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  1. That about knocked the wind out of me to see it in print. Ouch.
  2. I believe the number that was quoted during a tour I took during construction was 1,500 seats could be added by completing the upper bowl. That would be the same amount as what they added in Omaha when they completed to upper bowl also.
  3. Interesting that they’d even try that. Bill Callahan had a provision in his contract here that he couldn’t be reassigned, as funny as a move to head toilet cleaner would have been. Figured it was standard contract language at this point.
  4. I think they are counting his buyout from Butler that he had to pay. Total deal is 8 year, 26 million.
  5. I’m not going if it’s at Carver Hawkeye.
  6. That question has partly been answered since he's done plenty of recruiting here. The bigger question is how we feel about that recruiting.
  7. If you go to the actual job posting, it's not required: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/54236
  8. CDL would be required to drive a truck over 26,000 pounds or a bus, not fork lifts. Not sure why it would be required.
  9. Over. I think football is going to surprise a lot of folks and basketball won't have to do much to get the rest, so I think quite a few games over.
  10. I believe all of those individuals completed playing their fourth season this 2015-2016 season. A grad transfer doesn't get them an extra year.
  11. The five that are checked in are Webster, Rivers, Parker, Shields, and Pitchford. Where Tai is remains a mystery. He might be behind #1 because something is sticking out near his leg that doesn't belong.
  12. Hate to disagree, but I saw him play against a very undersized and out manned Lincoln Lutheran team his senior year and he either had 2 or 0 points and he ended up fouling out. They had nobody over 6'3" on him and he was just plain not good that night. This was the only time I saw him play in person, but I went to the game specifically see him play and I came away not impressed.
  13. Bump. Given the happenings over the last couple days, I suspect this to be even more true. That's fine, but I tried to pick up a couple of extra 100 level seats before last season, the response from the athletic department was over 500 priority points would be needed to request 100 level. That much demand isn't just going away in one year.
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