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  1. We do have the worst ball handlers (with Haiby the exception) with Whitish leading the way. I don't understand why every team doesn't full court press us the entire game. Thank goodness we won but watching our team reminds me of the days I watched my daughters during their 6th and 7th grade years. One turnover or bad decision after another. Hopefully the next class will have some ball handlers.
  2. One thing I know about this team is we can never be far enough ahead so I'm feeling like we'll win. On the other hand, when we're behind quite a ways I don't feel like were out of it. We are such a streaky team on scoring. Difficult team to watch. I have to give props to Whitish and Simon. Simon's best offensive game this year. Maybe best ever. I like Whitish hitting her 3's but dang I wish she would stop making all those silly unforced turnovers. We still seem to get outhustled for rebounds and loose balls. I should be used to it by now. Good thing we shot well from outside because our inside game is almost nonexistent. I wish the coach would tell the players to stop lobbing the ball to Cain. She can't jump and has bricks for hands.
  3. I'm sorry but I don't understand Coach William's use of Brown. She is finally starting and that's good. She hits two 3's and has a great assist and at the 6 minute mark of the first quarter she pulls her out. I know she can't be tired already. What I do know is that when you have a player that's feeling it, you don't take them out for the rest of the quarter. Good grief, she didn't even get 19 minutes for the entire game. Also she had more rebounds than anyone else who had a lot more playing minutes. She is one of the few players that can actually create a decent shot or get fouled doing it. I'm not saying it will happen but it wouldn't surprise me if Brown decided to transfer next year to get more playing time. With having basically every back next year she may decide that she doesn't want to go through another year like this with her limited playing time. Speaking of playing time, I'm not sure why Mershon gets as many minutes as she does considering she gives you basically nothing on the offensive end. I would also prefer her not taking 3 point shots. I'm surprised Coach gives her the green light. Her stat line is pretty weak every game. Some people will say her defense is her strong suit but I'm not sure it's worth the loss of her offense. It's great to get the win and thank god the other team made as many dumb turnovers as we did and didn't shoot well.
  4. First of all it was a nice win. Here are my thoughts. 1. I guess I'll never understand the coaches thinking on playing time. I agree with Simon not starting and getting less playing time. I''m not sure about Mershon starting and getting as many minutes. She has 22+ minutes with 2 points and 2 rebounds. I like Veerbeek and feel she deserves much more playing time. She only got 16+ minutes of playing but had 6 points and 5 rebounds. She is a threat to score anytime she gets her hands on the ball. I can't say that about Mershon or Cain. Cain had a whopping 0 rebounds and 4 points in 23+ minutes. Haiby, our top scorer has 16 points and 3 rebounds in 19+ minutes. And she gets a lot of her points on layups, which no other player can say that. Why isn't she on the floor more? 2. Somehow Kissinger has to get more shots. She may have the best 3 point shooting average but if you take only a few shots a game that's not good for the team. Teams are playing her so tight that it seems the coach should set up some backdoor plays for her to loosen things up for her. 3. Brown has to be getting more playing time. It just befuddles me when she scores a few points and then the coach takes her out. Actually she did the same with Veerbeek. I always thought if a player was feeling it and scoring you leave them in till they cool down or really need a rest. 4. Lastly our rebounding is bad. It seemed like every time Minn. shot they would get the offensive rebound and shoot again. Luckily they weren't shooting well tonight. For some reason we don't seem to be able to grab the ball. A lot of the time we are just outhustled. And this happens most every game. I'm not sure how you're going to fix that. Even though we won I think we could be a lot better team with the right people getting better playing time.
