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  1. Just an incredible ignorant post. We did not have better players tha,n Iowa last year. They had 2 first round draft picks at tight end. One who made a play to beat us. We had no draft picks. Our online sicks. A bunch of pass blocking pussies recruited by a Riley. CU's receivers are night and day better than ours exceotmJD. Gonna take a while to get enough players in here. You have a ridiculously skewed view of talent
  2. HB

    Annika Stewart

    Is N. 6'3" post out of Minnesota. Looks like a good pick-up.
  3. Confident that it is a 2 horse race for Emily Ryan, and neither horse is from Kansas. Could know soon. I think it is down to Iowa State and the Huskers.
  4. You're also a total dick. Don't forget to add that to your list of accomplishments
  5. Enjoy being the biggest douche in the history of the board. Worse than Kidney. Worse than Kearney Man. Worse than Double Jay. Congratulations.
  6. Locking up a program changing coach and playing an NIT game are not mutually exclusive. If you had a remote clue you would know that. But you don't. You're just a troll.
  7. Wish I could but I'm on the left coast
  8. Curry is out for a long time
  9. The two are not related. Rather a fan boy than a non Husker fan posting On what was a good Husker board.
  10. That is just pathetic. U have no clue what U are talking about . Embarrassingly clueless. Lucky Dimes has been on a tolerant streak lately
  11. You clearly do suck as a fan. That has been made abundantly clear the past few days. You don't support our players at all due your own goofy misplaced agenda. So glad U called yourself out. Cheering for us to lose does not equal a Husker fan.
  12. How is this post aging? I've yet to see any sign of this "national negativity" today. But, it's only about noon, so I guess there's time.
  13. Hopefully with regard to coach hiring that will turn out to be true. That doesn't mean any of his actions/non-actions can't be questioned. And as for all rumors to be "BS", I suspect you don't live in Lincoln and know what some of us know.
  14. Generally no, they do not need to do that. But when you are putting out a statement anyway 45 minutes after a 4 game stretch that just took place, it's easy to add a sentence or two acknowledging what everyone from our fans to the BTN gang were being effusive about. Secondly, this isn't all about Miles and sometime players need to be recognized for extraordinary accomplishments (winning 4 of 5 under all the circumstances). This little gang of 6-7 players is doing some truly special stuff. It won't go down in history since we finished 13th and (so far) won a game in the NIT. But the fans see it, feel it, and turned out in impressive fashion last night to honor it. Comparing this to winning a game or 2 in football and volleyball is, well, simplistic and not analogous.
  15. Great post. Fair to all "sides". I have said for a weeks on here that it appeared this team struggled mightily beneath the weight of rare high expectations and pressure. Personally I think it was more than just bad coaching and playing. That team wasn't having fun, wasn't together; it was palpable. Once the "collapse" was final and we went 2-11 after 11-2, we could have packed it in and called it a day. Instead the pressure was off, guys started having fun, the team came together and we're having a special couple of weeks. Was "ratcheting up the pressure" a factor? I think it contributed to it. As said, nothing is black and white and there are all sorts of factors at play. I'm sure ADs, coaches and players would like some do-overs. In the end we didn't win enough over 7 years, but two ADs could have handled the situation much better than they did. And Buglem is right, while we can be critical of some of what Moos has done, we should all want him to be successful.
  16. FWIW, Dr. Green and his wife were at the game, openly mingling with the crowd. Dr. Bounds was not in attendance. It was announced at the game that over $28,000 in cash went into the Red Cross buckets. Proud to be a Husker last night, for sure.
  17. More substantively, Roby was a beast and Butler had no one who could stay with him. Would have loved to get more of him while he was here, but he stepped up tonight and dominated. Early on they geared up to stop James. He did a nice job of not forcing it, and eventually the game came to him. The 2-14 hole was a problem, but we made some nice adjustments to Greg the offense moving better. Trueblood, well, what can u say. Stuff he will always remember. Got all the juice squeezed out tonight.
  18. That was an awesome game and night. Great crowd, into it all night. Butler a bunch of chippy thugs. #5 ran his mouth all night. Man that was fun. i'm gonna always remember the last 10 days. Just remarkable. It's not gonna change anything, but to see a team come together against ridiculous odds and fight, claw and scratch for each other will always be a good memory for them, and for many of our fans. So many cliches fit. So proud of these guys. And proud to blow away the other NIT venues in attendance. Anyone who says this is meaningless struggles to understand sports, and life.
  19. But it's word for word exactly what you said. After your sad sad performance on here the past few days, you have no basis to say"we" about anything.
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