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  1. Maybe Heiman can put on 40 lbs in the off-season.
  2. Well said. Easy to be salty right now. With that said, this truly is a fantastic board and so vastly superior in content and decorum to any other board I’ve frequented.
  3. Lol - I was thinking about that as I typed it. That was one of his several redeeming qualities.
  4. Agreed. We need a coach who 1) knows what a time out is; 2) uses them; and 3) can design a play that works out of them.
  5. Entirely coaching. It’s what happens when you overhype a game and then bemoan the loss - see MSU - instead of moving on. The mentality of the kids reflect the mentality of their leader.
  6. Miles doesn’t know what a time-out is.
  7. Would be nice to see some leadership from somebody right now. Anybody.
  8. All year. I miss the slasher.
  9. Roby so big tonight.
  10. Cope looks like a boy amongst men.
  11. This loss is discouraging on so many levels. I was hoping this year would be different. That this team-led by seniors-would put lesser teams away and be poised enough to handle a double-digit second half lead against such a lesser team. Instead, tonight felt all too familiar-scoring droughts; questionable coaching decisions; and allowing controversial moments to irreversibly turn the tide of the game. I really hope tonight was an anomaly (and that my discouragement is just a typical fan overreaction) ... I guess we’ll find out Saturday.
  12. Great first half for the Springfield sensation.
  13. Too much standing around on both ends.