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  1. No. The single biggest thing we need is players who can shoot the damn basketball. Because 3 years into a system built to shoot the 3 we absolutely suck at it.
  2. Don’t need to. I saw many of our own mistakes, which are embedded in our culture. We can keep blaming refs, or we can be better coached.
  3. OMG, we blew a 14 point lead with completely undisciplined play, and we’ll just tell the boys we won. Yeah, that will help.
  4. And when Kenya left it was pretty much over. Does Kenya stay if 2 ADs supported the head coach?
  5. Posters correct on Wilcher. Really bad defensive player.
  6. Total train wreck. Really bad team. Have a good evening
  7. So in 3 years I would have hoped we'd get a point guard that can run the head coach's alleged offensive plan. Look at the guy McDermott found--and both coaches gushed about him in their postgame statements.
  8. I wonder if Will Bolt can coach all men’s sports at UNL?
  9. That issue has been going on the past 2 years. Part of our culture, unfortunately.
  10. So Norm, how was your Christmas? Did you get handkerchiefs, or a pink bunny suit, from a grandmother?
  11. Sad news; thanks for posting it, Handy. Dorothy was still a Husker hoops fan; saw her at Gate occasionally after games. Saw Jack and her in college at some of Dorothy's sorority parties. Of course I glommed on and talked basketball with Jack the whole time. They were both very tolerant of it. Life is short and things can change suddenly, my friends. Two weeks ago Dorothy was with her friends at the Chris Stapleton concert, happy as can be. She will indeed be missed.
  12. She does have a bad back. She is wearing a large contraption while on the sidelines that provides heat. She stretches all the time. But I do think she has also lost her confidence, and isn't killing balls as an outside hitter. At least publicly she is holding up well and being a supportive teammate. But it has to be difficult.
  13. I was there, and it was awesome. Simms' final fumble was right in my end zone.
  14. Norm, those folks leaving early aren't going to Gate. Only true fans go there for postgame beers and discussion. The leave early folks are going as fast as they can to their car to get home in time for the 10:00 news.
  15. Baseball is a major sport. I’ve heard rumors volleyball is also.
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