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  1. 40 years for me and I did the same. Sure hope to eat some crow a few years down the road when they build that statue.
  2. I was wondering the same thing and that's the first game I thought of though that was the year before I started paying close attention so I don't remember it at all. The 2nd was the upset of Kansas with Wilt Chamberlain long before I was born. Seriously, this team without its best player, but playing well enough you'd think Wisconsin wasn't looking ahead, it's hard to imagine a more unexpected win.
  3. Nebrasketball 76 The basketball school that follows Nebraska football 71
  4. Nebraska 93 SHS 70 Buzzy Carruthers convinced me all will be well on his radio show. He didn't mention the flavor of the Kool Aid...
  5. I also agree. He may have the highest ceiling but I don't expect him to be the best player on the team this year. I don't think he has figured out how hard he needs to play (like his brother does). But that's all okay, he doesn't have to be there yet. Hopefully he can be that guy by the time March gets here. I
  6. 26-5 (16-4) A stumble in the B1G tourney costs us a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and we lose to Gonzaga with a berth to the Final Four on the line as Hunter Sallis gets us at the buzzer. There has to be a bit of Nebrasketball tragedy even in our breakout season, right?
  7. You just want to relive the LNE show choir days. I bet we could pull a few of the guys together and give it another go
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