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  1. If we could just trim this to a 6-8 pt deficit by half I think we’ve got a shot ... Wiscy will cool off 2nd half.
  2. Missed free throws. Missed bunnies. Low energy crowd. Yet, only down 8. Maybe we weathered the storm (I’m trying to stay optimistic).
  3. Well said. Easy to be salty right now. With that said, this truly is a fantastic board and so vastly superior in content and decorum to any other board I’ve frequented.
  4. Lol - I was thinking about that as I typed it. That was one of his several redeeming qualities.
  5. Agreed. We need a coach who 1) knows what a time out is; 2) uses them; and 3) can design a play that works out of them.
  6. Entirely coaching. It’s what happens when you overhype a game and then bemoan the loss - see MSU - instead of moving on. The mentality of the kids reflect the mentality of their leader.
  7. Would be nice to see some leadership from somebody right now. Anybody.
  8. This loss is discouraging on so many levels. I was hoping this year would be different. That this team-led by seniors-would put lesser teams away and be poised enough to handle a double-digit second half lead against such a lesser team. Instead, tonight felt all too familiar-scoring droughts; questionable coaching decisions; and allowing controversial moments to irreversibly turn the tide of the game. I really hope tonight was an anomaly (and that my discouragement is just a typical fan overreaction) ... I guess we’ll find out Saturday.
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