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  1. Absolutely. With the roster being what it is right now, being competitive in a Big 10 game is an accomplishment. We have won the lion's share of those close games, and the coaches and players deserve credit for getting the most out of what they got right now.
  2. Big 10 sucks. That is all.
  3. Maybe Sam would be in the “best of the rest” category
  4. Upvote for the Spiro Agnew shout-out.
  5. Similar to Cam Mack. Sure wish the baggage hadn't won, because he was fun to watch. But we did get what we signed up for.
  6. I don't know what an aphorism is, but calling a team that hasn't won a conference game in over a calendar year "mediocre" is very kind.
  7. Archie dodged a bullet. Lose to us and an already questioning fan base goes nuts
  8. We are bad. Really bad. Has been apparent since the Nevada game.
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. Come 'on, go back and read your last 2 months of koolaid posts, and quit telling others what "correct" is. We caught MSU at home while it was in a big slump. Playing them within single digits after trailing double digits much of the night doesn't make us world beaters.
  11. That's like saying you'd take 6'0 over 7'2 at the post. Come on, man.
  12. Couldn’t disagree more. We’re not remotely close to being a good team. Not in a “good spot” at all. One 5 star Wing isn’t enough to change the trajectory.
  13. I guess time will tell if we get more than the 2 conference wins we got last year.
  14. I can easily believe it. Called it in the Nevada game. Just a really bad team
  15. Haven’t had a lecture like that since the Big 10 tournament. Sorry, but I’m going somewhere
  16. Now that’s really taking kindness to a new level
  17. I suspect if we were told before the game we would have 24 turnovers to 7 by our opponent, and we shot 8-13 from the line we wouldn’t have liked our chances. Fortunately NW went 10-22 from the line, and we rebounded much better than we have been.
  18. Very good win. Good game plan and prep. Great effort on the offensive boards. Helped overcome way too many turnovers. Need to work in inbounds plays. Haiby; what can u say? Gamer for sure. As KH says, we’re extremely limited at the other guard spot, and overall lack athleticism and skilled posts on the offensive end. To overcome all of that, give a great effort and get the win should be celebrated. Oh yeah, nice job on the back to back 3s Makenzie Brown!
  19. Story in the OWH i think this morning indicating Brady and Cayton aren't that close.
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