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  1. This would go in the old "Rock bottom" thread if I could find it: We're 192 in NET, and our only wins are Q4.
  2. I don't agree that we're getting good looks. How many shots come off the second or (gasp!) third pass, with no dribbling in between? I think we have competent shooters, but they rush them too much just to get them off. NOBODY passes up a shot to get a better shot for a teammate. This is clown ball. You put Wilcher or a Kensei on a real TEAM and they'd drain them.
  3. For 3 years we've been dribbling around a lot and throwing up terrible shots. I'm beginning to see a pattern ....
  4. With the exception of the first play of the second half, it looks like either the coaching staff had no wisdom to impart regarding the offense, or else the players just don't listen. Either way .....
  5. If we can't beat K-State, then we'll be punching a one-way ticket to Palookaville.
  6. Can somebody photoshop Trey on his scooter behind Gandalf leading the charge at Helm's Deep?
  7. I went back this morning and watched the lead evaporate, and there was little during that period that resembled an offense. Kobe made a couple of baskets because he recognized the soft part of the zone. Several forced shots at the basket and then begging for a call. Mostly we just dribbled, dribbIed, dribbled away the lead.
  8. I took 2. NC State is winnable, so is Michigan at home. K State is a must win if we have any hopes of putting together a decent season. I don't think we're ready yet for Auburn or Indiana away from the friendly PBA confines.
  9. South Dakota goes to San Jose after playing us. Maybe that's been mentioned before, but I hadn't realized that.
  10. So he'd pass Adolph Lewandowski, who coached during WWII? Adolph coached a roster of 4-Fs instead of 4 stars.
  11. KenPom had our defense as 40 last year, which is good enough to make the tourney. It was our offense that was crap. We've got 5 or 6 new guys in the rotation now, which is one problem, and I'm not sure all of our personnel is that interested in D, which is another. I'd prefer a pressuring defense, but I'm not sure Doc's blueprint is necessarily the problem.
  12. They had a better recruiting 2021 class, just didn't have a 5 star. And O'Connell averaged 5 ppg in his last season at Duke. Kalkbrenner was a 4 star, I think. So the talent is actually pretty even, other than at PG, while we had the edge in experience.
  13. Here's what I'd say: FIrst off, it's not a great recruiting base and second, there's no history of winning. None. In addition to the NCAA tourney drought, we haven't shared a conference championship in over 60 years. We're the Cubs, before they actually won a Series. So I think everybody who coaches here falls into the same trap: They try to recruit to the league and the level of play that's expected, rather than to the system they want to run. The guys we get might have a lot of stars but they also come with asterisks. This year's team has some players that could fit Fred's system, but the asterisks .... And I've made this point a number of times on the recruiting board: Could we please have a recruiting presence in this state? We go after the top recruits and occasionally offer a marginal player when the program gets criticized for missing on a Nebraska kid (Heiman, Arop). But we don't really put the work into finding kids who could be role players and stabilize the roster. Baylor Scheierman shot 43% on 3s last year with 9 rbs a game for a SD St. team that's better than us. 6-10 Tyler Hagedorn is in the G League now shooting 3s. Plenty of other examples. I don't claim to know which of these Nebraska players is good enough to play here, but I'm not paid $$$$$ to know. The point is that we don't put the work into finding out. Creighton whiffed on Sallis and Traudtman too, but Shereef Mitchell plays an important role for them and we didn't offer him. They were in early on Khyri Thomas and Justin Patton. Even if we were interested in them, which I'm not sure we were, we were too late.
  14. It's tough to recruit here, and I think we take too many guys who see that we're bad team and figure they can be a star playing in the Big Ten. They all say the right things when they commit ("I want to help build a winner!") but the proof is on the court. Next August I'm going to be a pain on the board when people start with the hype about all our "talent." Talent wins games, it doesn't just make oooooooh! plays. So where's all our ****** talent?
  15. 1. Zags basically played 7 guys last night, Hunter was the 8th. They HAVE to win these big noncon games if they want a 1 seed. Hunter will be getting a lot of time as the season goes on, but Few isn't trying to get guys experience now. Just the opposite of what we're doing in playing buy games early to get some minutes for guys before the bench tightens in conference play. Their next game is Alcorn State, probably will get 15-20 minutes in that one. 2. He's not transferring here.
  16. It could get ugly for them. One of our BIG problems under FH has been rebuilding every year. We're obviously struggling to put the pieces together, but C---- has it worse than we do. They're playing 5 freshmen, 2 transfers and two guys in their second year. We may be 283rd in the country in 3-point shooting, but they're 298th. None of their freshman and sophomores has ever played in road game with a crowd, and PBA will be full. I'm guessing we'll be favored by 5 or 6 points.
  17. I know everyone's unhappy with the loss, but it seems like people are too eager to label certain players as selfish, me-first or whatever. This is the third straight year we've put together a team with a lot of roster turnover (we're 8th in returning minutes in the BIG), and it only makes sense that there would be chemistry issues at the outset.
  18. 1. Guys come here because they see there's an opportunity to play a lot, not because they want to build a winning culture. Fans eat up all of their "we can do great things here!" quotes when they commit, but it's all talk. They mostly see a chance to get on the floor. 2. It's the first game, so that can change. It didn't so much the last 2 years, but every group is different. 3. I'd expect a big bounceback Friday. My biggest takeaway from last night: I think we have a chance to be a bubble team, and last night was a bad, bad loss. It's early for quad talk, but that probably was a Q4 loss. We're going to have to beat Auburn to get any juice out of the noncon.
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