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  1. Not to hijack the thread by talking about basketball, but I think you have to stick with Sam. We all knew going into the season that we'd struggle to score, so why push the pace? We may have lost to Memphis (29 KenPom), but we were competitive. We'll win a few conference games playing like this. And not to be a broken record on this, but wtf is Gary doing shooting 3s? He's a >20% career shooter and he's SECOND ON THE TEAM IN ATTEMPTS. Blame Matt A all you want for the last 4 years, but it's obvious there's no accountability from the head coach.
  2. Watching game for the first time this morning, was struck by how poor our post play was. Tanner Groves is not a great defender and their backup was a former walk-on at Wofford who transferred in this year. Yet both Keita and WB struggled against them.
  3. The article is clickbait. I listened to the interview. Matt A puffs up himself, talks about all of his success recruiting, obviously trying to make himself look good for his agent business. However, I didn’t really find anything he said to be that offensive, other than he didn’t take any responsibility for the worst period in Husker basketball history. On the other hand, the hosts were terrible, sucked up constantly, kept turning conversations turned into football. Drives me crazy when you want to talk basketball, and it turns into a football conversation. Some Matt A comments: —Compares Husker fans to Knicks fans who keep going to games, so tough changes are never made. — “It’s a special place. Nebraska deserves a winner.” — “When it comes to what a winner looks like, Nebraska can check all the boxes.” — His point was that it’s easy to recruit somebody to Nebraska to become a farmer, not a basketball player. Does anyone really disagree with that? — Generally described problems with players whose personal expectations are inflated by the people around them. — Says he has no idea of Nebraska’s expectations for basketball because the history is so weak. “What is off? I don’t think one person can answer that. Everything is set up to be (a middle of the pack Big Ten program.” Hosts never follow up. — “The media can be vicious, and it’s not in Nebraska.” Hosts prove that to be true with sucking up, softball questions and no following up. — Talks about “Nebraska nice,” says most fan are good, a few were vicious on twitter. That’s who he didn’t like, not just the fans in general. — “It’s a tortured fan base that deserves so much more than it has.” — “The leadership that they have is elite (specifically Trev and Green, didn’t mention Hoiberg), and I think they’ll get it right. You have really good people who care about that place.” — Started talking about how much 5 stars are worth, says it takes $4-5 million to put together an elite level basketball program. Host starts talking about Archie Manning and firing Scott Frost. Conversation devolves into more football. My big takeaway was that Matt A thinks the fans don’t demand enough of basketball so they get the product they deserve. “My response would be, they cared enough to have run you off.” And I agree with him. What top-level program would have kept Fred after the 3 worst seasons in history? The big criticism I’d have is that he never explained, “OK, so what exactly is the problem?” Hosts never followed up by asking that.
  4. Hoping for something that doesn't have me reaching for the Pepto. Each buy game has the potential to be the final straw for Fred.
  5. Always wondered what our problem was. Turned out to be low T.
  6. Seems like Molly Hatchet opened for somebody at Pershing back in the '70s, but maybe I'm not remembering that quite right.
  7. Here's something to dispel the usual gloom and doom: We're No. 9 in RPI!!!!!!! https://www.warrennolan.com/basketball/2023/rpi-live
  8. Maine up by 5 with 4 minutes left. Molinari on the bench for BC.
  9. Just saw Frankie Fidler followed up his weak game against us with 28 and 11 in a win over Idaho.
  10. That got me thinking: are we taking better shots so far this year? We're ranked 190 in offensive shot quality (according to ShotQuality.com), compared to 205 last years, so there is some improvement. We were 248 in 2020-21 (lot of chuckers on that team, although Teddy, Delano and Trey could make tough shots). If you want to pick one reason why Fred's teams have been so bad, shot selection might be the one. The real difference so far this year is that our defense is 45th in forcing our opponents to take bad shots, so our shot quality differential is ranked 90. Rebounding is much improved too. https://shotquality.com/team-standings
  11. That's the closest I've ever come to being right!
  12. Forgot about Chucky and Hunter, intentionally didn't include the other 2.
  13. Years of expecting the worst have left me to conclude that Lloyd will transfer, possibly in December. Everybody came here expecting to play a lot, because the team is bad. When you don't play, then you're ready to move on. In what world would Lloyd have thought, "I'm going to go to this 10-22 team so I can develop"? Hope I'm wrong.
