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    Senior Day

    Nicea, Hannah, Grace, and Kristian will be honored today. I can’t think of any better group of young women who have consistently represented Nebraska in positive and admirable ways. Nothing but class. Thanks to each senior for all you have given the program. Your loyalty is appreciated.
  2. Sounds like good news on Hallmark. He's on the trip and listed as "day to day". Even if he doesn't play this weekend, it seems that his injury at Baylor won't be a long term thing.
  3. Unfortunately, what makes sense isn't necessarily the driving factor these days. Lots of head-scratchers these days. Jordy Tshimanga comes to mind, but there are lots of other examples. Lots of family and handlers in kids' heads these days, in addition to the ages and maturity levels of the players. And it seems like more players are committing to the coach who recruited them rather than a school or program. As in Thomas Allen, who was basically gone when Kenya left (although it took a year).
  4. You might want to rethink being sure about Green.
  5. Good post. But you misread my comments about "elite". I was referring to the state of the program the prior 5 years or so, not the '15-'16 team. We had making the Dance consistently, won regular season and conference titles, made a couple of Sweet 16s, and had an outstanding recruiting class signed. Reputation across women's basketball was stellar, for success both on and off the court. It was one of the very few sports in which we were competitive in the then new Big 10 conference. I wouldn't remotely compare the experience levels of Yori and her staff when hired with this staff. Not even close. Yori had won a conference title and made 2 NCAA tournaments at the mid-major level. By her second year here, she had an assistant who had coached 3 years at Old Dominion and been a mid major head coach for 5 years. Others within the first few years had been assistants at Bradley, Washington, Washington State, and Cal. Just a perplexing move by Eichorst at the time, and by Amy in not adding more experience when hired. We had the money to do it. Again, it may work out, it may not, but it was not a move in keeping with the status of our program at the time. But yes, that's not this staff's fault, and this University and its supporters should NEVER forget what the Chancellor and a rogue AD did to our athletic department. I get the sentiment of "can't we just move on from that disaster?", but it should never be allowed to happen again and thus we can never forget. We all agree this staff has coaches who are also great people and who do things the right way. They deserve respect and admiration for that. We all care about them and hope they succeed. But eventually we'll have to do better on the court and in recruiting than we have the last couple of years. IF they do, then I suspect most of the concerns expressed here will be soon forgotten and all will be happy (It could still even happen this year; I would not be shocked if we go on a run). If not, well, I doubt Moos tolerates mediocrity or worse for long. Which is just how it is at this level--eventually you gotta be better than what we've been seeing. And we all hope we will be.
  6. Please understand at the outset that I have great respect for your views, KH. You have forgotten more about women's basketball then I will ever know. But in fairness, in the year you speak of, we lost our 40 minute a game point guard to a season ending injury. We weren't an NIT level program at that time. We were close to elite, if not elite. That was our BAD year. If you want to have a 5 year lens, the program is now considerably worse over the last 5 years than the 5 before. If the season finishes out the way it has been going, I think calling it a 5 year drought is not unfair. Pretty damn accurate based on results and talent level in the program. And now, we certainly have dropped well below .500 in league games. We pretty much schedule a .500 season. I don't think being concerned with being toward the bottom of the league means a fan is being overly critical. But I don't look at just one year. Where's the program at in year 4 of this staff? How's the talent level and coaching? Hopefully just fine. But I was concerned when we blew it up that Eichorst hired a coach who had hardly any experience at a power 5 school. Who then hired assistants who had never spent one day coaching and recruiting at the power 5 level. Collectively zero days! Our program then was at the level that it cold have hired someone proven. A much better job than our men's program. For whatever reason, Shawn blew it up over his goofy world view and took a huge flier on this group. The verdict is still out. Hopefully time will prove it to be a good hire. But it's hard to understand how any unbiased observer could say things are going swimmingly in year 4. If we don't have any WNBA talents, why? We had them for years. When you say we don't have one NBA player in year 4, how is that not an indictment on recruiting? Are we "not that far off", or are we going the other direction? Time will tell. We could still go on a run this year and make the postseason. But if not, we're looking at staying home 2 years in a row, with 1 bid in 4 seasons, still no point guard, and getting out-recruited by other Big 10 teams, and most decidedly by Iowa. From my perspective, posters on here have been pretty respectful. Everyone is still hoping the team improves and it all turns out fine. The relatively mild criticisms are not out of line and no one has earned a lecture. Except Kearney Man, but he is gone.
  7. HB

    BT play...

    Not a bad bracket for us if it happens. I could see us getting to the semis.
  8. Povich strikes out the side in his first inning! 3 up, 3 Ks!
  9. Sounds good; I just hear from too many part time fans who don’t know college baseball and have absurdly unreasonable expectations. Personally, I would be disappointed if we’re just on the bubble; I have higher expectations for this squad. Of course, a lot has to due with luck, you could lose a weekend starter or every day position player . So with that, let’s hope Hallmark’s knee is OK.
  10. Schaenemann is the closer so they saved him. I think Martin is supposed to be a lefty we on in relief. Had a great Big 10 tournament outing against Michigan last year. Bragg is a freshman with potential so he may have been used due to score opportunity. Not sure about Kissick. We have other options they didn’t use due to the score.
  11. what do mean by disappointed? Won’t make the Big 10 Tournament? Won’t make a regional. Or are you one of those who would be “disappointed “ with anything short of the CWS?
  12. 11-0 in Bolt’s first inning!!!
  13. Bugs, my tickets arrived today!
  14. Got my Big 10 tournament tickets and lodging. Love college baseball.
  15. Bugs, I got an email this morning saying the tickets have been shipped.
  16. I threw caution aside, I'm out of control excited and optimistic. That typically doesn't end well for me, but what the hell.
  17. Washut said on the air the other day that Williams didn't expect or need the "red carpet treatment" from the staff. But the concern was he was receiving no contact at all. I don't know what all did or did not go down, but Washut provided this version.
  18. My comment wasn't limited to social media. He could be late again. Among other things. Is he on "double secret probation"?
  19. Wouldn't even shock me if he isn't allowed to finish out this year. Too bad about the attitude and mental approach, because Cam is a damn good player.
  20. I don't think this changes your point, but just FWIW, we were down 2 when Nicea was called for the charge. It was tied when Hannah turned it over the previous possession.
  21. Sometimes when it looks the darkest amazing things happen. Let’s hope today is one of those times.
  22. I believe we come out and play well in this game and have a shot at the upset.
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