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  1. His numbers are quite deceiving, and the stat accounts on twitter make it look like he's the best in the nation. I honestly don't know what to think.
  2. Yes! That’s my team! My name is the same as my YouTube channel, we commentate. To your point, he plays way too tall, and in my opinion he’s nowhere near as explosive as he needs to be. With that being said, depending on his role next year, and you have to remember he has time, as he is a sophomore, I’m guessing they’re going to keep developing him into that point guard archetype. A lot of these things are developmental and it will take a change in his play style for him to be a reliable 1. I guess we’ll just see what he wants to do but I just don’t know what the best option for him w
  3. Banton still has quite a bit of talent at the PG position, the mentality and decision-making is definitely not there yet though. Hopefully in the future he will have pieces that will help him develop into that role, but for now, it's not looking great.
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