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  1. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/huskers-continue-to-replenish-walk-on-ranks-with-addition-of-grace-iii-from-arizona-state/article_dc5a70bb-3855-59c9-9122-937dfdeb1707.html Walk on, played AAU ball with Fred's son.
  2. Year 4: We build a roster to compete in the Big Ten. Ain't gonna be pretty to watch sometimes, but we'll win more games.
  3. Both Lat and Trey? Based on something you've heard, or because we haven't heard anything?
  4. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-basketball-walk-on-Cale-Jacobsen-187435150/ I had to check that, and he actually was the NBCA player of the year, over Traudt and Green. Not sure how they decide that.
  5. He also could be a guy like Charlie Easley who mostly rides the bench here and then transfers to a Summit school for more playing time. I think Cale has more upside, but he also probably doesn't going to make it on the court next season, barring injuries or during mop-up time of blowouts. Charlie got playing time on a really weak roster, Cale faces a bigger uphill battle to get on the floor.
  6. You're right there. One thing that's sort of a positive for fans regarding the portal: You can usually pick up somebody who fits a need. I'd guess most fan bases who begin portal season depressed over who's leaving by the end are pretty happy with how their roster looks. The exception, of course, would be the mid-majors who lose their stars and the power schools that are dumpster fires.
  7. Good points. The one downside of getting two high-quality guards is that we don't have the obvious starting spots available.
  8. Still some late transfers dribbling in today: PF Shon Robinson of San Jose State, PG Mark Freeman of Illinois State, SF Rashun Williams of Radford. Deadline was Sunday, but schools have to process and forward them and NCAA releases them.
  9. If you're looking to restock your Kool-Aid supply, check out Bart Torvik. His algo sees us finishing 16-15, 8-12 in the BIG. OK, it's not strong Kool-Ad, but ... If you're wondering how he gets us there, here are the scoring projections. https://www.barttorvik.com/rosters23.php?team=Nebraska&year=2022 PLAYER YR HT PRPG! MIN% ORTG USAGE PPG RPG APG Derrick Walker Sr 6-9 3.8 80 112 20 14.6 7.6 1.8 Keisei Tominaga Jr 6-2 2.5 76 104 20 13.5 3.4 1.6 C.J. Wilcher So 6-5 2.3 69 106 18 10.2 3.4 1.4
  10. Good luck putting the genie back in the bottle. I'd guess the big-buck boys have loooooved being out front in recruiting this spring.
  11. Unfortunately, the last 3 years have done nothing to show he can manage this sort of roster. I'd say the best hope is that we get better players through NIL.
  12. Believe it or not, watching that helped. Before, I was like:
  13. Most donors are going to LOVE the idea that they're a mini-GM getting players for the program. Hell, I might even throw in a few bucks and offer my expert opinion on who we should chase. As for donating to a building and getting your name on a bronze plaque, meh.
  14. Maybe school doesn't matter. Why do they need to be students? (kidding/not kidding)
  15. Kerwin Walton, backup wing for NC, just hit the portal. Probably kicked to the curb so they could add someone else. Minnesota kid, my bet is he ends up in the BIG.
  16. I'll be honest, the way this agent is shopping Baylor really turns me off. He realizes it's a seller's market right now with most of the top transfers off the table. But he's literally demanding a big paycheck AND a featured role. Not sure most current players would welcome a guy like that. I'm sure Baylor's a nice kid and all, but if this were anyone else and if we weren't involved, then everyone would absolutely hate this.
  17. I wonder if the process now includes something for the players already on the roster. How do you roll out a wheelbarrow of money for the new guy and not take care of the ones already there? (see Miami)
  18. Terrence Shannon of Texas Tech to Illinois. A top 10 transfer on most lists.
  19. I assume the portal closes at 11:59 p.m. tomorrow (May 1) rather than midnight tonight, but can't find anything other than the deadline is May 1.
  20. Keion Brooks of Kentucky in the portal, 6-7 wing who averaged 10 ppg. Calipari clearing space for somebody???
  21. Pete Nance of NW in the portal, also in the NBA draft.
  22. Umoja Gibson from Oklahoma in the portal. https://tulsaworld.com/sports/college/ou/reports-sooners-suffer-blow-as-leading-scorer-umoja-gibson-enters-transfer-portal/article_00f1aa56-c676-11ec-964d-8f1acbe7e330.html Rather than winding down to the end, this seems to be picking up. Maybe everybody taking stock of the Miami deal for Nijel Pack? I'll be happy when May 1 arrives, this weekend could be wackadoodle.
  23. And I'm not saying we should/shouldn't have offered Baylor out of Aurora. But I'm betting the football program sure as **** put in more evaluation on him as a QB than we did as a hooper. THAT'S what I'm saying.
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