish in traffic Showed the ability to play as a big wing or undersized four-man a year ago ... can create matchup problems with his combination of size, quickness and athleticism Has a nice shooting stroke out beyond the three-point line as well as the ability to put the ball on the floor Possesses a 40 inch vertical and a 6-11 wingspan … strength and quickness allow him to be an effective defender and rebounder against bigger opponents . . . Academic All-ACC selection
  3. As of Friday, Robin thought the staff might be working on a new visitor for sometime this week. He didn’t know who that might be.
  4. Since Robin’s comments on this topic are a clarification of prior public comments, I’ll provide a summary. Robin said about his report on players expected to leave the program: —he reported accurately but regrets being unaware of conversations that still “needed to be had.”
  5. So . . . if a player refuses to leave and keeps the scholarship, must it count against the school’s scholarship limit? Can the school say, “you’ll keep your scholarship, but you aren’t on the team?”
  6. Wow! So many options. Can’t wait to see how and where the staff focus their attention and priorities!
  7. Here's his bio from the Western Kentucky website: "FRESHMAN (2018-19): Appeared in 31 games with 12 starts, averaging 15.1 minutes per outing… Averaged 3.4 points, three rebounds and 2.1 assists… Shot 40.2 percent from the field and made 19 of 34 free throws… Nearly had triple-double vs. No. 15/16 Wisconsin with eight points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists in 38 minutes – career highs in the final three categories… 1 of 6 players in the nation with a game of eight points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists in 2018-19… Recorded most assists in a game (10) by a WKU freshman since 2002… Scored 11 points with six assists and a career-high three blocks vs. Saint Mary’s on Dec. 22… Tallied five points, three rebounds and seven assists in 38 minutes in his second career start at Arkansas on Dec. 8… Played 12 minutes and made his first start in his college debut at Washington on Nov. 6. HIGH SCHOOL: Reclassified into the 2018 class after graduating early… Scored more than 1,000 points as a senior at Redemption Christian Academy… Named team MVP and Power 5 Conference MVP… Ranked as the No. 80 player in the nation in 2018 class by Rivals and No. 92 player in the 247Sports Composite rankings." He's not a three point shooter -- went under .300 at Western Kentucky.
  8. 1995-96 has to be one of our most-talented teams ever: Strickland was a senior, Lue a freshman, Mikki Moore, Terrance Badget, Venson Hamilton, etc.
  9. Only two on that roster are shorter than 6’4” (1.1 minutes and 2.7 points for one, 28.1 minutes and 6.8 points for the other), and only one is taller than 6’8” (2 minutes, 1.2 points and 1.4 rebounds for him).
  10. It will be interesting to see how this staff prioritizes the available recruits. According to the Omaha World Herald this morning, (i) Hoiberg plays “positionless” ball, and (ii) the player at the 5 position on his best team at Iowa St. stood 6’7”.
  11. Yeah. This looks like Doc’s Sek Henry for this time around.
  12. Wow! That’s a step down. Here are the UMass results from 2018-19: 11 wins against 22 losses overall and 4 wins against 14 losses in conference.
  13. Yeah. Are we talking wife beating, shoplifting, offering money for player commitments? Or maybe smaller stuff? Or is it worse than all that? And remember: falsely accusing someone of a crime can be libel and slander, even as to public figures. But hey . . . share away.
  14. This kind of anonymous source isn't good enough to publicly and ambiguously accuse someone of unspecified wrongdoing--even on an anonymous message board. It's worth a down arrow.
  15. It must be a rule-thing of some type: a committed recruit or current player NOT following a coach to the coach’s new team. For example: Xavier Johnson and Kenya Hunter were both adamant that Johnson would not follow Hunter; The South Dakota Coach now at UNLV declared that the South Dakota recruit would not be following him to UNLV; Cam Mack declares that he will not be going to Nebraska. No player or recruit followed Tim Miles to Nebraska from Colorado St. Etc. This must be in the NCAA rule book or a common and enforceable clause in coaching contracts?
  16. Hmmm . . . two things: 1. No Nebraska on that list; and 2. UNLV is on the list—the Coach that recruited him to South Dakota and then moved to UNLV has to be the front runner — by far. Right?
  17. Why wouldn’t he follow his old coach to UNLV?
  18. Molinari is a defense specialist—Hoiberg needs that. Molinari has a close relationship with Roby and solid relationships with the rest of the team—they trust him. He’s the interim head coach. A mature presence has its benefits, especially amid young Turks. None of the old staff is likely, but Molinari seems as viable as any.
  19. Ha! Sold-out auditorium for the entirety of the Vault’s existence. Conference and National Coach of the Year a few years ago. Having a record, last year, that’s good-enough for an NCAA appearance by a B1G team for 60+ years in a row (screwed by a Jay Chair). Going 3-0 against the Big East during the year your Coach is fired. Going 1-1 against the Big 12 (the loss was to a Final Four team) during the year your Coach is fired. Being ranked before one of your best players gets hurt—the year your Coach is fired. Beating several Dance teams, using a drastically-reduced roster, requiring that we use a walk-on extensively. Never having a scandal. Bringing in academically-strong players. Being a good ambassador for the University. Pulling in a home-run hire after your Coach is fired. There are many metrics. Miles had his faults. Hoiberg is a massive upgrade. But there is much to be appreciative for.
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