  14. A quick look at Nebraska kids on opening night: DW finished with 17, Max Murrell with 2 for Stanford. Tonje with 16 for CSU. Allick started for New Mexico, scoreless in 19 minutes, but only took 1 shot and had 8 rebounds. A. Arop had 2 for San Diego St. Fidler with 11 against KU, freshman Luke Jungers (Prep) with 12 and 6. Please don't look for my state tournament post where I was unimpressed by Jungers. Easley with 11 for SDS. Good for him.
  15. Socrates said a lot of important things.
  16. Game day! I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a single thought in my head ...
  17. https://www.si.com/college/2022/11/02/ranking-every-team-in-college-basketball-unc-gonzaga SI ranks all D-1 teams for the upcoming season. 138. Nebraska (14th in Big Ten) Hopefully that's the last forecast of the preseason.
  18. tbh, when I read he was "unavailable for healthcare reasons," the first thing I thought was that he did something hazardous to his health. Seemed like FH would have just said injury if that was it. But I had absolutely nothing to base that on.
  19. I rewatched the game this morning (I know), trying to take the emotion out of it. Things that struck me of offense: 1. Our "offense" is really just a bunch of action that does nothing until the ball ends up in the hands of someone who decides to do it on his own. We only had 6 assists. I realize we ran "vanilla" offense, but everybody does in exhibitions. Our vanilla offense didn't generate anything, just one on one play. 2. Our shooting is mostly a result of poor shot selection. Wilcher and Tominaga can shoot, but they force shots when the team shows a mindset of "better shoot because I won't see the ball again." 3. Gary and Bandoumel suffer from the chronic P5 transfer to Nebraska syndrome. "If I transfer to NU, then I'll be the man." Palmer and Petteway forced shots but made it work. However, they were young players when they came here. Gary and Bando played a lot at their former schools, and they're not budding stars. 4. This is stuff we've seen over and over since Fred got here. Either his system doesn't work any more, or he doesn't have the talent to make it work, or he's not a good enough coach to enforce the discipline needed to make it work. Defense and rebounding: 1. As mentioned by others, we guard poorly on the perimeter, almost as if we're funneling people toward our rim protector. Except we don't have one. 2. We should be solid inside this year. Walker is good, and Oleg has really improved. Didn't see much from Keita but he might be ok too. 3. As for our improved "effort" on defense this year, it would improve more if we had our hands up. That's the first thing I notice on defense in terms of effort: Are the hands active. Ours aren't. Too early to give up, but I didn't really see the things we supposedly improved on during the offseason. The 6 assists and poor shot selection don't say much about a "team first" philosophy.
  20. Buffering while a shot is in the air is really a nice feature of streaming. The suspense is almost unbearable.
  21. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-coaching-hot-seat-five-coaches-who-may-need-a-good-season-in-2022-23-to-save-their-job/ Five coaches on the hot seat. Fred's not one of them, but Chris Collins is. Not sure what that means.
  22. Announcing decision today, supposedly "has heard" from us: https://twitter.com/jeffborzello/status/1585088956072271872
  23. My thought on the points is that we need to keep scores absurdly low to have our best chance to win. His team with 40 KenPom D finished 7-20.
  24. Maybe this has been reported before, but startling nevertheless.
  25. It was like that for Loyola's run in 2020 too. Those are the obvious ones. TV ratings for the first two rounds of 2021 show Loyola's win over Illinois ranked 3rd and Oral Roberts' win over Purdue 5th. My research dept. is shutting down now.
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