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Creighton (5-1) vs. Nebraska (7-0) Game Thread


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1 hour ago, Bugeaters1 said:

This one is for Cip, the Beatles are his favorite group if I recall. And then Toto makes a game day thread.






Thanks, Bugeaters, you made my day!  I know I've shared this one before, there is another George Harrison video I really feel fits this Husker team.  They remind me so much of different teams from the early nineties. They have qualities from several of those teams.  They're deep, they can shoot the 3, they create turnovers, they rebound,  make free throws and they're really fun to watch. It appears the team is having as much fun as the fans!  GBR




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Watched pieces of the OSU vs CU game.  I'm not afraid of them at all.  If we do what we need to (and can do) we will be in this game.  That's take smart shots and play hard nosed D.  Take the fight to them.


Now-- if we the same fire on D as we did the past two games, we could be in for a long night.  CU can be streaky as we saw with Colorado St, but if they aren't missing... they are making a TON.

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6 hours ago, millerhusker said:

Wondering this as well. Last year we had a week off before the St. John’s and K-State games and we came out and laid an egg in both of those. 


We also came back from Christmas break after 9 days off and held Iowa to 50 at home.

Hopefully the defense being subpar will be to our advantage as we're going to need to move like crazy to keep them from shooting 40% from beyond 3 on us.

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