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  1. All year. I miss the slasher.
  2. Roby so big tonight.
  3. Cope looks like a boy amongst men.
  4. This loss is discouraging on so many levels. I was hoping this year would be different. That this team-led by seniors-would put lesser teams away and be poised enough to handle a double-digit second half lead against such a lesser team. Instead, tonight felt all too familiar-scoring droughts; questionable coaching decisions; and allowing controversial moments to irreversibly turn the tide of the game. I really hope tonight was an anomaly (and that my discouragement is just a typical fan overreaction) ... I guess we’ll find out Saturday.
  5. Great first half for the Springfield sensation.
  6. Too much standing around on both ends.
  7. Did Minn buy their court at Home Depot?
  8. We don’t play in the Big XII.
  9. Understandable though, given the lack of composure by our coach.
  10. Concerning to see such a lack of composure in a senior-led team.
  11. Might as well bring in Palmer ... what’s there to lose?
  12. B1G Red

    Greatest Upset in the history

    Might I suggest you just try to enjoy an incredible moment.
  13. B1G Red

    Greatest Upset in the history

    They shot 54.2% against arguably the best defense in the country. Pretty incredible.