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  1. I get so tired of us occasionally beating teams that are better than us and then losing to teams we should beat. We seem to always play to whatever level our opponent is. My biggest beef is our post defense. Why are our posts continually coached to let our opponents post up down low every time??? We give them perfect position every time to shoot an easy layup or we foul them. They should be either fronting them or at least playing on their side to deny the entry pass. I wish Cain would be more of a consistent player. She'll have a good game and then disappear for a couple of
  2. If you beat a ranked team twice is it still an upset? If I didn't know the result of the game and someone said NEB had 28 turnovers and Northwestern had only 4, NEB shot 51 times to Northwestern's 78, that our leading scorer only scored 5 points and our leading rebounder did not play, I would of bet everything I own that NEB lost. Course I would be dead now because my wife would have killed me!!
  3. I love how if someone doesn't agree with your thoughts, then you resort to calling them names and swearing at them. What are you, a spoiled 13 year old? Grow up!!!! This is a discussion board. If you don't agree with someone's thoughts then please try to be at least courteous in explaining why you disagree in the future. That said, I want to congratulate the lady huskers and their coach(s) on getting this short handed team playing so well. I'll be honest, I never saw this happening a few weeks ago. Actually I don't think anyone did. I hope they continue to keep it up. Kind
  4. Well if you think us fouling them gives them time to re-set for a preplanned play then Rutgers would of called time out either before they took the ball out or when they got it over half court and set up a play. As I recall they had a time out left.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I think there was maybe 15 seconds and we had only 1 foul. They needed to make a 3 point shot so we should of fouled when the ball handler got near or just over the half court line. Depending on how many seconds would have been left, then we possibly could of fouled again, but before they got near the 3 point line. Strategically I think that would of been a smart call by our coach. If they had made the 3 point shot I think you would of heard people wondering or criticizing why Coach Williams didn't call for the foul(s).
  6. Good win for the ladies. They battled hard, especially on the boards. I'm really impressed with Cravens ability and desire to get rebounds. I wish we would improve on the silly unforced turnovers we seem to do every game.Not sure how a coach fixes that. We had 19 to their 10. Also I wish Coach Williams would come up with some in bounds plays under our own basket where there is a safe outlet to pass to. I know they try to run a play but nothing ever seems to work and we end up having to throw in a desperation pass to beat the 5 second rule and it gets stolen way too often.
  7. If I could I would vote for all of the above.
  8. I've always been a longtime fan of all Nebraska sports. I'll continue to be a WBB fan but it's hard to watch. It's kind of like when I drive by a car wreck, I can't help but look.
  9. Our program is a joke. We'll be lucky to win another game this year. I know we have a decent recruiting class for next year but I'm not sure it's worth keeping this coach. It's time to hire a proven coach.
  10. Have to tip my hat to Haiby, Bourne and Cravens tonight. They played great. Actually tip my hat to Cain also for making 4 free throws in a row when we really needed them.
  11. You would Coach Williams would have some under our basket in bounds plays. Rediculous losing two of those in a row. Bourne really has some nice moves around the basket. Too bad Cain doesn't have any moves. Other than a few blocks she doesn't give us much. Smaller players always outjump her or out quick her to a rebounds.
  12. Why do you keep saying Brown might have been a cancer? Would you like to share where you're getting your information? Just because she left it seems like you're trying to throw her under the bus. If I was her (and I know lots of other people who feel like me) I would of considered looking around. There was no question she was our best offensive player, especially for how many minutes she played. I'll probably get hammered for saying this but in my opinion Whitish didn't deserve the playing time she got. She was a terrible ball handler, was slow and played bad defense, could not attack the
  13. Well from the few minutes she has got on the floor I didn't see her doing any worse than any of her teammates. Our team defense was bad. We let them have uncontested 3 point shots all night. Fortunately, they didn't shoot well. We constantly let them drive to the basket and fortunately they missed a lot of uncontested lay ups. Stewart had 2 rebounds in 9 minutes of playing time. Bourne had 3 in 29 min, Brady 5 in 27min and Cain 5 in 28 minutes. So triple Stewarts playing time and she beats all three. I agree playing good defense is great, but you still have to outscore your opponents to
  14. I hope Coach Williams doesn't screw Stewart over like she screwed Brown over for the last 2 years. I said Brown might just leave (and she did) because who has your top scorer always come off the bench. Stewart is a scorer. Looks like she is a threat from outside or inside, unlike Cain. She only played 9 minutes and and was one point off from being the high scorer. I'm not saying she should start over Cain right now but she deserves a lot more playing time.
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