  5. longtimefan


    Here's my thoughts after watching this game. I think the coach needs to change the starting lineup for the good of the team. 4 of the starters need to start coming off the bench. Start the 4 freshmen and Kissinger. The 5 starters today scored a whopping total of 22 points. While the 4 freshmen scored 34 points. The starters just aren''t getting it done. They've had half a season to prove themselves and they are continuously not playing well. Leigha Brown definitely deserves to start. Better than anyone, she can create a good shot almost any time. Sam Haiby would be our next best. Brown also has a way of creating fouls and getting us into the bonus on free throws. I would play her until she is tired and takes herself out. Sam Haiby needs to be on the floor a lot more than Hannah Whitish. Whitish is just too slow and can't create a decent shot. She is strictly a 3 point shooter and not really that great. I would say that almost every game I've seen, Hannah will have the ball taken away from her with the other team getting a layup or layups. Also Whitish should not have the ball when were taking the last shot. Haiby or Brown should. For whatever reason, Kate Cain was better last year. This year she looks likes she's playing in slow motion. She may be 6'5" but she can't jump off the floor to get rebounds. Too many times shorter and faster players will outjump or outscrap her for the rebound. Unfortunately she doesn't have any effective post moves around the basket either. I also think we should stop trying to force passes or lobs into her because she either mishandles the pass, the defensive player intercepts it, the pass is just too far and goes out of bounds or if Kate catches it, there is only a 50% chance she catches it and scores. It's also hard to believe that after 16 games I think she's only taken 11 free throws. Also the inbounds pass under our basket to her has to stop. We lose the ball more times than she catches it. Ashtyn Veerbeek, although not real tall at leat has some offensive moves around the basket. She can shoot 3's and is always getting fouled. She deserves to start. Even Kayla Mershon gives you more than Cain is giving us now. Nicea Eliely it seems only shows up to play in the 4th quarter. I may be wrong but it seemed like the first shot she took was in the 4th quarter. She has to give us 4 quarters of wanting to score. Maddie Simon's playing time has decreased and deservedly so. Being a senior she has gone backwards. Taylor Kissinger has to find a way to get open on the 3 point line. I know she tries to drive to the basket at times but her ball handling skills aren't the best and limits what she can do. Last year I was totally surprised that we won so many games with the team we had. It seemed like we always stayed close with every team we played and had things almost always go our way towards the end of the game. This year again we are staying relatively close despite all our mistakes but in the end we don't make the plays to win. We miss shots, have silly turnovers, fail to get crucial defensive rebounds and miss crucial free throws. I don't know if things will turn around but I personally would like to see a new starting line up to see what happens.
  6. After watching our 11 games, here's my thoughts. Simon should not be starting. I'm sorry to come down on the kid but she's not a good shooter, doesn't handle the ball well, misses too many bunnies and has way too many turnovers. I know she's the senior but she's not helping the team. Whitish is probably the slowest point guard I can remember.I've seen her get out hustled in way too many games. Haiby should be starting and playing as much time as she's able. We need her on the floor.Also Haiby should always be handling the ball for the last shot of a quarter. Veerbeek needs to play more. She should be starting over Simon.She has good moves around the basket, finishes well, draws fouls and can shoot the 3 decently. I wish Kate Cain could position herself better to receive passes. We have way too many turnovers trying to get her the ball. I will agree that some of the problem is bad entry passes. She needsto score in double figures every game. Kissinger has to work harder to get herself open on the 3 point line. They need to set more screens for her to get open and then get her the ball. I think she only took 7 shots tonight and only 4 3's. Brown is a hustler and if she ever gets her shot down better she'll be a real threat. Right now I think she has a lot of potential. Somehow we have to learn to play better defense. We let the other teams have way too many wide open 3's. We just seem slow footed. Also we give up too many layups.
  7. Bugs, I haven't posted in quite a while but I do appreciate your time and effort on the women's side. I'm always checking to see what's new. I like that the women have cut down on the turnovers. Much of the season it's felt like I was watching a 7th grade game with all the silly turnovers. In my opinion, Whitish has been the biggest disappointment this year. I'm hoping she will be able to step up her game and give us more points than she has with all her playing time. I'm really impressed with the freshmen girls, especially Vanderbeek.
  8. We had 20 turnovers and I would say most of them were bad passes. I'm not sure why we are such a bad passing team. I don't remember the past teams being such bad passers. It seems like we did every kind of bad pass there is--sloppy ones, forced ones and I'm going to thread the needle kind of passes which are low percentage of success passes. I'm sure they are being coached to make good passes so what can you do? I know we were out rebounded but was surprised it was by only 3. All game it seemed like we were just outhustled for rebounds. We would have pretty good position and still not get the rebound. Sometimes I think we forget to jump. One time we had 3 players standing close to each other and they all watched the ball land on the floor between them. It's not a good attitude to think I won't go get the ball because my teammate is going to go get it. Meanwhile your teammate is thinking the same about you.
