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  1. I knew him (sort of) when he was a little boy growing up in Dubuque. I coached at UD where his aunt was a 4 sport letterwinner. She did work study in the athletic department and brought him around sometimes. She was as impressive a person as you might imagine, though as track coach I was disappointed when she decided to play softball her last year
  2. I would definitely boycott that ceremony. I had an unpleasant in-person encounter with him once and his on court attitude was quite displeasing to me as a fan. Incredible talent, though.
  3. Prairiewolf or Plainsman? I was the latter. I never understood what was wrong with Plainsmen and Plainswomen, but whatever...
  4. The way Washut talked about it on 93.7 this morning, it sounds like Roby will go pro if he (Roby) believes he is going to be drafted. So if a team or 2 tells him they will take him in the 2nd round anywhere, he will leave. To protect myself from disappointment, I am going to assume we've seen the last of Roby in scarlet and cream.
  5. With the Juco leaving St. John's I wonder if he was encouraged to look around?
  6. It kind of did when Solich was fired...at least the ultimate result of being a national laughingstock for a botched search with a disappointing hire part of it. Maybe they will hire Lue. Didn't he coach for the Clippers before going to Cleveland?
  7. I would love to get Wade but I can't believe he and his wife would want to move to Lincoln, even with her ties to Nebraska. Not many in her line of work based around here. Maybe the baby changes that.
  8. My update will have to wait a month or so, I will take a picture of my new Husker license plate when it arrives: GOBGFRD
  9. Even though I waited about 4 hours to put my request in, it appears I was successful in getting personalized license plates...GOBGFRD
  10. He has nine tournament wins as a head coach. Not to mention being on Nolan Richardson's staff for 17 years. They won a few tournament games in those years, too. I agree that I'd prefer Hoiberg but this would be far better than the Bradley coach.
  11. I grew up in Lincoln and live here now but I lived in the Des Moines area for 10 years. It's in between Lincoln and Omaha in it's characteristics and size but it feels closer to Lincoln in my opinion. I liked Des Moines and would go back gladly if circumstances dictate but I wouldn't move to Ames.
  12. Apparently there is an Iowa State player named Cam Lard transferring that may be a strong possibility for Nebraska with Hoiberg. He's mentioned in the Cyclone Fanatic thread linked in the main forum.
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