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  1. Not crazy about that quote. We need a break to get back on track to being a contender. Soooooo if we can just get lucky, then we might be close to finishing second or third in the west?
  2. Went from about 175 to 170, mainly due to exercising outside in the heat, not to dietary discipline. Anybody find themselves drinking more? Not joking, I didn't drink more at one time, but there were more days during the week when I had a drink.
  3. Opening this thread before coffee is like a kick in the nuts.
  4. Sixth man? Swingman? If he's good on defense, Stopper? On offense, Shooter? Or maybe Sixth man?
  5. This is pretty interesting analysis from Mike Sautter: https://omaha.com/sports/podcasts/prep-zone-report/watch-now-sam-mckewon-joins-the-prep-zone-report-to-discuss-recruiting-news-super-six/article_58c1b4d5-adc3-5bdd-be68-75e7b2eaec39.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_NEPrepZone Main reasons Hunter didn't include NU: (1) had a relationship with Miles staff and liked TM. Sautter thinks he would have come if Miles had stayed (sorry to restir that pot). Lewis is the reason UCLA made the list. He said UConn would have made the list but Kenya Hunter left for Indiana.
  6. How fitting that a kid named Omaha is playing on a team with a kid who plays for an AAU team from Omaha (DeVries)
  7. I was for the Sixers. Switched to the Bucks since they're on right now and they're ahead. I am really, really, really sick of losing. And since I started typing, they're tied.
  8. I think the 17 straight losses make it hard to sell the program as "on the rise." The roster turnover also isn't a hopeful sign. If Hunter's a one-and-doner, then why would he go to a school that's rebuilding? I look at his recent indications of interest as an attempt to throw a bone our way when he really had no intention of going here. The staff can now focus on guys who are really interested.
  9. CBS Sports has 4 BIG teams in the top 11, 7 in the top 25. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-michigan-state-slips-out-of-top-10-after-xavier-tillman-stays-in-the-nba-draft/
  10. Couldn't find a Saint Thomas thread, but he has offers from Virginia Tech, TCU and Mississippi State. https://omaha.com/sports/high-school/recruiting/plus/division-i-interest-in-millard-norths-saint-thomas-continues-to-ramp-up/article_8015cbee-5221-516c-b6d3-35c4a6c09786.html
  11. I agree that Teddy is the key. Not sure there's another player on the roster who can be among the conference's top 15 players. Kobe King might have, but ... Bart Torvik adds up the numbers and places us last in the BIG, the only team above 100. He also sees Thor averaging 13 ppg.
  12. I hope to feel differently tomorrow morning, but this is exactly the way I feel. How can you get excited about anything right now?
  13. Also doesn't show him pushing the ball upcourt, which we like. Mostly dribbling around in half court. Siskel and Ebert give his video a thumbs down.
  14. Also doesn't show him pushing the ball upcourt, which we like. Mostly dribbling around in half court. Siskel and Ebert give his video a thumbs down.
  15. It's funny, nobody did more with less than Cannon did at Bryan. He usually had a couple of good players, but never a roster that was anywhere near what the Metro powers had. But yeah, hard to figure how this year's team lost 5 games with all the studs.
  16. Nonsense, it's appropriate when proving your genius to others. As to who I want to see, it's Teddy Allen. We need star power, and he's the most likely to provide it.
  17. World Herald had an interesting story about 7-footer Harry Kersenbrock from Crete who went to Kansas to play for Phog Allen in the 1920s. He ended up starring for the KU freshman team, but died in a boating accident before making varsity. https://www.omaha.com/sports/plus/tragedy-kept-harry-kersenbrock-a-7-footer-from-crete-from-becoming-a-jayhawk-star-for/article_67da3f53-e72b-594a-9f12-4ad234d422a6.html
  18. Just a random observation, not directed at Eric VDH: This virtual recruiting on the class of 2021 is going to be interesting to follow. On the one hand, it seems like a lot of schools are going to end up with Shang Pings on their roster, guys who didn't quite get checked out thoroughly. Some players have been fully scouted already, and it won't matter. But others won't be and teams that need to fill a roster are going to be flying blind on them. On the other hand, it may turn out to work about as well as what they did in the past and the new model cuts down on recruiti
  19. My favorite is The Year of Living Dangerously, with Mel Gibson as an Australian journalist in Indonesia. Directed by Aussie Peter Weir, who also directed Picnic at Hanging Rock and Gallipoli. Sigourney Weaver, while not Australian, also makes it worth watching.
  20. TV is probably the best route, if he wants a P5 job. Get a following and hope somebody hires "the brand." There's nothing about his coaching record that would attract a P5 program since the conference winning pct. in his last 3 jobs were NDSU .458, CSU .359, NU .406.
  21. I fell for Frida after watching the Name of the Game video. She also plays a mean game of Flaspol.
  22. I believe Iceland is the world's oldest democracy, but please don't look it up and prove me wrong.
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