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  1. A Unicorn would be a Nebraska win in the NCAA's
  2. I know we aren't really excited about the possibility of the NIT but has the university officially ruled it out? I ask because as a season ticket holder I'm surprised we haven't gotten an email about reserving tickets (and yes I would buy tickets to see us play in the NIT as miserable as that all sounds). Just wondering if anyone has heard anything official.
  3. It is all so sad. This was going to be our year. It was not meant to be. I grew up watching Nee's teams. I never thought that Collier really fit in (That time he skipped the postgame after a big loss at Creighton was it for me). Doc I like but he could never get it going. I thought Tim would be the one. We had flashes. It all built up to this year. It looked so promising. But then it imploded. It is time to move on. No Sit Sunday reminds me of a quote from Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: "Our energy would simply PREVAIL. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave... So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in ... (PBA) ..and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark — that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.” No Sit Sunday was the high water mark. It should have been the beginning of greatness instead it was all we got. I will be there to cheer at all the remaining games and wish them all the best, players and coaches. Go Big Red! Let's hope the next coach and players will show us what we can be.
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