  9. I'll throw my opinion out there with about half the season gone. Jessica Shephard. I expected her to be really good on offense and she is. Free throw shooting could be better but oh well. Her defense is ok but will probably get better with time. Rachael Theriot. She seems inconsistent on offense and defense this year. We need her to step up her offense every game. Not sure what her injury is or how it affects her. Her passing has to improve also. Natalie Romeo. I've been impressed with her offense this year. Always a threat at the 3 point line. Defense is fair. Allie Havers. This is by far her best year. Wish she was more aggressive on rebounding. Last year it seemed like she was always falling down for whatever reason. Seems a little stronger this year. Kyndal Clark. When she joined the team I was really excited. I thought by having her with her scoring ability, especially from the 3 point line, that this would really improve our team. Unfortunately for whatever reason, she's lost confidence in her offense abilities. Her 3 point shooting is not good. Going from being the number one scorer on your team to a role player hasn't worked well for her. Rachel Blackburn. From what I've seen this year I don't know if she has any down low offensive moves. She hasn't shown that she's a scorer down low but then they never throw her the ball much with Shephard being down low. She seems like a hustler though. Being sick hasn't help her progress. Jasmine Cincore. Of all the players, I'm disappointed in her ball handling and shooting ability this year. I thought she was going to be a lot better player. I hate to say it but it seems like when she touches the ball a turnover is about to happen. Anya Kalenta. Gives good minutes off the bench. Can shoot the ball. Maddie Simon. With her injury it's hard to say. I'm hoping next year she'll be a real asset. Esther Ramacieri. I hope nobody takes offence to this but Esther is not a division I player. Not sure why Connie recruited her. She played about half the game the other day and didn't take a shot or even think about it. Even in mop up duty she won't think about shooting. There are two things that stand out to me this year. I've never seen a Connie Yori team give up so many uncontested layups as I have this year. All the teams guards just dribble right down the lane and have many easy layups. Our guards let them fly by and there is seldom any help defense. Not sure what gives on that. Secondly, we are getting beat on rebounds that we should have. Especially the other team is getting so many offensive rebounds and put backs. Lots of times we have position for the rebound and we don't get it. Lots of times we are just outhustled. Anyway, these were my thoughts. It will be interesting to see how we finish this year out.
  10. It's too bad we had really good pitchers this year but below average hitters. Erstad needs to recruit better hitters. Especially some that can hit a long ball.
  11. Were you on a Hastings team? I remember that Hastings's Steve White give em all that they could handle. I might be getting some of those teams confused, but didn't Hastings have like 3 or 4 shots to win the game and couldn't get any of them to drop. No, I was on the Alliance team. Lincoln east won the championship that year on a half court shot. I'm not sure who they played. Could of been Hastings.
  12. I played at the Coliseum in 1971 at the state tournament against Lincoln East. Unfortunately lost to Kent Reckaway's team. He made like 20 some free throws. The ref's loved him. If we breathed on him the ref's called a foul.
  13. You are spot on about Romeo. With the hype she had coming in I had expected a lot more. She is basically a very streaky 3 point shooter who really can't create much of a shot. She should never have the ball in her hands with the shot clock running down. But at this point, I don't think there is anyone else to replace her. Chandler Smith is another disappointment so far. Her shooting has been terrible so far this year. Maybe it will improve next year.
  14. It bothers me when all the other teams know that you usually only have to worry about Petteway and Shields taking a shot. And you know Shields will probably pass open a wide open shot to try and drive into the middle for his shot. All the other guys on the floor have the "I'm not taking the shot, you take it." I don't understand it. When I played and I would still think it applies today is when I'm passed the ball, I'm thinking how can I score. If I'm open for a shot that I can make a decent percentage of, I'm shooting it. If I think I can dribble to the basket and get a better shot, I did. I was thinking of what my shot was going to be first and secondly to a teammate for a better percentage shot. Our guys are thinking about who they are going to pass to first and then shooting. If you are open, take the shot. If you can't shoot worth a crap then you shouldn't have been recruited to Nebraska. Don't mean to pick on Benny but how many times do we throw to him and he's wide open and he won't take the shot unless he's forced to? How many times has Rivers caught the ball and made an attempt to score? He never drives to the basket. He'll only shoot a 15 footer if forced to. Got to be one of the easiest guys to guard. It seems like coaches and tv announcers are always worried about taking a shot early in the shot clock. As bad as our offense has become I say screw it. Whenever you're open for an uncontested makeable shot, take it! We probably have a better chance of making that than waiting till 10 seconds and expecting Petteway to come up with a good or even average shot.
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