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  1. 26-5 (16-4) A stumble in the B1G tourney costs us a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and we lose to Gonzaga with a berth to the Final Four on the line as Hunter Sallis gets us at the buzzer. There has to be a bit of Nebrasketball tragedy even in our breakout season, right?
  2. You just want to relive the LNE show choir days. I bet we could pull a few of the guys together and give it another go
  3. I visited once in November 2000 and thought it was nice and it reminded me of Lincoln. I am surprised to hear this. Did something change significantly in the last 20 years?
  4. I used to work with someone who had a kid on the team recently and under Erstad the standard was just about everyone got about half a scholarship. There were adjustments made if they had someone stay longer than expected and sometimes kids were asked to take less for a time with the understanding it would be made right later on. Or at least that's the story he was told. His son was asked to take less for a semester once. I think they refused and the request was made of someone else and it wasn't contentious.
  5. Does this mean the kudzu curse has been lifted? 2020 might be good for something in the end!
  6. Dang it. I scrolled through and didn't see Georgia hoops, though, so we have that going for us, which is nice. Lots of assistant coaches from other schools on the list, too, which isn't as nice. But as Norm said, farting time is near.
  7. His last 4 follows show he's either N or going out of his way to troll his brother's team. I'm betting the former.
  8. We made it, and no blue blood competition! Georgia Michigan LSU FSU DONU FTW!
  9. I graduated in 93 and my sister was class of 95. Probably lots of Rockets heard about it. That is cool if he had kids stay with him, but that situation was a bit too much win at all costs for me. LPS wouldn't let that go these days.
  10. I went to Northeast and graduated just before Alton started going there. I know firsthand that there were reasons that leaving Lincoln was always best for him. No idea if that factored into Nee's decision, but Collura surely knew. Knowing Collura, those comments were largely self-serving. My sister witnessed a basketball player steal a car stereo just before the state tournament, reported it to the school and the police and the kid didn't sit out at all on the way to a state title. Glad to know that Alton was highly successful and hope his son ends up in red.
  11. I knew him (sort of) when he was a little boy growing up in Dubuque. I coached at UD where his aunt was a 4 sport letterwinner. She did work study in the athletic department and brought him around sometimes. She was as impressive a person as you might imagine, though as track coach I was disappointed when she decided to play softball her last year
  12. I would definitely boycott that ceremony. I had an unpleasant in-person encounter with him once and his on court attitude was quite displeasing to me as a fan. Incredible talent, though.
  13. Prairiewolf or Plainsman? I was the latter. I never understood what was wrong with Plainsmen and Plainswomen, but whatever...
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