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  1. Thanks for doing this again. Glad to snuck into the the top ten last year. GBR!
  2. CORNHUSKERS is the presale code I got. Sadly won't make it to Atlanta. Would be a fun trip.
  3. I don't trust the noise about the rampant realignment by the conferences. TX and OU to SEC seems likely now and I'm sure other Big 12 members are looking for options. If we are going to go to super conferences like the NFL then I would like to see the Big 10 and the Pac 12 "merge" and football can separate from the NCAA. What that means in the end for basketball and the other sports I think remains to be seen if something major shakes up specifically for football.
  4. I'd like to see KU join the conference. Always enjoyed playing them. I'm not sure who makes sense for a second additional member though. Maybe grab KU and see how the chips fall and then see who is available.
  5. Listened to it on my walk today. Was fun hearing from the guys and coaches. Makes me super excited for basketball. Really missed going to the games. GBR!
  6. Whew made the top ten. Thanks for doing this!
  7. Thanks updated my sig line didn't realize I had multiple top ten finishes 5th place is my best so far.
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